Village Brighton Illinois

Incorporated 1869
206 S. Main Street - P.O. Box 458
Brighton, IL 62012
(618) 372-8860
Fax: 618-372-0190.

 This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Village Brighton Illinois
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Village Brighton Illinois

Who we are
The Village of Brighton, Illinois, is located mostly in Macoupin County, and partially in Jersey County, and some rural residents of Madison County have Brighton addresses. The current population of Brighton is 2,370 residents. The village’s current mayor is Michael Roberts.

Our history:
Brighton’s first settlers, Oliver Brown and William Cowan, came to the area in February of 1826, and erected a sixteen square foot cabin. The first Post Office was opened in 1837 and the Village of Brighton was incorporated in 1869.

Brighton’s namesake is Brighton, Massachusetts, named by a group of English settlers from Brighton, Sussex, England. Brighton, Illinois passed on its’ name when William A. Loveland and others from this area joined the Colorado Gold Rush in 1859, and eventually founded the town of Brighton, Colorado.
The late A. William Amass, long time editor of the Brighton News, once said, “Brighton, Illinois is the granddaughter of an English city, the daughter of a Massachusetts village, and the mother of a Colorado town.”

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Village Brighton Illinois