How does a politician succeed in double-talking, in bragging, in scapegoating and in shamefully distorting the truth, most of the time, without being unmasked as a charlatan and discredited? Why? That is the enigmatic question that one may ask about U. S. President Donald Trump, as a politician.
The document states that although “the Founding Fathers’ hesitancy to raise a standing army & their desire to render the military subordinate to civilian authority” is “rooted in the Constitution,” “exceptions to the restrictions on employment of federal armed forces to assist state & local authorities are grounded in the Constitution..."
US empire builders of all colors and persuasion practice donkey tactics; waving the carrot and wielding the whip to move the target government on the chosen path. Washington offers dubious concessions and threatens reprisals, in order to move them into the imperial orbit.
While US-Turkey military cooperation (including US air force bases in Turkey) dates back to the Cold War, Turkey is sleeping with both Iran and Russia. Trump's response takes the form of both military threats and economic sanctions coupled with financial manipulation of foreign exchange markets directed against Turkey's Lira.
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