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Contact Colorado Malpractice Law Attorneys and have your case evaluated if you believe your lawyer dropped the ball on you and committed attorney malpractice.

We are an experienced and caring Denver legal malpractice law firm.   We do accept cases from anywhere in Colorado, from Colorado Springs to Pueblo to Grand Junction.  If another attorney or law firm has violated your trust, was unprofessional or did not deliver an expected level of care or professionalism, and you feel you have been wronged, betrayed or even violated, you need to seek help.  Lawyers can be guilty of professional negligence, just as medical doctors may be liable for negligent conduct.  We will support you and listen to your story. We have seen and heard it before.

You may be afraid to try again, but you deserve to see if your case was indeed malpractice and to learn your options. We have an easy to use form on the right. Fill this out with a brief message about your case. In less than 24 hours, we will contact you to discuss your situation.

With two offices in the Denver Metro area, you have a choice. Below is a map to help you determine the office closest to you. For your convenience, the address, phone number, and a link for directions are available for each location shown on the map. We want to help make this process better than you might have already experienced with your previous attorney.

After you have filled out the simple contact form, know that you have taken the first steps necessary to take back part of your life and what might have been a disappointing and even devastating experience for you. If you were wronged by another lawyer, this is the right thing to do. If you or a loved one have suffered a decline in health, a medical injury or even death, it is necessary to pursue your malpractice options.

Please take a moment and fill out the form to the right. You deserve to learn your options and get the help and support Colorado Malpractice Law can offer.

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