If I Miss It I Fix It – can it be any simpler?


All inspections adhere to the Standards. If I fail to report a “material defect” as defined in the standards, and that defect is discovered after escrow closes and needs correction, I will correct the defect or pay to have it corrected.

There are certain conditions:

  1. You must notify me of the defect immediately upon discovery by telephone and in writing and give me a reasonable opportunity to re-inspect the property and repair the defect. This guarantee will not cover work done by you without notice to me. 

  2. Disagreements concerning liability under this Guarantee may only be resolved by a certified arbitrator.

  3. You must purchase and keep in effect a home warranty. if the company charges a service fee or deductible that will be reimbursed by me. you must notify me of their charge before using them and paying them. 

This Guarantee excludes liability for:

  1. Losses recoverable under homeowner’s insurance, manufacturer’s warranty, contractor’s warranty, or extended warranty and/or a home warranty program.

  2. Defects resulting from failure to perform maintenance or negligent misuse.

  3. Bodily injury, property damage or other conditions resulting from the defect.

  4. Failure to comply with any local, state or national code.

  5. Defects that are hidden and not visible to the naked eye. This applies most specifically to IR thermal imaging. this guarantee does not cover any work done with thermal imaging for moisture detection. defects in roofs are an example of hidden defects. it is always best to hire a roofing contractor to certify your roof. 

Report any defects by calling Guaranteed Home Inspections at 800 579 5018 and sending an email with details to:

Kurt Shafer

It is important that you review the CREIA and NACHI standards in detail before you call us to re-inspect a problem that you feel is covered by our guarantee. If it is found that the problem is not covered by our guarantee, a $150 service call fee will apply.