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Welcome to the ISTTOUCH Infrared Touch Screen's Website
ISTTOUCH Infrared Touch Screens
IST Touch is proud to announce our new product line of Multi-Touch Infrared Touch Screens. Similar to our Single-Touch product line, our Multi-Touch line comes in stock or custom sizes from 30” to 160” diagonals. Input methods include USB, RS-232 and RS-424 for long data runs.



Imaging Systems Technology (IST) was the first company in the industry to offer a full line of Infrared (IR) touch screens, dubbed the ISTTOUCH© IR Touch Screen.

ISTTOUCH is 1ST in quality, 1ST in selection and 1ST in service.

ISTTOUCH Quality - ISTTOUCH screens easily attach to the front of most displays and require minimal set-up. ISTTOUCH screens are the most rugged and durable in the industry. The bezels are fabricated using high strength aluminum, and finished with durable powder coating. IST offers an optional protective MR10-Lexan® sheet, which may be added for heavy use kiosks and outdoor applications.

ISTTOUCH Selection – IST offers ISTTOUCH touch screens for integration with any display size ranging from 18” to 120”. IST stocks popular touch screens for immediate delivery and custom orders are handled promptly. IST is the only touch system manufacturer that can offer a custom solution delivered to your door in 3 weeks.

ISTTOUCH Service - IST is based in the United States, and has a high-trained and helpful technical staff. A competent technician will handle any problems that you may encounter immediately.



Typical Applications:





• High Resolution
• Fast Response Time
• No Stylus Required
• No Drift
• Scratch Resistant
• Water/Dust Resistant
• Sunlight Operable
• Integrated Controller
• Wide Temperature Range
• Robust Design
• Long Life

• Gaming Industry
• Indoor and Outdoor Kiosks
• Way-finding
• Hospitality
• Trade Show Exhibits
• Interactive Museum Exhibits






• No film overlay, preserves optical clarity
• 4096 X 4096 Interpolated
• Adjustable, can achieve fast response speed
• Finger, glove, stylus, any object > 3mm thick
• Maintenance free
• Optional MR-10 Lexan™ front panel protects display, and provides for outdoor applications.
• Operable in various light conditions, indoor and outdoor
• Fault tolerance design to ensure reliability


Imaging Systems Technology has been assessed and approved by Smithers Quality Assessments, Inc., to the ISO 9000:2008 quality managment system standards and requirements.


ISTTOUCH 42" was the first IR touch screen to break the 42” size barrier.

We continue to break records with IR touch screens that go beyond 100” with products like our ISTTOUCH 100 and ISTTOUCH 120

Let us provide an off-the-shelf or custom IR touch system in under 3 weeks.

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