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Chili mixes

My chili mixes have become a reality.  We are quite pleased with them.  The first time that we took them "out" (to a show), we sold out of 3 of the 6.  I am still working on more, so stay tuned!

They are:

Cantina:  Great south of the border taste.  Best with beef tips, steak cubed, or ground beef.  Just like Mexican chili, the beans and tomatoes are optional.

White Chicken:  A heart healthy alternative to beef, this is made with chicken and lighter on the spices. Tastes great garnished with tortilla strips.

Milwaukee: If it's truly from Wisconsin, it has to have bratwurst, beer, Wauwatosa seasoning, and garnish of cheese.  Driving down I94?  Smell the beer! (Miller Beer is made in Milwaukee, and Wauwatosa is a community of Milwaukee).  The mix also has whole juniper berries in, which need to be removed before serving.













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