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English Glossary of Causes of Death and other Archaic Medical Terms

Quartan /Fever

An intermittent, the paroxysms of which recur every fourth day, leaving between them two days interval. [Dunglison1868]


A fourth day Ague. Febris Quartana in Latin. [Hooper1822]

The Quince



Cynanche Tonsillaris. The characteristic symptoms of this affection are, swelling and florid redness of the mucous membrane of the fauces, and especially of the tonsils; painful and impeded degluition, accompanied with inflammatory fever. [Dunglison1874].

Cynanche tonsillaris; throat disease in general. [Cleaveland1886].

A common term for acute suppurative tonsillitis. The English word (formerly squinzey) is a corruption of Fr. esquinancie, and is derived from the suffocating tendency of the ailment. [Britannica1911].

An abscess in the connective tissue around a tonsil usually resulting from bacterial infection and often accompanied by fever, pain, and swelling -- called also peritonsillar abscess. [Webster].

 "quinsy" was first used in popular English literature: sometime before 1869. [Webster].

Example from a 1758 London, England Death Record:

Example from an 1860 death certificate from West Virginia:

Quintan /Fever

A fever whose paroxysms return only every five days inclusively; and between which there are, consequently, three days of apyrexia. [Dunglison1868]

Quintana Fever

Trench Fever

Quotidian /Fever

Is an intermittent , the paroxysms of which recur every day. [Dunglison1868]