Noor Jontry
Principles and priorities (rather than rules) create the framework by which unschooling can work.

When you’re saying Yes or No or Maybe - the big gigantic question is WHY. This can help with decisions about how to be with your kids and probably with decisions about everything else too.

And there is lots more good reading on Sandra’s site about rules and principles. So go read some of it!

Spoiler alert: no official principles are provided in this podcast.

2 comments to Principles

  • Crystal

    This interview was EASILY my favorite one so far! thanks so much (again) for taking the time to interview folks and for putting this all together. It really meets my need for understanding and deep living. Peace to you!

  • Kirsty Harriman

    Fantastic. Thankyou for taking the time to do this. Sandra is so succinct and makes unschooling make sense in the way she explains principles and how they’re so different from rules. How much richer and expansive and more integral and whole our lives can be if we live according to principles and priorities, instead of the limiting and often nonsensical nature of a rules. I will need to listen to this podcast again again. To me this is the core if getting unschooling. Thanks again. I am loving all your podcasts.

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