Bhagirathamma, true to her name, is an embodiment of colossal efforts. Her husband committed suicide by consuming pesticide. The amount he owed was close to 60,000 INR. He had made the debt to dig a borewell on their farm, but the borewell did not yield any result. As he foresaw his future, he saw that he had three daughters and he felt the pressure of marrying them off, even though they were all below 10 years of age. Bhagirathamma could not do much beyond watching helplessly as this unfolded. However, she did not lose hope in life and kept her family afloat by becoming a daily wage labour and supporting her children. Her extended family members also helped her with her expenses a bit. When we stepped in and found that her farm was abandoned for close to 7 years, we quickly crowdfunded an amount close to 50,000 INR and restored farming operations. She grew three crops, two of which went on to harvest stage. Though it was not enough to sell, it was more than enough for her to use for domestic purposes and she was very grateful for this intervention. But the financial help was only part of the magic that happened. The people who came forward and contributed to helping restore her farming operations also visited her from time to time, thus re-establishing social connections in her life and helping the villagers around her also to bond with her family better, rather than look at them like outcasts simply because of her being a widow. After her first harvest and many visits by the city dwellers who helped her, Bhagirathamma regained the confidence to start her farming operations on her own and is now currently a happy, well rounded farmer.