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Summer is in full swing and so is WISER. See some of the recent events and activities that have taken us all across the country these past few months.

Coming up, WISER will also be presenting at the American Association of Service Coordinators' conference in Austin, TX; and the National Adult Protective Services conference in Anaheim, CA. Check out WISER's events page for more information.

In the news, WISER's founder was recently featured in the summer issue of DC Dimensions and in an interview on NPR's Program 1A about Boomers and bankruptcy.



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Understanding & Solving the Problem of Women's 401(k) Cashouts 

Data indicates that women with small 401(k) balances cash out much more frequently than their male counterparts. However, as women's 401(k) balances grow, they become more likely than men to preserve their retirement savings.

WISER is pleased to feature guest blog author, Tom Hawkins from Retirement Clearinghouse. Read more to learn about how retirement savings portability can potentially help women to more effectively grow their savings.

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Featured Resource: Aging in Place

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Every situation is different, but developing and implementing a plan on how and where we want to live for the rest of our lives may help us avoid problems later on, including the risk of poverty in old age. Most people want to "age in place" by staying in their own home in the community where they live today. 

Have you thought about where you will live as you age? Check out WISER's featured resource: Make Aging in Place Your Plan: The Key to Living Longer and Independently


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