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With regards to the soil, we have solutions that will bio-remediate the oil that has contaminated the soil, effectively breaking down the oil until it is no longer harmful. The product will then help return the soil to a healthy state overtime so that it can be used again. I have attached a document that talks about the solution and the process. We have two methods that we can approach and address the issue.

The first, as outlined in the document, is through the use of 2 liquid products; Carbon Answer and Bio-N-Liven.  When combined, Carbon Answer activates the enzymes in Bio-N-Liven that will begin breaking down the oil in the soil. It is simply diluted with enough non-chlorinated water to saturate the area in question, and then sprayed over the affected soil. Typically, to start off, we recommend 4 gallons of each per acre of soil. It is then reapplied bi-monthly until the oil has been completely broken down. This is currently being used in Texas around many of the wells in the state.

The second method to use is by simply applying the Latrine
Answer product. Latrine Answer is effectively the dehydrated combination of Carbon Answer and Bio-N-Liven. To activate the product, you simply pour the powder into non-chlorinated water and let it sit for two days. After it has been activated, you will dilute the solution with enough non-chlorinated water to cover soak the area in question. To give you an example of power of the product, every 24 grams of Latrine Answer will cover approximately 10,000 square feet.

Both solutions are 100% organic and are OMRI certified (Organic Materials Review Institute). OMRI listed products undergo
(Organic Materials Review Institute). OMRI listed products undergo rigorous review to ensure that they comply with USDA organic standards.

The main differences to consider when looking at each option is:

  • The cost of shipping is significantly less with Latrine Answer because it has been dehydrated.

  • Latrine Answer will take two days to activate, once it is mixed with water, whereas the combination of Carbon Answer and Bio-N-Liven, once combined, can be used immediately.

With regards to the oil in the water, we have a solution that is called Coco Absorb that is made from coconuts. It is also 100% organic and is OMRI certified as well.  It has NO chemicals, NO carcinogens and is safe for the environment and the user. Coconut coir is free of any chemicals and toxins because they require no fertilizers to grow. Additionally, coconut palms produce up to 200 coconuts per year, making it a renewable resource that is sustainable.

It is delivered in 50 pound bags, and comes in a powder form. To use it, you simply pour the powder on the oil spill, stir it around and after some time, it will absorb all of the oil it is exposed to. It absorbs up to 9 times its own weight.  Once the oil is absorbed, it can be simply scooped up and disposed of in a landfill. Once the oil is locked in, it will not release it, which is why it can be disposed of in landfills and has been certified in the US for landfill disposal.
Here is a listing of the certifications and testing that has been done:

Certified and Approved
Coco Absorb has been tested and approved by the following certifying agencies.

  • EPA - Coco Absorb complies with the  Environmental Protection Agency’s definition of and regulations of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 40, and sections 300.5 and 300.915(g) of the National Contingency Plan (NCP). Exova Laboratories also conducted a Landfill Test on Coco Absorb, with results meeting and exceeding Federal EPA leachate standards for hydrocarbon/petroleum products.

  • OMRI - Coco Absorb, Coco Dry and Coco Safe are OMRI approved, allowing them to be used in as a cleaning agent in certified organic production or food processing and handling under the USDA’s National Organic Program Rule.

  • NSF - NSF International registered Coco Absorb, Coco Dry,and Coco Safe as Nonfood Compounds and declared them acceptable for use as absorbents or anti-slip agents to assist in correcting hazardous floor conditions in official establishments operating under the Federal meat and and poultry products inspection program.

Additional Laboratory Tests
Coco Absorb has passed the following tests conducted by California laboratories proving the product as Non-Hazardous. Click on any of the tests below for test results.

  • Landfill Test - Exova Laboratories also conducted a Landfill Test on Coco Absorb, with results meeting and exceeding Federal EPA leachate standards for hydrocarbon/petroleum products and passing Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP).

  • CCR Metals Test – When tested for Total Metals Concentration, Coco Absorb was identified as a non-hazardous waste by California’s Code of Regulations on measuring Coco Absorbs Total Threshold Limit Concentration (TTLC) limits

  • Car Paint Absorption Test – Coco Absorb’s absorbent abilities were tested when saturated in acrylic car paint.

  • Fish Bowl Test – One pound of Coco Absorb was mixed with one quart of used oil and then exposed to Fathead minnow over a four-day period. Coco Absorb did not release any of the oil into the minnow’s water, leaving a healthy and happy environment.

  • Coco Dry vs. TCLP and CCR Title 22 Bioassay Tests - Coco Dry blended with oil-based and latex-based paint passed the EPA’s TCLP Testing and the
    CCR Title 22 Fathead Minnow Hazardous Waste Screen Bioassay Test. Oil-based paints have been a major concern related to the disposal and contamination of landfills for many years.  There are very few solutions on the market that effectively address this problem, so special programs have been developed in establishing state government sponsored collection centers because it has been such a monumental environmental issue.  The testing results prove that Coco Dry is not only effective at solidifying and hardening oil-based paints but will not leach any of it back into the landfill.

  • BTU Test – BTU testing was performed on Coco Absorb, Coco Absorb with
    oil and Coco Absorb with Paint.

All of these solutions are very effective, safe and simple to use. They will help address the oil spill and the damaging effects it is having on the country and its people.

Please select the brochure below to download, requires Adobe PDF Reader which you can download here:

  • NOSDRA Certificate Coco Absorb - Download Here
  • NOSDRA Certificate Latrine Answer- Download Here



For more information on this activity, please contact us here.

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