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What you need to know about our Vacation Rental

Vacation Rental Services

Jim and Patti Williams, owners of TC Ranch, take great pride and care in every detail to assure that your stay is a comfortable one. We appreciate your cooperation, in advance, for respecting the property that you are staying in as if it were your own.

The following items are included with your reservation:

Bed linens consisting of sheets, pillow cases and blankets with the beds made. Bath towels, hand towels, face towels and kitchen towels.
Paper products including facial tissue, toilet tissue and paper towels.
Kitchen has cooking necessities.
Laundry facilities.
All you need to bring is your personal items and food supplies.


No Smoking is a requirement of this home. If smoking outside, appropriately dispose of cigarette butts, cigars, etc. PLEASE DO NOT toss butts onto the ground, flowerpots, or shrubbery.

Other services

Upon request, if you give us a list, we will shop before your arrival and have fresh food waiting for you.

Use your credit card or bank account to payl. Rental prices include 8% motel tax.

Stay 1 Day, 1 person, $59.40

Stay 1 Day, 2 people, $91.80

Stay 1 Day, 3 people, $108

Stay 1 Day, 4 people $124.20

Stay 1 Day, 5 people, $135

Stay 5 Days, 1 person, $237.60

Stay 5 Days, 2 persons, $367.20

Stay 5 Days, 3 persons, $432

Stay 5 Days, 4 persons, $496.80

Stay 5 Days, 5 persons, $540

Stay 7 Days, 1 person, $356.40

Stay 7 Days, 2 persons, $550.80

Stay 7 Days, 3 persons, $648

Stay 7 Days, 4 persons, $745.20

Stay 7 Days, 5 persons, $810

Refundable Pet Deposit, $50

Refundable Cleaning Deposit, $100

Special Services Deposit (i.e. grocery shopping), $200

For more information Call 530 398-4631 or email williams@cot.net or pcacka@yahoo.com