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If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a 3D technology that captures a million measurements per seconds to accuracy of 2millimetres might be worth. This high definition  service provides endless possibilities for engineers’ designers and academics to precisely model physical objects in the digital world. It is viable alternative for surveying sites and large structures like oil rigs and refineries.

Our High-Definition 3D Laser Scanning Service produces a fast and efficient result, which provides the ability for detailed analysis of as-builts, reverse engineering, structural monitoring,  rapid prototyping and digital archiving with 3D models, images and fly- through video.

The 3D images known as Point Clouds provide a high-definition digital model in the fraction of time it would take using traditional survey methods therefore providing our clients with a competitive advantage. With the added capability for high resolution colour photographic  images to be draped over the point cloud images. Our processing software suite can efficiently and accurately export 3D models into CAD format for 2D, 3D inspection and design review enabling a quick turnaround time for design changes, inspection and in-depth analysis & assessment.

Many offshore platforms require constant maintenance and updating. Accurate information on these platforms is essential to maintain safe and productive work environments. For example, platform engineers need to know the locations of pumps,  pipes valves and machinery and the weight of this equipment at each location so that accurate centre of gravity for the platform can be calculated.

Our Laser scanning services enable engineers to decide where new equipment can be placed and the best positions for existing equipment to be moved to, aiding and extending the lifetime of offshore platforms. This results in a reduced development and maintenance life cycle and rapid accurate measurements, reducing the time and effort of ongoing work.

3D High Definition Laser Scanning
Project Example: Mexico City - Oct 2010

Our client in Mexico asked us to conduct a 3D laser scan survey of a busy street intersection as no
blueprints or drawings existed. The purpose was to establish measures of building and all street assets for clash detection of new building work for a new subway bridge station.

Results were delivered to the client in AutoCAD  and point cloud for review in Autodesk Navisworks.


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