Content Ideas – Creating an Ongoing Series

One of the problems that website owners and bloggers encounter on a regular basis is coming up with ideas for posts. One of the tactics that I like to employ is creating a regular ongoing post series.

So let’s tackle the big questions first: what’s an example of post series? How about “Sandwich Mondays” from NPR. The basic premise is every monday they publish a post about sandwhiches. Sometimes these are reviews as in the case of the Denny’s Fried Cheese post. Sometimes there’s a travel/tourism theme as in the case of the Pop Tarts Restaurant in Times Square. Other times it could be a flashback pop-culture reference like the Pixy Stix and Cap’n Crunch Cereal sandwich from The Breakfast Club.


You can take this concept and use it on lots of different sites. For example, on a real estate blog, how about writing an in depth post about a school district in a neighborhood you work. On a clothing site do a series that features, each week, one pair of fashionable shoes under $25. This is a pretty easy concept to run with. All it takes a little imagination.

To get the most out of this approach you should try using an editorial calendar. Now this doesn’t mean you have to eat a sandwich every Monday. You can get 3-4 weeks or more ahead of yourself and schedule the posts in advance. You can also have multiple series. In the example of the real estate website, maybe you’ll also have a series about local libraries and programs they offer. If you keep each of the posts narrowly focused, you can tie it all together with the head and tail content approach. These types of posts are something that will benefit from having a bit of personality and opinion to them because it’s what makes them interesting. Additionally, the more opinion you use, the less you are going to be able to outsource. Lastly use tags and maximize internal anchor text to  get the most SEO value, silo your content, and better target your ads.

What are the takeaways here:

  • Choose 1-3 series of weekly, biweekly, or monthly posts
  • Use an editorial calendar to help you plan and publish your content
  • Keep each of the posts narrow and focused
  • Interlink the series with other series using the “head and tail” concept
  • Maximize your internal anchor text by interlinking to other related posts
  • Tag your posts to help you serve the most effective advertisements

photo credit: adactio

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