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The Millennium School Ltd is committed to providing top quality education at affordable fees. Therefore, the School’s foremost priority is wholesome, all-rounded education because the School firmly believes that education is not simply the cramming of facts and figures, but ensuring that students understand and gain knowledge the right way to be used in the right way for the right purpose. This means teaching students the core principles of ethics, morality and etiquette and these are incorporated into the daily system in the school.


The Millennium School Ltd has an experienced, well-qualified and dedicated Teaching Faculty that are crucial in facilitating learning at a high level of commitment. All teachers are graduates with a minimum of 3 years’ teaching experience of the British International Curriculum. The School has an excellent record of successful performance in examinations to date. Click here to see some achievements.


The timetable consists of 4 to 5 periods, one hour ten minutes in length, with two breaks in between for Break-Time and Lunch. The normal school day begins at 8:20am with a half-hour dedicated every morning to Homeroom Activities, Mentor Discussions or Assemblies. Classes begin at 9:00am and end at 3:00pm. However, extra classes are added when examinations are closer and this may include revision classes on Saturdays. For examination candidates, i.e. Year 11 and Year 13 students, extra classes are also arranged during school holidays.


The School does not believe in the culture of evening tuition with external tutors. Although, for weak students, extra coaching is sometimes recommended to complement work being done in school.


Teachers of Millennium School are not permitted to give extra coaching to students of this school without the permission of the school management to ensure the legitimacy of teaching during class time. Quality checks are also kept in place to ensure that teaching is maintained and sustained at a high level of excellence.


The School pays great attention to the role played by home assignments in academic success. Home assignments form a significant percentage of the subject grade at the end of the term. Homework is checked every day and the Homework Club is a form of a detention camp for students who appear in school without their home assignments completed with sincerity and in time.


Students have access to current resources, textbooks and past-papers as well as a wide range of educational paraphernalia. Additionally, mentors coach their mentees on best study practices, how to handle pressure, time management, how to deal with stress and anxiety relating to exams, and other life skills that assist in achieving academic success.



The Millennium School Ltd has a zero-tolerance policy towards cheating and makes a genuine effort to incorporate the value of hard work, sincerity and dedication towards academic success. The academic culture at the School is not to produce students who are “test-students” i.e. students who cram notes and cannot think for themselves. The School places significant importance on working honestly towards achieving long-term goals in a meritocratic society, rather than taking unethical and amoral shortcuts and measures to be short-term winners in mediocrity.