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Failed Design Push

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*sigh*. It is only 9:45 and I'm exhausted. My nose is sniffly, my head is tight and thinking isn't as easy as it usually is. What a silly state to try to push a new design onto one's weblog, no? Well you could have told me that about an hour ago when I switched off Pearl Harbour in disgust and thought I would try being productive. I mean, I've been neglecting this site enough lately, no? Not to harp on it, but Pearl Harbour really does suck. I likely only got about 30 minutes into it and I'd rolled my eyes almost out of my head. Talk about contrived! So, back to the site. Yeah the design is only half pushed through. And like a dolt, I'm already tired of it. heh. Some broken templates I'm sure. Some others just not refined enough yet. I'll get to them. Hopefully sooner than later. In the meantime, I'm going to drink my warm herb-infused drink my wife made me, pull my bathrobe tighter around myself and trudge off to bed. I hate being sick. But even worse I hate being sick and leaving a job half finished.

Maybe I should ramble like this more often. I actually quite enjoy it.

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Check out Do it. Do it now.

Raising the watermark.

Doing my bit to help raise the watermark.

DTL Prokyon

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Surfing? More like hopping.

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After my last post I checked out to make sure it was pinged correctly (ok ok.. I was really just stroking my ego to see my blog name in the list .. but ANYway..) and I noticed that Burningbird was in the list as well. Huh? I thought she had quit! Well apparently she is back! Very cool. Welcome back!

So then after reading through her lastest entries, I followed a link to Jeff Ward's weblog where he talks about some pretty intense parts of his life. He also talks about his experimentation with infrared flash photography. Unfortunately he didn't link from there to his gallery, but a little rooting around found it here. It is called Invisible Light : Social Studies in Southern California Bars 1989-93. Some really intriguing photos there.

I learn. I learn.

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Spent this afternoon playing with the site design and templates. I was experimenting with how flexible the MovableType template tags were, and exploring different ways in which the main page interacts with all the types of archive pages (individual, daily, monthly etc).

The site design at the time of this writing has been reverted back to a standard MovableType theme: Rusty. If it currently doesn't look like that, then you missed it :) Don't dawdle next time, eh? ;)

I reverted because when I last redesigned this site, I modified (drastically) the html structuring code as well as the styling CSS. All well and good, but it means that other MovableType users couldn't just use my CSS sheets.. they would also have to modify all of their templates! Ugh. It sucks in reverse as well.. if I want to try someone else's style (or -- as I just did -- revert back to a standard style) I have to swap out the CSS as well as all of the template code. Anyway, from now on I will try to only modify the requisite CSS and play well with the other MovableType community members.

What better way to spend a hot summer day than to sit in front of a humming piece of electronics? :)

A Pin Dropping

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Hello, readers.

Are you still there? Do you still drop in occasionally and check out the cobwebs and dwindling posts?

Such a bad blogger I've been. A few weeks ago events occurred that gave me a veritable abundance of time to donate to converting my weblog from Manila to MovableType here at And donate I did. But it wasn't enough.

The site is only half moved with 98% of the archives still existing over at I converted the design to CSS, then panicked because I had nowhere to test it properly under MacOS or any Unix flavours. I'm afraid my readership isn't high enough or avid enough to provide this sort of service. So I started converting it to something less CSS-intensive. And since I was re-working it all again, I thought what-the-hell, let's get a new design as well.

And that's where I stand... a partially finished re-design.. a headful of ideas... a scribbled list of things to blog about... an archive in need of migration... and no time to give. Sucks to be me.

Bear with me readers. I will get my act together. In the meantime, please check back often and I'll do my best to hold up my end of the deal.


PS - If the CSS of the current site isn't working for you (ie - it looks like crap (or at least decidedly different than this)) then please take a screenshot and email it to me? Merci!

| | Comments (1) needs some categories. The list is just getting too big and changing too quickly. It has evolved from being a nice compact list of recently updated weblogs into this huge glut of random hyperlinked names. Every 10 minutes another 50 names are pushed into the queue. It's overwhelming. is still in the young approachable stage. Over the last 12 hours only about 40-50 of the Salon blogs get updated. Ahhh... heaven. A list that still resembles what it looked like an hour ago. It won't last though. Doubtful it will get as bad as, but it will grow and grow and grow.

Categories. If the concept of categories was introduced into the weblogs ping (maybe they are already there? Just dormant?) then could be represented by a directory of updates. Tech updates. Warblog updates. Opinion updates. Journal updates. Sexblog updates. Blognovel updates. You can just jump to the list of updates that you want to see.,, etc...

Each weblog author could choose a category to belong to. Or multiple categories. It could be like a weblog usenet. Maybe there could be an 'alt' section where people could create new categories as they saw fit.

You reading Mr. Winer?

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