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Was in Yosemite for 4 days and it was grand.. in more ways than one. To hike to the top of mountains and keep on 'discovering' lakes is so damn cool. It really is incredible what a human under their own locomotion can do. We would get back from a hike... look back over the hills.. find a peak in the distance and think : "We just came from there".. too strange.

A bit of a fight club moment as well.. yesterday standing at the urinal taking a whiz here at work... everything suddenly felt so foreign.. so antiseptic.. so artificial. Like when Edward Norton is back at work and all bloodied up... and everything is quiet and its true importance is revealed. The volume is just turned down.

Hiking around for 4 days in the woods... eating in the woods... shitting in the woods... pumping your water from a stream.. sleeping outdoors... seems to have had a similar effect on me. It was so much more real out there. Wind and cold and bears and mountains and water. You want to go somewhere? Strap the 50 pound pack on your back and start walking. Just go go go.

I sit still here in my cubicle (yes I work from a cubicle) and am aware of every hum, every fan, every whirr around me. It's so... repulsive. I'll adjust I'm sure. Us humans are good at that.


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The amount of spam I receive has skyrocketed in the last few weeks. One of my email addresses has apparently made it onto a highly used spammer list. I'm going to have to get more aggressive with my filtering approach.

A few days ago I couldn't stop my jaw from dropping when a friend of a friend stated that she follows the removal instructions on the spam and replies to the emails with the word 'remove' in the subject line. I informed her that spammers are ruthless and usually just use your reply as a confirmation that the email address is valid. Which means you are left on the list (or moved to the known-to-be-valid list) and you receive more spam.

I think a cool feature for email software would be a 'Reply with Fake Bounce' button. Click the button when you receive some spam, and it sends out a fake server bounce email stating the email address is invalid. Sure many spammers use fake 'from' addresses, but many are hoping you use the 'removal' instructions to prove you exist.

AutoComplete my ass

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The AutoComplete™ feature glued onto every text input field under Windows 2000 (98?) and above should be a good feature. If it worked correctly.

I design and wire up the UI for web apps. On a typical day I likely type the same 10 login ids about 50 times. Trying out different permissions and roles and account types. You would think that AutoComplete would be useful, no? No. For whatever reason it refuses to remember any of the ids I type. No hints whatsoever appear. But the other day I typed one of the ids incorrectly.. and NOW AutoComplete has chosen to remember that one. Great. I can AutoComplete all my past typos, but can't use it to speed my testing. What's up with that?

Is glass a liquid?

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Today I learned that glass is not a liquid. That it is in fact a persistent myth passed along by many a well-meaning father to their offspring. The usual evidence cited: glass thicker at the bottom, ripples, gaps between panes etc. are in fact flaws introduced by less-sophisticated manufacturing techniques. Interesting. I'll have to tell my dad. :)

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