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The Pulpit :: I Told You So

LotR TTT Teaser

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Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers teaser is out.

Cancer, Cancer, Everywhere

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CBC News :: Latest cancer scare: potato chips, fries

There will be an emergency debate Tuesday at the World Health Organization on whether potato chips and french fries cause cancer.

Monoliths and Their Causes

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GlennLogs :: Monoliths and Their Causes

An excerpt of some sarcastic weblog commentary...

Well, I'm sure it's a fad, and I'm sure that serious newspapers and books are much more interesting than the real voices of a hundred thousand people talking about what's important to them which tens of millions of people are reading. Yawn.

A Gardening Tip

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Instead of starting our seeds in those plastic 6-pack containers you get from the nurseries, this year we've been creating small, biodegradable, newspaper cups as described here.

They are simple and easy to make. Some newspaper, a glass, wrap it around then give it a twist and you are done. The greatest part is that the plants don't get abused when you transplant them into the ground. You just plant the whole newspaper cup and the roots break right through.

Massive Testicles

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Kuro5hin :: Of Mice, Apes and Men
Explaining why humans are not naked apes, why chimpanzee social structures tell us almost nothing about their human equivalents, and why there are no "alpha males" in human society.

Notable quote:

I Have Massive Testicles and an Enormous Penis. Well. Maybe not compared to other humans, but compared to the other apes, my genitals are gigantic.

Bad Sleeps

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I've been having trouble sleeping lately. I wake up often during the night and in the morning my nose is all clogged and I feel all groggy. It doesn't seem to be a quantity issue. I'm averaging around 8 hours a night recently. I have a suspicion (that is adamantly not shared by my wife) that it is a pair of wool-stuffed pillows we received as gifts last Christmas. I've never reacted to wool before so am not certain this is the cause.

Is it possible to be allergic to different types of wool? Is it possible that the wool has some dust or mites in it that I'm reacting to? Frustrating.

Cheap Tickets

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I'm planning a trip to Toronto over this upcoming July 4th weekend. A brief visit to my dad and my old stomping grounds.

What did we do before sites like travelocity.com and bootsnall.com? (besides spend a lot more money on airfare)


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Dead pixel at the top left of my monitor. Got a
DEAD PIXEL at the top left of my monitor. Got a
dead pixel at the top left of my monitor, and it's
stinking to high heaven!

(sung to the tune of 'Dead Skunk in the middle of the road')


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Tracey and I made having a garden a high priority when we were looking for a place to rent. We both love to garden.

Here are the edibles we've started growing this year so far:

  • Beans (Blue Lake, Romano, Calypso, Soy)
  • Eggplant
  • Tomatoes
  • Snap Peas
  • Dark Green Zuchini
  • Raspberries
  • Squash
  • Peppers (hot and mild)
  • Sunflowers

My morning ritual is to walk around the yard with my cereal bowl checking out the status of all that is growing. The weather here is just incredible. Balmy and warm with continuous sun and no rain -- which pretty much describes the weather here from about March to November.

We also planted some hollyhocks last year and this year have watched them grow and grow and grow. A recent measurement has the tallest just over 9 feet tall!

Scripting News Quiet

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Scripting News hasn't been updated for a few days. Extremely unusual. Hunted around for a reason and apparently Dave is in the hospital -- but getting better.

Crack Morals

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Is it ever ok to use a crack to unlock a piece of software? There is this great utility I used in the past called DeskBar. DeskBar made it to about v4.01 before development stopped and that was about 2 years ago or something. The product website is gone. The author's email address bounces. I can't find any reference to him or any projects by him anywhere anymore. Through some intricate Google work I found an old cached copy from some asian FTP server, but of course it is a crippled version. So what does one do? Can't register it here or here or here. Shouldn't crack it. Just let it slide and try to use an inferior app? An interesting dilemma.

Bees on the Porch

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We've got a family of fat black bees living in a piece of driftwood on the edge of our porch. Last weekend I was watching them gather nectar and honey from the flowers around our yard. A bee-friendly flower is often shaped like a landing runway designed to maximize the spreading of pollen from flower to flower and plant to plant. With these fat black bees, they were too big to fit into these narrow shaped trumpet-like flowers, so instead they climb on the outside and force their proboscis through the base where the flower meets the stem. I had never seen this before and was surprised because it seems to avoid the flower's built-in pollen-catching design.

Dooce gone

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Back in February Heather Hamilton of Dooce.com was fired because of her weblog. I just checked into her site today and was sad to see that she ceased weblog updates almost 2 months ago. Shitty deal. I wish her luck with whatever she has moved on to doing.

My Heat are Cold

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My car is a 1988 Subraru Justy, and like most cars it has three fan-related controls: one for temperature, one for direction and one for air flow. The 'direction' lever has the following settings: VENT, BI-FLOW, HEAT and DEFROST. Can you spot which one doesn't belong? What is HEAT doing in the 'direction' controls? And if you switch it to that control, the air in fact blows onto your feet. Can that be true? Was there a breakdown in communication between the label makers and the original designers? Somewhere along the line the word 'FEET' was replaced with the much more fan-related term: HEAT. Anyway. Something I find amusing everytime I want to feel some air-flow through my sandals while driving.

How to tie your shoes

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About 8 years ago I was ranting to a friend about how my new shoe laces would come untied by themselves throughout the day. He said I wasn't tying them properly and showed me a method that adds only milliseconds to the traditional tying procedure, still allows for the standard untying procedure (pull the ends), and stays tied even if you have really slippery laces. Today I pass this knowledge along to you. Some will laugh and some will cry when confronted with the simplicity. Others will scoff because they learned this in kindergarten and believed it was common knowledge (maybe it is?). If I can help save some shoe-tying time for even one person it will have been worth it. Here come the instructions :

Step #1 : Create a loop with one of the ends. (so far no difference)

Step #2 : Now wrap the other lace around the base of the first loop. (still no difference)

Step #3 : Now wrap the lace again around the base of the first loop. Yes! This is the big secret! Instead of going around just once we go around twice! Muwahahaha! Will wonders never cease?

Step #4 : Continue tying in the normal fashion.

And we're done! Tell your neighbours! Educate your kids! Impress your friends! But most of all enjoy the rest of your life in securely-tied-shoe-bliss.


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Fortune.com :: Wild Women of Wonder (WiWoWo)

An entrepreneur proudly told how she won VC backing for her startup one morning and delivered her first child that afternoon.

Absent Wife

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Tracey has been away for 3 weeks now... putting in some 'face' time back up in Victoria. I've become a bachelor again. Always an interesting experience because it doesn't happen very often. My eating times are erratic, my sleeping times are erratic. A typical weekend for me has been to spend the daylight hours outside gardening and the nighttime hours watching movies and programming. This may sound like a lame existence to some of you.. but I love it.

I of course can't wait until Tracey gets back, but it is nice to know I've not become totally useless if she isn't around.


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Just checked my referers.. and found a hit from a Google search result. The person searched for the word 'blogplex' and my site is the only search result. How cool is that? As to how long it will last, who knows.


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I have received confirmation of another reader of this page. Hey Stuart!

Cheap Wireless Broadband

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New York Times :: Cheap Wireless Broadband


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Wow.. watch those days fly by... and stay blank in my little weblog archive. Eep! Will try to be a little more consistent.. I apologize.


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We're watching the eclipse at work. I brought some binoculars today and have the rigged up in the company kitchen projecting a sun the size of a CD on to a whiteboard. Very cool. It has a good sized bite out of it right now and is supposed to go up to over 70% coverage around 6:15PM PST.

My favourite eclipse effect is the scattering of mini-suns you got in the shade under trees. The spaces between the leaves create tiny pinhole sized  gaps that project a slighly blurry image of the sun. During an eclipse each of those blurry spots has a very distinctive bite out of it. Click here to see a photo I found of this effect.

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