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a career management company.

InSearch Medical was established in 2006 by a group of sharp, energetic physical therapists eager to help other colleagues discover unrecognized career opportunities that would shape their future.

With a keen understanding of the industry, a fluctuating job market and the continuous shortage of talent, InSearch Medical quickly established itself as a successful career management company—providing career counselling, job placement and therapy advisory services to therapists, and leading healthcare employers across the country.

Today, our leadership team identifies top talent, coaches therapists throughout their careers, and provides job management and professional placement services. Our experienced staff helps connect the nation’s top talent with thriving healthcare providers who offer superior care and unparalleled professional opportunities.

We select, screen and connect the best medical professional with leading employers across the country. With over 50+ years of dedicated therapy and healthcare experience, our team understands your challenges, and what it takes to facilitate the perfect match between a therapist and an employer.

We encourage you to learn more about our company, and how we can help you take the next step towards a successful career. Call us today and speak with your personal career adviser.

Have a question? Ask a Therapist!

Whether you’re a new graduate starting out in the exciting field of physical, occupational or speech therapy, or a seasoned therapist looking for a professional opinion—we are here to help. Our team of licensed, in-practice therapists are a free resource we extend to other fellow peers.

We understand the value of professional guidance and that is why we offer a no-cost opportunity for PTs, OTs and SLPs to reach out and speak with an on-staff therapist in an effort to talk through questions or concerns they may have regarding their professional career.

It is important to know that when the need arises you have the ability to speak with an experienced therapist who can provide expert insight, career guidance, job counselling or other professional advice.

So we encourage you, if you have a question—ask a therapist!


"It was great experience working with InSearch Medical. My recruiter was very knowledgeable of the PT profession and was able to offer career advice. She has a good understanding of the different settings and her experience in placing PT's is great benefit to those seeking employment in this profession."
- Patrick B., PT

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