Tomb Raider Stories, neither published nor award-winning, and not on an "Official Tomb Raider Site".

Tomb Raider Fables

Describing his take on the Tomb Raider mythos, (Simon) West describes it as:
"James Bond on acid - slightly sadistic, supercool, but with a surreal element."

"a story, esp. a supernatural one, not based on fact, conveying a moral."

Natla of Atlantis

Tomb Raider Stories, neither published nor award-winning.

The stories below come under the collective title of 

and can be regarded as sequential chapters
in a parallel novel set in the Tomb Raider universe.

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After The Bomb

Before The Flood

Clouds Are Far Behind Me (1945)
Natla awakens to a strange new world

Footsteps On The Ocean Bed
The Atlantean Royals face a family crisis

Munchkinland (1950s)
Natla enjoys 1950s America

He Gives Birth To Swimming Horses
Qualopec is injured fighting Natla's centaurs

Darken Up The Skyway (Late 1960's)
Natla falls ill and dreads the return of Olympus

Dragged And Washed With Eager Hands
For political resaons Natla becomes a wife and mother

Lions And Tigers And Bears, Oh My! (1979)
Natla finds Tihocan's tomb on Cyprus

Angels Come To Kill Your Sons
Behind the story of Sodom and Gomorrah

The Ocean's Near The Shore (1986)
The defences of Atlantis are reawakened

A Glass Hand Cuts Through The Water
The Atlantean Empire is threatened by disaster

Gone Where The Goblins Go (1993)
Natla and her sons fight to survive the Golden Pyramid

Those Lips Conspire In Treachery
Betrayal in prehistoric America

The Wicked Witch Of The West (1995)
Natla prepares to rule the modern world

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Natla by Ashren at DeviantArt

The sequel to The Atlantean Way

The United States Of Atlantis

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Diamond Dogs
The master plan begins

Interlude; "Lara"

Oh, You Pretty Things
The Governor of New Mexico

Interlude; "Astarte"

Snow White Tan
An old aquaintance drops by

Interlude; "Atlas"

Take Your Protein Pills And Put Your Helmet On
Meeting rulers old and new

Interlude; "Tihocan"

The Sun Machine Is Coming Down
A sunny day in paradise

Putting Out The Fire With Gasoline
The end of the world as we know it

Natla Gallery

From catlantean's lovely Natla's Pyramid site;

Lara tempted?

Natla's favourite movie?

The voice of Natla -
the incredibly sexy Grey DeLisle

Natla cartoons by Razzek of;

If they ever made a TV programme of The Atlantean Way
this might be a good theme tune ...

And for those of you who really really hate Natla,
here's the awesome final word from That Norsk Chick

Amanda (Time Traveller) and Her Seven Sisters

"Sometimes To Save Your Tight Little Leatherclad Ass In The Present,
You Have To Go Back To Your Past."

Tales of Lara Croft


The six fables below come under the collective title of 

and can be regarded as sequential chapters.


Olympus Mons

Before Atlantis there were the Olympeans, and Lara is forced to visit their final resting place - on Mars.



Lara is hunted across Eastern Europe by Christian apparitions until she reaches atrocity-torn Kosovo.


Natla of Atlantis is the mistress of genetic modification, as Lara discovers to her personal cost .

England, my England

It's wedding bells for Lara, but will religious fanatics corrupt her new social circle?

An icon of the Prophet

Lara is hired to investigate the history of the Prophet Mohammed in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan.

The Dead

An imposter has sounded the Trumpet of the Last Judgement and Lara comes back from beyond the grave.

The above stories translated into Russian

Other Tales

The Streets Are Not Enough

Lara is blackmailed into doing some undercover work for the British government and meets a megalomaniac villian.

Screenplay from an idea by Marcus Trogen

Crocodile tears

An Angel/Lara crossover story

by Tim Radley and Ostercy

Plastic fantastic

A Barbie/Lara crossover story

by Tim Radley and Ostercy


Coming soon, a second collection of Lara tales


Auto Da Fe

An army of dead Christians

Little picture gallery

Gender and Videogames: the political valency of Lara Croft
MAJA MIKULA, University of Technology Sydney

Player Modeling using Self-Organization in Tomb Raider: Underworld

"Maybe I'm a romantic, but I think in the old days it was done by guys who couldn't do anything else, guys like Phil Dick. That's all he could do, sit there and write endless novels. These are the people Bruce Sterling calls "Paranoid Pervert Saints of Science Fiction." They were pariahs of literature, whipping these strange ideas around. When I was a teenager growing up in southwestern Virginia in the 1960s, SF was absolutely the only source of subversives ideas that I had. I used to read these books and think, "Wow! No one knows I'm reading this!" It was below people's attention. Well, that subversive level of science fiction has fallen off terribly. The bulk of this stuff is consumer product, dog food, and there's so much of it. When I walk into an SF bookstore, my head swims. I remember when I could buy every new SF paperback published in America every month, because there were two."
William Gibson, author of Neuromancer
"[Writing radio] plays taught me a lot about how to tell a story. Less is better. Why? It's very simple. It's like dreams. Dreams are very brief and some of them you never forget because they are very discrete. Nothing is wasted. No dream has got excessive material. It all counts."
Arthur Miller, 2003.

And not forgetting Lara's real Daddy;

Agnes' Artwork

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