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Up to 10x more value today

Let your life insurance policy work for you

You can sell your life insurance policy or exchange it, just like any other asset you own, for the fair market value.  If you own a life insurance policy and are considering lapsing or surrendering it back to the life insurance company for little to no value you need to know that there is another option available to you right now and its called a Life Settlement.

Eliminate costly premiums and exchange your life insurance policy

Increase Savings

Eliminate premium payments and save more for everyday living expenses.

Cover Medical Expenses

Use the value of your life insurance to cover medical expenses when you need it.

Fund Retirement

Retire the way you want and live life to the fullest with the funds to do so.

Generate Income

Turn the hidden value of your life insurance policy into an income producing asset.

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Helen Received $170,000 for Her Life Insurance

Helen, aged 73, had purchased a $500,000 universal life insurance policy from her agent years ago. She found that as premiums were increasing with time it was continually getting harder to justify the cost when she needed to save more now to continue to fund her retirement long into the future.

You may be asking yourself “can i sell my life insurance policy?”.  The straight answer is, yes.  Ownership of Life Insurance comes with property rights.  You will also see in the contract language of your policy that the owner has the ability to transfer and assign the policy at any time.  Seniors of America are discovering and taking advantage of this valuable option every day.  Learning that there is a secondary market for life insurance saves policy owners hundreds of millions in value they would have otherwise lost each and every year.

In One Year ...

$ 0 Billion
$ 0 Million
Paid to Seniors

Robert Eliminated All His Premiums and Kept $300,000 for his Grandchildren.

Robert, aged 79, had a $750,000 life insurance policy he purchased to benefit his grandchildren. With premiums on the rise he found it increasingly harder to maintain this gift. Robert found that the value of his policy could allow him to keep $300,000 in a retained benefit with no future premium cost and keep his intergenerational gift to his grandchildren.

How Much is Your Policy Worth?

Submit Your Free Request for an Estimate of Your Policy’s Fair Market Value which can be up to 10x more than the cash surrender value.

Do I Qualify?

Seniors age 60 and over are eligible to sell or exchange their life insurance policies for the fair market value. Policy owners who no longer want, need or can afford their policies can explore a Life Settlement transaction and get up to eight times more than the cash surrender value offered by their insurance company.

What is my policy value?

With the receipt of your estimate request our team will contact you for additional information to determine the value of your life insurance policy.  On average policies value approximately 20% of the face amount (death benefit) and the valuation for your specific policy will depend on a number of factors which include the premium payments you make and your current health status.

Customized Value Estimate

Get your free no-obligation quote for your policy’s fair market value

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