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This space intentionally left blank. ;)


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I wrote a minesweeper clone in Java to teach myself Swing. I'll be posting it somewhere soon so you can all take a look. I'm also thinking of writing a Swing tutorial to help out with all the issues that I had to go digging for. Sort of a joining together of all the information I found useful. Don't hold your breath on that though. When (If) it arrives, it should appear as a link in the side list of links. Other projects are keeping me busy right now. Stay tuned.


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Shaving is an irritation (no pun intended). I'd grow a beard by my wyband hates beards. Plus I think it wouldn't come in full yet. I'd just end up looking like a chubby version of Shaggy on Scooby-Doo. All scruffy with a dog as a partner. There is likely a better character I can come up with that doesn't require the 'chubby' modification, but I'm too tired right now.

My Future Book

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As I live my life, I have moments where it seems like events from my past are chapters waiting to be written in a future book. And I don't think I will be the writer. Very strange. I'll suddenly remember a conversation with somebody, and it will be so clear and vivid in my mind, and it just seems that the next logical step is to have that whole conversation recalled by whoever the conversation was with and recorded into a book. Bizarre. It's beyond my control.

Blood Simple

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Just finished watching Blood Simple by the Coen brothers. Excellent movie. Really enjoyed it.

Frances McDormand is a babe. She always looks like she has her lower lip stuffed with cotton, but that just adds to her whole effect. I love her small-town charm.


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Again lots of empty non-linkable dates. What a poor excuse for a blogger I am.

I've been busy. So sue me. Oh wait... this is the States... you may take me literally. ;)

Untold History: The history of [Macromedia] Flash.

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