We provide easy ways for you to experience: 

  • Lasting emotional pain relief 
  • Spiritual evolution
  • More vibrant health
  • Your creative power 
  • Ability to express yourself, take action, and get things done

Start here with TAT®-101

TAT® - 101 is the foundation for learning how to have fulfilling relationships, better health, and pure happiness. You’ll see just how easy it is to dissolve negative beliefs, critical inner voices, and bad feelings that crush your joy. Getting free is simple and uplifting with TAT®. 

Tapas guides you through the liberating process step-by-step. No thinking, re-living, or figuring anything out required. Just follow along and feel better.

What our customers have to say

TAT® works and clears away stress at a body level. It clears emotional issues at a deep enough level where you feel the shift in your body, and frequently, it heals disease.

My wife, Linda, had about a year of post-nasal drip and congestion. We saw ENT doctors and got medications – it wasn’t helping. She was really miserable, it was interfering with her sleep.  I took her to see Tapas.  After one one-hour session, her sinuses cleared up, the problem disappeared and never came back. That was 15 years ago. My wife’s probably one of the biggest skeptics of all this alternative, woo-woo stuff that I do and it worked on her.

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Eric Robins, M.D.

Night after night during the TAT® workshop I hosted, I saw trauma and pain simply dissipate and dissolve. I was as excited and overwhelmed as the participants were because of the absolute, unprecedented beauty of the healings I witnessed.

I have no doubt TAT® is the most effective treatment to resolve trauma of any nature.

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Harold McRae

34-year Licensed Counselor and Family & Marriage Therapist

TAT® is our favorite technique to reduce distress, because it is easy to teach and apply.  We call TAT® for children “The magician’s hat” and we teach it to them like it's part of a story. The story we teach is that they are an assistant to a magician and whenever they feel scared, they put on the magician’s hat and then they feel better.”

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Ignacio Jarero

Ed. D. Ph.D., B.C.E.T.S., B.C.E.C.R., C.T.  

Member of the EMDR-HAP International Advisory Committee