Roof Leaks and Roof Repairs: Residential Pitched Roofs and Flat Roofs

At Stan's Roofing and Builders our primary business is in new residential roofs - pitched roofs and flat roofs.  However, we know that roofs leak and you need someone you can trust to give you a fair price for a high-quality roof repair.  Unfortunately a leaky roof is almost always caused by improper installation by the original roofing contractor and in some cases you may fix a leak in one spot, only to have it show up in another. The solution? First, choose a high-quality roofing contractor that stands behind their work whenever you get a new roof - which is why at Stan's Roofing and Builders we provide a 10 year warranty on our workmanship. Second, if you don't know a quality roofer, someone that comes highly recommended by friends and family, call us.  We can help determine if your leak is a result of worn shingles or a flat roof that may need to be replaced, or if it's from damage and/or past poor work that can be repaired.

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Primary Cause of Roof Leaks - Chimney Flashing

Click here to learn more about how to tell when your chimney isn't flashed correctly, and to make sure when you're choosing a roofing contractor that they plan on flashing your chimney to this tried and true method that has been the "right way" since Stan learned from the industry's best in the 1960's.  Other methods have been implemented by lower quality roofing companies to cut costs.  Also read:

Only Roofing Company With a 10 Year Labor Warranty

At Stan's Roofing we only use the best shingles and flat roof systems, so if there's a leak when we're done, we know it's because of something overlooked in the installation, and we stand behind our work. When we say we stand behind our work it doesn't mean we make excuses to explain that our work wasn't the cause of your leak - it means we send a crew out to fix the problem if you experience any leaks within 10 years that wasn't cause by hail or other damage. Learn more.

Chimney Flashing

Many of the roof leaks we repair are caused by improper chimney flashing which is why at Stan's Roofing we offer high quality chimney flashing services. Flashing consists of two metal panels designed to stop moisture at the point where the chimney and roof meet and when not done correctly can be the primary source of water coming in through the roof.  Let our experienced team repair your existing flashing or install a new system to keep your roof from leaking.