Learn Nothing Day


Several years ago Sandra Dodd started a “holiday for unschoolers” on July 24. This special day is called Learn Nothing Day.Learn Nothing Day art

Unschooling families live in a way such that learning can happen all day every day. Because of this, there are no school vacations and no days off from learning.  But now, unschoolers have their very own international holiday. The only problem is, Learn Nothing Day is usually a total failure.

Still – nobody can stop you from having a picnic and eating cupcakes. Even if your kids just won’t quit learning.

Sandra Dodd used to be a public school teacher, then she became a mom, then she unschooled her three kids until they grew up and flew away.  She is now a professional “Guerilla I-Don’t-Know-What,”volunteering a large portion of her time sharing inspiration, insight, wisdom and experience with other unschooling families.

Special thanks also go out to Alex, Hema, Kayla and Julie for sharing their thoughts and experiences with us today!

CALLING ALL UNSCHOOLERS! If you are an unschooler (or an unschooling wannabe) and you have questions to ask, or stories to tell, please send me an email with your suggestions, requests or offers. I look forward to hearing from you!


8 comments to Learn Nothing Day

  • Awesome start to your new show!

    So great to hear unschooling voices from around the world :)

  • http://sandradodd.com/learnnothingday/critics

    http://sandradodd.com/learnnothingday/critics is the page with the exact quotes of criticism. There aren’t many there, but they are jewels.

  • What Kayla says here about not being able to learn when you’re afraid feels so terribly true to me. I didn’t even know in elementary school how ashamed, fearful and occluded I was(at home as well in a lot of ways). Something shifted for the better for me when I reached high school, but grade school was a place where I did not feel safe. There was some learning happening of course, but a lot of it was learning how to protect myself, to judge myself and to mistrust my feelings and wants. That was just the air I breathed.

  • Neato. I laughed at your sign-off : “attempt to celebrate it at your own risk.”

  • […] is a great podcast from Amy Child’s at Unschooling Life Podcast about Learn Nothing Day as […]

  • Michael

    It is almost as if you would have to strap them down in rows and drone on about dry information from some lifeless director of education… I mean, in order to stop them from learning that is.

  • Megan

    I am deciding how to educate my child. Unschooling intrigues me but I don’t know how to give that type of control over to such a small baby…so I hope you can shed some light on how to teach the subjects to my three year old that she needs to know so she isn’t going to fall behind in life. I personally hated school and the way it works so I want to try homeschooling or unschooling and honestly, I am totally clueless on how to begin.

  • Maybe if you send them to school you could achieve a day of learning nothing.
    I just discoverd the podcast, I think I’ll listen to all of it.

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