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Vacation, Holiday Status Updates Facebook Summer Fun

Well, here are Facebook status ideas about vacation:

I got three words for you. VA-CA-TON. See ya all!

give me a V, give me an A, give me a C,A,T, give me a I, give me a O, give me a N! What's that spell..VACATION!

OK, so why does it always feel like the day before a vacation has about 72 hours in it... right up until you are headed out the door rushing???

Let the vacation begin!

Going on vacation! Hoping I don't end up on probation during my vacation! LOL

Vacation is here!! No work!! Being with family!! Need I say more!!

Vacations... just the thing you need when work makes you crazy. So glad I'm on mine

no place like home, no place like home, no place like- screw that! i want beaches, sunshine, and a massage!

totally needs a vacation from everything.

status is on vacation

When you're on vacation, every hour is happy hour

Summer Vacation means making a memory that lasts forever! That's my goal this summer! :)

This weeks forecast consists of- Mostly hot sunshine & ice cold beers with a chance of a few scattered jager bombs & tequilas - Winner!!

I don't know what part of "summer vacation" I like better: the "summer" part, or the "vacation" part! :)

it's summer. you're not supposed to know what day of the week it is.

perfect summer vacation: Spending time with the people we love, getting a tan, and vacationing... on the couch.

its almost VACATION :D

Everyone can't wait for summer but once it gets here every ones status says "bored".

sitting on a beach...umbrella drink in my hand...sinking my toes into the sand...not a worry in the world *POOF* then I woke up :(

Summer: The time when nothing else matters! :D

It's summer time; let the sleepless nights, days at the pool, tanning, hanging with friends, late night bonfires, and walks on the beach begin!

JAIL BREAK! oh...i mean...happy "summer vacation" ;)

Vacation was wonderful, but now back to reality! :(

I am suffering from vacation anxiety. Back to work tomorrow. Goodbye R&R, hello work! I'm ready for my next vacation?

thinks my vacation went by too fast. Back to work tomorrow

I need a vacation after my vacation.

is headed on vacation, don't call and don't write....the "happy hospital" doesn't allow outside contact

I need a vacation!! Someone take me away..

Is vacation really over?,PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME GO BACK!! I promise Ill be good

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