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From the Terrace
Black Dynamite
A Matter of Life and Death
Hot Tub Time Machine
I Sell the Dead
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Iron Giant, The
Virginia Creepers
Ten, The
Melvin Goes to Dinner
Loved One, The
Alice in Wonderland
Gentlemen Broncos
Back to the Future Part II

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Our goal: to give you movie reviews in 20 words or less.

Our rules: no limits on genre or time period; no censorship; hyphenated words count as one word.

Our rating system: simple: 0 to 5 Ritalin tablets in increments of 1/2; 0 is "pure and utter crap" while 5 is "classic."

Our history: ADDmovies is a spin-off of ADDreviews, which was conceived at a party... see corey's recollection of that fateful night.

Our people: we're a bunch of idiots, but we know our flicks. and super dookey props go to corey for the design work... he's a friendly fellow.

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About the ADDmoviereviewers


JeanNINE was asked to join ADD Movies because she has the body of a Bodicelli, and a...okay, she was asked to join this horrible lot because they needed a twisted sister. In other words, she now possesses the prestigious moniker of "first ever ADD Movie chick." - Let's all pause for a moment of silence.

One of JeanNINE's most impressive qualifications is that she is the whore of Cthulhu. She swears that her outlook on life is not a divine ya-ya anything, so her reviews will contain a female perspective with a twist of Everclear. JeanNINE does admit to having a soft spot for Sandra Bullock and John Hughes, but she also keeps a regular diet of Horror (thanks to her hubby), Foreign, All Things Indie, and Gore.

Genre specialties: Cheese, Weird Ass Shite, Horror, Fantasy, Historical Anything, Indie and Foreign. (Okay, okay, and a blockbuster here and there, especially if it contains Vin Diesel). Send her some bon-bons at

Join her for cawffee-tawk at


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A longtime gorehound, laze loves all brands of horror, but also has a soft spot for The Man in the Moon and similar coming-of-age films. He will give an immediate thumbs up to any movie prominantly featuring shopping malls, diners, or Thom Matthews. Thanks to Exhumed Films, laze gets his fix of gore-on-the-big-screen (though he has to drive four hours each way to do it) and laze would lay down his life for his VHS copy of Mystics in Bali and his DVD copy of Even Dwarfs Started Small.

If heaven has a movie theatre, when laze dies it will be showing the best of Mario Bava, Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento, Alexander Jodorwosky, and Werner Herzog.

Genre specialties: euro-horror, splatter, gore, classic horror, trashy exploitation, coming of age, and clown porn.

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LitClique is not a patient man and he finds little tolerance for most films. However, our intrepid reviewer enjoys a good hunt, so he keeps up-to-date on new releases, new re-releases, old releases, and Reese's Pieces like a religious fever. As is the cliché in these overstimulated times, his tastes vary across the board, from SciFi to farce to abject sleaze to juvenile claptrap like Baby's Day Out. In fact, you can't make many generalizations about LitClique, but you're blind if you don't notice he worships Mel Brooks as the friggin' Messiah.

LitClique has developed a bloodlust for the "Cult" and "Foreign" sections of his local video rental place and an addiction to America's dying midnight cinema. And when he finds the energy, he swears he's going to the Washington Psychotronic Film Society more. Really.

Genre specialties: erotica, neurotica, psychotica, trash, slash, and a bush baby.

He starred in Salo, now tell him he's a moron at Reach into his mind here.


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Luscious Lex

Lex currently lives on the East Coast where he spends an unhealthy amount of time satisfying his addictions to music, movies, and crack. He already feels like a movie expert since he lived in Los Angeles, right next to Sony Studios, for one year. Once he even saw Arnold Schwarzenegger. His lost teenage years probably explains why he has an immense love for Teen Flicks, especially the ones where the "uncool" win in the end. His specialties also include Drama, Comedy, and 80's movies.

Pimps up, hoes down:

Lucious Lex

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McToonist (as he prefers to be known when reviewing movies) is the President and CEO of the world's leading producer of automated humorous illustration and is therefore avoiding plenty of legitimate work while watching movies. Often while keeping members of the board waiting in the conference room, he will watch almost any film to satisfy his omnivorous appetite for film. From 1903's "The Great Train Robbery" to the movie just released this weekend, he is interested in everything made in between. Mr. McToonist is extremely protective of his privacy and is rarely seen in public. This photo from the New York Times Business section ca. 1989 is the most recent on file.

Genre specialties: Old and new, black and blue.

Succumb to his wiles:


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A passionate lover of beautiful and rare things, Mr. Ripley's drama begins as a textbook story of cool: Bedazzled by his knowledge of italian cinema, girls seek his company while boys admire the extent of his movie collection. Both are attracted to his indisputable resemblance to Mastroianni.

As time passes, however, our Hero's tastes demand more and he is gradually out of the cool and into the depths of the plain obscure. Girls reactions start to change from "I thought nobody liked that but me!" to "Greenaway who???"

Now, alone in his xanadu of beautifully weird gems, Mr. Ripley invites strangers once in a while to visit. He eats most of them al dente.

Genre specialties: Everything under the sun, and then some.

On the for rilla:


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Ray's earliest movie memories include seeing 2001:A Space Odyssey in Atlantic City, in 70 mm, as it was meant to be seen, during its first release. (Yeah, he's old.) He thinks he also went to a drive-in with his parents to see Mary Poppins, but he fell asleep. He still has this problem. He also remembers almost literally being dragged out of Taxi Driver by his parents during Travis's final shoot-out. Suffice it to say that these days he watches as few movies as possible with his parents.

Ray's tastes are eclectic, but some of his favorite movie-makers are Stanley Kubrick, Billy Wilder, Atom Egoyan, Gus van Sant, David Cronenberg, Peter Greenaway, Ken Russell, Brian de Palma, David Lynch, and Pedro Almodovar. He likes dark films that twist his mind around. There's never been a film too slow for him to enjoy. At the same time, he likes a Bollywood extravaganza now and then. Desert island films (this week) in addition to 2001, include Harold and Maude, Videodrome, Last Year at Marienbad, Jacob's Ladder, Speaking Parts, and the original King Kong."

Maily mail:


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Refreshingly Rob

Rob was born from the fires of hell. Oh wait. That was someone else. Rob was actually born in Massachusetts. Or Taxachusetts if you're being silly. He was most likely brought into this little circus for his love of animated film, but he likes oodles of different stuff. In college, he even helped his roommate out with a few film projects. Not that kind of film project, you sicko. His hobbies tend to be expensive, his wallet light. But that's what credit's for.

Genre specialties: anime, poor sci-fi, poor fantasy, tasteful comedies, silly other stuff.

Write to

Refreshingly Rob

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ryder hails from the Legendary Pine Barrens of South Jersey, where he spent most of his childhood hunting for the Jersey Devil by day and watching such inspirational film as The Exorcist, The Omen, and The Amityville Horror at night. You know, for kids! He recently relocated from Philly to Hollywood to avoid any rumors about the disappearance of the former Mayor of Philadelphia's toupee.

Another Exhumed Films frequenter until his recent move, ryder has a developed taste for American and foreign horror films alike. He hopes that when he dies, his flesh will be made into 35mm celluloid and used for the goriest feature film ever!

He worships the living Hell out of David Lynch.

Genre specialties: indies, horror (US/Euro), old-school sci-fi, noir, dark comedy

send him a good spanking at


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Scott currently resides in Farmville, Virginia with his wife. His main interests musically are metal, punk, hardcore and classic rock. He likes to read and watch movies. His favorite genres of film are Horror and Documentary though he regularly watches all varieties.

Genre specialties: Horror, Documentary, Comedy

Tell him he's purdy at


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