Jia Sheng Chong

Full Stack Web Developer | Visual Novel Developer


Full Stack Web Development

I love creating web apps! My technologies commonly includes Symfony, Doctrine, Node.js, Bootstrap.


I have experience in deploying and maintaining Symfony apps on AWS EC2 Ubuntu, getting domain names to point to AWS and Wix through Namecheap, and have most of my personal projects on DigitalOcean Ubuntu.

Artificial Intelligence

I believe and worship our AI overlords. I mostly have knowledge in path finding algorithms (heuristics, A* search), and I use the sckit-learn library for machine learning.


I mainly design websites but I can do graphic designs as well. My tools usually consists of Photoshop, GIMP, Clip Studio Paint and my style usually consists of mass texture overlays till it looks professional and cool.


I draw pretty Chinese cartoon-ish, I'm still learning, but you probably can call me "Sensei" in the near future!


I write stuff, yeap. As you can see from this sentence, you can tell that I'm pretty creative and have top writing talent. Also! I write for my blog and my visual novels.