We Are The Choice For You

Why Choose Us?

As far as preschools in Verona, NJ are concerned, we are considered one of the best schools of our kind. Your children are safe, happy and getting a great education when enrolled in our program.

When parents visit our school for the very first time, they are often immediately very comfortable. They see that their children are happy in our setting and ready to learn while in the company of our staff as well as other children. The social aspects of this early education are truly remarkable.

We understand that you not only want your children to advance academically, but also socially. Enrolling your children in Creative Beginnings will help them develop the social skills needed to establish self-confidence and independence.

It’s also important to note that at Creative Beginnings, the kids are not stuck sitting in the same classroom all day long. Here, the children move throughout the building at three different times during the day. This helps them develop transitional skills that will be quite beneficial to them in Kindergarten and elementary school.

Kindergarten Preparation Is a Must

Creative Beginnings will focus on preparing your child for Kindergarten in every aspect necessary. That is our ultimate goal. We want to help your child grow academically, emotionally and socially.

We want your child to experience the best that a preschool education has to offer. Early education is more than just learning the ABCs. It’s more than learning about colors, shapes and numbers.  It’s about helping children develop in every sense of the word.

We will teach your child how to succeed in both an academic and social setting. We will teach your child about their emotions, what they mean and how to manage them.  In conjunction, we will provide an excellent education so that your child begins learning as early as possible.

Are you ready to enroll your young one in the best preschool in Verona NJ? Please call 973-239-2242 to get started today.