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NOW AVAILABLE: The "Kleinig Festschrift" and Magness Hymn

Recently, DOXOLOGY, the Lutheran Center for Care and Counsel, presented a festschrift to Dr. John W. Kleinig, in grateful thanksgiving for his teaching and ministry. This book contains a new hymn, written in honor of Dr. Kleinig by Stephen Starke on themes that have inspired Kleinig and his students through the years. A new tune was composed for this text by Phillip Magness at the request of Dr. Harold Senkbeil, and the new hymn was then sung in worship for the first time at a festive Service of Evening Prayer held before the festschrift banquet. Liturgy Solutions is pleased now to offer this new hymn for your use, which may be downloaded here.

Listen here to the Magness/Starke hymn, BAROSSA.

Comments from our clients - see what people are saying:

Thank you, Liturgy Solutions, for creating such beautiful, accessible pieces for a smaller church choir. Our group here at Zion thoroughly enjoyed singing several of Cantor Magness' pieces over the Advent/Christmas seasons. His special piano accompaniments make even the simpler hymn stanzas moving and meaningful. Keep up the great work of providing quality, beautiful music - accessible and affordable for the smaller church choir!

Singing the Lord's song is a great honor and treasure. As Lutherans, we have a rich heritage of music, hymnody and liturgy. Liturgy Solutions seeks to support and enrich the musical proclamation of the Gospel in gathered worship for Lutherans as well as for all liturgical worshiper

Liturgy Solutions provides music for the Divine Service. We help you plan and prepare for the liturgical service by providing choral settings of psalms, verses, hymn stanzas and much more. Browse our site and discover all we have to offer!

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New Anthem...

Take a look at "When Peace Like A River". A splendid anthem based on the hymn of the same title. WELS folks take a look as well!

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Greetings! Liturgy Solutions is pleased to announce that we are up and running again and welcoming your business. We are successful on most browsers, but some versions of Chrome may experience difficulties loading items into the shopping cart. Our "View Sample"links are available on the "Product Details" pages, so if you want to view samples of the music, just click on the "Product Details" of the piece you are interested in and you will see how to view a pdf sample of that piece.



Last July & August we posted over 60 pieces of new music, focusing particualrly on music for September through the end of the Church Year for both Series A of the Three-Year Lectionary and the One-Year Lectionary. We included many new works by Jeffrey Blersch, Kevin Hildebrand, and Jonathan Kohrs among these releases, along with some pieces by some of our younger composers: Nathan Beethe, Matthew Machemer, and Jim Marriott. And some new things posted by Phillip and Stephen as well. So do 'like' us on FB or follow us on Twitter so that you can be notified as new releases appear.


St. Ambrose Hymn Contest

We are also pleased to announce the availability of the winning hymn from the St. Ambrose Hymn Writing Contest, held earlier this year. This hymn, "A Wearied World Still Staggers On" is appropriate for the last Sundays of the Church Year, Stewardship, and whenever the Parable of the Talents is read. We hope you will take a look at this excellent hymn here, and also review the viewable samples of our many hymn and canticle options on our service music page.


Recently my congregation had the privilege of working with Cantor Magness and “Liturgy Solutions”.  The motivation for contacting him was the desire to improve our liturgical worship.  I can say up front that we were very pleased and impressed with the help he provided!
During his visit he did an evaluation of our worship space which was very beneficial.  He made suggestions to help with the acoustics as well as placement of choir and organ.  He also met personally with pastor, organists, the choir director and others involved in worship.  He was able to garner information and provide expertise on how to have a more cohesive approach to the planning and conducting of the Divine Service.

In addition, Cantor Magness conducted a choir workshop on Saturday morning.  The effects of his time spent were immediate as he was able to improve the volume and quality of our rather small choir.  He also conducted them during the Sunday Divine Service.

Another benefit of his visit was the time he spent meeting with the leadership as well as leading the Sunday morning bible study, which resulted in a greater appreciation for the historic liturgy.
Cantor Magness then provided a thorough report of his visit, including recommendations, which our congregation is now implementing.

I am grateful to Cantor Magness and Liturgy Solutions for the invaluable resource they provide to the Lord’s church.  I am very pleased and impressed with the experience and expertise of Cantor Magness and would highly encourage anyone in need of liturgical renewal to contract with Liturgy Solutions. 

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Here's what a church musician in a medium sized rural parish in Northern Illinois has to say about her work with one of our consultants.


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