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SIGGRAPH 2018 Conference Content


Cesium: 3D Globes on the Web
Color Mavens Advise on Digital Media Creation and Tools
Deep Learning: A Crash Course
Demoscene Worldwide
Fluids 2: Vortex Boogaloo
Introduction to DirectX Raytracing
Keynote Address
Ohooo Shiny!
Real-Time Live!
The Present and Future of Real-Time Graphics for Film, Games, Production
Tripping the Light VR
VR@50: Celebrating Ivan Sutherland’s 1968 Head-Mounted 3D Display System
Women in CG


3D User Interfaces for Virtual Reality and Games
Advances in Real-Time Rendering in Games course
Applications of Vision Science to Virtual and Augmented Reality
Deep Learning: A Crash Course (recording)
Digital Typography Rendering
Introduction to the Vulkan Graphics API
Introduction to DirectX Raytracing
Machine Learning and Rendering
Monte Carlo Methods for Physically Based Volume Rendering
Pathtracing in Production

Technical Papers

See Ke-Sen Huang’s comprehensive papers list.


A Compact Representation for Multiple Scattering in Participating Media using Neural Networks
ActiVis: Visual Exploration of Industry-Scale Deep Neural Network Models
Adaptive Environment Sampling on CPU and GPU
Augmented Reality for Virtual Set Extension
Automating the Handmade: Shading Thousands of Garments for ‘Coco’
Bidirectional Path Tracing Using Backward Stochastic Light Culling
ChromaGlasses: Computational Glasses for Compensating Colour Blindness
Clean Cloth Inputs: Removing Character Self-Intersections with Volume Simulation
Creating the Unreal: Speculative Visions for Future Living Structures
DataInk: Direct and Creative Data-Oriented Drawing
Denoising at Scale for Massive Animated Series
Digital Albert Einstein, a Case Study
Engineering Full-Fidelity Hair for ‘Incredibles 2’
Fast Product Importance Sampling of Environment Maps
Patch-Based Surface Relaxation
Regularization of Voxel Art
Robust Skin Simulation in ‘Incredibles 2’

Emerging Technologies

A Full-Color Single-Chip-DLP Projector…
Aerial-Biped: A New Physical Expression by the Biped Robot Using a Quadrotor
FairLift: Interaction with Mid-air Images on Water Surface
Fusion: Full Body Surrogacy for Collaborative Communication
Gum-Gum Shooting
HapCube: A Tactile Actuator…
Human Support Robot (HSR)
LevioPole: Mid-Air Haptic Interactions Using Multirotor
Make Your Own Retinal Projector: Retinal Near-Eye Displays via Metamaterials
Steerable Application-Adaptive Near-Eye Displays
Transcalibur: Weight Moving VR Controller…
Transmissive Mirror Device Based Near-Eye Displays with Wide Field of View
VPET - Virtual Production Editing Tools
Wind-Blaster: A Wearable Propeller-Based Prototype…

Birds of a Feather


Studio Workshops

Customizing a Production Render Pipeline

Open Source

Academy Software Foundation