Post Brexit

Ok so I’ve been away for a while. Had a building company in for three months, doing some necessary work on the house. And while they were here we decided to have a new kitchen and to have the bathroom updated. It’s cost me an arm and a leg, but well worth it because it’s added a lot to the value of the house I think.

During the time I’ve been away, we’ve had the EU referendum of course!  If you’ve followed my blog, you’ll know what I think about the EU, so it’ll come as no surprise that I’m delighted about the outcome!

What really rankled was all those pompous idiots telling us how the world would fall apart if we vote out. I don’t think any of us thinks there won’t be some sort of price to pay somewhere along the line but really what a load of scare tactics.

I was particularly disappointed by George Osborne. At one time I thought he was a reasonable chancellor but he really blew it with his campaign of fear. Totally disgraceful. So I’m really glad he got the old heave-ho. Not something he was expecting I’m sure.

Also lost respect for David Cameron over the whole issue.  First he quits like a schoolboy having a tantrum after the vote didn’t go his way. Then he went back on his word and even quit as an MP.  Personally I think it’s down to Samantha. She’s put up with Dave and his ambitions for a long while and now she wants her own career. I hear they may be heading to the USA. She be starting her own fashion business and good ole Dave will follow Tony Blair on the after-dinner speaking circuit. He’ll make a fortune of course without a second thought for the British people.

I long ago lost any hope that our “public servants” care a fig about the country – they’re almost all out for themselves.

But I am hoping that Theresa May has a more ethical approach. So far she’s doing OK but it’s very early days. Let’s hope she has some of Mrs T’s grit and determination because she’s certainly going to need it when negotiating our exit.

Of course all the EU leaders are against us, but so far I’ve been gratified that not much of the doom and gloom has come to pass. I believe that the UK is strong enough to show the world – and the US – that we can do well without the EU. There’s something about this little island that comes through and I’m sure we’ll do it again.

So well done everyone for voting us out of that dead-end club and let’s hope the road ahead isn’t too bumpy. I think we should be prepared for a few ups and downs but truly believe we’ll be far better off a few years down the line.


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