Extras with Sandra Dodd


sandra dodd time chartClips from interviews with Sandra Dodd that didn’t get put elsewhere.

Sandra Dodd

Sandra Dodd

2 comments to More Extra Bits

  • Shauna

    I just need to say thank you for putting together this beautiful podcast series. They inspire, motivate, and encourage me as a parent and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and learned from every episode. Some I’ve listened to multiple times. This podcast has helped give me confidence to shift toward an increasingly less structured and more joy-fueled home “schooling” approach, and I am seeing such positive changes in my kids and in my relationships with them as a result. Amy Childs, you and all your interviewees are awesome.

  • I love this one so much, everything about it but here are the top 3:
    1) Sandra
    2) baby steps
    3) read a little… try a little… wait a while… watch.

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