“Sheryl recently worked with our 13 year old son using neurofeedback therapy. Our son, who can be slow to warm to strangers was quickly comfortable working with Sheryl and even enjoyed his time with her. We found Sheryl’s approach and therapy to be very welcoming, calm and ultimately productive for our son. We would highly recommend Sheryl to anyone looking for help in her area of expertise.” 

 “I have integrated neurofeedback as part of my work in addressing issues of PSTD, anxiety, and depression related to sexual childhood abuse. After one year of treatment with Sheryl, with visits ranging from once a week to once a month, my symptoms of hypervigilance and excessive worry have subsided. I feel much more calm and at ease with myself and generally more positive and present in the course of my daily routine. Sheryl’s skill, care, and attention as a neurofeedback trainer has been a great comfort in my journey towards self-care and healing.”  

 “I did roughly 30 sessions of neurofeedback with Sheryl over the course of about 5 months. Before beginning neurofeedback, I had debilitating anxiety, and symptoms of PTSD like hypervigilance and depression, experiencing trauma triggers usually several times a day. I often felt like I was in fight-or-flight mode. Sometimes I felt hopeless that I’d ever truly feel better. 

  We started our sessions twice a week for our first 3 months. The cycle of trigger, anxiety, and depression, that I suffered for years, became more and more a rare occasion rather than a continual, draining struggle. Some days the relief was so immense that I wanted to cry for joy. It was a shock that my anxiety was manageable, and that I could feel happy, and better than just functional. I used to feel pessimistic and unconsciously focused on the negative, and I noticed I was naturally becoming a more positive, cheerful person. 

  I’m also more easily motivated to take better care of myself physically and emotionally. I am less impulsive and less critical of myself. Neurofeedback really made my life better, and I hope others learn of it soon and can change their lives for the better too.”