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Creating a free forum is easy and fast. A discussion board is the best solution to build your own community and discuss online. Forumotion offers free hosted forums with complete and customizable forum system. Change the version of your forum at any time to make your forum unique on the Internet:
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Create your own forum

Create your own forum

Forumotion is a forum community creator. Thanks to the creation tool of free forums, you can customize your forum with just a few clicks. A forum is the right place to build an online community.

Customize your forum

Customize your forum

Enjoy awesome features, powerful tools and free themes to customize your forum. Create a unique and design forum is very easy and fun with Forumotion! The best solution to have a custom forum.

Make a successful forum

Make a successful forum

Share your free forum and its content with the community: messages, discussions, images and videos. Have a well referenced and active forum on Internet. Forumotion hosts SEO and mobile friendly forums.

Features of Forumotion communities

Forumotion offers free forums easy to create, fully customizable and unlimited.
Explore the features and options available of our hosted discussion forums.

5 forum versions

Enjoy 5 versions of discussion forums and change the version at any time to make your forum unique:

Selection of free themes

Access thousands of free themes to customize your forum with just a few clicks. Installation is easy and fast. The best skins to have an amazing forum.

Support very active

Take the advantage of the community to create a forum and make it unique. Any tips to get a personalized forum for free are available on the Support!

Role-Playing (RPG)

Enjoy Forumotion features to improve the commitment of your community: Chatbox, Gallery, Portal, Calendar, RPG, Mentions and Tags, Backups...

Secure HTTPS Forum

Secure your forum with an SSL certificate and give your community a more secure web space, in line with the new standards of the Internet.

Free and powerful forum

Enjoy a free forum with unlimited members and messages, a domain name including personalized emails, on a reliable and powerful host!

Free classified ads

Enable ads on your forum to allow your community to sell, buy, give and exchange real or virtual objects between members.

User's and keywords tags

Increase the engagement and interactivity of your members with the content of your forum through keywords tags and username tags.

Automatic data backups

Get regular and secure backups of all the content of your forum. Restore a forum at an earlier date has never been so easy.

Discover how to import a forum and its community on Forumotion. More info on our blog !

Your community on mobile forum app

Our free forums are optimized for mobile. Members can access the forum with the mobile version or the mobile app. Forums and communities hosted on Forumotion are available on Android and iOS through the Mobile Forum App by Topic'it. With Topic'it, your members stay connected to your forum, receive push notifications and participate in discussions more easily. Your forum benefits from a better engagement of your community on mobile.

Topic'it allows you to access and follow all your favorite forums in a single app for free.

Free forums creation and hosting

Free forums creation and hosting

Create a free forum on Forumotion

A free forum is an online discussion board to interact and chat with users and members. How to create a forum? Forumotion brings communities together with a 10 years experience in forum hosting. Our community and forum hosting platform allows you to make a free and powerful forum easily. You can start a forum without any technical knowledge necessary. Build your own community and start to discuss on your new message board.
Enjoy an easy management and various features of your free forum: unlimited sub-forums, posts and topics, custom forum skins, chat box, photo galleries, portal, RPG, regular backups, awesome avatars, language choice, free hosting service... Use Forumotion to setup your online forum is the best way to build a large forum community.

Thanks to this complete discussion system mixing forum, chat, private messaging, poll, classified ad, blog and others, to gather a community group and debate between passionate members is within the reach of all! So do not wait, make your community online and discuss with people who share the same interests.
Create and customize an Internet forum in seconds!

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