Foursquare Promotions Spotted

In my most recent column on Search Engine Land I wrote about Foursquare Tools for Businesses. After writing that article, I came across a local promotion.

This promotion came from a local Italian ice shop. Now, you may not think Italian ices are a competitive business. But there are no less than three places that are about equidistant from my house. If, by checking using foursquare, I can increase my chances of getting a free ice now and again, I’d definitely use it and visit there. To be perfectly honest the $2-$3 isn’t the issue. It’s a bit of psychology at work: getting something for free makes me willing to do unusual things. Think I’m alone? How many people waited in long lines to get free chicken from KFC when Oprah had that coupon a few months ago instead of driving down the street and paying $5 at another fast food restaurant? Getting something for free makes people do funny things.

When I turn on foursquare near my house I get the screen below with the little orange flag. I can click through and get the offer and decide if it’s something I want to go after. I think the execution is pretty good … so who’s up for an Italian Ice?

image. via Flickr

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