thermal applications

DST's hollow shells can be fabricated from many different refractory ceramics including silicon carbide, mullite, alumina, and boron carbide.

Thermal Characteristics

The ceramic shells offer excellent thermal characteristics including:
  •    Heat Resistance (in high temperatures shells retain tensile strength and stability)
  •    Chemical Resistance (low reactivity at extreme temperatures)
  •    Very Low Thermal Expansion (stable under high temperatures)
  •    High Thermal Conductivity (heat evenly dissipated over surfaces)

  • These outstanding thermal properties make DST shells an innovative choice in applications for aerospace materials, and ballistic impact trials.

    Other Physical characteristics

    In addition to the traditional thermal properties of DST shells, the shells exhibit all the classic physical properties associated with advanced ceramics, including electrical insulation, optical benefits, extreme hardness, and resistance to chemical corrosion.

    Please contact Oliver Strbik for more information.