A Massive Discovery 

The 150-million-year-old rocks at Gomer
Quarry in Ten Sleep, Washakie County, Wyoming has preserved an enormous deposit of dinosaur skeletons documenting a mass mortality event—and finally the largest individual has been located. This giant nicknamed “Goliath” has proportions and dimension similar to Brachiosaurus, the tallest of the dinosaurs. However, Goliath has an estimated length of over 100 feet, making it the largest sauropod ever offered for sale.

Even though this massive specimen is still in the ground, so far almost all of the bones are exceptionally well preserved, uncrushed, and flaunts a rich blackish brown patina. Exposed vertebrae, ribs, hip and leg bones were mostly buried semi-articulated and are in extraordinarily good condition. Skull elements have yet to be uncovered and, even though impressively complete, the totality of the skeleton’s completeness is presently unknown.

Other than it’s size and completeness, the importance of this specimen also lies in its association with other specimens occurring at the same stratigraphic level that have been purchased by public institutions in Singapore, Copenhagen, Qatar, and Mexico.


The Gomer Quarry—G.Qu for short—where these discoveries were found, is about one mile west of the well-known Dana Quarry. Both are located on the same property in Ten Sleep.

Despite the distance, the characteristic yellowish sand layers at G.Qu suggest stratigraphic similarities with Dana. Both lie low in the Morrison Formation, down in a deltaic environment with seasonal floods in nutrient-rich lakes and river systems ideal for wading species.

Final Acquisition

The skeleton belonging to Goliath will be excavated and preserved in a manner reflecting current paleontological standards, including documentation in photographs, maps and field notes. In addition to this data, letters and legal documents attesting to the ownership of the property and the fossils will be provided as the complete offering.

The completed, freestanding mounted skeleton will rank as one of the finest articulated dinosaur mounts in existence. Articulation will be professionally done with custom metal work and base with flexibility to be remounted or modified to satisfy exhibition space requirements.


Download the pdf here.

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