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Starbucks in Baker, CA

According to this article in the San Bernardino County Sun Starbucks is headed for Baker, California. A useful stop halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, sort of in the middle of nowhere. I wonder if they will they have … Continue reading

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Scenic Rail Travel

New Train Line Takes Scenic Route This looks like it would be fun to try out.

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B-52/X-43A Contrail Image

I shot this image a couple of minutes after the NASA B-52 dropped the X-43A on its successful Mach-10 flight this afternoon. The image was taken from the west side of the Palos Verdes Peninsula with an Olympus C-765. This … Continue reading

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Infighting at Orbital — Near Mishap.

NASA almost blew another one of its science projects in this article, A DART Near Miss: Infighting at Orbital – and Deceiving NASA. It has the echoes of a bad disaster movie.

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“The Incredibles” Cameos

Pixar’s “The Incredibles” had a tribute and a rather nice cameo. The hero wardrobe designer Edna Moe bears a resemblance to Universal Studios costume designer Edith Head. A nice touch was the cameo of Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, two … Continue reading

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Podcast Enabled

The website is now podcast enabled. Podcast software should be able to detect and download media on this site. To use, subscribe to the xml feed.

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SpaceShipOne Flight Audio

Here is a recording of the air-to-ground radio communications of the X2 flight of SpaceShipOne.

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