You really want selection, service, convenience and quality.  These are bedrock statements for any retailer to meet the needs of you, the consumer. 

Ikea unpacakged candy section Befria Foods

We know this. Today, to meet these needs  a retailer needs to react and change, to re-invent the way you get your products..   We have traveled the world.  We have seen what works.  We have seen the success.  We have also seen the failures.

The Befria stores are bringing you the best of the best, the greatest experiences we have found and created for your shopping trip.  Shopping should be fun.  It should fulfill your needs.  Most of all you should know that you are the most important part of the store. 
The excitement of display, the adventure of trying new products you have never tried before and the faithful discovery of old friends that you knew from your childhood.  A store needs to serve your needs, not just for the products your search for, but the way you find them with ease.  We found stores in Europe that spoke to the inner child.  Colorful and exciting, the products there and easy for you to select from.  This was truly a place where our inner kid was wild in the candy store.                                                                                Scandinavian cady store

The big box store is great for certain things.  You can buy a HUGE box of cereal to feed a small army.  You can spend the day wandering up and down the aisles trying to find just what it was you wanted.  You will find something, maybe not exactly what you wanted, but such a deal for ten pounds of slivered almonds, now you will never run out.

Then there is the old world market.  Do you need a particular spice, these markets have everything you want.  The best part is if you need a spoon of corriander, you buy the spoon full, maybe a bit, maybe a bit less.  There are no restrictions.  No issues storing the 20 ounce bottle that will last you the next ten years.  The products are fresh.  The amounts are what you need.

We took the ideas we found outside of the United States and asked ourselves what works for our customers?

  1. Smaller stores.  The big-box stores are just too big.
  2. Products we know and love
  3. To be able to buy what we want, whether it is a large of small quantity, this is what I need and want TODAY.
  4. Clean
  5. Fresh and local products

This is a rendition of the initial design.

Store Locations

  • San Francisco Bay Area
    • Berkeley
    • Walnut Creek
    • Oakland
    • San Jose North
    • San Jose South
    • Freemont
    • San Rafel

Southern California ( coming June 2017)

  • Los Angeles (4 locations)
  • San Diego  (2 locations)