Eyelash Extensions in Ann Arbor, MI

A Guide to Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions have become exceedingly popular. There was a time when it was common to see celebrities wearing them but the same could not be said of common folk. Now, part of the beauty routine involves wearing artificial eyelash extensions to achieve that dramatic effect making your eyes pop. The professional eyelash extension application is important because not everyone has the time to apply eyelash extensions to their eyes every morning and remove them at night.


Types of Eyelash ExtensionsBefore you go for eyelash extensions, you need to be conversant with the different types of extensions that are available. They include:

Sable ExtensionsThese eyelash extensions are made from actual fur. They are from the sable animal. The advantage of having these eyelashes is that they are very lightweight. In fact, they are the thinnest eyelashes. This makes it easier to apply them to singular eyelashes. They do not add a lot of weight to your own natural eyelashes which ensures that your natural eyelashes do not fall off. Additionally, they look extremely natural and they are super expensive.

Mink ExtensionsLike the sable extensions, mink extensions are made from fur. They come from the Chinese or Siberian mink and look natural.  They have been popularized by celebrities such as Beyonce. These extensions are also thin and therefore make it easy to layer them onto your lashes to create that full look. They are also extremely expensive but require a lot of re-curling once they get wet since they are made of actual hair.

If you have an allergic reaction to animal hair and fur, the sable and mink extensions are not the best choice of extensions for you.

Faux Mink ExtensionsThese are similar to mink extensions only that they are made from synthetic material. They still look natural and one could easily mistake them for the natural extensions. They are easy to maintain since they maintain their curls even when they are wet.  One advantage of having these extensions is that they are cheaper than the natural mink extensions.

Silk Extensions

These are also crafted from synthetic fibers. However, they are much cheaper and thicker at the bottom while thinning out at the top. This is a good look because it gives the illusion of a fuller lash line without placing too much weight on your own natural eyelashes. These are cheaper than the other types of extensions and are easier to maintain as well.

Synthetic Extensions

For synthetic extensions, people will definitely know that you have added artificial extensions. However, they are the best when you are working with a limited budget. They also have a certain dramatic flair that you can work with for certain occasions. These extensions are full and thick which means that they are also the heaviest of the bunch. If they are not properly applied and maintained, it would be easy to ruin your own natural eyelashes.

Choosing a Great Technician

Once you have chosen the type of extensions that you would want, the next thing is to get a specialized lash technician to do the application. If you get a good technician, you will not have any problems. However, untrained techs will stick one of the false lashes to a bunch of your own natural lashes which will lead to clumping and damage of your natural eyebrows. If you pick at your eyebrows after such an application you are likely to pluck out some of your own eyebrows.

To find the best technician, ask around for recommendations from your friends. You can also read through online reviews for eyelash technicians in your area. Additionally, visit the establishment beforehand to ensure that the environment is clean and hygienic. You do not want to be in a place that is not clean as it could expose you to infections.

Taking Precautions

Before a lash application, ensure that the glue used does not contain formaldehyde as some people are allergic to it. This could lead to eye irritations or allergic reactions that cause swelling. Other than that, you will be okay as your eyes are closed throughout the whole process. The glue will not be able to get into the eyes.

Taking Care of the Extensions

Once you have your eyelash extensions installed, you need to know how to take care of them. Some of the ways to maintain the extensions so they can last longer include:

Avoid Water

The most important time to avoid water is the first 24 hours of applying the extensions. You want to ensure that the adhesive is in place before you wet the extensions. If you get water on your extensions before the adhesive has dried up, it could loosen the extensions causing them to fall off. After this, however, you can shower as usual or even go for swimming as long as you do not rub your eyes hard after being in the water.

Applying Mascara

If you would like to have mascara on your lash extensions, apply it sparingly at the tips only. This way, you can wipe off the mascara gently at night. Avoid the base of the extensions as mascara will cause clumping which eventually leads to breakage and shedding.  If it is possible, avoid the mascara altogether and just ensure that your lashes are always curled using your lash curler.


When you have high quality eyelash extensions, then they can last you all year round. However you will need to go for touch-ups every three to four weeks. This is the normal eyelash growth cycle and by this time the extension might have come off. Keep in mind that different people have different growth cycles.


With this basic guideline, you will be able to get your eyelash extensions without a problem. You can find the best extensions and the best technician to apply them. You will also get value for your money by ensuring that your extensions last long once you take care of them. You can now achieve and maintain the dramatic look that you would like to go for with some lash extensions.