Liberal Reporters Highlight 'Lack Of Diversity' In White House, Make No Acknowledgement Of Media's Racial Diversity Problem 

Studies reveal American newsrooms are mostly white

Matt Schlapp's Burning Indictment Of Media That Thinks They're 'Muzzled,' Yet 'Refuses To Cover' Keith Ellison

'The thing that frustrates a lot of folks ...'

Brennan Implies Trump Could Start A War To Divert Negative Media Attention From Himself

Bill Maher Slams Big Tech Censorship, Goes To Bat For Alex Jones -- 'Everybody Gets To Speak'

'If you’re a liberal, you’re supposed to be for free speech.'

Former CIA Director Brennan Is 'Thinking About' Taking Legal Action Over Revoked Security Clearance

The Most Underreported Stories Of The Week

Important stories the mainstream media didn't want to talk about this week

Trevor Noah Ridicules Disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok For Starting A GoFundMe Page: 'This Is Some Bullsh*t'

'There are cancer patients'

The Latest 'Yellowstone' Episode Was One Of The Darkest Yet, And Incredibly Bloody [SPOILERS]

It was awesome

Double Amputee Marine Johnny 'Joey' Jones Gives Andrew Cuomo A Civics Lesson

'People like Governor Cuomo have little faith in us as a people'

Doctor Has Major Outburst At Airport, Claims He Did It On Purpose

'Legitimately concerned'

The 'Most Damning' Undercover Videos Revealing Planned Parenthood Sold Aborted Baby Parts Might Go Public

'Most damning and incriminating' videos yet

Trevor Noah Smacks Down Peter Strzok's Go Fund Me Page, Says It's Disrespectful To Cancer Patients

'There's cancer patients on that site'

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Colorado Baker Who Refused To Bake Gender Transition Cake

'His whole life is gay'

'Morning Joe' Guest Claims Trump Campaign Colluded With Russia But Provides No New Evidence

'They all knew it, that’s collusion'

Woman Who Pushed Her Friend Off A Bridge Finally Speaks Up With Surprising Comments

'I didn't think about the consequences'

CNN Covered Republican's Scandal Wall-To-Wall, But Shunts Keith Ellison's Under The Rug

Drop the facade ...

Christian School Greeted With Media Firestorm After Turning Away Kid With Dreadlocks

'All boys hair must be a tapered cut, off the collar and ears'

MSNBC Panel Mocks Andrew Cuomo For Saying America Was 'Never Really Great'

'Never a good day when you have to come out and explicitly clarify that you believe America is great'

This Duke Freshman Basketball Player Looks Like He's Going To Be A Beast [VIDEO]

Will he be a star?

MSNBC Guest Floats Insane Theory About GOP — His Fellow Panelists Faces Say It All

James Clapper Fears For Future Of Intelligence Community After Brennan Has Clearance Revoked

'Jeopardy to our First Amendment rights'

Stephen Colbert Puts On A Magic Show To Discover Dirt On Donald Trump

'How could you get the details wrong?'

Mark Wahlberg's New Movie 'Mile 22' Comes Out Today. It Looks Outstanding [VIDEO]

Will you be seeing it?

Jewish Students Split Over Whether San Francisco School Is Anti-Semitic

'A lot of Jews in the US are critical of the state of Israel'

Trevor Noah Slams Catholic Church — Calls It A 'Molesting Club With An Opening Prayer'

'This sh*t never ends'

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