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Location Based Storytelling

With our powerful loba.io system you can geo-fence an area where a game can be played. You can start a flags robbery game and don't need to bind any tea towel on a stick.

But instead your players have this virtual treasure they must protect.

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* Already growing up 5236 poi's'

We lead the way in AR experiences.

Looking for new storytelling techniques?

We as Augmented Reality Creators are changing the world using Unity as out toolkit.

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Modern gaming technologies like Blockchain-based games

We make games on the blockchain, so players retain ownership of their in-game assets, and these assets have more extensive liquidity.

In blockchain logic, once in-game assets are put on the blockchain, they can all be attributed to the player’s blockchain address; that player has ownership of the address, hence ownership of the assets.

We create awesomly cool apps and games.

This game won one of the top prize of the WAX 2018 Bounty Program.

Games for trade fairs.

The FarmRun game attracted many visitors at the fair.

and much more