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Recent Blog Posts

Improving Privacy Using Pay-to-EndPoint (P2EP)
Attendees of a community work group recently set themselves the goal of improving basic transaction privacy in Bitcoin, the aim being to define a way to defend against the most common heuristic used by blockchain analysis companies.
Accelerating Liquid Adoption - Liquid Block Explorer
We are excited to announce that Liquid Network members have started the later phases of their integration efforts, and are working towards finalizing Liquid’s live launch. Liquid’s multi-asset settlement network links together cryptocurrency exchanges, brokers, and institutions around the world, enabling the rapid, confidential, and secure transfer of digital assets between participants. In readiness for this, Blockstream will provide a set of tools to Liquid members to assist with their integration and testing efforts. The first tool released will be the Liquid Block Explorer: a website that enables Liquid members to visually examine Liquid’s blockchain data, allowing them to integrate Liquid into existing systems.
Version 2: Cryptocurrency Data Feed
We are excited to announce the Version 2 launch of the Cryptocurrency Data Feed, a partnership between Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and Blockstream. The feed provides traders best in class real-time and historical cryptocurrency data from a strong and growing list of exchange partners worldwide.