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Equality in Faith

Equality in Faith is a bi-monthly presentation of stories and information is generated by Equality NC's faith outreach program. We hope you will share by forwarding to friends, family, congregants, and others to help us raise the visibility of North Carolina's growing LGBTQ-affirming faith community.

Equality in Faith Volume 5

Equality in Faith Volume 5

Equality in Faith, March 15, 2018
• Conflicting images, attitudes in one rural western N.C. county.
• Religious belief cited as a barrier to supportive environments
• Pain in the Methodist church: A personal story
• Commentary: Using God to justify immoral causes
Equality in Faith Volume 4

Equality in Faith Volume 4

Equality in Faith, December 11, 2017
• Contrasts in faith and sexuality for Asheville artist
• Former Southern Baptist seminary official on religious liberty and lessons from SBC's past
• Greenville S.C. man's experience signals changing religious attitudes
• Holiday parade in Wilmington has LGBTQ-affirmng faith presence
• N.C. Faith Forward coalition holds press conference to discuss U.S. Supreme Court's Masterpiece Cake case.
• Commentary: Subverting Religious Liberty From Friend to Foe.
Equality in Faith Volume 3

Equality in Faith Volume 3

Equality in Faith, September 19, 2017
• For Fahim Gulamali, Islam informs his sexuality and vice versa
• N.C. religious leader seeks healing, awakening
• Southern Baptist school releases "guidance" on transgender children
• From urban centers to rural areas, are anti-gay protesters dwindling?
• Upcoming events for affirming faith communites
Equality in Faith Volume 2

Equality in Faith Volume 2

Equality in Faith, July 8th, 2017
• Carrboro filmmaker explores affirmation in homes – bound and unbound
• The powerful voice of a Greensboro rabbi
• A Charlotte man's journey from rejection to affirmation
• A mom from rural North Carolina shares her family's story
Equality in Faith Volume 1

Equality in Faith Volume 1

Equality in Faith, April 16, 2017
• Three weeks before Transgender Visibility Day, a church in Concord, does something special
• Social division on LGBTQ equality as observed by one Charlotte music minister
• Finding stigma and misunderstanding in those who are supposed to help you figure it all out
• Data reflects changing N.C. religious landscape and religious attitudes toward LGBTQ individuals

Enriching the Lives of Individuals, our Communities and our State

Equality NC is very thankful for the growing number of affirming faith communities in North Carolina, many of whom have been on the front line of LGBT faith advocacy work.

It is unfortunate that faith communities have been divided by certain religious organizations and individuals who attempt to convince our citizenry that LGBT equality and faith are incompatible.

Today that is changing and Equality NC seeks to recognize and promote the many affirming churches and clergy for their commitment to full LGBT equality and their desire to uplift the full human dignity of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals, especially youth and families.

Affirming faith communities offer safe and inclusive space. Such inclusion offers peace and spiritual clarity for LGBT individuals and families who seek such fulfillment.

Affirming faith communities understand that equality inspires faith. Equality NC’s faith program seeks to encourage and inspire.

The Equality NC faith program doesn’t seek to prop up any particular faith tradition nor serve as adversary to any. We follow the lead of those who helped frame this nation's constitution in advocating that the ebb and flow of religiosity in America is best left to the free marketplace of ideas.

However, when any majoritarian institution within society, including religious institutions, gives sanction to stigma and hostility toward lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, Equality NC will continue at the forefront of confronting the resulting prejudice and discrimination – and most importantly the harm that is caused.

The evidence is indisputable: Promoting the perception that faith somehow is incompatible with equality has resulted in social division and immense harm in the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals, especially youth and families.

Equality NC’s faith program will join affirming faith communities and individuals as we seek to alleviate such harm and thereby enrich the lives of individuals, families, communities and our state.

Our Areas of Concern

Equality NC's Faith Program will be working in three primary areas:

  • Raising awareness about the positive impact of affirming religious perspectives for LGBT Youth and Families
  • Working to promote awareness and understanding about Gender Identity with faith communities
  • Promoting education and awareness about Religious Exemption laws that target LGBT citizens with discrimination and hostility


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