Don’t Trust Jason Calacanis

It’s been five days since Jason posted his new rules on linkbaiting, five days may not be long IRL but in blog time it’s … like well forever … all I have to say is Dude Where’ My Link?

Update: See Below

So c’mon Jason what’s the deal do you make empty promises or only follow through when you’re magic 8 ball tells you it’s ok. I followed all of your rules and I didn’t get a link and according to your post:

If you follow this “Calacanis Link Bait” strategies I will link to you. If you just come out and beat me up I probably won’t… so, there you have it “how to get a link from Calacanis.”

Jason while I don’t agree with everything you write, and I do admire what you’ve built, but I have no tolerance for people who can’t be trusted to follow through on their promises. I sent the tracbacks and I made two comments, and it’s really annoying that you linked to people who posted after me.

So if Jason’s pissed you off with his “seo is bullshit” comments or maybe he cheated you out of a link when you followed his link baiting rules too, here’s a chance for you to get even. Link to this post with the anchor text Jason Calacanis and maybe he’ll get the hint. Heck I’m totally not above begging you to bookmarking this post in delicious either.

PS and for those of you keeping score this will henceforth be known as the dawn of the reverse linkbait.

Jason came through and gave me a link, thanks dude.

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