​​We are going to have several options here as regards cloud-sourcing.  These are necessary because the funding problem is complicated.

Kick-starter  for the ultimate film.  That goal is to raise $2 million in a year.  We offer GoFundMe and indiegogo for pre-production needs, such as hiring someone to make the story-boards, or do location scouting in the Oakland area of California, or look for cast, or skilled crafts folks.  Once we get near the major funding  goal, we can look for a producer and a director.  We do not want the famous for these roles, but unknown and ordinary actors and such, because that is what the film is about: the extraordinary ordinary, not celebrities.

The Founding Documents of the United States of America

​​​- a movie to change America, and perhaps the World -

Why you might want to care to participate.


​"Its the job of grandmothers to interfere."
​(Dame Maggie Smith's Dowager Countess in Downton Abby)

Many people would like to fix America.   Maybe there is a way for matters to change in a startling direction.  

Try the possibility that "We the People" have powers we have forgotten we have, and the very wisdom that is needed.  What would that look like?

Space for Kick-starter link, as well as links to GoFundMe and indiegogo, when these accounts are formally set up.

The significance of the idea of the "Grandmother" :  Grandmothers in all world cultures tend to naturally hold the moral high ground.   They have earned that respect through years of sacrifice for others.  Any major political movement coming from "We the People" needs to be led by grandmothers, which style of leadership is dramatised in the movie.  The hired bullies that are sent to pepper spray protest movements will have a very hard time overcoming a smart phone visual where they are seen attacking grandmothers in wheel chairs, or with walkers and canes.  

The whole point of a true "We the people" movement is to gain control of the media "narrative", and via that control assert  that our Right of Consent tops all vanities and agreements made by politicians and the lords of finance.  "We the People" are the real government, as was planned by the Founders, and clearly stated right at the beginning of the primary social agreement of that time: That for all individuals, regardless of wealth or power, it was essential to consent to the same rule of law. This is why the U.S. Constitution was written in the first place, as an agreement, by being ratified,  that meant that all who agreed did Consent to the same Rule of Law.  

It is just that the long term social change, enabling ordinary people to rule themselves, was not over at the time of the original Revolution, or even during the Civil War.   There needs to be one final Struggle, and that one is Now.  The film The Grandmother War is meant to be our generation's version of Common Sense (by Thomas Paine), which nearly everyone read (or heard read) at that time, and which preceded the Declaration and all that followed.  This film hopes to be the Common Sense-like spark that lights the final phases of the battle for the heart of America.

The Grandmother War will be a movie we hope to fund directly from the people who want to see it made.

The expected practice in film-making is for the script to have a special, and uniform, format.  This is called: Final Draft.   To the right is the link for those who would like to see that format.

Below is background Research on American History and our current situation.  Some readers of the film treatment and/or script have felt that certain material should be deleted, speeches changed, and the introductory talk left out.  Mostly such critics don't perceive what I perceive.  They lack the "vision" as it were.  I've spent my lifetime trying to appreciate America, the American Spirit, and the relationship of America to the rest of the world.  People who have not done that work won't get why a lot of material in the film is there.  That can't be helped.  All the same the material below might be illuminating for someone who wants to take these matters seriously, and​ is willing to do some work.

​The Grandmother War

This website is the work of Joel A. Wendt, who also wrote the original screen treatment above.  Marc Wendt is to be credited with the Final Draft version, and the teaser/trailer.  Special thanks to Linda LaTores, who provided initial funding and inspirational support.  Additional background to this work, and the author, can be found at the link below:

This film is about the future, maybe just a half-step into the future.  It is about a tomorrow that might just be next week for some people.  It is about the ideas Americans need to know in order to take back their country from the politicians and the corporations.  For some of us this film is also about something that has been forgotten.  About some of the ways our Founders thought about the American Experiment that very much needs to be remembered.  It is about how it is that the American People are the real government, and what it might mean should we remember that and begin to learn to act upon it.

Its about a second declaration of independence and a second revolution, and doing all of that with as little violence as possible.  We don’t need guns or any weapons for this second revolution.  We just need to be armed with the Right Ideas and the courage to act upon them.

Are there dangers if we act?  Of course, and the film dramatizes those dangers.  At the same time, there are more of us than there are of them.  Far more.  We are not trapped in the laws made by lawmakers who favor corporations and property over the needs of human beings.  We just have to no longer consent to what is being done in Washington and on Wall Street.  Our right to do this is written large in all the founding documents, and this film tells our story - our future story as we take back our country.

Will it be dangerous?  Yes.  Not because we go armed into the streets, but because we are wiser and smarter than the establishment powers, and once we start to act they are going to be very scared of us.  Just as the movie V for Vendetta says:  "People don’t need to be afraid of their government.  Governments need to be afraid of their people."