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Derek Stonorov--Project Director and Writer
R. W. Tyler--lllustrator
Nancy Lord--Editor
Sandra Higgins--Layout

Living in Harmony with Moose is a project of the Kachemak Heritage Land Trust in Homer, Alaska. It is designed to help people co-exist with moose in Alaska. The idea came from a similar publication called Living with Mule Deer in the Methow Valley, in northeastern Washington. We are indebted to its authors.

The development costs were paid by Kachemak Moose Habitat Inc., a non-profit organization created with mitigation funds from the Bradley Lake Hydroelectric Project. Additional costs and printing were paid by the Alaska Conservation Foundation, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the City of Homer, and the Homer Board of Realtors.

Living in Harmony with Moose was written in cooperation with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. KHLT wishes to thank wildlife biologists in Homer, Soldotna, Anchorage, and Palmer for their invaluable assistance with the project.

First printing, May 1998



What Moose Need

What Moose Eat

Managing Moose

Co-existing with Moose

Driving in Moose Country

Development and Moose

More Ways to Help

Watchable Moose

Kachemak Heritage Land Trust

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