TAPESTRY OF DELIGHTS - REVISITED : THE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO BRITISH MUSIC OF THE BEAT, R&B, PSYCHEDELIC AND PROGRESSIVE ERA 1963-1976 A seriously expanded version of the original. Tapestry of Delights! This is a completely revised and updated version of a book originally published in 1995, when it was nominated as the 4th Best Music Book of '95 by Record Collector and described as an 'impressive 600 page job that includes more across the board info than most rock encyclopedias' by Q Magazine. Since then many entries have been rewritten, more have been added and all have been updated to include relevant releases since 1995. This perfect bound book is 978 pages, whereas the previous edition was (paltry?) 632 pages, plus it contains a 12-page color section. Expected to be the definitive publication on British beat, garage, psychedelia, R&B, progressive rock, Merseybeat, folk, folk-rock, jazz-rock, blues-rock, freakbeat & glam-rock. It will contain personnel details, discographies, artist histories, biographical information, musical analysis and compilation listings in the same format as earlier editions, but in some entries there are recollections from band members. Individual entries also include details of reissues and retrospective compilations. Profusely illustrated with photos and album covers and with an updated international rarity scale. Collectors and '60s/'70s rock fans will not want to miss this! (Only one left. Call shop first. Pick up only.) Brand New!

A.R. & Machines - Die Grune Reise (1971) A.R. Machines (or Achim Reichel) debut album is not just a classic kraut rock. Chronologically placed somewhere between early genre's works, this album is a strange, hypnotic and repetitive combination of guitar loops, unusual drumming and pop-elements. Heavily psychedelic, this work are more similar to some Brian Eno early works, but has nothing too much in common with many later classic kraut rock jazzy works.

A BOLHA - Um Passo A Frente After venturing to England to attend the Isle of Wight Festival, they decided to experiment with a heavier sound, more akin to UK bands of that era (Deep Purple, Cream, King Crimson, Humble Pie, with a little Beatles' White Album in for good measure) than that of their Brazilian cohorts. A name change to A Bolha later, still loaded with verve and swagger, fueled by drugs, they recorded their first album, which has secured a permanent place as one of the best hard psych rock albums to ever emerge from South America. Released in 1973 by the Continental label, the reissue of this masterpiece of the Brazilian rock, the LP is a replica in a gatefold cover, and includes the infamous hard- rocking 1971 single as bonus tracks."

A PASSING FANCY British influenced pop with elements of psychedelia and an American garage sound. The sound quality is superb and is taken from the original master tapes. An exciting and long lost piece of the early Canadian music scene that has thankfully been restored and made available once again for all to hear and a new generation to discover.

THE ABSTRACTS - from Long Island, N.Y. are best known for their classic song "Always, Always". As one of the first US bands to create an American answer to the British Invasion, their songs were already written and a master plan already in the works when the Beatles started their meteoric rise in the US. But like many of the first wave UK beat bands, The Abstracts were together only for a little more than two years and split when rock and roll moved into a direction that wasn't theirs. Though during this short period, with their storming and ingenuous beat, they recruited a huge following and accomplished a great deal. They were one of the first bands to utilize a light show and besides their sole 45, their legacy contains a cache of unreleased period recordings, some of them made for Columbia Records in 1964. Finally, over four decades later, this album collects the band's entire studio material alongside two excellent sounding 1966 live tracks. An in-depth insert with a wealth of never-before-seen-photos traces the history of the band that brought "Abstractmania" to the New York area in the sixties. It's a pleasure for Break-A-Way Records to celebrate the return of The Abstracts and hear them shout again, "Hey, Let's Go Now"...

ABSTRACT TRUTH - Totem This is the debut release by South African prog/jazz/folk/psych band, Abstract Truth. this is excellent early '70s melodic, wistful freak-rock blended with African rhythms in an assorted panoply of instruments: keyboards, flutes, electric guitars, saxophone, percussion, etc. A refreshing approach with an eastern touch. If you like UK bands such as Quintessence, If and Bloodwyn Pig, this album goes in the same direction. It is more trippy/stoned and acoustic than their follow-up from the same year, Silver Trees. Ken E. Henson on guitar, vocals and sitar; Robbie Pavid on percussion; Brian Gibson on bass & vocals; Sean Bergin on sax & flute. .

AFTER ALL - Hailing from Florida, After All was formed by well-experienced musicians with an R&B, jazz, and blues background who hooked up with poetry writer Linda Hargrove to record an ambitious album influenced by acid-rock and psychedelic, early progressive sounds. Originally released in 1969 on the Athena label, the album is now considered an obscure classic. Top level psych/prog dominated by Hammond organ, guitar, and explosive drumming. Here's a welcome new reissue in original artwork plus remastered sound, insert with liner notes, and 180 gram vinyl.

THE AGE OF REASON - Reason First ever vinyl reissue of this US' 69 private album by this ad-hoc studio band project featuring ex-Telstars bass player Terry Gorka plus drummer Bill Manning, lead guitarist Billy Windsor and keyboard player Tommy Dildy. Heavy bluesy / soulish / R&B club jamming sound full of powerful Hammond organ, hard guitar and passionate vocals, not unlike early Vanilla Fudge. Devastating covers of The Band's 'This wheel's on fire', Savoy Brown's 'Stay with me baby' and Sonny Bono's (via Nancy Sinatra / Vanilla Fudge / Terry Reid) 'Bang Bang' among others plus some choice originals. Starring guitar legend Danny Gatton on two tracks.

ILDEFONSO AGUILAR - Erosion Spooky, meditative soundscapes inspired by the desolate volcanic environment of Lanzarote (Canary Islands), created using Minimoog, Polymoog, vocal loops, and field recordings. Originally recorded in Germany in 1978 by Spanish painter/sound artist Ildefonso Aguilar. Erosión is a masterpiece of proto-ambient, isolationism, and minimal synth music. For the first time ever, Erosión is reissued here on double LP, featuring the complete recordings, as Ildefonso conceived it at the time. Master tape sound; Liner notes in English/Spanish by Frankie Pizá (TIU Mag); Includes download code. RIYL: Edgar Froese, Conrad Schnitzler, Cluster, Klaus Schulze, Michael Stearns, Steve Roach, Brian Eno, Cozmic Corridors, Pina.

AGITATION FREE - 2nd Reissue of 1973 album by this German band. A masterpiece of progressive rock as they fell some more into this style and added a mellotron. Moving in a more progressive rock direction it's possibly better than the bands debut, full of trippy guitar work and spaced psych effects. It also features the bands only proper song "Haunted Island" based on an Edgar Allen Poe story. Convincing and innovative compositions.

AGITATION FREE - Fragments "Agitation Free are one of the most highly acclaimed bands in the field of krautrock music. This fourth vinyl edition (after the successful releases of Malesh, 2nd, and Last) comes from Made in Germany and is limited to 1000 numbered copies."

AGITATION FREE - Last Third album, originally released in 1976, now reissued on 180 gram vinyl with the original artwork. Featuring live jams recorded in '73 and '74, this is a psych prog jewel from these Krautrock legends. Includes in depth liner notes."

AIRTO FOGO - S/T Airto Fogo's sole album from 1976 is one of the best instrumental jazz-funk/rare-groove albums ever recorded in France. Heavy drums, Rhodes, analog keyboards, deep bass, hot horns, with Blaxploitation and Latin touches -- A Euro funk holy grail. RIYL: Placebo, CCPP, The J.B's, Eumir Deodato, Ben & The Platano Group, Godchild.

AK MUSICK - (S/T) 1972 Radical, freaked-out sound with hints of free-jazz, improv and avant-garde, A wide arrangement of instruments were used: clarinet, cello, oboe, organ, piano, darbuka, tam-tam, ektare, flute, zither. Includes the amazing "Impro-Vision" which sounds like electronic music, but using only natural instruments. RIYL: Anima, Annexus Quam, Albrecht D, Gulda, Nihilist Spasm Band, Nurse With Wound


GLI ALLUMINOGENI - Scolopendra "A trio from Turin, formed in 1970 by keyboard player Alluminio (hence the name of the band) and drummer Ostorero with various guitarists, they only lasted for a couple of years and their only album, Scolopendra, was issued when they had already split. Their sole album is very well made, mainly based on Hammond organ and other keyboards, with good instrumental parts and an outstanding B-side. A must-have for lovers of Italian prog! New vinyl reissue with the original artwork, label replicas and remastered sound." Gatefold sleeve.

ALTONA - (S/T) (1974) A great album from a time when the German prog scene was getting a bit tighter than before – going for shorter tracks and more focused instrumentation – but all without losing any of the sharpness that first got them going! There's lots of jazzy changes at the core of the album – a fast-moving mix of saxes and guitar, driven by bass and drums – by a group that features Wolfgang Wulff and Michael Von Ronn on tenors, plus Karl Heinz Blumenberg on soprano and baritone, plus vocals as well. The strong use of saxes really makes the music great – even when the guitars hit some harder rock moments – and titles include "Cocopus", "Uberlandfahrt", "7/4", "Hide Yourself", "Frustration", and "Boulevard".


AMBOY DUKES - Journey To the Center of the Mind (Mainstream/180 gram) LP Exact repro edition of this LP, originally issued in 1968. The guitarist of this group is a rather unfortunate human being and we can't bring ourselves to print his full name, sorry. "Journey to the Center of the Mind, The Amboy Dukes' second album, was released in April 1968 on Mainstream Records. The cover features 50 different marijuana smoking devices. The title track was released as a single and climbed the U.S. pop chart to number 16. *** ****** wrote the music for Steve Farmer's lyrics, even though ****** had never smoked a joint in his entire life."

AMON DUUL II - Made In Germany A big international record from Amon Duul – and for good reason, too – as the set's filled with catchy little tracks that have this really cool blend of prog and glam! The style's almost like Roxy Music at points – with the vocals all compressed in the guitars, and this sinister vibe in the instrumentation – played by a group who clearly know how to stretch out more, but instead pack a lot of experimentation into shorter, groovier space. The vocals are in English, but accented – which gives them a further offbeat vibe – and titles include "The King's Chocolate Waltz", "Emigrant Son", "La Krautoma", "Metropolis", "Gala Gnome", and "Mr Kraut's Jinx".

AMOS KEY - The First Key Amos Key is a classically influenced symphonic prog rock band from Germany. Their line-up and the leading role of keyboards puts them in a group of 70's bands, such as ELP, Ekseption or Deep Purple, while Triumvirat and Tyburn Tall are the closest german bands to Amos Key in that era.  "First Key" was their first and sadly their last album. Their musical identity is evident from the moment the first notes of the album come out of the speakers. Heavy keyboard-orientated prog reminding of Keith Emerson's style. However, Amos Key were not an ELP (or Nice) clone, especially due to the comparativelly more "catchy" character of their songs. Apart from the wonderful melodies and solos of Thomas Molin, the bass lines of Andreas Gross are pounding throughout the album.

ANALOGY - Konzert This latest publication was recorded during the band's concert in Lamezia Terme on 14 April 2012

ANGELES DE OPIO - S/T An underground heavy-psych power trio formed in 2005 by Spanish guitar god JC Sisto (Mater Dronic, Shakti's Delirium) plus Sergio and Adrián Ceballos (RIP KC, Melange). Two side-long tracks of wild acid-fuzz-wah guitar jamming. You all know that JC Sisto is a killer guitar player but on these recordings he pushes his guitar to the stratosphere without any limits. 100% acid-fried guitar damage which brings to mind fellow Japanese travellers like High Rise or Mainliner and '70s hard-rock beasts like Stoned Guitar era Human Instinct. File under: Loud-In-Your-Face-Heavy-Psychedelic-Rock.

ANIMA SOUND - Musik Fur Alle "First ever vinyl reissue of their Musik Für Alle album, one of the rarest private pressings in the Krautrock scene. 1971 Two long pieces, 17 minute long improvisations titled 'N Da Da Uum Da' and 'Traktor Go Go Go', were to be privately released as an LP on their own Altepfarhof label. By some, these two tracks 'can surely be considered as one of the best psychedelic experiences ever created, due to the intensity of the recording.' On their performance the group produced many wonderful and inspired sounds, many of them coming from Paul Fuch's self-built instruments, and counted with the post-production collaboration of Neubauer's Echolette Ringmodulater. The Wah Wah reissue has been properly licensed from Limpe Fuchs herself, reproduces the original cover art and features an insert with photos."


ANNEXUS QUAM - Beziehungen A much more jazzy effort which headed straight into free jazz territory but retaining the typical inventive touch of the band. Much more space was given to free improvisation, with tracks like the two-part 'Leyenburg' coming out as free-form music whereas the 16-minute long track 'Dreh Ducht Nicht Um' bridged the gap between their two albums by combining the progressive fusion sonorities of Osmose with some brilliant free jamming. A classic album that is recommended to the lovers of the experimental leg of Krautrock and progressive musics as well as fans of all things free. Strictly limited to 500 copies -- single cover -- sealed copies w/ info sticker. Includes the bonus 1970 track 'Kollodium!'"

ANONYMOUS - Inside the Shadows "Originally released in 1976 in an edition of 300 copies, the sole album by Indianapolis' Anonymous stands today as a high-water mark in rock 'n' roll, combining the adventure of west coast ballroom groups, the 12-string majesty of Byrds, and breathtaking multi-part harmonies to forge something inimitable and one-of-a-kind, with powerful songs that pushed the limit and raised the bar at the same time. Long time top ten favorite with almost every head we know, a true classic recommended for everyone into amazing rock records of all varieties."

EMILIO APARICIO MOOG - Expansion Galactica Works of Guatemalan electronic experimental musician Emilio Aparicio, collecting five 45s he released from 1969-1971. Aparicio was an, a pioneer in using the Moog synth in Latin America. He released a series of private 45s, recorded at his home studio in collaboration with his patron and producer, the painter Roberto Abularach. It is from 1969-1971, when the recordings included here, were registered. Most of the tracks were written at the country house of Abularach, where Emilio built his own home recording studio and where he spent long periods of seclusion. It is in this house where they also spent weeks experimenting with hallucinogens (LSD and datura) in the company of other artists from the underground arts scene of Guatemala. The fruit of those two years of experimentation were released in less than one month as five volumes of a 45 housed in a generic picture sleeve and titled Música Electrónica ("Electronic Music"). These strange records were given away in exchange of four corks of a local drink called Salvavidas Roja, related to Abularach's family. Most of the 45s were destroyed and recycled and soon after Emilio created another experimental project, La Banda Plástica. Aparicio's music is a fascinating blend of primitive homemade electronics with Latin influences. Imagine "Psyche Rock" era Pierre Henry (1970), Gershon Kingsley, and Bruce Haackmeeting Joe Meek at the Guatemalan jungle. Emilio Aparicio passed away on 2012. Remastered sound; Insert with rare photos and liner notes by Ruffy Tnt (Discodelic).

APHRODITE'S CHILD - End of the World Aphrodite’s Child was Vangelis’ (Papathanassiou) and Demis Roussos’ first step to international fame. They have recorded 3 albums between 1969 and 1972 full of excellent pop, psychedelic and/or progressive rock tracks. This is their first album, featuring international hits like “End of the World” and “Rain and Tears”.

APHRODITE'S CHILD - 666 Stunning 180 gram double LP vinyl set taken from the original analogue master tapes. Pressed by Music On Vinyl exclusively for the Missing Vinyl label of Greece.

ARACHNOID (S/T) This 1979 record is the unique album from the french band ARACHNOÏD, architects of a dark progressive and psychedelic masterpiece, with a KING CRIMSON flavor. “Arachnoid” is not only one of the best classic symphonic rock albums of the second half of the 70’s, but also the most complicated and intriguing.

APOTEOSI (S/T) Their self-titled album from 1975 contains lofty musical ideals and is a conceptual work inspired by their homeland of Calabria in Southern Italy. Their main influences included UK giants ELP, Yes and Genesis, and the Italian big three of PFM, Banco and Le Orme. Despite the band members' tender years, they were technically accomplished musicians and their compositions have strong classical overtones. The album features the delicate female vocals of Silvana Idà, who also sang on some folk singles released on her father's label, although the disc is noteworthy for the lengthy instrumental passages spearheaded by brother Massimo's keyboards, which include Hammond B3 organ, Eminent string ensemble and Arp Pro-Soloist synthesizer. This album is definitely one for fans of melodic, keyboard-driven music, with 14-year old Massimo's expressive piano-playing being the cornerstone of the album.

AQUILA (S/T) Led by Blonde On Blonde's guitarist Ralph Denyer and produced by Patrick Campbell-Lyons of ('60s) Nirvana, Aquila added sax and flute to their rock base to create some spellbinding music. Originally issued in August 1970, their sole album is a lost progressive classic that has been compared to the work of Audience, Family, Gravy Train and Raw Material, and makes its long-awaited return

ARCESIA - Reachin' The album was released in a private edition of 300 copies and most of them were given away to family and friends. In the late '80s, one of those copies was unearthed by record dealer Paul Major, who was one of the first people to appreciate the singularity of Reachin' Arcesia. Since then, the album, which mixes over-the-top crooner vocals with late '60s acid-rock and pop arrangements, has developed a reputation as a lounge-psych/real people masterpiece. Remastered and presented in a gatefold sleeve with the original artwork on the back and a new cover design on the front. Includes insert with lyrics. Features detailed liner notes and rare photos in the inner gatefold, telling the real story of John Arcesi.

ARK - Voyages Legendary USA private psychedelic album, a top-level rarity issued in a tiny edition of 100 copies in 1978. Really impressive concept album with religious/spiritual lyrics, raw basement sound, strong song-writing and superb musicianship. It combines some drifting, mellow tracks with some fuzz-rockers. "Monster top 5 US psychedelic garage LP. Eerie folk-rock, Doors-sounding spookers with a smattering of D.R. Hooker lounge/mind psychedelia thrown in, great drifty acid jams, desert wind effects, air raid sirens ... all the right moves & attitude." --Paul Major

ARMAGGEDON - (ST) One of the best and rarest early '70s German heavy progressive rock albums. It was originally released on the legendary Kuckuck label in 1970 and nowadays it is regarded as one of the finest heavy rock albums of the early '70s. It contains great originals and an excellent version of Spooky Tooth's 'Better By You, Better Than Me.' This album, is a perfect example of the early '70s German progressive Krautrock scene and should be part of every serious '70s progressive rock collection. English lyrics." Also includes a cover of Jeff Beck's "Rice Pudding."

THE ART OF LOVIN' - (S/T) (RI/180 GRAM) - This US bands sole 1968 release, originally on Mainstream, and very much in a similar bag to The Growing Concern / Love Exchange / Peanut Butter Conspiracy with female / male vocal harmonies and a Jefferson Airplane acid rock feel. Includes an excellent version of Tim Hardin's "How Can We Hang On To A Dream?". A great album and praised in Fuzz Acid & Flowers.

ASTRO SOUNDS FROM BEYOND THE YEAR 2000 The Astro-Sound of Magnificence, from Beyond the Year 2000...a unique capsule of a funky, psychedelic rhythm section jamming, with snarling, stabbing and swooshing cranked-up-to-infinity electric guitar voyages piloted by Wrecking Crew veteran Jerry Cole, polished and primed for takeoff with a string section playing eerie, beckoning melodies in unison.

ATLANTIDE - Francesco Ti RicordiIssued in Germany in 1976, singing in Italian, and with a very different style from the typical production of the time, being a hard-rock album with very small prog influences and based on the good fuzz guitar playing of Mimmo Sanseverino. The record is very well played and includes six long tracks varying in length from 5 minutes to the 11:15 of the long La luna.

ATMOSPHERA - (S/T) A limited edition release (150 copies on black vinyl) of a previously unissued work from 1977. Atmosphera was a band from Israel featuring guitarist and singer Efraim Barak, who'd previously released the LP 'Peace' with his -previous-progressive band, Zingale. With Atmosphera he recorded material in the vein of Yes. Barak's high voice certainly reminds of Jon Anderson and Atmosphera's music is definitely of interest for fans of the UK's '70s prog scene.


AZITIS - Help Vinyl reissue of rare 1971 Christian psychedelic concept record that some consider one of the best in the genre. This deluxe reissue is pressed on 180-gram vinyl, with sound from the original master tapes. The artwork and labels are reproduced form the original LP. Limited edition of 750 copies.

BACHS - Out of the Bachs '60s garage-psych moody monster! Out of The Bachs was originally released in 1968 as a private pressing of 150 copies; it's one of the rarest USA '60s garage/teenbeat albums ever, Out of The Bachs offers 12 amazing self-penned songs with a sound ahead of its time. Pure teenage-angst vocals, crashing Rickenbackers, fuzz outbursts, killer moody tracks... Sadly, all previous reissues of the album failed to capture the true sound of the original, until the Time-Lag label reissued it in 2011 with remastered sound from a pristine original vinyl copy. This reissue uses the same audio master as the out-of-print Time-Lag edition. File next to The Rising Storm, The Fantastic Dee-Jays, The Savages. Includes insert with detailed liner notes and rare photos.

BARDS - MOSES LAKE RECORDINGS CLEARSPOT presents on 180 gram vinyl and housed in nice hardcarton sleeve! for the first time ever, the great Pacific Northwest band that released over a dozen 45s on both the Piccadilly, Parrot and Capital labels. They opened for such national acts as THE TURTLES and PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS. This is their previously unreleased LP from 1968, produced by CURT BOETCHER and KEITH OLSEN, who teamed up on THE ASSOCIATION's recording and many others out of LA in the 60's. From the master tapes. Experimental and psychedelic in nature, it features outstanding keyboard, vocals and fuzz-driven guitar work.

THE BATCH - Wait 'Til Tomorrow Priceless 60s and 70's rarities w insert) 180 gram

BAZAR - Drabantbyrock Bazar was one of the hardest-working progressive bands from Scandinavia. This is the first reissue of their killer second album from 1974. Wah-wah-fuelled guitar action, organ, flute, melodic vocals, and radical lyrics. Drabantbyrock combines heavy numbers, West Coast guitar jams, and dreamy moments, featuring the superb guitar playing of Bent Patey. Kick-ass psychedelic/progressive hard rock from Norway, highly recommended for those into Swedish hard rock bands such as November. 24-bit remastering. Includes insert with liner notes by Klemen Breznikar (It's Psychedelic Baby!) and photos. Features original artwork in gatefold sleeve.

BENT WIND - Sussex "The Holy Grail of Canadian rock, this raw, murky slab of heavy psych was released by local indie label Trend in autumn 1970 and immediately sank without a trace. Over the decades, however, obsessive fans and collectors of the era's unsung greats gradually came to recognize the obscure Toronto band's genius, the now impossible-to-find original LP eventually trading hands for $5000+ plus in the rare vinyl market. After years of bootlegs, compact discs and pricey European pressings, this mythical Canadian LP is finally available at home in its intended format for the first time in 44 years."

BERMUDA TRIANGLE (S/T) It's strange mixture of haunting melodic folk and dreamy psychedelia. Both male and female vocals participated by Roger and Wendy Penney (who had also presented the extremely rare 'Roger & Wendy' LP back in 1972) while autoharp, violin, percussion and sound effects (wah wah, fuzz, phaser, delay) offer a 'unique' atmosphere.

JOHN BERBERIAN - Oud Artistry (RI/180 Gram) Exact repro edition of this LP, originally issued in 1965? This is the limited edition colored vinyl version. "Another reissue of the ultimate oud master. This is the follow-up to Expressions East and it is no less an impressive affair. Again on this album John has brought together some of the finest exponents of Armenian, Turkish, and Arabic music, including James Shahrigian (bass), Souren Baronian (clarinet, bongos), John Yalenezian (dumbeg), Jack Chalikian (canun), Steve Pumilia (finger cymbals, def, dumbeg, tambourine), John Valentine (guitar, dudoog) and Bob Tashjian (vocals). 'Aziza' is a driving Arabic instrumental with the oud and bongos setting the pace in frantic counter action. 'Bir-Demet Yasemen' is a dramatic presentation of 6/8 rhythm couples with a profound lyric. 'Sevan 5/4' is an instrumental native to Armenia. The title refers to the unorthodox 5/4 meter. 'Savgulum' is a pulsating example of a rhythm that never ceases; of a composition that is never forgotten. 'Yarus' is a prize in Armenian vocal composition. Here again one is struck by the profundity of the lyrics. 'Sevasda' features words and melody that are traditionally Turkish. The 6/8 time signature however, is common to much of the music for the Middle East. 'Rast Taksim' refers to a form of improvisation. It's often meant as an introductory passage, however, it's here presented as a complete work expressive of mood and emotion. 'Rast Sazsemi' -- the Sazsemi is a classic example of Turkish art music." --from the liner notes.

BIGLIETTO PER L'INFERNO - Il Tempo Della Semina Il Tempo Della Semina is a very nice progressive rock album, not as hard as their debut, with flute, piano, Hammond and the whole lot, as well as Moog. This is a limited 500 copies pressing and the sound is remastered from tapes. Nice gatefold cover."

BIRMINGHAM SUNDAY - A Message From "Formed by some high-school friends from Carson City, Nevada, the band began playing clubs around the state in the late sixties, and soon landed a contract with Bill Holmes' (Strawberry Alarm Clock's producer) label, All American. This teenage band played mostly folk-influenced psych, with beautiful male/female vocal harmonies rising above the music (which featured Doors-influenced organ playing and some wind instruments as well). The album was originally released as a test pressing, and the impossibly-rare original copies have been known to sell for mind-boggling prices." 180 gram vinyl.

THE BITTER SEEDS / ROCK SHOP - State of Your Mind These are perfect examples of the transition from R&B-garage to early psychedelic sounds that many San Francisco ballroom bands experienced at the time. An exciting find for any lover of lost West Coast psychedelic sounds. For this Bitter Seeds/Rock Shop retrospective, Out-Sider has also unearthed some wild live recordings from 1966 with good sound quality. Includes four-page insert with liner notes, photos, and memorabilia. Remastered sound.

DAVE BIXBY - Ode To Quetzalcoati

BLACK SUN ENSEMBLE (S/T) A reissue of the very first BLACK SUN ENSEMBLE record from 1985, and an incredible early document of the mescaline yet masculine, guitar-scape hypnotic playing of JESUS ACEDO. "ABSOLUTELY stunning psych LP, first released in limited edition in 1985 on Pyknotic label and reissued on CD in 2000 by Camera Obscura (instantly sold out). Stunning fuzzy guitar, Eastern tunes, chanting, some horns here and there.... absolutely spacey psychedelic music."

J.D. BLACKFOOT - THE ULTIMATE PROPHECY (180 GRAM) Limited 180 gram exact repro vinyl version of this monster release by this late '60s US band who wrote the brilliant "Epitaph For a Head". The title track of this, their debut album, is a long suite of acid mayhem with searing guitar and cosmic lyrics about the cycle of life and death. The remainder of the album contains great West Coast tinged country rock with strong harmonies and guitar work.

BLACKWATER PARK - Dirt Box Blackwater Park is an obscure band that emerged from the Berlin underground scene. They released their unique album "Dirt Box" in 1971, published on BASF in 1972. The group delivers a captivating, effective bluesy-heavy rock "trip" with lot of incisive guitar riffs, progressive Hammond Organ's arrangements, melodic heavy vocals and psychedelic effects that are part of the mix. (Accessible) kraut power band whose work is essential for collectors.

BLAKULLA (S/T) Mid--70's prog quintet from Gothenburg. Along with ATLAS and KAIPA, they were one of the few Swedish bands that played symphonic rock at the time. They practised their chops doing hard blues à la CREAM and DEEP PURPLE, and their brand of symphonic rock isn't entirely devoid of those early influences. featuring swirling organs and gutsy guitar numbers as well as slightly folksy acoustic pieces. The guitar play, which varies from aggressive to melodic, is highly reminiscent of Steve HOWE but more fuzzy and distorted; the keyboards are also very YES like but less flamboyant than Rick WAKEMAN's.

BLAT BRUT - (S/T) Amazing previously unreleased 1976 recordings by psychedelic progsters Blat Brut. Highly touched by the works of Jimi Hendrix, Traffic, John Mayall, Pink Floyd or Jethro Tull, the band melted all their influences into a unique sound and delivered extended heady instrumental jams with a tight, ferocious drum & bass backline under guitar pyrotechnics and psyched-out flute arrangements. Think of a mindexpanded instrumental version of Pan & Regaliz, add some spicy bits of the early Jade Warrior's fuzz guitar, some reminiscences from Skin Alley's first LP or the Canterbury way of deconstructing instrumental passages.

BLIND RAVAGE - (S/T) Blind Ravage were formed in Montreal in the late '60s by well-seasoned musicians, including keyboard virtuoso Serge Fleury and ace guitar player Jean Charbonneau. In 1971 they released their only album, on the Crescent Street label. Hard rock with bluesy overtones, heavy guitar playing, punkish vocals, and swirling Hammond organ. Nine original songs plus a killer hard rock version of "Susie Q." This is the first vinyl reissue, featuring remastered sound and an insert with liner notes.

THE BLIZZARDS - I'm Your Guy Cool German band with rough'n'ready style heavily influenced by the British Invasion, though with a jagged attack (especially rhythmically) that makes it a little distinct from UK bands operating in similar areas.

BLUE ASH - No More, No Less Blue Ash's stunning debut album, pressed for the first time since 1973. Contains 12 Power Pop classics, including "Abracadabra (Have You Seen Her?)" and "Smash My Guitar" Pressed on 150-gram black vinyl and housed inside a full-color sleeve Limited to 500 copies

BLUE CHEER - Outsideinside Blue Cheers second album, Outsideinside, fully matches its predecessors primal power. The last Blue Cheer release to feature the beloved lineup of Stephens, Peterson and Whaley, Outsideinside is a bracing orgy of volume, distortion and aggression.  Like its predecessor, Outsideinside has been out of print on vinyl for decades and has long been prized by collectors. Tracks: Feathers from Your Tree / Sun Cycle / Just a Little Bit / Gypsy Ball / Come and Get It / (I Cant Get No) Satisfaction / The Hunter / Magnolia Caboose Babyfinger / Babylon.

BLUE CHEER - Oh! Pleasant Hope Exact repro reissue of the legendary cult band's sixth album, an overlooked, atypical gem originally released in 1971. This was the last album before the band's hiatus that would end with their return on 1983's The Beast Is Back. This album features Dickie Peterson's lead vocals on only three songs, reveals a blues/psych-tinged maturity in the more acoustic-centered tracks than what's found throughout the rest of their FM-radio saturated catalog, and includes "I'm The Light," a pop masterpiece blessed with the presence of synth and sitar sounds. Underrated but essential, Oh! Pleasant Hope finds Blue Cheer on a cosmic plane that remains criminally undiscovered by most.

BLUE CHEER - VINCEBUS ERUPTUM "Vincebus Eruptum, Blue Cheer's landmark 1968 debut, is widely regarded as Ground Zero of the heavy metal explosion. The album, featuring the classic Blue Cheer lineup of guitarist Leigh Stephens, bassist/vocalist Dickie Peterson and drummer Paul Whaley, includes the trio's mind-melting reading of Eddie Cochran's 'Summertime Blues,' which became a Top 20 single, along with such raw, overdriven originals as 'Doctor Please' and 'Second Time Around' and distinctive reworkings of the blues standards 'Rock Me Baby' and 'Parchment Farm.' Long out of print on vinyl, with original copies trading for steep collectors' prices, this legendary debut is available once again in its original format, complete with its unique original cover design."

BLEU FOREST - A Thousand Trees Deep

BLUES MAGOOS - ELECTRIC COMIC BOOK (SEALED RI) The Magoos second album, following hot on the tails of their classic debut including "Pipe Dream", a fab version of "Gloria", and "Life Is Just A Cher O'Bowlies" amongst other weird classics. Madcap US '60s psych/punk/pop that should be in everyone's collection...

BLUES MAGOOS - PSYCHEDELIC LOLLIPOP (SEALED RI) This is the 1966 album by NYC's garage-psych legends The Blues Magoos, one of the first albums to have the word "psychedelic" on the sleeve and in its title. Displaying lots of creativity, the album includes the hit single '(We Ain't Got) Nothin Yet' and the band's exciting version of 'Tobacco Road', which features great guitar work. Essential sixties sounds!

BLUES MAGOOS - Mercury Singles (1966-1968) NYC's garage/psych legends The Blues Magoos released three amazing albums and eight incredible singles on Mercury. All of the band's 16 A- and B-sides are now brought together on 'Mercury Singles (1966-1968)'. Featuring the accurate, original mono single mixes from the Mercury masters, these songs have NEVER sounded better!

BLUE THINGS (S/T) (1966) (RI/Sealed) The debut album, from 1966, from this US band who mixed Byrds like folk-pop with Dylanesque touches. The album has become a major collectors item and is worthy of praise. More full blown psychedelia was to follow, but this was an excellent debut.

BO GRUMPUS - Before the War - 180 gram exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino. "Great 1968 Atco US psych/pop/rock album by this Boston four piece, produced and arranged by Felix Pappalardi before he joined Mountain. Pappalardi also shares some writing credits with the band (there is an early version of 'Travelling In the Dark' later recorded with Mountain) and he plays on a couple of cuts, but this is by no means a heavy rock record. At times the album has quite an unusual spaced out folky pop feel to it and overall is more of a typical 1968 pop/rock psych album -- certainly not what one would normally expect from Pappalardi. Singer/guitarist Eddie Mottau went on to play guitar on John Lennon's 'Walls And Bridges' and 'Rock'n'Roll'."

BOA - Wrong Road Boa recorded this little gem in 1971, completely live and on a Sony TC-200 in a Tupperware warehouse, giving their psych/garage a little punk twist. They did everything themselves: recording, pressing, packaging, and the marketing (which at the time was simply not done). A mere 200 copies of the original edition were pressed on their own label, Snakefield. This is the pure definition of the 'garage' sound: Boa seems to have a lot of fun jamming together in their warehouse and the result is a collection of strongly psych/prog-flavored hard rock songs, that sound like a cross between the Doors, The Who, and The Sonics."

BOHEMAIN VENDETTA (S/T) (180 Gram/Sealed) At last a good quality reissue of this classic '60s album!    Superb garage psych with fuzz freakouts, rippling keyboards and ace teen psych lyrics. This band backed Faine Jade on his album.

BOKAJ RETSIEM - Psychedelic Underground "Credited as one of the best late '60s German psych-rock albums, Bokaj Retsiem's ('meister Jakob' in reverse) Psychedelic Underground is an eccentric, soulful, acidn and fuzzy rockin' essay that clearly prefigures a part of the krautrock movement.

BOLDER DAMN - Mourning Bolder Damn's 1971 album Mourning is an absolute monster among U.S. hard rock private pressings. Hailing from Florida, Bolder Damn boasted an ultra-heavy, "raw-in-your-face" sound with devastating fuzzed-out guitar, a solid rhythm section, and manic vocals, the album has gained a cult status among new fans of '70s proto-doom and hard rock sounds since then. Bringing it back into print after many years, Guerssen presents the definitive vinyl reissue of Mourning, featuring original artwork and fold-out insert with liner notes, interview with singer John Anderson, and rare pictures. Remastered sound. Highly recommended if you like Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Pentagram, MC5, Sainte Anthony's Fyre...


THE BOOK of INTXIXU - (S/T) (2 LP'S) Recorded in the late '70s and early '80s by Juan Arkotxa, Leslie MacKenzie and Carmeta Mansilla, and previously only (partly) issued on cassette, 'The Book Of Intxixu' basically is the follow-up to the magnificent 'Book Of Am'. Once again, 'Book Of Intxixu' is a combination of illustrations and ethereal trip/acid-folk. For this project the trio recorded about three hours of music, from which the highlights (some heavier and more electric than probably expected!) are now brought together on this DOUBLE-LP. Among the guests we find Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth, while Cosmic Trip Machine's Will Z, oG, Majnun and Sammy helped Juan and Leslie to rescue the material and shape it into this gorgeous set. The accompanying illustrations are included in a 24-page booklet. This release is manufactured in an edition of 500 units.

EDUARDO BORT -(S/T) (2 LP'S) Eduardo BORT is a Spanish guitarist/composer who recorded two LPs of progressive psychedelic art rock in the mid 1970s. It is only now receiving acclaim as one of the best releases in the Spanish prog/psych of the period. 'Eduardo Bort' is a warm blend of mystical guitar-based folk, Hendrix-style rock, space, and a healthy dose of the music of Eduardo's homeland. BORT sings, plays all the guitars and leads a band - including drummer/keyboardist Vicente Jimeno who arranged much of the material. A rich stew of ethnic progressive rock led by a passionate guitar player, Eduardo BORT's debut is a sweet find for all prog archaeologists.

BOW STREET RUNNERS - (S/T) 1996 reissue, LP version. "Flushed from Fayetteville, North Carolina -- where they thought they could remain comfortably obscure -- by our release of their only album, the Runners have recently re-surfaced. Issued in ultra-limited quantity by B.T. Puppy in 1970 -- and now changing hands for sums more familiar to NASDAQ -- this is an otherworldly blend of sweet female blotter acid harmonies, hypnotic Farfisa and high-octane fuzz guitar histrionics."

ALAN LEE BRACKETT - Peanut Butter Conspiracy Theories - Lost Songs 1967-1968 Out-Sider present Peanut Butter Conspiracy Theories: Lost Songs 1967-1968, previously unreleased recordings by The Peanut Butter Conspiracy's main-man, Alan Lee Brackett. Mostly written and recorded in 1967, when PBC were at their fame peak, Alan explores a number of different styles, encompassing fuzzed-out garage numbers, sunshine pop, folk rock and full blown psychedelia. Including ahead of its time garage-psychedelic, DIY homemade recordings on which Alan plays all instruments by himself plus pro-sounding studio cuts.


BROTHERHOOD - Stavia LP version with download code. Out-Sider present a reissue of The Brotherhood's Stavia, originally released in 1972. In 1972, Ohio-based band The Brotherhood released their only album, Stavia. It was a private edition of 200 copies, pressed at the legendary Rite custom plant. This rare album is a good example of US acid-rock/hippie psych with slight soul and funk influences: fantastic playing, swirling organ, powerful vocals, top guitar shredding, and flute. Stavia has always been one of those shrouded in mystery albums, so rare that some collectors even doubted its existence. Bootlegged in the '90s in a butchered edition that included two songs from an unrelated band, here's the first ever legit reissue. Includes liner notes by band member John Hurd. Remastered sound. < b />

BULBOUS CREATION - You Won't Remember Dying Yes more great underground Heavy Psych. You get great acid lead guitar in class with Garcia or Cipolina and warm heavy, dusty underground sound with a eerie dark edge. Some great gems of this album are opener "End of the page", "Having a good time", the Heavy Psych monsterpiece "Let's go to the sea" and the incredible acid psych version of "Stormy Monday" which has some of the best psychedelic clear tone lead guitar ever recorded. The sheer variation, the musical quality and underground production make this album a true keeper. A desert Island record if there ever was one. Have a quality psychedelic experience with this beloved gem.

BUMP - 2 (the unreleased second album) was recoded in 1971, just a year later after the debut album, also on Pioneer Records and also produced by Gary A. Rubin. Paul Lupien (organ), George Runyan (bass, vocals), Alan Goldman (guitar) and Jerome Charles Greenberg (drums) recorded 8 great tracks which never came out. This is a fantastic prog/psychedelic monster, a mixture of dreamy organ psych with heavy fuzz bluster, very much like CA Quintet. Ghostly, swirly organs, burning rough guitars, sound effects, fuzz/wah-wah guitars, trippy, lysergic vocals and great melodies. A killer album from start to finish. Includes the original artwork.

ROGER BUNN - Piece of Mind "As K.J. Gustin wrote, Piece Of Mind is a work of 'exotic psychedelic free-jazz-meets-rock, East-meets-West, progressive and smoky moment in late Twentieth Century music history'. Add to that a spice of jazzy brassed R&B and a touch of minor-key popsike sensitivity and you get an accurate description of the sounds contained in Roger Bunn's astonishing 1969 LP, originally released in the UK on the Major Minor budget label. A versatile musician on several instruments, he became a master of double bass. After the Piece Of Mind days he joined Pete Brown's Piblotko!, played with members of Soft Machine, worked with Ornette Coleman, and even became a founding member of Roxy Music for a short period in 1970-1971, among so many other things. An album that should be an essential addition to any collection that misses it, reissued in full colour gatefold sleeve, quality vinyl pressing and an insert with liner notes, with sound remastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering in a strictly limited edition of ONLY 500 COPIES

JOHN BUNYAN'S PROGRESSIVE PILGRIMS - Apricot Brandy & Albatross 1969 rock with hard drums over tough guitar work. Listen to 'Apricot brandy' and 'Spaced out', which does what it says. Also contains a version of Fleetwood Mac's 'Albatross'.

BURNING PLAGUE - (S/T) Heavy blues rock monster from Belgium originally released in 1970 by CBS. The sound is pretty typical of the time - acid drenched leads all of the place. Originals are $$$$.

BURNT SUITE (S/T) "Brand new legitimate pressing of rare Connecticut by way of California drifting stoner rock. Three piece band of legend today. Big time rarity as an original. Here we have an exact repro cover and band history insert by band."

BUZZSAW - From Lemon Drops To Acid Rock From the ashes of '60s garage band The Lemon Drops comes power trio Buzzsaw with their loud heavy-psych sound. In the late '60s, The Lemon Drops, one of the finest garage-psych bands from Chicago (of "I Live in the Springtime" fame), relocated to the West Coast, where they gigged around and tried to secure a record contract. After a three-day "strawberry acid party" at manager Dan Herron's mansion, the original band disintegrated. And that's when power trio Buzzsaw was born, featuring Eddie and Gary Weiss (both ex-Lemon Drops) on guitar and drums respectively and Rick Fertel on bass.

JOE BYRD AND THE FIELD HIPPIES - The American Metaphysical Circus A student of electronic music, experimental composition, acoustics, psychology, Indian music and more in the 60s, Joe Byrd blended electronics with psychedelic rock in a purely entrancing style. 180 gram reissue, originally released in 1969.

CAL ROCK & ROLL - Homegrown Recorded 1982. Guitar driven rock album. Feels like vintage 70's stoner rock, with psych and prog moves.

C.A. QUINTET - Trip Thru Hell (2 LPs) LP version, deluxe gatefold packaging, 1996 reissue; originally released 1968. "Something very, very strange was afoot in the Midwest during the '60s, and we're not talking about David Letterman's stint as a local TV weatherman. While L.A. was tiptoeing through the tulips, New York was groovin' and London was electrifying bananas, these brainiacs were booking a journey to Hades. Get your contact high from a safe distance with this intense, fuzz-ridden passel of ones and zeros. Our package contains the entire mind-bent original album plus bonus cuts, and a gatefold sleeve jammed with rare photos and notes, and more!"

CAN - Out of Reach "Originally released in 1978, Out Of Reach was one of Can's last albums before their official disbandment in 1979. Here, original bass player Holger Czukay is replaced by a much more funky Rosko Gee (of Traffic fame) -- who plays a prominent role in shaping the sound of this album, writing and singing on a number of the album's tracks -- while drumming duties are shared between Jaki Liebezeit and Reebop Kwaku Baah (also from Traffic), making this one of Can's more groove-heavy releases." 180 gram.

CAN - Tago Mago. Dble LP Very limited vinyl run with repro sleeve (live shot) and labels of the third official Can album (originally released in 1970) and the second to feature the insane babblings of Damo Suzuki, a Japanese man fronting a German band singing in English.A double vinyl set this was the album that contained the relentless 20-minute funk of 'Halleluwah' (later copied wholesale by Happy Mondays), the equally long and actually rather frightening tape loop collage that is 'Aumgn', the screeching, 'Peking O' the sparse garage punk of 'Mushroom' and the Link Wray-backwards-through-a mincer clatter of 'Oh Yeah'- This album is really deserving of the tag "classic".

CAN - Soundtracks Malcolm Mooney passes the baton to Damo Suzuki for this collection of film music featuring contributions from both vocalists. The dichotomy between the 2 singers is readily apparent: Suzuki's odd, strangulated vocals fit far more comfortably into the group's increasingly intricate & subtle sound, allowing for greater variation than that allowed by Mooney's stream-of-consciousness discourse.

CAN - (S/T) Reissue of a classic Kraut album, originally released in 1979. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl, with reproduced artwork and labels.



CAPTAIN BEEFHEART - SAFE AS MILK Repro of the first Captain Beefheart LP, originally released in the US on Buddah in 1967. 180 gram virgin vinyl pressing. "Beefheart's first proper studio album is a much more accessible, pop-inflected brand of blues-rock than the efforts that followed in the late '60s -- which isn't to say that it's exactly normal and straightforward. Featuring Ry Cooder on guitar, this is blues-rock gone slightly askew, with jagged, fractured rhythms, soulful, twisting vocals from Van Vliet, and more doo wop, soul, straight blues, and folk-rock influences than he would employ on his more avant-garde outings. 'Zig Zag Wanderer,' 'Call on Me,' and 'Yellow Brick Road' are some of his most enduring and riff-driven songs, although there's plenty of weirdness on tracks like 'Electricity' and 'Abba Zaba.'"

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & THE MAGIC BAND - Lick My Decals Off, Baby Manufactured by Rhino. 4th album, originally released in 1970, following Trout Mask. "Vast scholarly dissertations could be written on Beefheart's brilliant new approach to song lyric. Leaving in the dust both post-Dylan 'poetic' pretensions and the primitive approach which too often mistakes simplemindedness for simplicity, Cap's lines are magic flashfloods of free-association that somehow never get murky, strange jewel-like clusters of images, hilarious little vignettes from the lives of raffish louts and juicy mamas, half-muddled mamma's in coveralls and zoot suits. Robert Crumb could draw them, though in his vision they'd be vaguely threatened or threatening... In Lick My Decals Off, Baby this vision is extended, and even though the sonic textures are sometimes even more complex and angular than on Trout Mask, the lyrics have taken an added universality, many of them stepping back a stride from the kaleidoscopic image-clusters of last year's songs. Lick My Decals Off, Baby is just great bawdy music, as sanguinely sexual as a tale out of Boccaccio." -- Lester Bangs/Creem, 1971.

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART - MIRROR MAN - Exact repro. "Originally, Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band's second album was intended to be a double-album set called It Comes to You in a Plain Brown Wrapper. Although 1968's Strictly Personal has the same artwork that was mooted for the double album, it's a single disc. As part of the same post-Trout Mask Replica closet-cleaning that led to Buddah (the parent company of Blue Thumb Records, which released Strictly Personal) reissuing Safe As Milk as Dropout Boogie in the U.K. in 1970, the label released Mirror Man, the second disc that was intended for the Plain Brown Wrapper release. Recorded in November 1967 (an odd misprint on the sleeve claims it was recorded in 1965, when the band barely existed), the four lengthy tracks on Mirror Man are even more simplistic and primal than those on Strictly Personal. The key tracks are 'Tarotplane Blues,' a free-form jam in which Beefheart jumbles together the lyrics of at least half a dozen blues standards into a stream-of-consciousness ramble (adding musette and harmonica for good measure) as the Magic Band vamps on a slide guitar-based, two-chord groove for over 19 minutes, and the similarly expansive 'Mirror Man,' one of the key tracks of Beefheart's entire career."

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART - SPOTLIGHT KID 180 gram vinyl, manufactured by Rhino. Fifth album, originally released in 1972. "The self-produced The Spotlight Kid, with a band consisting again of Zoot Horn Rollo, Rockette Morton and Ed Marimba, joined by Winged Eel Fingerling (Eliot Ingber), guitar, in addition to Drumbo, Ted Cactus and Rhys Clark on drums."

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART - CLEAR SPOT - 180 gram vinyl, manufactured by Rhino. 6th album, following The Spotlight Kid. "In 1972, Warner Bros. Records producer Ted Templeman, already riding high with the Doobie Brothers and soon to be known as Van Halen's producer, decided to produce Beefheart. The result was Clear Spot, one of Beefheart's best-sounding records. It's also one of the rare occasions when Beefheart's music survived commercial staging without failure. Throughout the album, the band -- Zoot Horn Rollo, guitar, steel guitar and mandolin; Rockette Morton, rhythm and bass guitar; Ed Marimba (Art Trip), drums and percussion; and Oréjon (Roy Estrada ), bass -- cooks, Beefheart is in great voice and the sound is crystal clear."

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART - TROUT MASK REPLICA - 180 gram vinyl, manufactured by Rhino. The third Beefheart album (following Safe as Milk and Strictly Personal) to be released, first issued in 1969. Gatefold sleeve, classic Cal Schenkel artwork. "Trout Mask Replica is Captain Beefheart's masterpiece, a fascinating, stunningly imaginative work that still sounds like little else in the rock & roll canon. Given total creative control by producer and friend Frank Zappa, Beefheart and his Magic Band rehearsed the material for this 28-song double album for over a year, wedding minimalistic R&B, blues, and garage rock to free jazz and avant-garde experimentalism. Atonal, sometimes singsong melodies; jagged, intricately constructed dual-guitar parts; stuttering, complicated rhythmic interaction -- all of these elements float out seemingly at random, often without completely interlocking, while Beefheart groans his surrealist poetry in a throaty Howlin' Wolf growl. As one might expect from music so complex and, to many ears, inaccessible, the influence of Trout Mask Replica was felt more in spirit than in direct copycatting, as a catalyst rather than a literal musical starting point. However, its inspiring reimagining of what was possible in a rock context laid the groundwork for countless future experiments in rock surrealism, especially during the punk/new wave era."

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND - It Comes To You In A Plain Brown Wrapper One of the most exciting aspects of reintroducing so much rare and incredible music to the world is being able to finally make available material that's been in label-vault limbo since the day it was recorded, vital sounds locked away from the deserving ears of the legions of devoted music fans we at Sundazed count ourselves among. But when we're able to present previously shelved material by one of the most visionary and influential artists of all time, in exceptional fidelity, with the look and feel of the packaging that the artist originally meant it to have? Well, then, that just takes everything to another level completely -- a level that's certainly been reached with the exclusive vinyl-only issue of Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band's mind-blowing lost 1967 sessions. Recorded in part as the follow-up to Safe as Milk, Beefheart's debut from earlier that year, the world-shattering material on It Comes to You in a Plain Brown Wrapper was re-recorded, truncated, and issued -- without the Captain's approval -- as Strictly Personal in 1968. Mastered directly from the original analog tapes and featuring a wealth of unedited takes never before on vinyl, Sundazed's stunning gatefold double-LP release of this infamously enigmatic opus comes to you wrapped in a sharp outer sleeve bearing specially commissioned artwork by Frank Zappa/Straight Records illustrator Cal Schenkel replicating the album's planned '67 design (deliberately not shown here. It's a surprise!); inside are rare photos and fascinating, exhaustive liner notes by Magic Band drummer John 'Drumbo' French. So here, then, is Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band's second album of gloriously disjointed avant-rock/blues and free-jazz skronk, presented just as nature -- and the Captain -- intended. Even after more than 40 years, this music is still hopelessly ahead of its time -- or, as one-time Magic Band member Ry Cooder once described it, 'right on time.'"


CARGO - Front Side, Back Side Toronto, Canada based psychedelic quartet began as the Prophets in the mid-60's. Dreamy psychrock with some mild-jazzy atmospheric improvisations and a couple of spoken mayhem freak-out passages coming between the tracks. Very rare LP, originally released in 1969.

CAROL OF HARVEST - (S/T) Long-deleted Guerssen title now repressed in a limited deluxe version, with a thick carton cover and pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Germany, 1978. Absolutely early '70s-sounding progressive and psychedelic folk-rock masterpiece of the first order. Entirely sung in English by an incredibly young female vocalist, Beate Krause, only 16 years-old! Long tracks with excellent, killer acid guitar solos, and Moog. If you like groups like Mellow Candle or Pentangle, there's no doubt you need to purchase this one fast. Often praised as "the best prog-folk record ever," this is an absolute classic of the genre. Besides that, the original label pressed only 200 copies of the LP, so imagine how hard it is to find this now. So here you have a new vinyl reissue of this wonderful record, licensed by the band, with killer, remastered sound and an insert with photos and liner notes in a limited edition of 700 copies.

THE CASE - Blackwood Recorded in 1971 by some very advanced high-schoolers during their Christmas vacation, self-released on the legendary RPC Records label. Color booklet includes notes by the band + rare photos. 180 gram vinyl, limited to 500 copies.


CATHEDRAL - Stained Glass Stories CATHEDRAL is usually mentioned with other 70s American prog bands like YEZDA URFA and MIRTHRANDIR. Those three bands played symphonic-prog influenced mostly by YES and early GENESIS (although YEZDA URFA showed a strong GENTLE GIANT influence). And it had a profound influence on CATHEDRAL. The listener will instantly notice that CATHEDRAL were quite aggressive for a mid-seventies prog band, and the band wastes little time exploring action-packed sections in each track.

CENTURY EXPANDED - Concerto For Wah Wah A totally wicked little record, and one that's exactly what it promises in the title – an extended instrumental suite based entirely around wah wah guitar! The lead instrument is used here in a relatively spacey setting, but one that's still got plenty of funky undercurrents too – some dark bassline bits and drums that descend underneath the wah wah in the lead on "Melodic Variations In D Minor" – then get even more subtle on "Rhythmic Variations In E Major", which picks up the pace and has the guitar get even more jamming! The set ends with the spare "Prelude", which almost feels like some lost art rock piece from the early 80s – and the whole thing is pretty darn incredible. (Limited to 500 copies.)

CEREBRUM - (S/T) (10") The group's named Cerebrum, but they definitely play from a lower part of the anatomy than the brain – given the fire, fuzz, and frenzy in their music! The album's short, but it's filled with such solidly played material, it really packs more of a punch than most full-length records of this vintage – heavy drums, wicked guitar solos, and a sinister quality to the vocals that gives them this dark-edged majesty that may well blow away Black Sabbath at their best! These guys only ever issued two singles in the Spanish scene at the start of the 70s – but both of them are great, and combined here to make a massive piece of 10" wax – complete with notes in English and Spanish. Titles include "Eagle Death", "Read A Book", "Time's Door", and "It's So Hard".

CEYLEIB PEOPLE - Tanyet (RI/180 Gram/Sealed) Classic 1967 sitar psych album. This trippy, instrumental concept piece drips with sitars, flute and Eastern charm mixing electric guitar (courtesy of a young Ry Cooder) with acoustic eastern weirdness. Very rare on vinyl, has the original mind blowing Rick Griffin cover!

CHARLIES - Jail Sessions Recorded in 1969 and 1970, with amazing electric guitar, 100% pure heavy underground sound. After 45 years this Charlies album comes out as the band wanted it to sound like with many alternative versions of songs from the Buttocks album and unknown songs as well. 180 gram vinyl. Comes in a heavy sleeve with a printed inner sleeve, a four-page insert and an A2 poster. Edition of 500 (numbered).

CHICKEN BONES - Hardrock In Concert Reissued on vinyl, this is the 1976 album by Chicken Bones. Though the title of the german band's sole full-length, 'Hardrock In Concert', may raise the impression that the band's style was rather mundane, the music in fact is rather creative, at times reminding of early UFO, Wishbone Ash, or May Blitz. It'n not without reason that this album has become quite sought after as time passed. This reissue includes a band story, written in cooperation with guitar player Hilmar Szameitat, and rare photos.

CHILDREN - Rebirth A great psychedelic band from San Antonio, TX, who released only one classic album on Cinema in 1968 (picked up by Atco later that year). Starting out as The Stoics in 1966, they later evolved into The Mind's Eye, then their final incarnation as The Children with the beautiful female vocals of Cassell Webb. Ex-Monkee Davy Jones took them under his wing in 1967, promoting them on the LA Sunset Strip club scene. Rebirth combines soft psych and baroque pop with fuzzed-out psychedelia. Produced by Lelan Rogers (13th Floor Elevators, The Golden Dawn, etc.). Original gatefold artwork faithful to the beautiful original release on Cinema. Newly remastered sound. Includes insert with detailed liner notes and photos.

CHILDREN OF THE MUSHROOM - (S/T) Children of the Mushroom epitomized the psychedelic garage sound coming out of California in the late '60s. August Mademoiselle/You Can't Erase a Mirror is one of the masterpieces from the first psychedelic era: feedback, fuzz, organ, and mysterious vocals. This retrospective album includes both tracks from their monster 45, with sound taken from the master recordings, plus previously unreleased tracks by The Mushroom, recorded in 1968. These are raw, lo-fi home recordings with lots of fuzz guitar and organ. It's the sound of a psychedelic band in 1968 playing free and wild, without any producer or record label executive telling them what to do. An incredible document. Remastered sound. Fold-out colour insert with liner notes, interview with the band members, and rare photos. Last copies, deleted edition.

CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND - The Inner Mystique The Watch Band's follow-up LP, puts you in the middle of a hippie ballroom with legendary producer Ed Cobb's instrumental 'Voyage of the Trieste' and 'In the Past,' which use enough psychedelic guitar, electric sitar and exotic shakers and rattles to grow your hair at least two inches overnight. Ray Davies' 'I'm Not Like Everybody Else' sounds like it was written just for the Watch Band, and Dylan's 'It's All Over Now, Baby Blue' is a jingle-jangle masterpiece."

CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND - No Way Out "Sundazed is totally stoked to announce the reissue of the first two albums by the Chocolate Watch Band, high on everyone's list as one of the most exciting garage bands ever. Hailing from San Jose, California, the Watch Band -- featuring the pouting, Mick Jagger-influenced lead vocals of Dave Aguilar, the thrilling guitars of Sean Tolby and Mark Loomis, the solid bass of Bill Flores and the thumping drums of Gary Andrijasevich -- made all the right scenes in San Jose, including appearances with South Bay chart-toppers the Syndicate of Sound and Count Five. No Way Out kicks things off with an eye-opening nugget, 'Let's Talk About Girls.' It's a song that perfectly blends a stomping Chuck Berry rhythm track with the happening 'boss sound,' the psychedelic guitar. 'Come On,' an early Stones single, is given the perfect Jagger paint job, while 'Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love-In)' captures the new tribal hippie culture in a nutshell."

CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND - One Step Beyond Underrated last album by the famous San Franciscan Garage band. Adopting a more typical late '60's acid rock sound, The band sounded like Moby Grape on this, their final voyage with chiming guitars and layered harmony vocals. An exact repro in the original sleeve....

CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND ‎– I'm Not Like Everybody Else (RED VINYL) American psychedelic garage rock icons proudly present this fantastic collection of underground classics recently recorded to give them an even more ferocious kick!  Led by longtime members Tim Abbott and David Aguilar, this version of the band continues to perform live at garage rock festivals and other special events where they can still kick out blazing versions of Gone And Passes By, Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love-In), plus the group s brilliant cover of The Kink s I m Not Like Everybody Else and more!

CHIRCO - Visitation U.S. 1972 private press psychedelic-progressive conceptual album from Chirco: two long suites featuring fuzzed-out guitars, spacey vocals, effects, complex vocal harmonies and heavy organs. Top-level recording and musicianship with Barry Tashian from The Remains assisting and writing one of the tracks. Newly remastered sound, repro of the original insert with newly added liner-notes.

CHRISTOPHER - (S/T) One of the most rare major label U.S. psych LPs ever released, this hard-hitting, fuzz-laden collection of biker-rock and stoned ballads briefly appeared in a tiny press run in 1970. Recorded by the acid-fuelled Texas trio called Christopher in California, it has gone on to become one of the era's more legendary obscurities, with original copies selling for four-figure sums, and makes its long-awaited return here. Package includes biographical notes.

CHURCHILL'S - (S/T) Deluxe 180 gram vinyl reissue. This is universally-acclaimed as one of the greatest and most imaginative albums to have emerged from a non-English speaking country in the heyday of psychedelia. Recorded cheaply in Tel Aviv in 1969 (partially as the soundtrack to an obscure movie), it combines the talents of the Canadian Stan Solomon, the British Rob Huxley and Israelis Haim Romano, Michael Gabrielov and Amy Trebitch to devastating effect. Original copies routinely change hands for well into four figures, making this return to LP especially welcome.

CIRCLES - (S/T} Carrying the torch of '70s bands like Cluster, Harmonia, or Liliental into the '80s, Circles were also contemporaries of groups like Throbbing Gristle, Ilitch, and Nurse with Wound, so one can also expect some similarities to those artists. Circles is their first album, originally privately released in 1983 on the duo's tiny Einhorn label and housed in a mysterious cover. This little-known but excellent kraut/psych/experimental album is highly recommended for anyone into Harmonia, Cluster, Fripp & Eno, Heldon, Conrad Schnitzler, NEU!, Throbbing Gristle, Ilitch, Irmin Schmidt, Amon Düül II. . . . First-ever reissue, including detailed liner notes by Alan Freeman (The Crack in the Cosmic Egg, Ultima Thule) telling the band's story for the first time.

CIRCLES - More Circles Carrying the torch of '70s bands like Cluster, Harmonia, or Liliental into the '80s, Circles were also contemporaries of groups like Throbbing Gristle, Ilitch, and Nurse with Wound, so one can also expect some similarities to those artists. Circles is their first album, originally privately released in 1983 on the duo's tiny Einhorn label and housed in a mysterious cover. This little-known but excellent kraut/psych/experimental album is highly recommended for anyone into Harmonia, Cluster, Fripp & Eno, Heldon, Conrad Schnitzler, NEU!, Throbbing Gristle, Ilitch, Irmin Schmidt, Amon Düül II. . . . First-ever reissue, including detailed liner notes by Alan Freeman (The Crack in the Cosmic Egg, Ultima Thule) telling the band's story for the first time.

CIRCUS 2000 (S/T) Circus 2000 was not a real progressive album, since it derived from the psychedelic and west-coast scenes from the USA, but it's still considered one of the LPs that opened to the florid Italian 'pop season,' which would explode just a couple of years later. The album cover artwork, the English lyrics, the psychedelic sound supporting the beautiful voice of singer Silvana Aliotta, all these ingredients made Circus 2000 an unique phenomenon in the musical Italian panorama, and many believed that the band was actually American. The album is one of the rarest items in its original version, and it's here reprinted in a perfect 180 gram black vinyl replica."

CIRCUIT RIDER (S/T) "This is the ultimate burnout biker-psych masterpiece. Finally repressed directly from tapes to flawlessly restore the cigarette burns, Harley fumes, and cocaine hangovers of the original ride. This is a 40 minute recipe for complete mental breakdown. Included on the Acid Archives' list of Top Ten LPs Most Likely To Be Owned By A Serial Killer. Circuit Rider is lost on the same journey as Kenneth Higney, Nicodemus & Matchez, YaHoWa, Boa, Heitkotter, Dave Lamb & Gye Whiz, Raven, Fraction, and The Doors' L.A. Woman."

THE CITY BLUES - Blues For Lawrence Street Ultra-rare private garage blues LP from the Los Angeles area (released on Nouveau Records in 1967); reminds many of early Quicksilver Messenger Service, specifically the 1966 pre-Cipollina lineup as heard on the Groucho releases. Trebly guitars, wailing harmonica, etc. One of the rarest California private LPs with originals virtually non-existent and fetching large sums. Limited to 500 copies." The final track, 'Smokestack Lightning,' is about twelve minutes long with all sorts of noddling going on. It was their take on Butterfield's East-West.

CLEAR LIGHT (S/T) "Their psychedelia run amuck with twin drummers, creamy fuzz guitar and carnival-clatter keyboards, LA's Clear Light were a fixture on underground radio -- most memorably with their heavy-on-the-paranoia 'Mr. Blue.' Our reissue of their rare self-titled 1967 Elektra debut, produced by Paul Rothchild, features a non-LP bonus track ('She's Ready To Be Free') and liner notes that tell Clear Light's story in full, vivid detail."

CLIFFSIGHT - Soulful Man Cliffsight, four guys from Hanau near Frankfurt, all in their early twenties, perform on their debut album a mixture of "old" and "young" progressive/ psychedelic rock styles combined with heavy blues rock, slightly grunge influences and stoner rock. If you listen to the music, its not a surprise, that Cliffsight appreciate "old heroes" like Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and younger bands like Sleepy Sun and Crippled Black Phoenix.

JOU COGRA - Hammond Explosion The best sort of Hammond Explosion you could hope for – a blast of rare funky 45s from Spanish organ maestro Jou Cogra – a player who's got the soul of American organists of the 60s, but who also easily grabs some of the wilder sounds used by British players during the psychedelic years! Imagine Jimmy McGriff on acid, and you'll get part of the vibe here – because the tunes groove nicely at the core, but often blow out the Leslie speakers with their rumbling basslines or mad keyboard flourishes – served up here on a set of 15 cuts from Jou's rare singles of the early 70s.

COLOURED BALLS - Ball Power By the time Lobby Loyde formed the COLOURED BALLS in march 1972, he was already a 12-year veteran of the local music scene. Working his way through r&b legends the Purple Hearts, psychedelic act Wild Cherries and onto the bluesy Aztecs, loyde had well and truly established his reputation as Australias pre -eminent guitar master. By the beginning of 1973, the bands standing was such that they put in an astonishing performance at the second annual sunbury festival. Loydes legendary 16-minute, freeform showpiece g.o.d., a searing cosmic heavy metal epic that surely stands as one of the greatest performances ever recorded by an Australian band of the era. One of the great progressive hard rock lps of the era, Ball Power really had a lot going for it: great songs, inspirational playing, attitude to burn and an experimental edge that would have frightened the hell out of any lesser band. the overall excellence of Ball Power makes for quality listening all the way through. The songs range from the crunching, melodic hard rock of flash and hey! Whats your name to the simple, raw rocknroll of mama dont get me wrong and won't you make up your mind (a proto-typical punk ball-tearer at a breathtakingly brief one minute and 32 seconds) and a raucous cover of the Jerry Lee Lewis standard "Whole lotta shakin". In between there are the sleazy blues of something new and b.p.r. Plus progressive, guitar-heavy monsters like Human Being & Thats What Mama Said.

CONDELLO - Phase 1 Multi-talented underground legend's 1968 psych classic. In 1968, he led his own band which released the psychedelic masterwork 'Phase 1' on Scepter Records. Featuring a young Bill Spooner (pre-Tubes) on guitar, the album flows and trickles through your mind with more saturation than Lucy and her diamonds in the sky, picking up a few nuggets, boulders, and pebbles in the emergent violet haze. Guaranteed to put your mind into a psychedelized headswirl trip that you'll want to take again and again.

CONGREGACION - Viene - Super rare psych folk from Chile recorded in 1973. Beautiful acoustic and mildly electric folk, that sounds like a Latin American version of The Incredible Stringband or 67 Donovan. Embellished with flute, natural sound effects and strings the overall tone is dreamy and evocative.

THE CONTENTS ARE - Through You "The Contents Are was one of many sixties bands from the Quad City's fertile garage music scene. With labels/studios like Fredlo and IGL, it was a very healthy regional area for bands with an unusually high per capita for record releases. Up until the recent discovery of an original copy a couple years ago, it was only rumored to exist and remained an enigma with hardcore record collectors. In most cases, the Contents Are were only known by astute collectors for their two excellent 45 releases (non-LP). Well the mystery is over, and here's your chance to hear one of the rarest & greatest garage records ever recorded. Here's the story about the record: Four high school seniors from Iowa decide to release an album of all original tunes, and was exclusively sold at their live shows. Originally released on the Rok label (a subsidiary of the already obscure Fredlo label) in 1967 with only 100 copies pressed. These guys were not your typical garage band ? talented players, professional grade vocalists and no cover songs!!! Their music is a nice blend of garage rock with hints of hipster folk and early psychedelic influences. As good if not better as other similar top shelf rarities like Mystery Meat and the Bachs, but no major quantity find making original copies of the Contents Are ten times rarer. Get it or miss it! LP 450 numbered/glossy heavy sleeve/180 gram pressing/insert."

COSMIC MICHAEL - (S/T) Ultra-crude basement garage psych and acid-boogie-blues from 1969! Cosmic Michael self-released a couple of primitive, homemade albums on his Bliss label. This is his first one, DIY stoner bluesy garage psychedelia with crude organ, guitars, and vocals. Featuring underground classics like "Cosmic Michael Theme" (covered in 2013 by neo-psych band Psychic Ills) and "Now That You Found It" among others. First ever vinyl reissue, original artwork, insert with a reproduction of the original poster, plus pasteable reproductions of original LP labels like those that came with the original release. Remastered sound.

COUNT FIVE - Psychotic Reaction Reissue of the sole album by this legendary US '60's garage band who wrote "Psychotic Reaction" and promptly went into the garage History books. Wild snarling garage rock with loads of fuzz and attitude.

COUNTRY LANE - Substratum Along with 'Substratum' originally being released in 1973 and being reissued by the label Musea, the five Swiss-born musicians that constitute COUNTRY LANE offer the listener an unrecognizable jewel in melodical Progressive rock from the early seventies. This music authoritatively executed is comparable to that produced by its Anglo-Saxon references, such as DEEP PURPLE and URIAH HEEP in those years. One may equally recall FAIRPORT CONVENTION (Without violins) or the Belgian group WATERLOO (without flutes)...

COZMIC CORRIDORS - (S/T) An underground kraut-kosmische monster, recorded and produced circa 1972-73 in Cologne by Toby "The Mad Twiddler" Robinson for his Pyramid label. Featuring Mythos drummer Hans-Jürgen Pütz on percussion and effects, alongside synth/keyboard freak Alex Meyer, poet/vocalist Pauline Fund, and the mysterious guitarist Peter Förster. Cozmic Corridors is an album if tripped-out electronic ambient soundscapes, dark atmospheres, drones, plenty of MiniMoog, gothic Hammond organ, Rhodes, electric and 12-string acoustic guitars, ritual chants, effects, and horror cinematic vibes. It is not advisable to listen to this alone in the dark. RIYL: Terry Riley, Cluster, Ash Ra Tempel, Popol Vuh, Emtidi, Jacula, Franco Leprino, Dead Can Dance. Master tape sound; Insert with detailed liner notes by Alan Freeman, head boss at Ultima Thule and author of The Crack In The Cosmic Egg

CRAVINKEL - (S/T) The eponymous first Cravinkel album featured blues-folk-rock tracks with slightly psychedelic influences, more or less similar to the first album by Spooky Tooth. This reissue comes as an exact reproduction, including the original album sleeve as a double fold out cover showing the band lazing in a rural landscape. Remastered from original mastertape, the LP contains two bonustracks from a 1971 single ('Keep On Running'/'Mr. Cooley') and band history.

CRAVINKEL - Garden of Loneliness With their second album, Cravinkel left the realm of British rock-blues music and instead turned towards a sweeping psychedelic and progressive sound. In 1971 the band, now with a new drummer (Günther Thoenes, formerly of Sphinx Tush, who also cut a bunch of exploitation Hendrix tribute-LP's as The Live Experience Band) recorded the album 'Garden Of Loneliness'. This is an excellent work with colourful hippie imagery, acid folk flashes, and many other psychedelic and progressive elements.

CREATION - Pure Electric Soul Led by Japanese guitar hero Kazuo Takeda, Creation was instrumental in opening the ears of Japanese audiences to the sounds pouring in from the West. 1977's Pure Electric Soul was the band's final effort. An album of riff-heavy and funky blues rock, mostly penned by Takeda, with the exception of the blues standard 'Frankie And Johnny' and the Yardbirds' 'Happenings 10 Years Time Ago'. Once again the controversial cover artwork featured a group of nude boys."

CREATION - This Is "Led by Japanese guitar-hero Kazuo Takeda, Creation (initially called Blues Creation) was instrumental in opening up Japan to the new sounds pouring in from the West. Takeda apparently got the idea of recording directly to disc while hanging out in the US, the idea being that it would create a more intimate sound (by eliminating the loss of sound quality inherent in any transfer to magnetic tape). However, it also meant that there could be no overdubs or multi-tracking - essentially making This Is Creation (featuring Katsutoshi Morizono of Prism on rhythm guitar) a live album."

CREATION - Felix Pappalardi Recorded in 1976 at Bearsville Studio in NYC, this album was the result of a collaboration between Japanese guitar hero Kazuo Takeda of Creation and American bassist Felix Pappalardi of Mountain. This album is a collection of tunes written by Pappalardi, Pappalardis wife, Gail Collins, and Takeda, and finds Pappalardi playing bass, keyboards and vibraphone on the LP as well as handling production duties. The songs are a blend of melodic hard rock akin and would not seem out of place on a Mountain album.

CRYSTAL SYPHON - Elephant Ball Their debut album -- evidence that the mine of hidden gems from the original psych era had not yet been picked clean -- caught the ears of fans worldwide, garnering raves and equal-footing comparisons to Quicksilver Messenger Service, Jefferson Airplane, and The Byrds; the group reunited and began playing out again, with their vintage sound intact. Roaratorio is proud to present Elephant Ball, a second helping of unearthed material from the band's archives.

CRYSTALAUGUR - Terranaut(br />Ultimate underground, lo-fi, psychedelic rock. Loose feel, raw sound, spacey prog-funk touches, sound effects and some proto-DIY, pre-punk vibes which bring to mind Velvet Underground or avant-garage '70s Cleveland bands like Pere Ubu but also hard-rockers ala Pink Fairies or Stray. Bootlegged many times over the years, this is the first ever legit reissue of this "lost-in-time" psychedelic artefact. Includes insert with rare photos and detailed liner notes by Jeremy Cargill

CUASARES - Afro-Progresivo

CYKLE - (S/T) Top-notch US garage/psychedelic album from 1969 with Vox organ, fuzzy guitars, snotty vocals and impressive songwriting and recording quality. Featuring all-time acid-punk classics such as "It's Her" and "Walkout Of My Mind". Master tape sound. Includes and insert with detailed liner notes. LP version comes housed in an old-school style tip-on sleeve.

CYMBELINE - (S/T) Previously unreleased DIY homemade psychedelia, teen beat, and fuzz-psych/prog by the amazing Swedish band Cymbeline, recorded from 1965-1971. Tracks like "Third Image" or "Look At The Stars" are an incredible find for anyone into US garage-psych (they wouldn't sound out of place on any Pebbles or Psychedelic Unknowns volume) and others like "Flicka", "Stolta Vingar", or "Mittuppslag" are top-notch, '70s fuzzed-out Scandinavian psych/prog. Formed in the industrial town of Norrköping in the mid '60s, Cymbeline (also known as Motala Ström and W&J) only released a 45 in 1971 before breaking up. But during their existence, the band recorded a lot of stuff, included here for the first time along with their rare 45. Cymbeline was basically two guys, Michael Journath and Anders Weyde, who met in 1965 while they both played in beat bands. They started recording songs at Anders's little home studio with help with some friends, and that's how songs like "Imagination" and "Look At The Stars" -- amazing examples of homemade teen beat -- were born. At the same time, Michael and Anders were feeling a bit tired of playing cover versions with their beat bands, so they decided to start recording more experimental stuff, using armchairs and furniture as percussion, sounds from seagulls and birds, an electric cocktail mixer, and improvising lyrics -- these incredible experiments were recorded as "Images", including the killer garage-psych sounding "Third Image". As the years passed by, the home studio improved and new songs were recorded in a more psych-prog vein, some of them included here. They also played a few live gigs with some help from other local musicians. In 1970, Ulf Ryberg joined the group and soon after a 45 was released containing his song "New York". The flip side was "Sixth Image", originally one of the "Images" but rearranged and re-recorded (1971). In 1971, demos for an LP were recorded at Europafilm Studios in Stockholm. Two fantastic songs are included here and the sound is different from the earlier recordings -- closer to the groups live performances. So, 40 years later, here is the LP that Cymbeline always dreamed of. Remastered sound; Insert with photos and liner notes by band member Michael Journath.

DA CAPO - (S/T) Da Capo were an early 70s German group much infatuated with the late 60s West Coast sound of the USA (hence the name), and this dual lead guitar monster was their one self-produced effort, released in 1972 (private press: California/Da Capo).

THE DAISY CHAIN - Straight Or Lame The female quartet known as the Daisy Chain came roaring out of Southern California?s Orange County just in time for the Summer of Love. And the fab foursome of Shel Le, Camille, Rosemary and Dee Dee Lea disappeared from the scene almost as abruptly as they arrived, but not before leaving behind a stunning artifact of dayglo hippy trippiness and weirdness!!!

DAMON - Song of A Gypsy (2 LP's) Gene rally regarded as one of the finest privately-pressed psychedelic rock records and has, for over twenty years, been one of the most sought after late '60s American rock artifacts in the world, with the scant original copies that exist exchanging hands for thousands of dollars. Definitive reissue of the legendary late '60s Los Angeles psychedelic masterpiece: restored/remastered transfer, pitch/speed corrected for the first time ever. Extensive booklet contains dozens of unpublished photos and images, a thorough investigation into this landmark album, and an extensive interview with Damon.

DAMIN EIH A.L..K. AND BROTHER CLARK - Never Mind Now available on vinyl in a limited edition of 475 copies. On many hard-core psych collectors' Top 10 lists, this insanely rare and impossible-to-describe 1973 brain-fryer from Minneapolis is utterly soaked with mystic, thoroughly-dosed higher key psychedelia. It is a truly unhinged gem of out-there, acid-dipped geniusness, with quavering vocals, flanged-out guitars & effects, acoustic ramble, and fuzz confusion. Damin Eih wandered off to India to clear his head after leaving behind this lone, legendary offering, never to be heard from again. Painstakingly and spectacularly remastered from two virgin copies of the original vinyl with the full participation of Brother Clark (the others are lost and presumed dead), this treasure is now rescued from the deepest catacombs of psychedelic fatso obscurity for all to hear. 180 gram vinyl, original insert reproduction, and 28 pt. craft stock with old school paste-on sleeves.

DAYBREAK - (S/T) Out-Sider present the first ever vinyl reissue of Daybreak's self-titled album, originally released in 1971. This elusive US private pressing was originally released on the legendary RPC custom label. Intense and crude garage-psych with echoing vocals, loud distorted guitar, fuzz bass, and organ. Three killer band originals plus some insane cover versions (Steppenwolf, Neil Young) with a basement sound not unlike Mystic Siva. Remastered sound; Includes insert with liner notes and photos.

JEAN-BERNARD DE LIBREVILLE - Allons-y Gaiement Produced from the original Acetate record made in 1969 and available for the first time on LP Jean-Bernard de Libreville's previously unreleased and only album finally available. A totally freakbeat-free-jazz masterpiece

THE DEEP - Psychedelic Moods (3 LP's) "Expanded deluxe edition of The Deep's one and only album, originally released in 1966 and now well-established as a psychedelic classic. A perfect representation of the psychedelic sound: free-form poetry, infectious drum beats, fuzzed out guitar, and playfully plucked bass (and vibes and tympani and so on), swirl together, coalescing into some of the most impressive psychedelic rock you'll hear. Cuts like 'Your Choice To Choose,' sound very Seeds-like or proto-Velvet Underground, Lou Reed snarl and all; others like 'Shadows On The Wall' and 'Wake Up and Find Me' are haunting acid ballads: the whole point of the album was to thoroughly explore the hallucinatory agony and ecstasy of a 12-hour Technicolor dream... although the end result is more amphetamine edgy than acid-soaked trippy.

DELIRED CAMELEON FAMILY - Visa De Censure N0. X The music form Delired Cameleon Family, as it has been told somewhere, 'is the synthesis of piano's technical, epic scales, psychedelic wah wah guitar sounds and electronic cosmic, molecular machines arrangements.' We are proud to add this great experimental trippy soundtrack to the Wah Wah catalogue, reissued in cool vinyl, with remastered sound, housed in a faithful reproduction of the original sleeve and complete with an insert with liner notes and photos. Only 500 copies pressed, so better get yours before they are gone!"

DEMON FUZZ - Afreaka! Re-issue of an impossibly rare record that fetches huge sums. Released in 1971, the music defies description; there's Afro-beat, funk, psych, jazz rock, fuzz guitar, the works, in long 9-minute tracks like 'Past, Present & Future' & 'Mercy'."

DENIS - (S/T) "Denis lived in a hippie community and recorded the songs between 68-78 and then released this one album. Rare as hell! 'Is it good then?', you ask. Yes it is. Mellow songs—acoustic guitar and xylophone and some other cool instruments. The vinyl was probably made in less then 100 copies and released on the tiny Baba Cool System label. Some Comus vibes." Denis composed the music in hippie commune between 68 and 78. Music is stoned psychedelic folk with percussions, guitar, dulcimer and it's sung in english. Made on tiny label not even 100 copies made. Similarities to Comus, Mark Fry, Subway, T. Rex and at some moments Damon. Considered mega acid folk/psych rarity as only 100 copies are rumored to be pressed." Limited to 500 copies.

DOUGLAS FIR - Hard Heartsingin' The one and only album by this great Pacific Northwest band, recorded and originally released in 1970, is a mix of hard-driving psychedelic rock, heavy blues, and atmospheric ballads with big studio production. Flowing organs, powerful Doorsy vocals, and hard-edged guitars. Nice orchestrations on some tracks, which bring to mind Love's Forever Changes (1967) or Johnny Rivers's Realization (1973). Original master sound; includes insert with liner notes.

DRAGONFLY - (S/T) Ultra-loud heavy psychedelic rock from Colorado from the late '60s with loads of fuzz guitar all over. Here's a welcome, first-ever official vinyl reissue with the original artwork and insert with liner notes. Gatefold sleeve. "This album is sure to share space at the top of your shelf with Plastic Cloud, Savage Resurrection and SRC for those special moments when you want to teach a young, unsuspecting psych convert just what that acid rock guitar thing was all about

DREAMIES - Auralgraphic Entertainment "Dreamies is ranked #37 on Mojo Magazine's 2005 list of the 'Top 50 Most Out-There Albums of All Time' (a list that includes the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Velvet Underground, and Miles Davis). Dreamies was always way ahead of the times in 1974 and became an international cult classic. Now in the age of sampling, electronica, and ambient, Dreamies is ready for primetime."

DROSSELBART - (S/T) Originally released in 1970 on Polydor, Drosselbart's s/t album is an example of early German heavy psychedelic rock, in a style akin' to early Tomorrow's Gift and The Doors. Expect clever German lyrics in 13 excellent tracks (including 2 bonus tracks), digitally remastered from the original tape and with informative insert.

DRYWATER - Backbone of the Nation Reissue of this 1973 rural Pennsylvania album. The sound is essentially split between two dominant modes: alternating moody, dejected, melancholy folky rock with wasted, proto-punk garage fuzz. The album was recorded and mixed direct to tape in just a few hours, without overdubs or even the option to mixdown. Things switch between a slightly surf-tinged ringing reverb tone and fuzz figures. Packaged in a heavy weight reverse tip-on cover including a heavy double sided insert with loads of vintage color photos and extensive liner notes, plus a 45rpm 7inch. One time vinyl only pressing of 500 copies.

DRUIDS OF STONEHENGE - Creation This youthful quintet formed as a tough New York R&B act in 1965. By the time they made their sole album in 1967, they'd evolved into an impressive psych-influenced rock band, with a moody sound that has been described as "early Rolling Stones meets early Grateful Dead." It's sure to appeal to fans of The Chocolate Watch Band, the Lollipop Shoppe and other seminal U.S. garage-punk acts.

DULL KNIFE - Electric Indian Dull Knife was a German band that combined Deep Purple-influenced hard rock with tough blues rock. The musicians played in a heavy and powerful fashion, with lots of good guitar and organ work and solid drumming. This is a reissue of their excellent, but very rare, album from 1971.

EARTHEN VESSEL - Hard Rock Super-rare album released in 1971 by Earthen Vessel. This is one of the most sought-after records from the U.S. '70s Christian psychedelic scene. Psychedelic rock with female vocals. A well-known album for its heavy, way-heavy fuzz guitar leads. Comes with an insert filled with extensive liner notes. 350 gram carton cover, 180 gram vinyl.

EDIP AKBAYRAM - (S/T) A frail guy who spent his childhood unable to walk, but once he grew up he was on Istanbul TV in a whitey-fro and knee-length colored robes. Akbayram's voice is big & open, and it took him all across Turkey at the height of Anatolian psychedelia. This first album collects precious singles from 1972-1974, with dark melodies that descend in loose spirals, seemingly forever. Tunes taken from mystic Sufi poets who played the baglama, but retro-fitted with hard-plowing electric bass lines, funky drums, fuzz-wah guitars and keyboards. Remastered sound, insert/booklet with photos and liner notes by Angela Sawyer (Weirdo Records).

HANS EDLER - Elektron Kukeso A terrific vinyl reissue! After having served in the rich Swedish beat scene of the '60s, as a member of The Ghostriders and We 4 a.o., at the end of the decade Hans Edler became one of the pioneers of European psychedelic electronic experimentation. His 'Elektron Kukeso' LP is a landmark in the genre. Released in 1971, it featured his explorations in electronic avant-garde music during the period 1969-1971. Influenced by the works of Karl-Heinz Stockhausen and using techniques similar to those of Pierre Henry or Raymond Scott, Edler brought a psychedelic edge to electronic music just like Silver Apples had done in the USA.

EELA CRAIG - (S/T) Reissue of their first album from 1971. "The sought-after first production and masterpiece of the well-known Austrians. A bestseller. As a bonus, their 7" single tracks from 1974 are included. With color deluxe booklet of 36 pages." From Audion: "From their origins Eela Craig had drawn influences from British underground progressives of the late-60s, and I can see touches of Colosseum, The Nice, Egg, Nucleus and Soft Machine amongst the hybrid of Krautrock (very Out Of Focus cum early Embryo), and other European styles. Just four long tracks, fronted by ably delivered English vocals and large instrumental sections featuring electric saxes, flutes and a wealth of multi-keyboards. It all added up to a rare gem of an album, full of unique ideas (that reverse section in 'Selfmade Trip' is a stroke of genius), and one that will be adored, I'm sure, by almost anyone lucky enough to buy it.

EJWUUSL WESSAHYQQAN - (S/T From 1975, named after a book by Clark Ashton Smith, the concept of pronouncing their name is an acquired taste. Much easier is listening to their music, and odd and primitive mixture of mid-70s underground styles. "Ejwuusl Wessahqqan were a Munich band acquainted with Amon Düül II whose style is vary similar to theirs. Firmly structured songs were the exception amongst broad improvisations combining spontaneous musical ideas. A special characteristic of their style is the absence of vocals and guitar which was replaced by the self-made seven string filouphone. The highlight of the album is the outstanding, highly psychedelic bonus track 'The Crystal' by the follow-up band Koala-Bär."

ELECTRAS / SCOTSMEN / VICTORS Features top-notch Minnesota 60s punk by the ELECTRAS "Dirty Old Man/Soul Searchin'/This Week's Children/Action Woman/I'm Not Talkin'/Pregnant Pig/'Bout My Love/Your Love/Summertime/Won't Take No For An Answer". Plus 2 by the SCOTSMEN "Beer Bust Blues/Scotch Mist" and 5 by the VICTORS.  Their version of “Action Woman” gives the Litter a run for their money on the punk-o-meter! Tracks by the Scotsmen and Victors are previously unreleased. There's an info-packed insert detailing the Electras story. 

ELECTRIC PRUNES - I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night    Official exact reissue of the exceptional debut album from 1967 by these US garage psych legends. The title track of course is well known, but this album contained a whole slew of melodic psychy garage rock which still sounds good today. 180 gram vinyl and taken from the analogue master.   

ELECTRIC PRUNES - Underground    Official 180 gram reissue of The Prunes second album, also from 1967 and their masterpiece. A dozen tripped out chunks of acid garage rock which perfectly capture the changing moods of the time, with gems such as the Elevator's like "Long Days Flight" and "The Great Banana Hoax". Definitely a Top Ten US garage psych album. Taken from the analogue master tapes too!   

ELECTRIC PRUNES - Mass In F Minor    (RI/180 Gram/Sealed)    The Prunes were teamed up with David Axelrod (and the Collectors) for this Psychedelic Mass which is easily the best Christain psych album ever made- and the band weren't even Christians!!. Gothic and Medieval melody lines are soaked in fuzz guitars and Mr. Axelrod provides suitably epic orchestral backing. "I hope this last Trips a good one..."   

ELECTRIC PRUNES - Release of an Oath 180 gram reissue of The Prunes fourth album, from 1968. This is a spiritual and musical journey featuring wild psychedelic fuzz guitars and Gregorian chanting with orchestral arrangements by David Axelrod. Awesome and uplifting!

ELECTRIC PRUNES - Stockholm 67 (2 LP's) Holy package STUNNING live material by this sacred US '60s band. Incredible perfect stereo recording made in Sweden during the bands only European tour in 1967. Massive and limited....

THE ELECTRIC PRUNES - Singles (1966-1969) (2 LP's)

ELEKTRO HAFIZ - (S/T),br /> ELLISON - (S/T) An incredible blend of Turkish psychedelia, funk and grooves. Elektro Hafiz is a musician, born and raised in Istanbul, who has since moved to Cologne, Germany. His first solo album, showcases a more open and progressive format to his main base influence - the Anatolian psychedelic music. On this album he played a lot of different instruments by himself and also invited artists from different countries such as Kenya, France, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria and Germany to contribute. There are nine songs on this album and except for one cover song, all lyrics and the music are written by Elektro Hafiz.

ELOY - (S/T) (Toilet cover> Authorized limited edition vinyl reissue taken from the original masters. Cover features a recreation of the gimmix trash can cover as well.

EMTIDI - (S/t) EMTIDI are best remembered nowadays for their classic album "Saat," but prior to that release the duo formed by Maik Hirschfeldt and Dolly Holmes had already released a marvellous LP. This superb debut album is filled with charming folk oriented material.

EMTIDI - Saat Second album of cosmic folk recorded for RU Kaiser's Pilz imprint. The band was really just the duo of Maik Hirschfeldt and Dolly Holmes with some input by producer Dieter Dierks.

EPIDAURUS - Earthly Paradise Epidaurus' debut album enjoys a lost-gem minor classic reputation and it is little wonder why, because this album represents a bit the later 70's German take-over of symphonic rock, once most of the English bands had completely run out of steam.

ERGO SUM - Mexico The band's one and only album (1971) features the unique voice of Lionel Ledissez -- his guttural sort-of-English language delivery described as being 'somewhere between Family's Roger Chapman and a drunken Champs-Elysees taxi driver,' although more sober comparisons to Tim and/or Jeff Buckley have also been made. The compositions develop at a relaxed pace; incredible jazz-inflected guitar, flute, piano and droning violin swirl around the vocals, and keep one submerged in, yet attentive to the intimate mood. Tracks full of instrumental richness-they simmer, rather than blaze, which makes the rewards ever so great for patient listeners.

ROKY ERICKSON - Gremlins Have Pictures LP version with 8-page booklet, download card for the full album and a 7"-single containing tracks 13-16 from the CD. Anthology of solo work following his extended incarceration at the Rusk State Hospital for the criminally insane, beginning with his first live performance (opening for a screening of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in Austin) all the way to 'Don't Slander Me'.
ROKY ERICKSON - Don't Slander Me Double-LP. Three sides of music and an etching on Side 4. Also includes a booklet and download card for the full album. Losing the more out-there and exotic elements of earlier and future albums, this reissue of a release from '86 presents us with ERICKSON the rocker, playing punk, rockabilly, power ballads and raw blues. Also features 'Burn The Flames', later found on the 'Return Of The Living Dead' soundtrack.

ERSEN - Dunden Bugune Synth-wizz, funk breaks, and fuzzed-out prog riffage back one of Anatolian rock's best vocalists -- Turkish psych-rock with some amazing funk drums and fuzzed-out guitars. Comes in gatefold sleeve with original artwork; Includes insert with liner notes by Angela Sawyer (Weirdo Records); Remastered sound

ERSEN - 2 Originally released in 1978. Go back to Anatolia once more and hear the unhinged guitar and electric baglama behind Turkish psychedelia's charismatic singer Ersen. He was discovered by Cem Karaca, was connected to Moğollar and 3 Hür-El, and even switched backing bands with Cem before finally hitting the charts with his own group Dadaşlar. There are loads of B sides and burly moves on these '70s singles which make up his second LP. Wicked funk drums, fuzzy guitars, organs, and the powerful voice of Ersen. Includes "Zalim", the killer psych-funk track made famous by Gaslamp Killer's edit. Ersen's very last name.

ESCOMBROS - (S/T) "Escombros, were at the top of the underground scene in Chile together with Los Jaivas, Blops, Aguaturbia and Kissing Spell. Recorded in 1970 for the Arena label. Only one single and one LP was released. Walter Sitzmann's great compositions and vocals on all tracks create a unique and strong underground vibe, with great fuzz guitars, drums, bass and organ that are much heavier than in most bands from Chile. Their influences are Jimmy Hendrix, Cream, Pink Floyd and Grand Funk Railroad. All English vocals. For us Escombros is perhaps the best example for really cool underground music from Latin America with amazing vocals and extraordinary songs. This release has two bonus tracks from the rare single." 500 numbered/heavy sleeve/180 gram pressing/insert.

ETRON FOU LELOUBLAN - Batelages The debut album by this French jazz-avantgarde band was released in 1976. Weird free jazz/rock lunacy, with Captain Beefheart being a good reference point if you need it. Eccentric to the max, this is definitely not something for everybody, but if you're into that RIO think you'll most likely love it. 500 copies, 180-gram vinyl

EVOL - (S/T) This is the first ever official release of a great, previously unissued acetate album by a band from West Virginia. Recorded in 1970, this collection of original tunes reveals influences from a.o. '65-'66 Byrds, Blue Things, Beau Brummels, Buffalo Springfield and early Grass Roots. Expect appealing vocals, memorable melodies, 12-string and fuzz guitars, and haunting harpsichord contributions. One of the last undiscovered gems from the late psychedelic era!

FACES OF JADE - (S/T) From 1970, It's late '60s Brit-psych/pop of the McCartney/Roy Wood variety, transplanted to 1970s Cincinnati, serving up plenty of innovation, fun and a fair amount of label money on hand.

MERRELL FANKHAUSER AND HIS H.M.S. BOUNTY LP (Import/Guerssen) The best thing Mr. Fankhauser ever recorded. Classic 1968 US psych with complex vocal harmonies, mind warping fuzz and trippy songs such as the immortal "Driving Sideways Down A One Way Street". Buy or Die.

MERRELL FANKHAUSER - (The Maui Album) FANTASIA - (S/T) After his stint with Fapardokly, HMS Bounty and Mu, Merrell Fankhauser released his first solo album in 1976. Containing songs written a year earlier while Merrell and violin player Mary Lee were living in the jungle of Maui, this is a brilliant set of spiritual folk-rock and light orchestrated pop.

THE FANTASTIC DEE-JAYS - (S/T) From raw basement garage-pop to jangly teen-beat and moody ballads, The Fantastic Dee-Jays' sole album from 1966 is without doubt the kingpin of all the local private garage albums from the U.S. A lost-in-time '66 capsule full of pure, innocent vocals, 12-string Rickenbacker guitars and crashing drums. File next to Rising Storm, The Bachs, etc. First-ever straight reissue of the original album, with master tape sound, an insert with notes by their mentor Terry Lee and lots of cool photos.

FELT - (S/T) Classic Floydian psych record from Alabama, fronted by a 17-year-old composer, guitarist, lead singer and arranger. Side two's "The Change" clocks in at just over 10 minutes, moving through blistering guitar workouts and prog moves. So worth it. 180 gram exact repro of this classic, originally released in 1971.

FERRIS - (S/T) From back in 1971, an amazing and solid Cream influenced bluesy underground rock with first class guitar and vocals. One of the best and rarest Finnish albums.

FEVER TREE - (S/T) "Fever Tree's lone hit single, the haunting 1968 tribal anthem 'San Francisco Girls (Return of the Native),' perfectly captured the spirit of the psychedelic era. Although their signature hit led many to assume that they were a Bay Area band, Fever Tree actually hailed from Houston, Texas. 'San Francisco Girls' quickly emerged as a staple of American underground FM radio, and won the band an international audience after becoming an airplay favorite of influential British DJ John Peel. 'San Francisco Girls' is also the centerpiece of Fever Tree's self-titled first LP, one of the period's most distinctive debut efforts. As the album demonstrates, the quintet was adept at incorporating jazz and classical influences, ambitious song structures and resourceful production touches. Such memorable numbers as 'The Sun Also Rises' and 'Come with Me (Rainsong)' benefit from Dennis Keller's hypnotic vocals, Michael Knust's dynamic guitar work and Rob Landes' inventive keyboard textures. Also included is a memorable medley of the Beatles' 'Day Tripper' and 'We Can Work It Out,' and a unique interpretation of the Neil Young/Buffalo Springfield nugget 'Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing.' Fever Tree's expansive musical settings also feature key contributions from a pair of noted arrangers: David Angel, renowned for his work on Love's Forever Changes and Gene Page, whose resume includes work with the likes of Phil Spector and Marvin Gaye. This one-of-a-kind debut album remains a deeply compelling sonic artifact. Sundazed's new vinyl edition of this vintage gem is mastered from the original analog tapes, features complete original cover art and is pressed on high-quality, high-definition vinyl, the better to recapture the original magic of this timeless album."

FEVER TREE - Live 1969 Previously unissued live recording showcasing the final stage appearance by this legendary garage combo’s original lineup! The never-released 1969 live effort from Fever Tree! Gulf Coast punk phenoms the Bostwick Vines see Cream and Hendrix and bring their tough interpretation of that combination to Hollywood, California. With three unique studio albums to their name, Fever Tree splinters after this live gig in Texas, but not before laying down one final testament to their evermore worth as swooning psychedelic rockers. Sharpening their chops on the Gulf Coast circuit, followed by a high-profile opening night gig at Hollywood’s legendary Kaleidoscope, Fever Tree developed a keen sense of musical drama and dynamics. This versatility is in sharp display on the concert’s rendition of their underground radio hit “San Francisco Girls (Return of the Native).” For the rest, Live 1969 focuses on groovers, a perfect set-up for the gliding fuzztones of lead guitarist Michael Knust, the sonic organ of Rob Landes, the thick rhythms provided by E.E. “Bud” Wolfe III on bass and John Tuttle on drumsand the dynamic, driving lead vocals of Dennis Keller. “Don’t Come Crying to Me Girl,” a song originally found on the band’s second album, levitates the band beyond any earthly confines. Elsewhere, the set moves between a soaring cover of Donovan’s “Hey Gyp,” their own power pop “Grand Candy Young Sweet” and a whirlng psych take on Wilson Pickett’s “Ninety-Nine and One Half (Won’t Do).” Playing as if their lives depended on it, Live 1969 captures a band at the height of its powers, forever preserved on this final audio testament.

FINCHLEY BOYS - Lost Tributes Finchley Boys are well known for their “Everlasting Tibutes” superb album from 1972.  “Lost Tributes” consists of 8 unreleased heavy psychedelic tracks recorded between 1968 and 1971 by this prolific Illinois band. Included is the scheduled, but never materialized in 1969, 7” single which would have contained different, punchy and more wild, recordings of two F.B. standards, the “Hooked” and the “Outcast”.  And the almost 9 minutes “Who goes there?”, perhaps the most psychedelic offering by the Boys. All songs are coming from recently found old analog tapes, recorded either on multi-channel or live in the studio. Explanation notes by Garrett Oostdyk and lot of previously unseen photos and poster.

FIREBIRDS - Light My Fire The 1968 released 'Light My Fire' album by the Firebirds , is a loose stoner heavy power album and a truly awesome relict from the Sixties. It offers a very heavy, psych flavored hard rock with blistering guitar leads inspired by the likes of Hendrix, Cream and early Blue Cheer. With the exception of the title track, all songs are group originals and the song writing is simply amazing .Considering this is a so-called exploitation album, the band has a stunning musical quality, which made the LP sought after and highly prized by collectors over the years.


THE FIVE AMERICANS - I See the Light The versatile Five Americans were so tapped into the heroic pop scene of 1965-66, they were able to pen brilliant original material that could, at times, sound something like the raw garage howl of the Rolling Stones, the jangle of the Byrds, the psychedelic mystery of Jefferson Airplane or the PhD folk-rock of Simon & Garfunkel. Hailing from Oklahoma, this hungry quintet hit the jackpot when they moved en masse to Dallas and hooked up with the red-hot Abnak label, run by John Abnor, Sr. Their debut longplayer, I See the Light, was a perfect snapshot of what made 1966 a watershed year for rock. The song of the same name opens with what may be the most famous held organ note in rock history, then turns to a stomping bass line that would have been the envy of Slade's Doc Marten army six years later. "Goodbye" is a perfect extension of the Slick-Balin vocal tandem about to catch fire in San Francisco. "I Know They Lie" has that Byrds/Brummels Rickenbacker jangle down pat. "Dont Blame Me" and "Its a Crying Shame," a pair of snarling garage-rock nuggets, go directly for the jugular with results every bit as lethal as anything ever cut in the Lone Star state. This 180 gram vinyl-only release is impeccably sourced from the original mono master tapes, the first time the album has been re-released in ultra-honest, bone-crunching mono.

THE FIVE AMERICANS - Early Americans

FLOOD - The Rise Of Flood (RI/180 Gram/Sealed) 180 gram vinyl re-issue of this album originally only issued as a promo album on a private label in 1970 this garage flavoured US psych album contains some killer fuzz guitar and is housed with original colour sleeve..

THE FLOWERZ - Flyte (1967-1968) This LP reissues two songs from the Flowerz’ ultra-rare 45s on Kingston combined with several tracks recorded for a live radio show. Mid-’60s garage fanatics will love the reworkings of hits by such icons as the Rolling Stones, Byrds, Spencer Davis Group, Kinks, Animals and more. Includes an insert with photos and the complete Flowerz story!

FLUTE & VOICE - Imaginations of Light & Hallo Rabbit From 1970, wonderful trippy and progressive folk music with ethnic and even jazzy elements. This LP should appeal to fans of fellow Germans s.a. Witthueser & Westrup and Bröselmaschine, or UK acts à la Incredible String Band and Dr. Strangely Strange.

FLUTE & VOICE - Drachenlieder Though re-recorded in the '90s, the music on this 'Drachenlieder' has the feel of the duo's '70s recordings. Fans of Magic Carpet, King Crimson's 'In The Court Of The Crimson King', Third Ear Band, Kalacakra, Oriental Sunshine, Bobby Callender, Clem Alford, Kali Bahlu, or the "sitar side" of Popol Vuh will enjoy this one big time! This is a limited edition of 500 copies, presented in a gatefold sleeve with artwork from Hans Reffert himself.

FOLQUE (S/T) Finally on 180-gram vinyl, here is a remastered (from the original tapes) reissue of the s/t album by Norway's legendary electric/acoustic folk-rock band from the mid '70s, strongly influenced by Fairport Convention. The LP was originally released by Philips in 1974. This edition comes with exclusive artwork and liner-notes.

FORMINX (S/T) "The Forminx" were Vangelis’ first group, and one of the first and most popular bands of the Greek music scene. It paved the way for dozens of Greek bands in the sixties. In 1976, almost ten years after their dissolution, they released their self titled album, with fourteen songs, on Pan-Vox. This unique album contains almost all material, released on 7” singles in the '60s

FORTUNE TELLER - Inner City Scream - PSYCH - NEW LP MINT, SEALED & UNPLAYED ON ANAZITISI LABEL - WITH THEIR USUAL HIGH QUALITY PACKAGING AND HEAVY VINYL Fuzzy underground album recorded back in 1978, and released as a private pressing of 500 copies. The band formed in Baltimore, Maryland by Danny Amburn, John Holt, Joe Klimas, Mark Beyder and Bob Wells. Their album, heavy at places, is full of fuzz-guitarwork with 60's garage & british invasion influences and low-budget production (think of BOA or Shadrack Chameleon albums) while a couple of songs have a wild and underground approach to rural rock. This album exists in a time warp. It’s from the midst of the first punk era, but sounds genuinely 60s garage the way no neo-garage band ever did. The fuzz guitars are everpresent, and the songs are pure garage pop and garage rock, rocking hard without ever sounding remotely “hard rock.” The sound is as cheap as can be, which only accentuates the coolness of the fuzz. Despite some awkward singing, there are a lot of catchy melodies here, and I can imagine that Baltimorians who discovered “Nuggets” in the late 70s went nuts over this band. A few songs flirt with rural rock, but basically it’s teen-sounding angst, just as cool as their punk peers. [AM] Taken from the Acid Archives First ever official reissue, fully licenced by Danny Amburn and the band. Exact reproduction for the cover and labels. It includes extra 4-pages laminated insert with bio, lyrics and photos. PVC protective outersleeve. 180gr. vinyl as usual.

49th PARALLEL - Singles Limited to 500 copies, this LP offers all of 49th Parallel's singles, B-sides and rare alternate recordings on vinyl for the first time since their initial pressings back in 1966-'68! The band's first single, 'All Your Love', was recorded in 1966 as the Shades Of Blond and it was previously only available on a staggeringly rare EP featuring Calgary bands. Their debut as 49th Parallel came with 'Laborer' b/w 'You Do Things' in mid 1967, followed by 'She Says' b/w 'Citizen Freak' in early 1968. These four tracks are hard-edged garage punk outings, tough, and thick with fuzz guitar and a defiant sneer. The next single, 'Blue Bonnie Blue' b/w 'Missouri' appeared in the late spring of 1968. In spring 1969, the beautiful 'Twilight Woman' b/w 'Close The Barn Door' zoomed up the charts across Canada and parts of the USA. Both 'Twilight Woman' and the hit follow-up, 'Now That I'm A Man' b/w '(Come On Little Child &) Talk To Me' are melodic slices of pop/psych of the purest and finest kind. One more post-LP single and a couple of rare tracks round out the story. These fifteen tracks will delight anyone who's into the 49n Parallel's late '60s album, and this style of music in general..

FREE DESIGN - Kite Are Fun An exact repro vinyl reissue of this classic 1967 soft psych/harmony pop LP with amazing vocal arrangements.

FREE DESIGN - STARS/TIME/BUBBLES/LOVE 'Stars Times Bubbles' served as the Free Design's turning point, mixing the group's timeless elements of sunny harmony vocal dominated soft-psych with a dose of funk! This was the NYC based group's fourth album, released by Enoch Light's Project 3 label in 1970. Chris Dedrick continued to develop his experimental approach to composing, songwriting, and arranging, with beginning to introduce his love of jazz, gospel singing and the Motown sound.

THE FREEBORNE - Peak Impressions Absolutely brilliant US '60s "Bosstown" Psych, chock full of all the right moves. If you dig Ultimate Spinach, Beacon Street Union etc. then you will dig this gem of an album which is full of trippy US '60s psychedelia. Nifty psychedelic songs with phased vocals, woodwinds, harmonium and the driving organ and guitar sound that epitomised the "Bosstown Sound".

FRUMPY - 2 Frumpy's second album is fine example of early 70's German progressive and hard rock mixture and excellent addition to prog collections.

FRUMPY - All Will be Changed "1970 German progressive classic. Regarded as the perfect '70s sounding prog album with a bluesy edge, burning Hammond organ sounds, lengthy tracks, and bluesy vocals."

GAA - AUF DER BAHN ZUM URANUS (PIC DISC/#'D W/BOOK) The interesting debut album from this original german progressive rock band called GÄA. A valuable and rare item. Their music is trippy, rhythmic and psychedelic. The instruments and performance are very well done.

GARYBALDI - Astrolabio Garybaldi's last album ever is made up of only two long epic tracks: "Madre di cose perdute" and "Sette?", but that's enough to give us an absolute pearl of the genre. What is absolutely evident for all to see is Bambi Fossati's Hendrix-influenced guitar playing and song writing style.

EMERAUDE - GEOFFRAY - Here's a vinyl reissue of a special LP from 1981. The music was written and recorded by a group of friends and relatives who wanted to make an album for their children. The music is a mixture of progressive rock and folk, under the influence of Pink Floyd and King Crimson. This low profile release was presented in a sleeve with mysterious, dark artwork.

GIFT - (S/T) The first official vinyl reissue of this relevant 1972 kraut/hard rock album, featuring strong guitar work and excellent vocals. The band was founded in Augsburg, 1969 as Phallus Dei. This LP comes with remastered sound and includes an insert offering the band's story and rare photos.

GIFT - Blue Apple This is the first official and legal reissue on vinyl of Gift's second album 'Blue Apple' from 1974. On their second album Gift added a keyboard player and a second guitarist. Still hard rocking the music became a lot more progressive with wonderful guitar riffs and brilliant keyboard play. The album is not a typical Krautrock offer but more British hard rock oriented but with that special German vein which we all love

GILA - Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee Similar to Popol Vuh's more majestic psych moments, but based around Veit's compositions (he performs on acoustic/elec. guitar, Moog, flute). A concept album dealing with the oppression of American Indians (based on texts by Dee Brown), this is a floatational classic. Typical elaborate Garden Of Delights packaging, with extensive Gila-reflective liner notes by Conny Veit. One previously unreleased (but unremarkable) studio track is added as well.

GILA - Live in Koeln 72' Only known recording of the first version of Gila Gila played live in Cologne on 2-26-1972 The performance was broadcasted by "Kleine Nachtmusik" of the West German broadcast in Cologne Limited edition of 500 copies Orange vinyl in PVC sleeve with blue lettering

THE GLASS FAMILY - Electric Band (2 LP's) Deluxed double album reissue of he Glass Family debut album released in 1967, an acid, folk and blues-rock album, with distorted guitars, swirling organ and dirty vocals, that since then has never been reissued until now. Along with a nice remastering of the original LP, this double vinyl package also includes a second disc full of never before heard unreleased tracks from their initial 1967 recording sessions.

GLEEMEN - (S/T) A good interesting pioneering Psychedelic/Progressive rock album made in Italy and a powerful band. The band Gleemen and the album is quite influenced by the Psychedelic,Acid Hard Rock Blues sound of first Deep Purple,Vanilla Fudge,Cream and Jimi Hendrix Experience and with typical Italian Progressive rock arrangements of the early seventies.

GOLDEBRIARS - (S/T) Repressed; exact repro reissue on 180 gram vinyl. Originally released in 1963, an early project of Curt (Sagittarius, The Millennium, The Association) Boettcher. "The Goldebriars' debut album is clean-cut folk-pop with bright, high female-male harmonies, sometimes foreshadowing the searing high harmonic blends typical of group member (and arranger) Curt Boettcher's later rock productions." -- All Music Guide

GOLDEBRIARS - Straight Ahead Exact repro reissue on 180 gram vinyl. Originally released in 1964. "Their songs come from all over, from every category. The material in this album alone spans the musical gamut from off-Broadway show tunes down through pop, and rhythm 'n' blues, to songs with a folk history. As Curt says:

GOLDEN DAWN - POWER PLANT (180 GRAM) Exact repro 180g vinyl edition of this all-time classic TX psych album. "One of the most powerful Int'l Artists albums, released in 1968. Some will go so far as to say that this album defines the Texas third-mind psych revolution, even more so than Easter Everywhere. The combinations of Eastern-tinged philosophical lingering, staggering hallucinogenics and pure Texan dirt produced a legitimate monster of its time."

GOLEM - Orion Awakes Ecclectic, psychedelic epic rock with lot of Hammond organs, heavy drums and jamming guitars. Their album Orion Awakes (1973) belongs to Pyramid Records archives. Amazing, catchy improvised free spacey rockin' trip that can reminds the best efforts delivered by early Pink Floyd, Gila, Dies Irae, Jane.

GOMORRHA - Trauma Gatefold cover vinyl reissue of the English version of the eponymous debut album by early '70s Krautrock unit Gomorrha. The album includes the long title track which was a true magnus opus, full of spectacular effects and electronics, mixing freaky rock with abstract sound collages. Produced by Conny Plank (who's career pretty much took off with producing Gomorrha) this English version also gave all the other compositions a new lease of life and a more modern sound.

GOMORRHA - I Turned To See Whose Voice It Was Gatefold cover exact vinyl reissue of rare early 70s German progressive rock originally released on the Brain label. Produced by Conny Plank. This is complex psychedelic prog rock, fronted by angry guitars and organ, that could be simultaneously aggressive and spacious. Also noteworthy are the bizarre lyrics about life, religion, death, etc. Includes the complete band story, rare photos, lyrics etc

GORDIAN - Madeka One of the best hidden treasures of the greek 70's rock, has been unearthed. Gordian, is a kind of super group consisted of musicians who had been participated in historical greek bands like Peloma Bokiou, Bourboulia, Olympians, Up Tight, BMW, Makedonomachoi etc. Finally, a full album's worth material is coming out.

GREYLOCK - Mansion Latest vinyl release filled with unearthed psychedelic sounds circa 1969 from the Lysergic Sound label.

GROWING CONCERN - (S/T) (Sealed) Exact 180 gram vinyl reissue of Jefferson Airplane like '60s US psych. Fantastic ringing acid guitar work with male / female vocal duets that swoop and dive over a strong acid folk / rock backing. Essential for the US '60s fanatic.   

PETER GRUDZIEN - The Unicorn / The Garden of Love (2 LP's) The rare, legendary and highly praised urban hillbilly one-man-band "outsider artist" LP from 1974. The "first psychedelic country concept" album featuring bluegrass mountain music Americana from the twilight zone mixed with tape effects, musique concrète, fuzz guitar, surreal lyrics, imagery and themes from religion, death, sex and other timely concerns. Also included is a bonus LP record, The Garden of Love, with some truly amazing and haunting unreleased material spanning the 1950s-1970s. The Garden of Love LP includes, amongst others, a song about wandering around in the desert eating peyote. All the music has been carefully transferred from the master tapes and is a facsimile of the original album (previous CD-only reissues contained altered mixings). This release features a gatefold sleeve with the original The Unicorn artwork plus loads of photos and liner notes.

GRUPO AMIGOS - Paloma Mensajera (Import/Guerssen Records) Vinyl release of an album originally released as a demo pressing in 1973, and is without doubt one of the rarest albums from the South American psych scene. Influenced by groups like the Beatles, Byrds, Stones, Badfinger, Shakers and of course Laghonia and We All Together, the music ranges from guitar psych-rock like "Dirty Girl" (like an outtake from Laghonia's first album) to Brit sounding pop-psych ("Mr. Taylor's Train", "Psychiatrist") harmony pop á la Byrds on "Looking for home", a few rockin' tunes and some beautiful mid-tempos which show their We All Together influence. They alternate English & Spanish in their lyrics.Features an insert with liner notes and rare pictures. Taken from the original master tapes and licensed by Saúl Cornejo. 500 copies only!

GURU GURU - Hinten Guru Guru were related to the free jazz scene both through their work with Swiss pianist Irène Schweizer and through Neumeier, who had already won several jazz prizes before forming the band. They were also influenced by psychedelic rock artists including Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, The Rolling Stones, and early Pink Floyd. Among the band's friends were Amon Düül, Can, and Xhol Caravan, with whom Guru Guru often jammed. This reissue of their second album, Hinten, originally released in 1971, is presented in a gatefold sleeve bearing the original artwork and the original Ohr catalog number, along with an insert with photographs. Limited edition of 500.

GURU GURU - Live In Wiesbaden 1972/1973 "In 1972 Guru Guru played the Wiesbaden Concert Hall where Neumeier, guitarist Ax Genrich and bassist Bruno Schaab (who had recently replaced Uli Trepte) let loose on one of their most classic tracks, the a 37-minute freakout 'Ooga Booga.' In 1973 the discerning folks of Wiesbaden again invited Guru Guru to play, and this time the band - now featuring the formidable Hans Hartmann (arguably Guru Guru's best in a long line of bass players) - regaled fans with tracks from their recently released LP Don't Call Us (We Call You), 'Round Dance' and 'Das Zwickmaschinchen.' Here, also, Neumeier's superlative drumming is given center stage and one can hear why Mani has consistently earned such high praise." 140 gram LP. Clear red vinyl with white label in PVC sleeve with black lettering. Limited edition 500 copies.

H.P. LOVECRAFT - Live Killer live recordings from Chicago's late '60s goth-psych heroes, H.P. LOVECRAFT! A remarkably well-preserved snapshot of Freakout Central from the birthplace of noodle-dancing, the Filmore Auditorium, 1968.

HAIZEA - (S/T) A reissue of the self-titled debut from Haizea, a progressive folk-rock outfit from the Basque region of Spain, originally released in 1977. A five-piece group heavily influenced by the classic British folk-rock of the late '60s/early '70s, Haizea also take melodic influence from their native country, creating a truly unique sound that is largely unmatched before or since.

HALLELUJAH - Hallelujah Babe Here's a remastered vinyl reissue of a highly rated Kraut-album from 1971, originally on Metronome. Recorded and mixed in London (at Tangerine Studio and Trident Studios respectively), this psychedelic/progressive rock project featured two well known musicians from Munich's underground scene, Paul Vincent and Keith Forsey (Amon Düül II, Doldinger's Motherhood, etc.). They were joined by top English session musicians Rick Kemp and Pete Wood, who contributed to the amazing chemistry. Musical influences included Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd and The Beatles 'Sgt. Pepper's'. This edition includes a bonus track and an informative insert.

HAZE - Hazecolor-dia HAZE played excellent 1971 progressive rock with lots of impressive instrumental passages, but their lead-singer's voice sometimes sounded somewhat strange. Nevertheless it should be recommended for all fans of early 70s metal.

HEAD SHOP - (S/T) (RI/Sealed) Classic US '60s expolito-psych album that goes totally over the top. Crammed full of distorted acid guitar and weird effects (choirs, backwards bits etc.) this is like a bit like Vanilla Fudge but much more extreme... Tracks like "Listen With A Third Ear" and "Prophecy" are particularly mind disturbing. This is fantastic psychedelia.   

HEAT EXCHANGE - Reminiscence From Canada, presented here for the first time ever are the complete Heat Exchange studio recordings, including their three 45s plus the previously unreleased recordings they recorded in 1972 for their never-released LP. Fabulous UK-sounding, heavy progressive, and psychedelic hard rock with top-level musicianship, well-constructed songs, powerful vocals, sax, flute, wah-wah, organ, and a solid rhythm section. RIYL: King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Samurai (UK), Web's I Spider (1970), Human Beast, Deep Purple. Remastered sound; Insert with detailed liner notes and photos, including an introduction by Rich Sheppard (After The Sabbath).

DASHIELL HEDAYAT - Obsolete This album over the years became a real cult object because of the general freakiness, the presence of the almost copmlete GONG (many GongHeads consider this album the best they did), and the participation of beat poet and general counter culture activist Willam Burroughs going along reciting his text.

HELDON - Agneta Nilsson An interesting step in Heldon's development: it gives a twist to their classic sound, which was mainly built around Pinhas' Fripp-esque guitar work and ambient synth experiments to begin to explore a more rhythmic territory. Drums and bass take more presence here, offering a 'rockier' feel, but somehow retaining the mysterious ambience of its predecessors, while adding an extra touch of sinister aggressiveness. Featuring among others Magma's keyboardist, Patrick Gauthier, it starts pretty much in the same ambient, spacey, minimalist electronic mood of the previous Heldon releases, but as the development of the main title 'Perspective' goes ahead the move towards the more guitar and drums sound of the next to come Heldon sound is evident. Agneta Nilsson's sound has been described somewhere as 'a more sinister Tangerine Dream mixed with a more jammy King Crimson. Our reissue comes housed in a faithful reproduction of the original sleeve. It is made in a strictly limited edition of only 500 copies."

THE HELPFUL SOUL - First Album's 7 tracks bring great heavy psychedelic blues, acid and very stoned, getting clear influences of bands like Cream and Hendrix, some covers are present, as You Got Me Floatin' and Spoonful . Some good and long jams can be heard, highlight for noisy guitar and "nervous" drums, tracks as "Peace for Fools" , "Spoonful" and also "Crossroads" deserve to be heard with more attention, all the lyrics are in English .Pearl of high quality, highly recommended for those who enjoy heavy acid blues.

HENRY TREE - Electric Holy Man (RI/180 Gram) Exact repro edition of this LP, originally issued in 1969. This is a limited edition vinyl version. "Produced by Bob Shad, 1969's Electric Holy Man differed from a lot of other early-1970s Mainstream releases in that it showcased a progressive streak rather than the popsike sound that was common to the label. Moreover, for a trio, these guys sported a surprisingly full sound, helped in no small measure by Markish's impressive voice. 'Mr. Fear,' their Traffic cover and the extended title track showcase that interesting jazzy streak with some stunning work from un-credited jazz guitarist Bill DeArango. Mind you, there was still plenty of fuzz driven guitar (check out the second half of the title track), but it didn't come close to these other highlights and the group's most commercial effort; the ballad 'Lady Of Day' was also the album's most disposable offering." --Lajso Sound Ltd.

THE CAROLYN HESTER COALITION - (S/T) "Must have for U.S. dreamy folk psych music collectors. First ever reissue on vinyl. Limited edition, deluxe 180 gram vinyl, exact reproduction of the original first pressing."

THE CAROLYN HESTER COALITION - Magazine "Both Carolyn Hester Coalition albums are fine examples of U.S. West Coast-style hippie fuzz psychedelic folk rock, like Neighb'rhood Children, Birmingham Sunday and similar outfits. They were recorded in 1969 and 1970 on the metromedia label and are considered to be a must have for U.S. dreamy folk-psych music collectors. First ever reissue on vinyl. Limited edition, deluxe 180 gram vinyl, exact reproduction of the original first pressing."

HEYOKA - The Spirit of Revelation A fairly equal blend of British progressive rock in the style of Jethro Tull and southern rock, with liberal amounts of Kansas flavoring may be an appropriate summary of the main contents, harder edged vintage progressive rock with a firm mainstream orientation and folk music inspired details a more generic description that might be used. And merits a check by those who know or suspect that this is music that may appeal to them.

HIGHWAY - (S/T) A vinyl reissue of the sole album (1971) by a forgotten band from New Zealand. Highway formed in 1970 with ex-members of Retaliation, Serenity Fair, The Boddys, Apple, Bitter End, a.o. The music is underground-tinged rock with rural and roots influences. Following tours of New Zealand and Australia, Highway disbanded in 1972. This reissue comes with two bonus tracks, taken from the band's 7-inch.

KENNETH HIGNEY - Attic Demonstration Attic Demonstration is a strange sonic world all of its own. It is neither too weird to be unappealing to 'regular' music listeners nor is it one of those discoveries that leaves you wondering what all the hype was about. Acoustic guitar ballads of nearly atonal desolation mix readily with rock 'n' roll numbers featuring hiccuping drums and alien sounding electric guitar. Higney's vocals are by turns sneering and mournful as he sings about lost love and the desire for fame all filtered through his uniquely bent worldview. Although a few ads were placed for the record in The Village Voice and The Aquarian, the fame that Higney sought eluded him (a semi-positive review in Trouser Press notwithstanding). That is, until the album was discovered and distributed by record dealer Paul Major. Attic Demonstration has been featured in the Acid Archives and copies of the original LP have soared in price over the years, but you no longer have to pay $100, $200 or even $300 to obtain a copy of this monumental album on vinyl. One Kind Favor and Kenneth Higney have teamed up to bring you an official reissue of Attic Demonstration remastered, with all the original artwork and with liner notes by the artist."

KAY HOFFMAN - Floret Silva Sounding at times like Vashti Bunyan fronting Sunforest, Floret Silva is a haunting mix of medieval music and progressive psych folk with Latin lyrics straight from the 13th-century Carmina Burana manuscript. Hoffman wrote all the material, inspired by the Carmina Burana and her love of Medieval and Renaissance music. Hoffman also contributed vocals, clavinet, and piano and, with Darby's haunting vocals and an impressive cast of jazz/rock/prog musicians, recorded Floret Silva during 1977 and 1978, under Micocci's guidance. After many years out of print on vinyl, Sommor presents a 2016 edition of this lost piece from the '70s Italian underground scene. A visionary album that anticipated the sound practiced by many neo-folk bands some decades later. RIYL: Jan Dukes de Grey, Vashti Bunyan, Sunforest, The Wicker Man, Pierrot Lunaire, Opus Avantra, Current 93, Nico, Gal Costa, The Wooden O, Giles Farnaby's Dream Band. . . . Master tape sound. Includes four-page insert with detailed liner notes by Richard Allen and photos.

HOLDERLIN - Holderlin's Traum This group started as one of those early 70's folk rock prog groups along with Barrock, Ougenweide, Wittheuser & Westrupp (a guest on this album) etc. and produced one of the best and most stunning folk prog album ever, then disappeared for a while due to their label bankruptcy, before resurfacing as a symphonic prog band and a slightly differently-spelled name. Named after the poet, (there is another German group who did this with Novalis), the least we can say is that this album is pure poetry

HOLE IN THE WALL - (S/T) Repress of 200 copies. This self titled album by Hole in The Wall is by many regarded as one of the most important Norwegian albums ever. It contains a mixture of folk, country and psychedelic rock, sort of mixing groups like Grateful Dead, Buffalo Springfield and Fairport Convention with an original result. Hole in the Wall had members like Rune Walle (ex-Oriental Sunshine) and Trygve Thue (pre-Saft) and was probably the first band in Norway to present roots based rock.

THE HOLY MACKEREL - (S/T) The Holy Mackerel (Reprise) is one of the most underrated albums of the '60s. Fronted by then-up-and-coming Paul Williams and produced by Richard Perry (two personalities who would soon define the musical tones of the '70s), Perry tapped Williams to record his own album after featuring Williams' "Fill Your Heart" (so-written with Biff Rose) on the flip-side of Tiny Tim's hit "Tip-Toe Thru' The Tulips With Me." Part music album and part soundtrack to a lost sub-culture movie, The Holy Mackerel traverses the spectrum of '60s-synonymous musical sounds; psych-rock to sunshine pop to folk rock to country rock to AM pop – it's all here.

HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS - (S/T) 180 gram vinyl. "Originally released in 1964 this is the debut album from Greenwich Village's strangest folk revivalists. At odds with the tired rehashing of folk tunes that was so in vogue at the time, the duo of Peter Stampfel and Steve Weber took traditional material and obliterated it. In the words of Peter Stampfel 'The Rounders were the first really bent traditional band. And the first traditionally based band that was not trying to sound like an old record.' And thank God for that. Remastered from the original tapes, the debut from the 60s folk revival biggest outcasts. Classic."

THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS - Good Taste Is Timeless "Now available on high-definition vinyl. The seminal Greenwich Village acid-folkies' twisted Americana collided with mainstream Nashville to produce this 1971 cult classic. Features cover art and songwriting by alt-folk hero Michael Hurley and contributions from original Elvis Presley sidemen Scotty Moore and D.J. Fontana, jazz icon Bob Dorough, beloved vocalist Tracy Nelson and steel guitar legend Pete Drake. Includes the Rounders' risqué left field hit 'Boobs a Lot.'" Gatefold sleeve.

THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS The Moraly Eels Eat... "Led by maverick folksters Peter Stampfel and Steve Weber, the Holy Modal Rounders fused Greenwich Village strum and Appalachian drone with enough mind-altering chemicals to derail the Wabash Cannonball. Here's an exact 180-gram vinyl repro of their hideously rare 1968 masterpiece, which spotlights such drug-addled ramblings as 'The Bird Song,' featured in the Easy Rider soundtrack."

HOMER - Grown In the U.S.A (2 LP's) With their roots traced in two legendary '60s garage bands, The Outcasts and The Stoics, Homer were without doubt one of the best psychedelic/hard-rock outfits from Texas. Grown in U.S.A. was their only album, released as a private pressing in 1970. Rural psychedelic rock with early prog hints fuelled by stunning lead/dual guitar, melodic vocals and occasional mellotron. Presented in a 2LP expanded edition including their early singles, which are prime examples of '60s Texan garage-psych, plus previously-unreleased studio demo tracks recorded at the same time as the album. Newly remastered sound especially for this vinyl release, housed in a gatefold sleeve with detailed liner notes and rare pictures. 180 gram vinyl. "A Texas private press classic that spans several early '70s genres but still manages to sound like a coherent, personal work. A strongly played melodic rock trip somewhat like Mother Tuckers Yellow Duck." --Patrick Lundborg, Acid Archives

HONEST JOHN - Sailor Previously unreleased underground Texas hard rock from 1975! Heavy grooves with dense, layered guitars and Deep Purple/Black Sabbath style vocals from bassist T.J. Sanders. Honest John was a band that meant business at a time when most bands were softening their sound for radio. Not these guys! Honest John did release an extremely rare 7-inch on the Baron label featuring the slinky track 'Brighter Day' b/w the chunky and hard driving 'Face the Crowd', but that was all that ever emerged from these sessions until now. This LP is pressed in a limited run of 500 copies, housed in a deluxe gatefold tip-on jacket, and sourced from the original master tapes unearthed by the ShroomAngel laelb,

THE D.R. HOOKER BAND - Armageddon (180 gram) LP Exact repro reissue of D.R. Hooker's follow-up to The Truth. Recorded in 1974, but not released until 1979 on Connecticut-based Here Music/On Records. A "demo tapes & rough mixes" album featuring a different line-up then featured on Hooker's legendary debut: Carroll Yanni (lead guitar), Bert McDevitt (drums, Bob Reardon (keyboards) and Steve Malkan (bass). "The recordings you will hear are the result of the efforts of a group of talented and creative musicians. They are the finest of a two-hour live concert of completely original music.... This recording was not originally intended for public release."

D.R. HOOKER - The Truth 180 gram exact repro reissue of this legendary, super rare U.S. psych LP, originally recorded during the dawn of mankind or in Connecticut in 1972. "This is a messed-up, freaky mix of folk-rock, psychedelia and heavy rock. There appears to be somewhat of a Christian vibe lyrically, but not overt enough to make it too cheesy, just adds to the overall bizarreness of this almost indescribable artifact!" -- Cosmik Debris

THE HORDE - Press Buttons Firmly Rarest 60s garage album by North Carolina students from early 1967. Painstakingly remastered at KSL. First 500 come with free unreleased 4-track 7". Great LP sized full glossy inlay w/pic and liners. Undoubtedly the most exciting mid sixties garage album to be recently discovered in the genre, is that by The Horde from North Carolina.

HOT PEPPER - Spanglish Movement

IHRE KINDER - (ST) "Ihre Kinder, formed in 1968, were the pioneers among the politically and socially engaged groups in Germany. Their third album, 2357004 (also known as Jeanscover) was originally released on Kuckuck in 1971 and it is considered to be their best. A great German progressive Krautrock effort, that should be part of every serious '70s progressive rock collection. Limited edition, deluxe 180g vinyl, original jeans cover and insert, exact reproduction of the original first pressing"

IHRE KINDER - Empty Hands Ihre Kinder, formed in 1968, and were the pioneers among the politically and socially engaged groups in Germany. Their second album Leere Hände was originally released on the legendary KUCKUCK label in 1970. The English version, called Empty Hands, has never been available on vinyl. There was a small number of white label copies pressed by Deutsche Grammophon in 1970/71 to solicit releases by Polyram companies around the world, but as there was no interest, the label dropped the idea. So, now it is the first time ever, that the English version of Leere Hände is being pressed on vinyl, with the original Kuckuck label and number, the original tracklisting order and the cover as it would have been adjusted for the English version. A great German progressive psychedelic effort, which sounds different and familiarly great in English, that should be part of every serious 70s progressive rock collection. Limited edition, deluxe 180g vinyl, printed innersleeve..

IMPROVED SOUND INSCIR TRANSIT EXPRESS - Missa Est "Rare French private release from 1978 on the Kiosk d'Orphee label, same as Dandelion. Despite being recorded out of time, this is a very nice psychedelic progressive album, with some parts in West Coast psychedelic jam session style. English lyrics, with repro of the original insert as well."

IN TIME - Inside Your Mind Homespun psych-punk-garage-pop from 1985. Over a decade ago, Steve Krakow, aka Plastic Crimewave, found a cassette by a mysterious '80s band called In Time at a Chicago thrift shop. When he returned home and listened to it, he was amazed: "I had flashes of the TV Personalities (one of my fave 'DIY; bands), early 'paisley underground' like Three O'Clock (maybe when they were the Salvation Army), wobbly but illuminated '60s folk-garage like Faine Jade, and even first wave UK punk like Subway Sect or yes, thee Pistols. There were even jagged post-punk moves ala the Swell Maps or Scrotum Poles, outrageous phasing, trumpet, and something lacking so deeply in bands today... PERSONALITY." Obsessed with it, Steve tracked down one of the band members in Pennsylvania and found out that there was more unreleased stuff. So here's the first ever In Time vinyl LP, including most of the songs from their ultra-rare cassette plus previously unreleased tracks. Like Steve says: "self-depreciating jangle-pop, furious power-chorded decrees, full-tilt psychedelia, experimental texture pieces--and actual tunes that will burrow into one's skull for weeks." RIYL: TV Personalities, Swell Maps, Three O'Clock, Faine Jade, lo-fi psych, DIY, Messthetics. Remastered sound; Insert with liner notes by Steve Krakow (Plastic Crimewave); Includes download card.

INDEX - Originals Vol. 1 (1967-68) A great little package that brings together the first two rare albums by Index – a group that started as a cover band in the suburbs of Detroit in the late 60s, but quickly found their way to some tremendous music of their own! The trio's got a style that's jamming and trippy at the same time – romping drums, surprisingly deft guitar work, and some muted lyrics that echo some of the darkness in the instrumentation – even though the group seem to often be comfortable without any vocals at all! The songs here are all their own, and come from their Red Album and Black Album – newly remastered from the original tales, with titles that include "Turquoise Feline", "Feedback", "Rainy Starless Nights", "Break Out", "Paradise Beach", "Shock Waves", "Israeli Blues", and "Fire Eyes".

INTERNATIONAL SUBMARINE BAND - Safe At Home The sole 1968 album by this US country rock band led by Gram Parsons, who were genuine pioneers. Gram would of course move on to The Byrds and The Flying Burrito Brothers. This is classic country rock album filled with honky-tonk heartbreak and is housed in the original sleeve. An analogue remaster featuring an extra track called "Knee Deep In Blues"

IVORY - (S/T) Ivory's self-titled album was originally released in 1968 on the Tetragrammaton label and it sank without trace. A West Coast psychedelic sound much in the vein of Jefferson Airplane (in fact, it was produced by the Airplane's great genius himself, Al Schmitt) fuelled by ultra-loud fuzz guitar, organ, and beautiful femme vocals. File next to other obscure psych classics such as Yankee Dollar, Peanut Butter Conspiracy, and Neighb'rhood Children. First time ever vinyl reissue. Remastered sound. Includes an insert with liner notes. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl.

J.K. & CO. - Suddenly One Summer A dark masterpiece of orchestral psychedelia, intended to musically represent the life and death of a man. The legend is that 15-year-old Jay Kaye (son of American 50s performer Mary Kaye) was visiting Vancouver Canada with his mom, where he met up with local band "Mother Tuckers Yellow Duck" and made this great record with their musical backing .Although the lyrics are blatantly hippie-ish, the music itself sets a dignified, almost stately mood with its intimacy and tasteful restraint. "Fly" and "Nobody" are genuine lost treasures of low-key late '60s psychedelia and alone make the album worth investigating.

JACKS '2nd Jacks Show'LP (US, Orange Doubledome, Catalogue #OD-3001) Brand new/unplayed copy of LONG SINCE VANISHED/SOLD OUT Orange Doubledome label edition (released back in the early 00's) of this mega-rare live album from legendary Japanese band The Jacks. "Recording of a concert at the Nichi-Futsu Hall, Tokyo on July 24, 1968. Comes in a jacket the folds out into a poster. Originally released as a fanclub only LP in 1973."

MYKE JACKSON - Alone This is an extraordinary LP. A dream for worldwide record collectors. This 9-songs album encompass all those great different kinds of music the 70s has produced (psychedelic folk, power pop, lounge-rock etc..). Now it's time to re-appraise this brilliant one-man project! This is an official reissue. With the participation of Myke Jackson himself.

JAGGED EDGE aka the Offset "A Change is Gonna Come" LP “Part of the mystique of the '60s garage legacy is that the bands seemed to put all of their considerable talents into one or two singles, and that was it. But behind every 45 there often lurked a handful of equally killer tunes performed or even recorded, but never released at the time. The Jagged Edge from Brooklyn, New York, seemed to have it all: the chops, an excellent (and decent-selling) debut 45, and competent management. They'd performed with a veritable who's who of big-name artists, and they seemed poised for better things. But it all went downhill suddenly, beginning with a threatening lawsuit over their name. Crucial momentum was lost and the Jagged Edge never reached the prominence they deserved. Now the exposure they warranted all along is finally here. Break-A-Way presents the bands first complete long player including their two singles and a fistful of six vintage demos. The LP has the bands 1966 all-time garage classic debut 45, ‘You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down’ b/w ‘How She’s Hurtin Me’ and their second single release ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ b/w their wild psychedelic raga classic ‘Xanthia’ recorded under the moniker “the Off-Set“. There are two alternate takes of the single tracks and four completely unreleased 1965/66 recordings such as the dramatic psych/punker ‘Lies I Spoke’ (complete with psychy effects and a raga-esque break); the strong moody folkrocker ‘Look In Her Eyes’ as well as ‘Reflections’ and ‘Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself,’ two tracks from the poppier side of the band. This collection proves that the Jagged Edge were way ahead of their times and finally carve out their slice of rock history. All tracks are painstakingly remastered.

JARVIS STREET REVUE - Mr. Oil Man "From the original master tapes. Limited to 500 copies. Heavy tip-on gatefold jacket + insert with band history, photos, images of sheet music for several songs, and lyrics for the band's greatest statement, Mr. Oil Man. Their lone LP, leased to Columbia for release in 1971, leaves no one untouched by the band's sheer avalanche of psychedelic heaviness, wasted acid leads and harrowing vocals. Every song is laced with a conviction born from the physical landscape they called home. Jarvis Street Revue spent (literally) a month of Sundays recording the album and bouncing tracks to create effects. 'Chuck Williams was so freaked out, he used to leave the room,' Jarvis leader and Neil Young running mate Tom Horricks said. 'It was so anti-establishment.' Creative and far-seeing... and not without some chemical support."

JELLY BEAN BANDITS (ST) (180 Gram) Exact repro 180 gram virgin vinyl pressing; originally released in 1969. "Newburgh, New York psych-punks the Jelly Bean Bandits formed in 1966. Singer Billy Donald, guitarist Jack Dougherty, bassist Fred Buck, keyboardist Michael 'Mr. Addams' Raab, and drummer Joe 'Laredo London' Scalfari originally operated as The Mirror, regularly packing area nightspots like the local Trade Winds, Poughkeepsie's Buccaneer Nightclub, and Burlington, Vermont's Red Dog. In due time, they recorded a three-song demo reel that resulted in a three album recording contract with Mainstream Records -- however, unknown to Mainstream, these three songs represented the sum total of the Jelly Bean Bandits' repertoire, forcing the band to write enough additional material to flesh out a full-length LP in the course of a week. Amazingly, their eponymous 1967 debut is excellent, a freakbeat cult classic distinguished by Dougherty's emotive guitar and some innovative production techniques -- all the more impressive, the album was recorded in a single 12-hour stretch." -- All Music Guide

JOKERS WILD - Liquid Giraffe Jokers Wild recorded three singles between 1967 and 1969 in Minnesota but the complete album, Liquid Giraffe, was never released. Jokers Wild was a powerful band - Huge amp stacks guaranteeing a "wall-of-sound" on stage, double bass drum and cool outfits. They must have been great on stage. Damin Eih, A.L.K. and Brother Clark wrote: "In '67 I saw two local bands that again amped up the juice, The Litter and Jokers Wild. Both bands played original music and had excellent psychedelic-raved guitar players, Zippy Caplan (Litter) and Lonnie Knight. That brought everything to a new level." Heavy underground rock with great composed songs, fuzz guitars, speedy drums and tight bass lines. If you think The Litter is great, you should listen to Jokers Wild.

JULIUS VICTOR - From the Nest Originally released in 1969. From The Nest is the sole album by this US hard-rock/psychedelic band, recorded at the famous Record Plant Studios in New York and produced by jazz musician Ahmad Jamal. Organ-dominated, hard-progressive sound with powerful and soulful vocals, hot lead guitar and atmospheric, swirling Hammond. RIYL: Child, Valhalla, Atomic Rooster, Vanilla Fudge, Iron Butterfly, H.P. Lovecraft, Day Blindness, Arthur Brown. Remastered sound; Comes in gatefold sleeve with superb cover artwork.

JUNGLE - (S/T) "Here´s a real surprise, the first legitimate re-issue of this mega rare Californian psychedelic monster. This is one of the best and most sought after psychedelic gems ever recorded, with amazing and fluid heavy fuzz guitars, superb organ, drums and fantastic songwriting. Recorded in New York in 1969 while the band was living in a farm in Vermont. The original was pressed in a run of 50 demo copies only! No names or hints are given on the original LP but after over a decade of excruciating search, Miguel Rodriguez, the man behind finding Darius, Garrett Lund, Stonewall and many more, finally found the band members! So here is your chance to listen to one of the great mystical albums of the psychedelic private press collectors' realm at the fraction of the cost of the original, in amazing sound. This gem comes in a gatefold cover with unseen pictures and full band history, released in full collaboration with the surviving band members."

KALACAKRA - Crawling To Lhasa "A psychedelic jewel from Duisburg. The first legitimate LP reissue. Comes in deluxe gatefold cover. With (large-format) four-page insert. Strictly limited to 1000 hand-numbered LPs." "Their music combined various folk and Eastern influences, slightly hinting at the Third Ear Band and Popol Vuh, but closest to Clark-Hutchinson on their album A=MH2. Kalacakra's blend of mantras, blues, folk and stoned psychedelia gained Crawling To Lhasa a well deserved curiosity value, yet they were an altogether more eclectic and strange band than any of their possible mentors." --The Crack In The Cosmic Egg.

KALEIDOSCOPE (Mex) - Kaleidoscope LP Incredible Mexican mind expander from the late '60s that could have easily been on an 'Endless Journey' comp. Mind frying fuzz guitars, electronic psychedelic effects, swirling keyboards and drugged lyrics/vocals in English. A major find for fans of the genuine article....

KALEIDOSCOPE - A Beacon From Mars This US '60s band mixed exotic Middle Eastern music with hip West Coast Psychedelia. A brilliant blend that results in the killer Eastern Jam "Taxim" and the stoned "BEACON FROM MARS", both found on this classic album....

KALEIDOSCOPE -    Side Trips (RI) What's going on??? Incredible West Coast psych from the '60s with a Middle Eastern edge... Essential for any US Psych collection..

ARIEL KALMA - Le Temps Des Moissons Ariel Kalma´s " Le Temps Des Moissons", 1975, developes a quiet ahead of its time set of compositions, which later in time will be known as "World Music". Combining native acoustic instruments alongside Electronic Rock ones and taking full advantage of his "mid-pro" recording studio, he delivers a variety of original musical proposals.

KELOMPOK KAMPUNCAN - Mencari Tuhan Wonderful progressive folk of the highest caliber interweaving flutes, violins, acoustic guitars, Indonesian percussion and other instrumentation. We can’t stand behind this one enough, it’s truly brilliant. 700 copies housed in paste on covers, includes insert with photos and history written by Indonesian music journalist Denny Sakrie.

CEM KARACA - Kardaslar & Apaslar LP version. Turkish-Azerbaijani-Armenian Cem Karaca was one of the pioneers (if not THE pioneer) of Anatolian rock, blending Western rock music with traditional Turkish folk. This record is his debut album from 1972, actually comprising songs previously released on 45s, backed by the bands Kardaşlar and Apaşlar between 1969 and 1971. Enjoy Anatolian rock in its full glory. Fully remastered sound. A deluxe vinyl release with a thick 425 gram old-style paste-on carton cover, pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Includes an insert with extensive liners and photos.

KEDAMA - (S/T) 1976 Swiss heavy-/kraut monster, originally released as a private, hand-made edition of 200 copies. Long instrumental/experimental tracks fueled by mellotron, Hammond, MiniMoog, ripping distorted guitar, and heavy drums. This is essential stuff, from the weird psych-funk of "Hwrlnzg" to the sitar-drenched "Improvisations". RIYL: King Crimson, Egg, Fusioon, Supersister, Jonesy, Gentle Giant, Tetragon, Siloah. Newly remastered sound; Includes insert with rare photos and liner notes by Alan Freeman (The Crack In The Cosmic Egg (1971)); Repro of a rare promotional booklet; Includes download card which features seven amazing bonus tracks taken from unreleased studio sessions (1973-77) and the compilation Perspectives (1975); Edition of 550 (numbered).

KENNY AND THE KASUALS - Live At the Studio Club A reissue of The Impact Sound Of The Kenny And The Kasuals, originally released in 1966. Kenny And The Kasuals were an American, Dallas garage rock band founded in 1962, whose records are considered "among the most collectable LPs of the '60s". The band was formed at Bryan Adams High School in Dallas, Texas, by Kenny Daniel, and was managed by Mark Lee, who later opened Dallas punk club, The Hot Klub. In 1966, their self-released single Journey To Tyme garnered some national radio airplay, including the number one spot in both Buffalo, New York, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and it reached the top ten on the Dallas station KLIF. Prior to recording Journey To Tyme, the band had released an album titled The Impact Sound Of Kenny And The Kasuals Live At The Studio Club, although it was neither live nor recorded at the Studio Club. Only 500 copies of this album were originally pressed, and nearly half of those were destroyed by the Texas summer heat, but the remaining copies have become some of the most sought after vinyl records of the 1960s. Replica edition; Edition of 500.

KENNY & THE KASUALS “1966-1968 The Singles... Plus” (MV003): Texas had without any doubt a great number of fine and very original bands during the 1960s, with The 13th Floor Elevators at the very top of the list of course, followed by almost forgotten groups that recorded whole albums like the great Golden Dawn, Lost & Found or the positively weird Red Crayola. There were also a slew of great Texas garage bands whose sole appearances have been on countless compilations. One of the very best of these bands was Kenny & the Kasuals. Thus it is that that we can say that we are genuinely excited about this original twenty track compilation fully authorized by Kenny B. Daniel, containing the best tracks the band recorded between 1966 and 1968. All their singles, all originals, including the killer fuzz-bass classic, 'Journey to Tyme', plus several unreleased tracks too. One of the best examples of US garage, teenbeat, or proto-psych, and a must have for each and every serious garage/psych collector. Limited edition, deluxe 180g vinyl. First ever vinyl issue of this title.

KHAZAD-DOOM - Level 6 1/2 (VOID 43)    Reissue on vinyl of classic HEAVY progressive garage album from 1970 USA in collaboration with guitarist Jack Eadon. LP housed in colour cover as per the original with insert! This very limited re-issue has 1 extra bonus track.Sixties psychedelic experimentation with a progressive edge. Limited press 800 copies only worldwide.

KING BISCUIT ENTERTAINERS - NW Unreleased Masters, 1967 - 1970 Featuring Ray Kennedy and Roger Huycke from legendary garage band The Wilde Knights (of "Beaver Patrol"/"Just Like Me" fame), King Biscuit Entertainers rocked the Northwest music scene between 1968 and 1971, building up a reputation as one of the better live bands from the Pacific Northwest ballroom circuit. In addition to releasing a bunch of 45s for several local labels, the band recorded a lot of stuff at their own state-of-the art home studio, material that has not seen the light of day until now. This retrospective features a selection from their previously unreleased tape archive plus rare 45 sides, 1967-1970, including the fantastic garage-jangle 45 they recorded under the Genesis name. Music ranges from British-influenced mod-psych to early hard rock with stunning guitar and vocals. The raw sound and production brings to mind similar bands like Brain Police. Remastered sound; includes liner notes.

THE KITCHEN CINQ - When the Rainbow Disappears (2 LP's) Formed as The Illusions (and briefly The Y'alls) in Amarillo, Texas, the group blended garage punk with killer harmonies and a slight sense of the absurd. By 1968, The Kitchen Cinq issued a total of five impressive singles and one album, Everything But. They recorded a surprisingly vast amount of material, all of which is collected here. Listening to these overlooked works of beat-pop brilliance, you can't help but wonder why it didn't work out for the Texans at the time. Their songs -- all of them -- live on in this anthology."

ERKIN KORAY - Elektronik Turkuler 2015 restock; Gatefold LP version. Technically his second LP after a collection of singles, this benchmark record from 1974 taught Istanbul's musicians and pop fans how to put Turkish folk songs from the 17th century together with meaty, thundering guitar solos. With a crack bass player by his side (Ahmet Güvenç from Bunalim and Baris Manco's Kurtalan Ekspres) and an electrified bağlama in his hands, Erkin Koray lets his gloomy baritone voice float over wiry double-reed melodies, bulging riffs, and hammer-ons that go on for-friggin'-ever. Savagery begins at home people, so make sure you get a physical copy of the best record by the Turkish Hendrix into your house.

KRISTYL - (S/T) Privately pressed and originally released in 1975, Kristyl was a Kentucky-based dual-guitar Christian psych band with a southern edge. Seven songs with lots of fuzz and heavy jamming. Comes on 180 gram vinyl.

KROKODIL - The First Recordings (LP/DVD) "The year was 1968. We were playing, practising and experimenting every single day until late into the night in a basement in the heart of the city of Zürich. We were determined to follow our own musical path. Meanwhile, Serge Meier was setting up his recording studio on the outskirts of town. The generous financial offer from the cigarette company was too good to refuse. We bought ourselves the amplifiers we needed and recorded our first single, 'Camel Is Top,' with him. This also led—in the spring of 1969—to the recordings that we are now releasing to the public for the very first time. Teddy Meier, EMI Switzerland‘s A&R man, travelled to Munich with the tapes and handed them to the renowned producer Siegfried E. Loch. This paved the way for our band‘s first recording sessions in Germany for the American Liberty label. When the 1968 generation took to the streets, armed with Mao‘s Little Red Book, we were on a completely different trip. On the road with a sitar, violin, tambourine and harmonica, the beat, the bass, rhythm and blues, guitars and a keyboard, the congas and drums, we made our own music. Krokodil Music!" The bonus DVD contains his exciting account of the Krokodil story. For this definitive issue, Krokodil band leader Düde Dürst has assembled photos and film material painstakingly collected over many years. •Unreleased studio takes from 1969 recordings by these Krautrock legends. •180 gram vinyl—also includes bonus region free DVD! •Limited to 1,000 copies worldwide. 

KROKODIL - Swamp First official reissue of the second Krokodil album, “Swamp”. The infectious album, originally issued by Liberty in 1970, shows a band in flux between the scorching boogie-blues workouts of their eponymous debut and the massive stoned psych action of their third album masterpiece (“An Invisible World Revealed,”)

THE KUHN BROTHERS & THE MAD ROCKERS - (S/T) "Experienced jazz avant gardists Joachim and Rolf Kühn joined forces with Volker Kriegel, Gunter Lenz and Stu Martin to release this superb mixture of Krautrock, psych, funk and free jazz. With all kind of sound effects coming from distorted clarinets, Hammond organ, groovy bass/drums section, breaks and hot guitar licks The Mad Rockers paved the way for many Krautrockers to follow. Everything is there, the adventurous mixture of styles so diverse as psychedelic rock, jazz, funk... You name it, you find it. Plenty of excellent breaks, experimental in the quest for new sounds, with instruments run through distortion effects, the musicians involved are all key figures in the development of modern European of its era."

LA LIBRE EXPRESSION “S/T” (Import) Very limited reissue of this '60's Mexican garage psych gem similar to Los Ovnis and The Flying Karpets. Spirited, fuzz laden cover versions of songs by Steppenwolf, Blue Cheer, Young Rascals, Jimi Hendrix and others laden with the over-the-top enthusiasm expected from this part of the world. Great psych art sleeve too.

LACEWING - (ST) (Mainstream/180 Gram) Exact repro reissue of this LP, originally issued on Mainstream in 1970, colored vinyl edition. Psych from Ohio, previously renowned in their area as the Measles. "A name change to something 'hipper' was needed, so Lacewing became the new and short lived moniker . The Lacewing LP was recorded at Criteria studios in Miami, just like the other NE Ohio bands like Decembers' Children and Freeport. A 45 of 'Paradox' was released but neither the 45 or LP got much action, as there was no promotion even at the local level. After the Mainstream deal had played out, the band reverted back to the Measles and continued to be a major local attraction for a few more years. Joe Walsh added some continuity to the Measles/Lacewing path when he included Mary Sterpka to sing the backing vocals on the James Gang hit 'Midnight Man.' Bob Webb joined the James Gang on the last LP." --Buckeye Beat

LAGGER BLUES MACHINE - (S/T) The very best album coming out in Belgium.Music is influenced by the Soft Machine in their 3 first albums,with Ratledge distorted organ sound.Has several similarities with the French group Moving Gelatine plates,slight Magma influences,some Zappa-esque moves,but above all their music has a much darker,more sinister sound.Almost the entire album is instrumental.

LAGGER BLUES MACHINE - Tanit (Live) Limited edition vinyl edition of Belgian hard blues rock monster.

LASER - Vita Sul Pianeta A concept album released in 1973 by the Car Juke-Box record label, the same one responsible for the first Le Orme's LP's. Composed of both hard rock guitar and keyboard-based songs, with hints of beat and blues music,

THE LAST CALL OF SHILOH - (S/T) Musically begins as a country-rock flavored band with Grateful Dead and Quicksilver influences. But from the last track on side A and then, the album is 'taking off'. A real 'killer'. A combination of westcoasty folk-rock and moody psychedelic rock with superb male/ 'dreamy'-female vocals and dual-guitar works.

LATTE E MIELE - Papillon Latte e Miele is simply one of the best italian prograssive rock band ever. Papillon is a great album, even though is not as perfect as Passio Secundum Mattheum. This album has some great moments, italian moments, we can love. Not powerfull like the previous Latte e Miele album and more delicated. If 'Passio...' is a baroque mass, Papillon is a baroque suite full of inspired passages with a few infant seconds

LAZY SMOKE - Corridor of Faces "In a genre built on obscured and unsung genius, Corridor Of Faces transcends and stands out as a true psyche masterpiece. Rising above any number of recently unearthed late-60s anglo-pop platters, the sole offering from small town Massachusetts phenomenon Lazy Smoke is a cohesive, solid, classic album in every sense. Ten songs that weave into one-another, painting some beautifully drifty sonic picture as they go. The first remarkable trait of Lazy Smoke's sound is the lead vocals' uncanny similarity to John Lennon. If that likeness was the whole story, we would have a Beatles sound-alike on our hands, and that would be that. Upon digging just a little deeper below the surface, we instead find a darker tone and a patient, eerie and almost shut-in feeling resonating through the songs. While bands like The Beatles and The Left Banke were singing about love, lament and hallucinated travel experiences, the songs on Corridor Of Faces get sincerely dark right away. Even the seemingly-light teenage love-themed 'Sarah Saturday' shares an undercurrent of on-the-edge uncertainty and dread. It's this undercurrent that calls to mind comparisons to Forever Changes-era Love and the more damaged end of the pop spectrum. Originally privately pressed in MA in an edition of only 500 copies in 1968." Features original cover art, printed inner sleeve with rare photos and band history.

LAZY SMOKE - Corridor of Faces Demos In 2010, Jackpot reissued Lazy Smoke's Corridor of Faces, the sole output from a short-lived Massachusetts psychedelic pop anomaly called Lazy Smoke, which existed for a blink of an eye in 1968. Unearthed and recently recovered is this handful of spare demos. Crushingly honest and intimate, most of these songs would later see reworked for the debut album. In addition to the twelve 1967 demos, the Corridor of Faces Demos LP also includes two songs originally recorded to acetate in 1966 by pre-Lazy Smoke project: The Road Runners. These two slabs of proto-garage have never seen the light of day, and none of the songs included here have ever been released on vinyl. A must have for any fan of the proper album, but also a fantastic stand alone piece, creating an undeniable mood that can warm or chill you before any given song comes to a close."

THE LEATHERCOATED MINDS - A TRIP DOWN THE SUNSET STRIP The Leathercoated Minds? 1967 release A Trip Down the Sunset Strip is a one-of-a-kind artifact of the psychedelic era. Originally conceived as an exploitation item, it nonetheless emerged as an enduring musical statement, thanks to the talents of those involved, particularly then-unknown Oklahoma-bred guitarist J.J. Cale.

THE LEGEND - (S/T) "Formed in California in the late sixties, this obscure band was signed for a one-off deal with the small Encino-based Megaphone label -- for whom they produced this eponymous album in 1968 -- then disappeared without a trace, although according to some sources The Legend morphed into the equally obscure Dragonfly, also on Megaphone. Serving up a mix of poppy psych originals and a handful of inspired covers (including The Who's 'The Kids Are Alright', The Troggs' 'With A Girl Like You', and Bob Dylan's 'Baby Blue') this album is a rare slice of early, surprisingly radio-friendly, Southern Californian psychedelia."


LESLIE'S MOTEL - Dirty Sheets This unreleased U.S. album from 1972 is now available on vinyl for the first time. They played explosive, bluesy hard-rock with powerful vocals and stunning guitar/organ, in the same vein as early Allman Brothers or Ten Years After. Remastered sound from the original master tapes. Includes an insert with liner notes and rare pictures.

THE LIBERTY BELL - Thoughts & Visions 1967-69 "Corpus Christie, Texas 1967: a hotbed for young music groups. One of the local bands to cause attention are The Zulus. They are playing local gigs, have a certain popularity and a record deal is overdue. Carl Becker, co-owner of J-Beck Records, who had already managed the Zakary Thaks, offers the band a contract for his newly established Cee-Bee Label. On Beckers suggestion, the band changes their name to Liberty Bell and in 1967 their debut 45 'The Nazz Are Blue' b/w 'Big Boss Men' gets released. The name Liberty Bell is indissoluble wedded with other self penned devasting garage recordings such as 'That’s How It Will Be.' 'For What You Lack' or the unreleased 'I Can See.' In 1968, lead singer Ronnie Tanner leaves the band and gets replaced by former Zakary Thaks lead singer Chris Gerniottis. The change in line-up and the arising spirit of time gives a more psychedelic edge to the bands sound and leads to another load of classic Gerniottis written scorching fuzz recordings such as 'Reality Is The Only Answer,' 'Recognition' or 'Look For Tomorrow.' For the first time in 25 years, the music of the Liberty Bell is available again on vinyl. Brillant Five-Star-Texas-Garage-Punk – always and forever. •devasting Texas '60s garage. •First time available on Vinyl in 30 years. •Remastered at Pauler Acoustics. •Full glossy LP sized insert w/pics and history" 

LIGHT of DARKNESS - (S/T) Three Scottish musicians with a German drummer based in Hamburg, with their sole album released only in Germany . Originally published in 1971, this album is an all time classic (Dag Erik Asbjornsen). Light Of Darkness plays a heavy progressive garage rock masterpiece with special vocals (Captain Beefheart sounds like Art Garfunkel) as Dag Erik means in his book ,,Cosmic Dreams At Play'.

LIGHTSHINE - Feeling "One of the very best records on Garden of Delights, if not the best one in general. Purely psychedelic music. There are no weak parts on the album at all. Only impressive songs played by talented musicians, recorded professionally, and taken from the master tapes. Everything fits together quite perfectly. Fans of early Pink Floyd will thoroughly enjoy the LP. Its style is reminiscent of the late 1960s. All songs, except for the rather catchy 'Lory,' are very mysterious and reveal their real beauty only after being listened to several times. An aural pleasure from the first to the very last tone. The new edition contains a four-page insert with a detailed band history in German and English, song lyrics, discography, photographs, and much valuable information on the Trefiton label."

LINCOLN STREET EXIT - Drive It Founded by Sioux Indians in the late '60s, The LINCOLN ST Exit recorded this excellent album in 1970, before turning into the more well known Xit. A mixture of blistering hard rock, psychedelia and native American Indian politics, this has now become a much sought after collector's item. Ranging from the psych-heavy blues ridden "Dirty Mother Blues" to the easy going "Soulful Drifter", and in between there are songs reflecting the times, the Vietnam era vibe hanging over the US.

PERRY LEOPOLD - Experiment In Metaphysics First-ever official vinyl reissue. The absolute cornerstone of acid folk and psychedelic folk, 1970's Perry Leopold masterpiece still remains today as THE ONE to compare with when new psych-folk vintage records are discovered. Still no one beats him, and they probably never will. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl with newly-remastered sound. Includes a repro of a 1973 promotional flyer and an insert with liner notes by Patrick Lundborg.

JEFF LIBERMAN - Solitude Within Originally released in 1975. Chicago born Jeff Liberman was a guitar player in the best tradition of '70s guitar Gods like Hendrix, Trower, Clapton or Zappa. His music is the perfect mix between virtuosity and feeling, with a gift for brilliant songwriting. Full of heavy psych guitar with plenty of fuzz-wah, phasing, effects, mystical/moody vocals, acid-blues, and mellow folkie tracks with west coast vibes and even some crazy synth/electronic/experimental excursions. Featuring the 8+ minutes psych opus "Phenaphen No. 3" and more. RIYL: Bob Smith, D.R. Hooker, Terry Brooks, Bevis Frond, Robin Trower, Cream, Bob Desper. Remastered sound; Includes an insert with liner notes by Klemen Breznikar (It's Psychedelic Baby); Includes a digital download.

JEFF LIBERMAN - Synergy For his third album, released in 1978, guitar wizard Jeff Liberman incorporated his heavy guitar psych style some cool cosmic funk, soul-jazz and A.O.R. influences. Superb musicianship, psych/prog-rock flashes, acid guitar soloing, soulful vocals, occasional synths and analog keyboards, flowing rhythm section. It features the Balearic classic "Transformation" (compiled by Psychemagik) plus other choice cuts. Remastered sound; Includes an insert with liner notes by Klemen Breznikar (It's Psychedelic Baby); Includes a digital download.

JEFFERY LIBERMAN - (S/T) His self-titled first album was released in 1975 and recorded at PSR Studios in Chicago. It is full of heavy psych guitar with plenty of fuzz-wah, phasing, effects, mystical/moody vocals, acid-blues, and mellow folkie tracks with west coast vibes and even some crazy synth/electronic/experimental excursions. Featuring the 8+ minutes psych opus "Phenaphen No. 3" and more. RIYL: Bob Smith, D.R. Hooker, Terry Brooks, Bevis Frond, Robin Trower, Cream, Bob Desper. Remastered sound; Includes an insert with liner notes by Klemen Breznikar (It's Psychedelic Baby); Includes a digital download.

LIGHTSHINE - Feeling "One of the very best records on Garden of Delights, if not the best one in general. Purely psychedelic music. There are no weak parts on the album at all. Only impressive songs played by talented musicians, recorded professionally, and taken from the master tapes. Everything fits together quite perfectly. Fans of early Pink Floyd will thoroughly enjoy the LP. Its style is reminiscent of the late 1960s. All songs, except for the rather catchy 'Lory,' are very mysterious and reveal their real beauty only after being listened to several times. It's a shame that Lightshine from Emmerich have not released any further material. The one at hand is an aural pleasure from the first to the very last tone. The original LP was released on the Trefiton label in 1976.

FREDDY LINDQUIST - MENU Freddy Lindquist was a veteran of several Norwegian beat bands before embarking on his solo album in 1970. Moving on to heavy rock he produced an album in the classic vein of Cream and Taste - the comparison being even more apt as the addition of two help-mates made the band into a trio.

LITTER $100 FINE - (RI/180 GRAM) Legit 180 gram reissue of this US psychedelic masterpiece. Includes their rockin' "Mindbreaker", the freaky "Apologies To 2069", the heavily phased "Kaleidoscope" and an elongated mesmeric rendition of "She's Not There".

LITTER - Distortions One of the finest examples of sixties psychedelic punk, this first album by The litter contains a number of fuzzed up feedback drenched cover versions such as "I'm A Man", "Codine" and the Who tracks "Substitute" and "A Legal Matter" as well as awesome originals such as "Action Woman".

THE LIVING SACRIFICE BAND - Beauty For Ashes (ANAZITISI ARLP 70-47F/ 1979/ GREECE) limited deluxe reissue, 200 copies with black vinyl! With 2 inserts and sealed with sticker in plastic bag! First reissue of very rare xian folk-rock band with female vocals and with LAST CALL OF SHILOH members. Their 2nd LP of 3.

LONDON DRI - Western Skies (L.A. psychedelic 1967-69) Between their 1965 formation and their disbandment in '70, London Dri recorded a small collection of psych nuggets, only two of which made it to wax. This retrospective combines their lone single with nine unreleased gems.

LOVE - Black Beauty US, High Moon Records, Catalogue #HMRLP-01) Brand new/unplayed copy of limited edition (edition of 5000 machine numbered copies only) High Moon Records label vinyl edition of previously unreleased 1973 album "Black Beauty" by Love. Deluxe package includes 28-page, full-color book and download card.

THE LOVE MACHINE - Electronic Music To Blow Your Mind By Killer exploito psych LP from 1968 by the Love Machine, “Electronic Music to Blow Your Mind By!!!” – and trust me, it CAN be done – on the Design label. One of the harder-to-find exploito-psych albums with an absolutely KILLER psychedelic cover.

THE LOVE EXCHANGE - (S/T> Both adventurous and appealingly innocent, the Love Exchange?s eponymous 1968 album stands as a perfect example of Aquarian-age sunshine pop. Boasting a swirling, jangly sound and a distinctive lead singer in 16-year-old Bonnie Blunt, the Los Angeles quintet burned briefly but brightly. They remained together long enough to make this album, which remains a favorite of ?60s aficionados.

LOVE - LOVE LOST Deluxe gatefold 2LP version. "The material on Love Lost -- comprised of the unreleased Columbia sessions, plus five unreleased acoustic demos from the same period -- captures Love in a transitional phase, charting the next step in Lee's idiosyncratic musical trajectory, following the lush garage-psychedelia of the classics Da Capo and Forever Changes, and the bluesier direction of the hard-rocking False Start and Out Here. Many of the songs included on Love Lost would resurface, often in radically different form, on subsequent Love releases, and on Lee's fabled solo album Vindicator. But the original versions included on Love Lost boast a playful looseness that's absent from most of Lee's later work, as well as a raw, edgy urgency that underlines his credentials as an early progenitor of punk-rock attitude. Love Lost also features three songs -- 'For a Day,' 'Trippin' & Slippin'' and 'C.F.I. Instrumental' -- that have not previously been released, in any form. With a treasure trove of vintage Love music that has never before been heard by fans, Love Lost is a major addition to Arthur Lee and Love's body of work, and its release is a major event for Lee's fervent fan base."

LOVE LIVE LIFE & ONE - Love Will Make A Better You Really wigged out Japanese psych band from 1971 that subscribed to the "wall of sound" theory. Featuring a flautist and two saxophonists in addition to the usual drums, organ, guitar, piano and bass, Love Will Make a Better You is a rather mixed bag of music, ranging from bluesy psych to free jazz excursions somewhere between Coltrane and Coleman. This wild use of horns and flute lends a very avant/prog aura to the album, particularly if it is viewed as a psych album. In comparison to the grungy, bluesy psych from Japan in the early '70s, Love Live Life + One were actually quite experimental. In fact, though they don't sound like them, I was vaguely reminded of the experimental side of the Soft Machine. The English lyrics are pretty hippie/trippy and aren't worth writing about other than a rather unique delivery style.

MAC ARTHUR - (S/T) U.S. basement psych-prog monster released in 1979 as an ultra-rare private pressing of 200 copies. MacArthur were formed when a young guitar player and songwriter named Ben MacArthur met a 17-year old prodigy musician called Bill Heffelfinger in Saginaw, Michigan, in 1978. Bill was not only a gifted guitar player but also a genius arranger and keyboard wizard. When Ben showed him some of the stuff he had written, Bill took the songs and transformed them into classic pieces of music. They soon recruited Jeff Bauer on bass and Scott Stockford on drums. The chemistry of MacArthur was born. The first MacArthur album, known in collector's circles as The Black Forest due to the vinyl bootleg of the same title released in the '80s, was recorded in 1979 using a four-track machine. Produced by Bill Heffelfinger, MacArthur is a progressive/psychedelic concept album highlighted by devastating, ripping fuzz guitar solos and Mini-Moog/synths attacks.

MAD CURRY - (S/T) This is simply an incredible collection of music, with some really creative drumming from Eddy Kane, and some killer organ work from Danny Rousseau. This one of those progressive rock albums that isn't particularly pretentious (for those who run at the thought of this kind of music), as they tend to borrow more from jazz than classical. The music is really full of great twist

MAD RIVER - (S/T) (180 Gram/Sealed) Official and exact vinyl repro of the original version of this 1968 stoned US West Coast classic. This legendary debut album is a trippy acid rock gem that sounds somewhat like H P Lovecraft meets Quicksilver MS on speed. Features "Amphetamine Gazelle", "Wind Chimes" and the stunning 12 minute "War Goes On". Definitely out there, and ranking with the best West Coast classics, without a doubt.

MAGIC - Enclosed -Florida-based band released this album in 1969, feat. Nick King, Gary Harger, Duane King & ex-Birdwatchers member Joey Murcia 971. Psychedelic guitars abound on this project!"

MAJIC SHIP - (S/T) Vinyl reissue of fuzzed out hard rock psych private press originally released in 1970. Insert with liner notes. 180 gram vinyl.

BARIS MANCO / KURTALAN EKSPRES - Yeni Bir Gun Studio album of Anatolian bummer psychedelia, often unfairly overlooked because it came out in the rather un-cosmic year of 1979, but also considered his best work by many. Yep, there are still electrified versions of Turkish folk songs, and the spaceshot ARPs and Korgs of 2023 (GUESS 038CD/106LP) are here too, but don't expect a happy swing around the ceiling of a planetarium. The real star of the album is the keyboard player, whose name translates to "Sword Agent." Yeni Bir Gun is viciously funky and brilliantly arranged, with tidbits stolen out of the latest disco hits, and lean, mean synthesizers that emerge from the beats like carbonated bubbles. First time ever reissue, this release comes in the same gorgeous gatefold cover as the original, has a repro of the original poster as well, and includes an extra insert with extensive liner notes.




MANDRAKE MEMORIAL - Medium "Orginally issued on the Poppy label in 1969, the second LP recorded by The Mandrake Memorial came in a nice gatefold cover by designer Milton Glasser, an icon of '60s and '70s illustration and design and one of the big names in the advertising field since then. More psychedelic sounds in glorious 180 gram black vinyl on our deluxe series. If your gods are The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band or Pearls Before Swine, this LP shall be in your altar!" Gatefold sleeve.

PAUL MARCANO & LIGHTDREAMS - 10,001 Dreams (2 LP's) Marcano and LightDreams's home-recorded (yet hi-fi) lysergic creations give nod to the original British psychedelic and progressive eras, while maintaining a firm foot in hook-based, melodic folk'n'pop and are a guaranteed treasure for those searching for unheard and otherworldly joys. First time reissue with remastered sound. In-depth liner notes from collector Jack D. Fleischer and rare photos. Includes download coupon of the 90-minute unexpurgated 1982 cassette release. RIYL: Dreamies, Simones, late '60s Donovan, Robert Lester Folsom's more psych-leaning moments, McDonald & Giles, Rick Saucedo, Bobb Trimble, Tyrannosaurus Rex. "10,001 Dreams is a perfect distillation of Paul Marcano's musical essence: thoughtful

MARVIN GARDENS - 1968 A phenomonal anthology of rare demos, studio and live recordings from late-60s, second-wave, San Francisco, Electric-Folk pioneers Marvin Gardens. All live tracks recorded by Peter Abram (Velvet Underground The Matrix Tapes) at the legendary Matrix Club in San Francisco. 1968 includes virtually every note Marvin Gardens recorded, and provides a tantalizing glimpse at a uniquely wonderful group. With a powerful female lead singer, Carol Duke, on par with Janis Joplin and Grace Slick, and a versatile and mesmerizing band that goes from playful folk to Latin-tinged jazz vamps to searing, guitar-fuelled garage rave-ups, Marvin Gardens could have been a major artist if the stars had been aligned.

MARSHMALLOW OVERCOAT - The Very Best Of The definitive 25-year best from the Arizona neo-garage-psych maestros!

MASTER'S APPRENTICES - Nickelodeon Recorded during their return tour of Australia in 1971, Nickelodeon presents five tracks not featured on any other albums, and just one familiar song - their contemporary hit "Because I Love You". For the most part they are firmly in Zeppelin-style heavy blues rock mode,

PAUL MARTIN - It Happened 1966-67 garage anthems, jangly folk-rock and baroque pop courtesy of prolific songwriter Paul Martin. “It Happened” collects tracks from his two sought-after singles plus rare acetates and 4-track studio demos, including one previously unreleased track from 1967.

MARY BUTTERWORTH - (S/T) Travel back in time to 1969 with our official reissue of one of the most highly sought after west coast psychedelic rock records ever recorded. A heady trip, filled with grooving reverb-soaked jams! Prized original pressings command more than $1000!!

MASON - Harbour Smokin' heavy rock with an early progressive sound and overtones of folk and blues from Virginia, 1971. Powerful vocals, loud guitar, flute, and killer Hammond organ -- think Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, Grand Funk... Master tape sound; includes repro of the original multi-page insert plus liner notes. "This is an interesting and diverse hard-rock album. If you can picture slow, organ-rich heavy prog, jazzy sax instrumentals, and snappy riff rockers, you'll have an idea of what you're in store for there. There's an air of professionalism usually absent from this kind of self-made records. 'Tell Me' has a fuzz guitar tone to die for." --Aaron Milenski, The Acid Archives

MAYPOLE - The Real (1970)(Anopheles Records) "The first ever authorized, high quality vinyl LP reissue of Baltimore, Maryland's Maypole, whose sole album, The Real, was recorded in three days, July 1970, and released in early 1971, shortly before their label folded, dooming the album to stillborn status commercially at the time, and collector want list status today. The LP is an ambitious, 50-minute feast of tight harmonies, powerful arrangements, fluid improvisation, and flat out great songs, and serves as a touchstone for twin guitar-driven, West Coast-styled psychedelia, soaring power pop, and blistering hard rock -- some even call it prog.    The stature of Maypole has been muddied by the previous CD reissues, but this LP edition gets it right. Featuring state of the art remastering and pressing, a high quality full color 'tip on' jacket featuring original artwork, and a full color insert loaded with lyrics, photos, and complete historical notes by Maypole founder, Dennis Tobell, this is the closest to 'classic psychedelia' Anopheles Records has delved in to date, and we're glad we didn't settle for something second rate -- Maypole is The Real."

MAXIMILLIAN - (S/T) Exact repro of the 1969 debut from this New York-based rock/psych trio, produced by Teddy Vann. Tracks include the Buddy Bowzer-penned "Kickin' 9 To 5," "Scar On My Memory," "The Road Rat" and "The Name Of The Game."

THE MAZE - ARMAGEDDON LP reissue of this psychedelic rock album from 1968. "The advent of ear-splitting, cortex-skewering bands like the Maze really did signal the end of the sixties. But just like that ultimate orgasmic blast during the finale of a great fireworks show, what a perfect way to go. A glittering psychedelic diamond presented here in it's previously unheard original MONO mix!"

MCCHURCH SOUNDROOM “Delusion” The album cover of this rare Krautrock album is devoid of information (except that the lyrics are by Marcel Schaar), so any history of the band is impossible at present. Nevertheless, it has long been established as a major Krautrock title. Here is what Crack in the Cosmic Egg says about it: “starting deceptively in folk-rock realms, “Delusion” moves around a lot, never sitting comfortably within any genre; it is largely instrumental, bridging psychedelic, hard-rock and fusion, being variably comparable to Gomorrah, Thirsty Moon and other such bands. Perhaps the nearest comparison is Gravy Train's superb debut, which similarly featured flute in a variety of rock and fusion styles. A classic!” Engineered by the “third member of Neu!”, Conny Plank.

THE MCELROY BROS. - Can't You See Me Smiling A private-press pop masterpiece recorded in 1977 in rural Vermont by identical twin brothers, Brian and Bruce McElroy. Using familiar '60s British-invasion song structures, the album is somehow instantly familiar while the recording and instrumentation are both totally unique -- perhaps, it's the unrivaled keyboard playing, or the harmonizing vocals that only twins could deliver. Whatever it is, this album is extremely sought after by pop and powerpop fans alike and has managed to elude many others for too long now. Repressed in an edition of 500 copies only, LP includes an 18" x 24" poster."

MCKAY - Into You "One of the 'holy grails' of Indianapolis private-pressdom (surpassed only by Zerfas and Anonymous) available again in its original format! After a brief hiatus, the core members reconvened as McKay, and created their sole document, the 300-press Into You album (1978); the LP was given to friends and family and consigned in nearby record shops. A mere 15 years had to pass before the collecting world discovered the highly-personal songwriting, tight playing, and not-so-well-hidden West-Coast stylistic touches. A vinyl reissue was locally produced back then but it's long gone, so here's a new all analogue, master tape edition for a new generation to savor."

MCKENNA MENDELSON BLUES - (S/T) McKenna Mendelson Blues Late 60s work from Michael McKenna and Joe Mendleson – working here in a punchy, hard charging and fiery bluesy rock mode for the McKenna Mendelson Blues set! The group was fairly short lived, and otherwise known as Mainline – but this set puts the bluesy tendencies right out front, and it works and a pretty incendiary style. The drums are heavy, McKenna's lead guitar is searing, and Mendleson's vocals are pure grit. Drummer Tony Nolasco gets special consideration on the set, particularly for his work on the killer "Ramblin On My Mind", and other tracks include "Toilet Bowl Blues", "Drive You", "Bad Women Are Killing Me"

TINA & DAVID MELTZER - Poet Song RARE Vanguard LP, featuring songs, words, music and poetry from David Meltzer, a poet often associated the Beat writers. He performs here with his wife Tina, on his only record, produced by the legendary Sam Charters and released in 1969.

MERKIN - Music from Merkin Manor Fabulous and ultra-rare U.S. West Coast psychedelic album from Merkin. Released in 1973 on Windy Records (same label as Creation Of Sunlight) but sounding more 1967-1968 with fuzzed-out/jangly guitars and melodic, floating harmony vocals. Newly remastered sound, including an insert with liner-notes.

METABOLISME - Tempus Fugit Released as late as in 1977. With "Tempus Fugit" Metabolisme have created a great album that can be considered a small monument of French progressive rock music of the seventies. Sadly "Tempus Fugit" has remained the only album released by Metabolisme. For lovers of late seventies' French prog this album is an absolute must!!

MILLARD & DYCE - (ala Open) "Ultra-rare rural psych from Baltimore circa 1973... Few originals have ever surfaced... But now Void has a 500 legitimate black vinyl press with insert."

THE MILLENNIUM - BEGIN (180 GRAM) Produced by Curt Boettcher and Keith Olsen, whose dazzlingly inventive soundscapes and choral arrangements pushed the boundaries of music far beyond the breaking point to create a perfect hybrid of Soft Rock and Psychedelia!!

MIND GARAGE - A Total Electric Happening Well known for their 2 LPs made for RCA in 1969 and 1970, they began as a hard rock group in 1967, but soon after had a unique rock and roll dream. This band straight from the beer halls with long hair, beards and wild clothing was about to change Rock and Roll forever. They were the first rock band to bring the drums, amps, and guitars into church for a live rock and roll worship service. In 1968, after having many services under their belt, they were discovered in New York City's Greenwich Village and dubbed "theo-rock" by the Village Voice. By 1969 they had signed with the leading record company's in the world, RCA. In 1970, after three years of persistent efforts they had gone where no other bands had been before. The Mind Garage had taken "the raw sounds in rock music" and offered it to God in the form of an Electric Liturgy. Playing in church after church, they cultivated an environment where rock could thrive, establishing in the process, Christian Rock, a completely new genre of music that has inspired untold millions worldwide. They paved the way for all the Contempory Christian Rock bands that followed, and can rightfully be called the first Christian Rock band. They came to a halt at 1970. "A total electric happening" LP, which we proudly present, contains their very first single privately released in1968 through their own MORNING GLORI label plus 7 previously unreleased songs. All come from an old acetate made for promo use in 1968. Listen to these tracks and you will discover the fully heavy psychedelic sound of Mind Garage. In our opinion their most psychedelic and eclectic efforts, from the very first days of the american psych scene. This official release comes in a gatefold (uni-pak, US type) cover with lots of photos and memorabilia. Plus extra 4-pages insert with bio and photos and an extra post-card (petition). PVC protective outersleeve. 180gr. vinyl as usual. 400 black vinyl edition. Licenced by Larry McClurg and the MIND GARAGE. Remastered and restored from the original 1968 acetate.

MINOTAURUS - Fly Away Originally released privately in 1978 First ever official reissue Exact replica of the original cover and label Taken from the original analogue master tapesFully authorized 500 pieces limited, deluxe exact reissue on 180g vinyl This is the only album of this excellent German progressive group. It was originally released in 1977, a great and very rare self–produced progressive album with English lyrics.

THE MISSING LINKS - (S/T) Formed in Sydney in 1964, a series of personnel changes eventually replaced all original members, leaving vocalist Andy Anderson, guitarist Doug Ford, drummer Baden Hutchens, bassist Ian Thomas and Chris Gray on keyboards. It was this lineup that recorded the band?s 1965 debut album, The Missing Links. An instant garage punk classic, The Missing Links took the UK R&B combo model and drenched it in attitude and feedback, making contemporaries like the Troggs and the Who appear tame by comparison. The sonic guitar meltdown at the end of ?You?re Drivin? Me Insane? presages Jimmy Page?s Zeppelin liftoff by a full three years while ?Wild About You? defies description, except to say it still sounds shocking nearly 50 years on.

MISSUS BEASTLY - (S/T) "Their second one (1974), with the gorilla cover, originally released on the Nova label. Instrumental jazz-rock with flute and saxophone.

MISSUS BEASTLY - Bremen 1974 Instrumental jazz (-rock), very free. With guitarist Eddy Marron (ex Vita Nova, ex Dzyan). Three (very long) tracks, not on any LP. From the master tapes of Radio Bremen.

MISSUS BEASTLY - (S/T) One of the most famous German psychedelic and jazz-rock band,

MISTY HUSH REVIVAL - Your Heart Is Broken One of the most obscure U.S. private pressings from the late '60s/early '70s. For many years, The Misty Hush Revival name was only a rumor whispered in collector's circles, with only a handful of copies known of the original album around today. Like The Bachs or The Index, this is one of those hard-to-describe albums which seems to live in a world of its own. All the tracks are originals -- no cover versions -- and they range from fragile, dreamy pop-psych numbers to raw garage, fuzzed-out jams and teen-beat sounds. Like Patrick Lundborg says in Acid Archives: "A cool, atmospheric trip for fans of the tri-state late '60s club sound.

MO - First Album "Moe Whittemore's first and only album on his own 700 West label is one of Indiana's oddest left-field rarity. Ostensibly a selection of publishers demos, the album was rumored to have been printed in a very small run of only 300 copies. The style runs the gamut from beat-heavy progressive rock on "Nowhere To Go" and "Slammer" to futuristic space noodlings on "K2- 3rd Movement" [Actually a chamber music composition clearly, but played on synths]. All in all, the album is something between a demo to promote his recording studio and a library record of styles. Absolutely recommended to beat heads, library collectors and psych fans."

MOBY GRAPE - Live LP (12"/10" Album) "Historic Live Moby Grape Performances 1966-1969" A genuine psychedelic landmark: the first official collection of concert recordings by ther legendary San Francisco band at it's late 60s peak. These four-decade-old recordings have been spectacularly mastered, in you-are-there fidelity, and are packaged with rare photos & liners by David Fricke.

MOBY GRAPE - The Great Lost Moby Grape Album (2 LP's)

LOS MOCKERS "COMPLETE RECORDINGS 1965 - 1967 (150 gram/Sealed) A complete compilation of all the recordings by ones of thee best R&B South American bands of the 1960s. Fully influenced by the British Invasion, this 5-piece from Uruguay was forever in competition with their counterparts, los Shakers (parallel to the Beatles/Stones) and were considered the Satanic Majesty of the Río de la Plata. Wild. Plain and simple, you cannot not own this piece of the 60s in South America

MOGOLLAR - (S/T) Originally released in 1976. Makam madness gives way to instrumental prog on this burned-out last album from Moğollar, Turkey's Anadolu pop heroes. Moğollar was the band that never had a singer attached for long, and yet even more than Baris Manco or Erkin Koray, they consciously highlighted what was different about the new sounds of the era. Incredible fusion of ancient Anatolian melodies and instruments with prog/psych with occasional, piercing fuzz guitar. RIYL: John Berberian, Devil's Anvil, and vintage Turkish psych. Remastered sound; Includes liner notes by Angela Sawyer.

MOLOCH - (S/T) Produced by Don Nix (widely-credited as a key architect of the "Memphis Sound"), this hard-hitting collection of bluesy acid-rock first appeared on Stax subsidiary Enterprise in 1970. Featuring the outstanding guitar-playing of the late Lee Baker (later to play with Alex Chilton) and the original version of "Going Down" (covered by Freddie King, Jeff Beck, JJ Cale and others). An essential purchase for all fans of blues-influenced rock and roll.

MONKS - Black Time - (RI/Sealed)    The whole of the original and legendary 1966 album from the band formed in Germany by ex-US servicemen. Powerful and highly original garage punk / Freak Beat music with the addition of an electric banjo! Savage, raw, energetic and decidedly strange in places...

THE MONOCLES - The Higher Elevation This retrospective collection includes the best of their 45 sides plus some tracks previously unreleased on vinyl. You'll find demented psychsploitation ("The Spider & the Fly," "The Diamond Mine") crude garage-psych ("Psychedelic (That's Where It's At)," "Odyssey"), sunshine-pop/jangly folk-rock ("Summer Skies," "Here Comes Sunshine"), teen garage/frat-rock ("Boogie Man," "You Don't Know"), pop-psych ("Crazy Bicycle"), and more. Includes insert with detailed liner notes and rare photos.

MOONDOG - More Moondog 180 gram vinyl. "This is the second Moondog LP, originally released on Prestige in 1956. It continues the NYC street performer's exploration of minimalist composition and field recording, mixing percussion and sparse melodies with piano solos, street sounds and monologues. Surprisingly accessible despite it's avant-garde nature, bridging the gap between the familiar and the bizarre. Another all out masterwork from one of 20th century America's most unique minds."

MORGEN - (S/T) (RI/180 Gram/Sealed) Stone Cold classic US '60s heavy psych album with lashings of freaked out effected guitar, trippy songs and a dark stoned vibe that sends shivers down your spine. It certainly blows a lot of the other mega rarities away with it's bizarre lyrics, which set an eerie tone to the proceedings ("The nights a crazy shade of purple/the moon's a strange kind of green"). The sound is raw in the best possible way with no compromises to be found, with punky vocals highly original material and acid guitars that won’t quit Awesome stuff! Finally getting a quality reissue on 180 gram vinyl, housed in repro sleeve.   

MORLY GREY - The Only Truth (2 LpS) The only album from this Ohio based band, that was first issued in 1971. Melodic hard psychedelic rock with some fine lead guitar work, culminating in the highly impressive 17 minute title track, which extemporises on the theme of "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" and features some trippy weirdness. Included are rare single sides, unreleased tracks, rare graphics (including original poster) and a detailed history of the group.

MORMOS - Great Wall of China Recorded in 1971 and originally only issued in France by CBS, the first LP by post-SPOILS OF WAR band Mormos is a masterpiece of fabulous experimental psychedelic acid folk sounds and bizarre melodies. Influences from contemporaries such as The Incredible String Band are present, as are some resemblances to the music of f.i. Comus or Dr. Strangely Strange. Mormos nevertheless created unique athmospheres which were (and are) unheard in other music of the era.

MORMOS - The Magic Spell of Mother's Wrath Like the debut full length, this is a masterpiece of gently crafted acid folk sounds with jazzy touches that will remind you of a.o. Pentangle or John Martyn. The album is sure to appeal not only to folk lovers, but also those into more progressive stuff.

THE MORNING DEW - (S/T) (2 LP's) Two full records of demo recordings, meant for a never-released second album, plus solo acoustic versions of band classics like the monumental 'Crusader's Smile', alternate versions and more, most of which is previously unreleased. All these recordings make their vinyl debut here. This edition is limited to 500 DOUBLE-LP'S, housed in a deluxe gatefold tip-on jacket with a luscious 4-panel colour insert offering lyrics and liner notes by Morning Dew songwriter Mal Robinson.

THE MORNING DEW - Early Years ... The Morning Dew are mainly known for their highly regarded 1970 psychedelic album recorded for Roulette Records. Between 1966 - 1969, the band had already established a live-and recording history as a local and regional garage and psychedelic band and along with The Blue Things, were one of Kansas' most exciting regional top-acts. This LP presents fourteen early recordings including the 1966 Audio House session, both their 1966/67 singles A´s & B´s for Fairyland Records and alternative versions on side one. Side two features the band's 1968 Fairyland summer sessions, which forged a complex psychedelic sound that culminated in a record deal with Roulette Records. This release covers the band's local years from 1966 - 69 and includes material never before released or unavailable on vinyl for years. LP comes with an in-depth insert with a cache of photos and trivia tracing the genesis of a band that started as an instrumental group in 1963 and ended after their garage days as a now much respected psychedelic band.

MORNING GLORY - Two Suns Worth Morning Glory This overlooked acid pop treat has been compared to albums by Jefferson Airplane and the Mamas and the Papas, though it's less experimental than the former and more psychedelic than the latter. Originally released in May 1968, it was engineered by John Cale (Velvet Underground) and produced by Abe Kesh (familiar to psych fans for his work with Blue Cheer, the Savage Resurrection and others). A solid collection of West Coast hippie rock featuring the hypnotic psych classic Jelly Gas Flame.

MOUNTAIN BUS - Sundance 1971 West Coast/psychedelic monster with long, flowing guitar jams and melodic vocals. Listen to Mountain Bus' 10-minute cover of "I Know You Rider" or the acid guitar spacey-jam of "Hexaedron" and prepare to melt away. Highly recommended to fans of Grateful Dead, Quicksilver, and Mighty Baby. Mastertape sound, including an insert with liner-notes.

MOUSE AND THE TRAPS - The Fraternity Years Mouse And The Traps, from Texas are principally known for the classic garage and folk-rock of A Public Execution, Maid Of Sugar and Lie, Beg, Borrow & Steal. Based in the eastern city of Tyler and evolving from a group of pickers who hung out at Robin Hood Brians' recording studio, Mouse (Ronnie Weiss) and his band ruled the region in the latter half of the 60s. The Traps made a name for themselves throughout the south with some incendiary performances and scored several regional hits, with the Dylan-laced Execution making the national charts in 1966. Signed to the venerable Cincinnati indie Fraternity, with a dozen singles under their belt, there were rumors among collectors for years that a Mouse And The Traps LP existed. There never was an album, but now Big Beat has decided to condense the contents of their well-received Mouse & The Traps CD anthology The Fraternity Years into one all-killer vinyl edition. It's the kind of power-packed disc fans would have hoped for back in the day. As a special bonus, it includes a previously unissued alternate version of the act's 1968 single Sometimes You Just Can't Win.

MOUVEMENTS - (S/T) The original album was pressed in a tiny run that was only sold through art galleries in Switzerland – and it's got a very homegrown feel that has each track showcasing a different combination of instrumental elements, but often with tuneful moments that really keep the whole thing from ever sounding too artily overindulgent! There's definitely some prog impulses going on here, and a few tunes jam a bit – but they're also offset by more introspective moments, including a great duet between piano and "ocean" that opens the record – and some spare guitar or electronic bits. Titles include "Nebel/Leben", "Ailleurs", "Hard Rock Overture", "Goutte De Sang En Feu", "Largo Pour Piano Et Ocean", and "Le Voyage Serper". (Includes download with bonus tracks and a booklet of notes!)

MOVING GELATINE PLATES - (S/T) On their impressive 1971 debut, France's Moving Gelatine Plates create a unique brand of jazz-influenced progressive rock. Parts of the album are reminiscent of the music recorded by groups from England's Canterbury scene (e.g., Soft Machine), but the Moving Gelatine Plates' driving rhythms and catchy thematic shifts set the band apart from their English counterparts.

MOVING GELATINE PLATES - The World of Genius Hans French progressive rock band (widely influenced by jazz and psychedelia), initially released in 1972 on CBS. Moving Gelatine Plates was one of the most interesting groups to come out of France in the early '70s, along with Magma and Gong.

MU (S/T> West Coast psychedelia / acid-rock by the legendary Merrell Fankhauser featuring Jeff Cotton (Captain Beefheart) on lead guitar. Their first album from 1971.

MURPHY BLEND - FIRST LOSS "Murphy Blend's (named after a pipe tobacco) only album, is one of the best and rarest early German progressive rock records. Excellent Hammond organ, that delivers a unique heavy psychedelic Krautrock sound. It was originally released on the legendary Kuckuck label in 1970. English lyrics. Limited edition, deluxe 180g vinyl, heavy exact texture cover."

MUSIC EMPORIUM (ST) LP version in full color, die-cut gatefold sleeve (as per the original). 180 gram vinyl. "Blistering rockers with wispy melodies, Buddhist chants with wild-eyed psychedelic anthems: all part of the unique acid-folk vision of LA's Music Emporium, led by key-board virtuoso/singer Bill 'Casey' Cosby. For this first ever legitimate reissue of their supremely rare 1969 album -- now on 180 gram vinyl (with original die-cut, gatefold cover faithfully reproduced) -- we've purchased the original masters, interviewed the band, found never-before-seen snapshots, and added five cool bonus tracks."

NGC-4594 - What Really Means! Named after the galactic location of the nearest black hole to Earth, NGC-4594 only issued one single during their brief existence in 1967. But such was the majestic allure of Going Home/Skipping Through The Night that a myth grew around NGC-4594, with rumors of a "great lost album" spoken about in hushed tones by connoisseurs of psychedelic music. Now that album -- locked in the vaults for four decades -- is finally available, along with the true story of this strangest of psychedelic bands from Storrs, Connecticut. Deluxe release in a high-quality carton cover, pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Includes an insert with photos and extensive liner notes. Comes with a bonus 7" featuring both tracks from the original 1967 single release.

LES NAPOLEONS - A GO GO (Import) Sporting a subtitle that says "music for dancing", Les Napoleons offer an engaging mix of snarling garage rockers and Mersybeat-inspired pop. While isolated ballads such as "Tu es Partie" and "La Vie Sans Toi" are okay, the band's at their best on up-tempo rockers such as "Fou de Toi", "Reviens" and "Je M'en Fou". The set's low-fi production feel adds to the overall appeal. Translated covers of The Beatles' "I Feel Fine" and "We Can Work It Out" are great. Although all ten tracks are sung in French, the energetic performances more than compensate for the fact the lyrics are largely a mystery.

MUNEHIRO NARITA - Psyche De Loid Munehiro Narita, the original "psychedelic speed freak," is for many people the undisputed king of acid-fuzz guitar. Playing heavy guitar fuzzed-out covers of classic psych songs from the '60s/'70s. But Psyche De Loid was also the first-ever psychedelic album recorded using Vocaloid technology. Narita smashes this genre into a wall with the contrast of killer, Ron Asheton-like piercing fuzz-wah guitar and child-like android vocals, featuring surreal covers of tracks by The Stooges, Hendrix, Blue Cheer, Shocking Blue, Pink Floyd, MC5, Jefferson Airplane. . . .

NAZGUL - The Nazgul LP version with download code. Lost-in-time kosmische/kraut/avant-garde artifact produced by Toby Robinson, aka The Mad Twiddler, circa 1975 for his private Pyramid label. Tolkien-inspired dark ambient soundscapes with spooky/ritualistic atmosphere, treated percussions, gongs and guitars, trippy Hammond and Mini-Moog, tape loops, weird noises, and drones... File under dark ambient, proto-industrial, kraut, experimental...

NECRONOMICON - Tips Zum Selbstmord One of the more purely outrageous German scene relics from 1972, described in the past as: "A true monster, musically combining extremely heavy guitar riffing with Pink Floydish psychedelic feeling, genuine progressive elements with the minimalism of Can, opera choirs and the spirit of '68 German campus."

NEIGHB'RHOOD CHILDR'N - (S/T) The Neighborhood Children, tucked away in Medford, Ore., near the California border were living proof that if you've got it, your mailing address doesn't really matter. And the Neighb'rhood Childr'n definitely had it. When Dyan Hoffman, Rick Bolz, Ron Raschdorf and W.A. Farrens drove 350 miles through the mighty redwood groves down to San Francisco to cut their first album at Leo de Gar Kulka's Golden State Recorders, they couldn't have picked a better time. It was the summer of 1967—now known as the Summer Of Love—and San Francisco was inundated with young people from all over the world, spurred on by a blossoming rock scene that included Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother and the Holding Co. and the Grateful Dead. And yet, none of those legends in the making ever cut an album as hard to find these days—extremely rare and collectible—as the LP by the Neighb'rhood Childr'n. Not only is their record hideously hard to find, it's amazingly groovy coming from four kids from a rural background. Dyan's voice has the earnest zeal of a young Grace Slick, and the complex arrangements run the table from acid-soaked tripsichord to fiery anthems meant to spur on a new generation of street-fighting men as well as lonely navigators of the mind. Not surprisingly, Dyan reveals that some of this amazing material was inspired by seeing Quicksilver Messenger Service for the first time. "They were always my favorite group," she says. It just goes to show what you can soak up and give back to the world if your heart is in the right place.

NEIGHB'RHOOD CHILDR'N - Long Years In Space (2 LP's) Marinated in influences as mind-splintering as the mushroom folk/rock blast of the Jefferson Airplane as well as the feel-good pristine pop of the Turtles, the Neighb'rhood Childr'n's one album trades hands these days for sums usually mentioned in ransom notes. We've added a dozen unreleased brownies, spun gold from the original session tapes, and Prof. Jud has squeezed the band's legend from vocalist Dyan Hoffman and guitarist Ric Bolz in this latest addition to the Dazed's acclaimed and essential Quakes From The Eureka State series.

NEW COLONY SIX - Breakthrough (Sundazed) One of the most essential garage albums ever, loaded with the trademark sunshine pop harmonies.This 1966 debut album from this act influenced by the British invasion and the emerging teen psych sound is a storming release.

NEW DAWN - There's A New Dawn One of the rarest and best psych albums to come out of the late '60s/early '70s. Fuzz guitar, minor-chord organ dirges, tender vocals and monumental bass are the calling cards of this private press gem. Maybe it's all the rain, but like their Northwest counterparts, The New Tweedy Brothers and The Sonics, The New Dawn helped to establish a regional musical perspective that is hauntingly addictive. Also included are three previously unreleased 1971 demos and a live track from a 2008 band reunion. Limited edition color vinyl of 500 with MP3 download. Includes band history and historic photos. Complete original track listing plus four bonus tracks. Hailed as a 'Masterpiece of Music' by Hans Pokora author of the book series, Record Collector Dreams."

NEW TWEEDY BROTHERS - (S/T) Now a holy grail between psychedelic collectors. Innocent vocal harmonies, fuzzy bass, jangly guitars, raga sounds -- 100% uncut psychedelia and garage-y, jangly folk-rock from 1968. RIYL: The Byrds, Moby Grape, Jefferson Airplane, The Charlatans, Buffalo Springfield. "Many punters feel that this LP epitomizes the innocent first wave of 'the West Coast Sound' before it was quickly corrupted." --John T. Berg Master tape sound; Includes insert with rare photos, memorabilia, and an interview with original band member Fred Lackaff; Original hexagonal silver foil artwork adapted to a standard cover.

NEWBAN - (S/T) One of the sweetest ensemble funk albums of the 70s – and a record that's gone on to become a classic, despite the fact that most people know little about the group! Newban have a sound that's almost a jazzier take on the Earth Wind & Fire groove of the time – a style that's warm and fluid, and which really gets past the cliches of other larger funk acts – and manages to find a space in sound that's all its own! There's lots of odd phrasings and chords on the set – creating these very blue passages even when the group's grooving in an uptempo mode – almost like the sense of sadness that creeps out from Stevie Wonder's work during his best early 70s years.

NEXUS - En El Comienzo del Topos Uranos The band continues their streak of some big symphonic prog rock music dominated by the sweeping keyboards of Lalo Huber who define the special sound of Nexus with that special spacey "high note" on the keys giving a joyful atmosphere to the music.

NIAGA - Afire Great percussion-based jams with strong funky leanings, choked with breakbeats and dope Latin rhythms performed by this ever-amazing percussive combo always centered around main man Klaus Weiss. Originally recorded in Munich's legendary Bavaria Studios on August 1972 and released on Polydor's Finger subsidiary, this is the closing chapter in Niagara's saga and one that is attracting increasing interest from collectors, DJs and music lovers


NOSTRADAMUS - Aquarium They focused mainly on their own music but of course there were lots of influences by bands such as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream, The Who, Free and later The Flock, Gentle Giant and King Crimson. This recording became a lost gem, full of underground vibes and very well produced. Beside Lazarus and Novaks Kapelle, this is one of the best Austrian albums. 180 gram vinyl. Comes in a heavy sleeve with a two-page insert. Edition of 500 (numbered).

RALF NOWY - Lucifer's Dream A melting pot of almost everything from psychedelic pop onto slight jazz influences, with experimental and ethnic diversions, a complex musical suite with a great deal of invention. Indeed, Paul Vincent and Keith Forsey are responsible for a great psychedelic rock feeling. Nowy himself and Al Gromer give the album an ethnic message. Outstanding titles are 'Shiwa's Dance' with a great Al Gromer on sitar and 'Tschad' with a catchy melody, played by Nowy on flute and a percussive background you will never forget.

NUCLEUS - (S/T) Not to be confused with the British act of the same name, this Canadian quintet arose from the ashes of one of Toronto's most popular '60s bands, The Lords Of London. Their sole album originally appeared in April 1969, and features intense jamming, with plenty of swirling organ and tough guitar. When it failed to sell, they split, with three members going on to form 1970s hitmakers A Foot In Coldwater.

O.P.M.C. - Product of Pisces & Capricorn O.P.M.C. (Oldest Professional Music Company, as they were living in the famous Amsterdam Red Light District in those days) centered around Barrie Webb and Teun van der Slikke with different line ups during their existence.   On their second LP, 'Product Of Pisces And Capricorn' from 1971, their sound has reached higher labels of sufistication, mixing the popsike path with 70's rockier stuff. Originally released in Pink Elephant in 1971, the Wah Wah reissue will come housed in a quality glossy laminated gatefold sleeve reproducing the original artwork, remastered sound, and featuring an insert with photos and liner notes. Limited edition of only 500 copies.  

O.P.M.C. - Amalgamation 'Amalgamation'was their first LP, released in 1970 and featuring a mix of psychedelic folk, drugged-out spacy guitar and haunting melodies that some sources have considered to be vaguely reminiscent of Love's Forever Changes.

ODIN - (S/T) Their one and only album on famous German label Vertigo, originally released in 1972, is a truly gem of the golden age of Progressive Rock. Four excellent musicians show their great talent.   The album's highlight is opening track 'Life is only'. This is an absolutely great 12-minutes number with raging, dissonant Hammond B-3 work, refined song constructions and very good guitar and vocal work. Another highlight is a 8-minutes version of Quartermass classic 'Gemini' with features also a long and impressive B-3 organ solo. 'Clown' closes the original album out with some heavy instrumental firepower from Jeff Beer keyboards and strong vocals.   Hot stuff and highly recommended.

THE OLD MAN & THE SEA - Second The Old Man & The Sea produced a second album in 1974 which was never released. For sure as good as the first but with more musical skills and the production was right on the spot. Every track just perfect, great organ, guitars and vocals, a very sophisticated heavy rock album with a progressive touch. One of the best albums recorded in Denmark. 500 numbered copies on 180 gram vinyl, in a gatefold heavy sleeve."

THE OLIVERS - Lost Dove Sessions The "lost" LP, a never released psych album recorded after several line-up changes in early 1969 at Dove Studios in Minneapolis. Comes with a four-page LP sized insert documenting the band's career as told by its original members and a cache of unseen photos.

ONE ST. STEPHEN - (S/T) "Another private pressing, this time one that first saw the light of day on the Owl label in 1975. Despite the somewhat controversial cover, this is an album which is generally regarded as one of the finest heavy acid psych albums of its time. One reviewer described it thus: 'Side 1 opens and closes with extended, awesome moody psychers which will blow you away. Poe, heroin and Jim Morrison all help shape Stephen's outlook, which results in one of the more distinct late autumnal moods [ever] manifested on vinyl. Good vocals, some howling fuzz and occasional use of Moog in typical '70s acidhead fashion'. One St Stephen has been issued on CD before (on an unknown Austrian label in the '90s), but that particular version erroneously included 2 tracks by a completely different band (St Steven, from Boston), so this is the first time that this highly-regarded album has appeared in its original form."

THE ONES! - Volume One Excellent garage rock from 1966. Piano and Organ: Fred George. Vibes, and Celeste: Clay Pitts. Audio Engineer: Vincent Traina. Recorded at National Recording Studios, N.Y.C.. Produced and arranged by Clay Pitts for Will Kavanna and Ashwood House.

MICHAEL OOSTEN - (S/T) Oosten took off, with a Martin guitar in tow, playing coffeehouses and clubs across the country. By the end of 1973, he was ready to record an LP -- five psychedelic folk/rock tracks. Oosten's wayward vocals puts us in mind of other meandering faves from various eras (Incredible String Band, Perry Leopold, or the Meatpuppets, to name but three), and Oost proves himself a stellar guitarist in an eccentric and percussive mode.

ORIENT EXPRESS - (S/T) (RI/180 Gram/Sealed) Classic Middle Eastern US '60s psych in a similar vein to the American Kaleidoscope, John Berberian etc. Loads of exotic instruments including lashings of oud and clay drum percussion. A trippy mixture of European rock and Middle Eastern promise.   

OS MUNDI - Latin Mass This is the debut album of this great German group. It was originally released in 1970 on the Metronome label. Great psychedelic progressive rock sound, similar to the Electric Prunes 'Mass In F Minor' album, totally different to their later works. 500 pieces limited edition, deluxe 180 gram vinyl, from the original masters, exact reproduction of the original first pressing with the Metronome labels, First ever audiophile edition pressed in the Netherlands.

OS MUNDI - 43 Minuten On this album, Os Mundi created a rather unique jazz-rock, blending rock, jazz, psych, which comes out particularly tight, considering the member's varied background (from classical to free-jazz and beat groups) and influences.   Generally the music is a very pleasant and positive atmosphere, contrasting with the texts, but on the whole, because of the "light" feel, you can easily skip over the lyrics should the content not be "up your alley". Cellos, flutes, sax, fuzz guitar, congas, bongos, ashtrays, organ, telephones contribute to the great music, where there are no weak moments and plenty of enthralling ones (the psych-jazz flute solo in Children's Games sounding like Thijs Van Leer amongst others), makes this album a small early-70's gem.

THE OUTSIDERS - CQ "With The Outsiders still spoken of in hushed tones in even the deepest circles, we're thrilled to help shine some light on what might be one of the most underrated bands ever. Originally released in Holland in October 1968, CQ (pronounced 'Seek You') was the third and final album by Dutch garage punks The Outsiders. These rowdy teenagers from Amsterdam were part of the thriving 'Nederbeat' scene with the band taking their cues from British and Stateside garage acts of the day (including singing entirely in English). 'CQ' spans R&B, spacey experimental numbers, folk rock and a revved-up kind of punk that pre-dates the angular moodiness of what would become the no wave/post punk sound a decade later. This unpredictable stylistic approach, when coupled with across-the-board amazing songs, make this one of the masterpieces of late '60s psychedelic garage rock, and a cornerstone album of the genre. Pressed in a vinyl-only limited edition, this deluxe reissue is replicated precisely with gorgeous silver foil cover art. Extensive liner notes include a 2009 interview with lead guitarist Ronnie Splinter about the recording of the album and an exclusive introduction by Mike Stax, editor of Ugly Things magazine." Gatefold sleeve.

OUTSIDERS - CQ-MYTHOLOGY (2LP) Though few people realized it back in 1968, The Outsiders 'CQ' (pronounced as "Seek You") was a landmark album for the Dutch music scene, and the crowning achievement for one of Hollands greatest bands. Had it been released by a British or American band, 'CQ' might be mentioned today in the same breath as 'Ogden's Nut Gone Flake', 'Odessey & Oracle', 'S.F. Sorrow', 'White Light/White Heat', and 'We're Only In It For The Money', all iconic underground rock albums released that same tumultuous year. The album was recorded at G.T.B. Studios in The Hague and the Soundpush Studios in Blaricum during the summer of 1968. For the first time the group had the luxury of uninterrupted studio time, so the musicians were able to work out ideas right there in the studio, rolling tape as they went, then listening back and discussing what changes should be made. 'CQ Mythology' presents these session tapes, giving listeners a fascinating glimpse into the bands creative process as they shaped the songs that would eventually comprise the 'CQ' album. The original releases striking gatefold cover art, designed by artist Anton van der Gulik, was supposed to fold out into four rather than two panels. But apart from the album sleeve that Polydor has released, Van der Gulik made a second design. His four unused iron plate panels now house this 'CQ Mythology' release, a sprawling double-album that stands as a kind of shadow version of the final album. It's a compelling document of a true masterwork-in-progress.

OUTSIDERS - Songbook (Import) LP Vinyl only release of the outstanding 1967 masterpiece of Dutch - beat- psyche - garage from Amsterdam's legendary and incomparable outsiders.Features goosebump gems like "Lying All The Time","Touch" and more. Glossy full colour sleeve.

THE OUTSIDERS - Afraid of the Dark A NEW UNPLAYED first pressing of the lp "Afraid of the dark" by legendary Dutch garage/psych band the OUTSIDERS with WALLY TAX as released on Pseudonym Records in 2010 in Holland. This is a STRICTLY limited (500 copies) 180 grams heavy vinyl album that features previously unreleased FANTASTIC live recordings of the band recorded in 1967!

OUTSIDERS - You Mistreat Me "Strictly limited edition 500 copies, heavyweight 10" black vinyl. Remastered in the 24-bit domain from the original master tapes. The first two Outsiders singles for the illustrious Muziek Expres label and an unreleased 1965 live version of 'Thinking About Today.'" Side 1: 1. You Mistreat Me 2. Sun's Going Down 3. Thinking About Today (Previously unreleased live version 1965) Side 2: 1. Felt Like I Wanted To Cry 2. I Love Her Still, I Always Will Mono / Extended Play 45 R.P.M.

OXFORDS 'Flying Up Through The Sky' LP Missing Vinyl label LP edition of classic 1970 album of top notch, soaring and melodic soft rock/soft psych by Louisville, Kentucky band The Oxfords. This Missing Vinyl label edition includes four bonus tracks taken from pre-LP 45s. 'Oxfords sole 1970 privately pressed album is one of the best late 60s US psychedelic soft rock albums. Excellent male/female vocals and complex original songs. It contains four bonus tracks from their pre-LP 45s, which were not included on the original album. Highly recommended!'' 'This is one of the best soft rock albums of the era, akin to bands like Free Design but not quite as lightweight. Nice male and female vocals and intricate songs. Lots of interesting songs, and the female vocalist is really excellent on the later stuff when she gets a chance to belt it out.' - Aaron Milenski/Acid Archives

THE PAISLEYS - Cosmic Mind At Play The Paisleys Mystical, brooding album, Cosmic Mind At Play, makes its first ever legit vinyl re-release! Produced by Warren Kendrick (The Litter, The Electras), SUNDAZED proudly presents the full, swirlingly-psychedelic portrait of these dark Minneapolis wizards direct from the original masters!

JOHN PALMER - SHORELINES "Brand new lavish reissue of legendary Canadian downer folk psych from early '70s. John Palmer's Shoreline has been a massively rare LP since its release on the Celebration label way back when. Here is the LP in its entirety brought to you from John himself. Color cover, insert. Songs 'Colours For The Shorelines,' 'Better Late Than Never,' more. Fans of downer folk will dig this all nite long, daddio." Includes insert with notes about each song by John Palmer. Exquisitely brooding Bill Fay-esque introspection, featured in Patrick Lundborg's top ten reissues of 2009 ("one of the best things still floating around unheard by most").

PAN - (S/T) Pan was a Danish rock group (1969-1970) founded by the late Robert Lelievre and Arne Würgler.   In Dag Erik Asbjørnsen's book he wrote of the group: "Their collective past gave no indication of the sophisticated sound of Pan. The band's eponymous album is one of those tightly arranged and strictly produced efforts, polished to make Lelievre's songs shine. Most of the tracks blend various styles of rock, folk, jazz and small drops of classical and gospel into a strong and potent brew - it strikes me each time I hear it just how homogeneous and forceful it is".

PANTA RHEI - (S/T) 180 gram vinyl reissue of rare 1973 East German progerssive record not unlike Frumpy, Colosseum, the 2nd Raw Material album, etc.

PAPER GARDEN (S/T) Packed with catchy, imaginative songs and elaborate arrangements, the sole album by this New York quintet is among the more enduring obscurities of the psychedelic era. It sank without trace on original release in May 1969, but has drawn comparison with the work of The Beatles, The Zombies and The Left Banke in recent years. Digitally remastered. Features the complete original artwork.

THE PATRON SAINTS - Fohhoh bohob Deluxe and exact official reissue of one of the rarest & most unique gems of the '60s private press psychedelic underground. Home recorded in a suburban New York living room over just a couple weeks in 1969 by three enthused teenagers, and then self-released by the band in an edition of only 100 copies complete with hand assembled covers and booklet insert. Dreams of rock stardom may have faded quickly, but from such humble beginnings these kids totally transcended their limited resources... an album overflowing with naive creativity, huge ideas, deep bedroom mysticism, and more then a hint of stoned teenage humor, not to mention a rather unusual assortment of instruments and some very unconventional but brilliant 'studio' maneuvering. Two singers/songwriters both with wonderfully deep, poetic & introspective lyrics and unique voices, chiming 12 string & electric guitars, unusually cool use of piano, crude drum kit, autoharp, banjo, tambourine, subtle bursts of fuzz bass, off kilter unison vocals, washes of reverb modulation, weird tape edits, and a seriously one-of-a-kind vibration. There's truly been nothing like it before or since... highest quality production throughout with better-then-ever master tape sounds and warm analog mastering, audiophile 180gm vinyl, exact reproduction of the original heavy weight cover with front & back mind-blowingly cool crude black & white art just like the original, exact reproduction of the thick insert booklet with gold printed covers on multiple colors of construction paper. Plus a bonus 7" of two essential tracks intended for the original LP but left off due to time restrictions, complete with colored construction paper picture sleeve and lyric insert. Without a doubt, the definitive reissue of this lost masterpiece. Released in full cooperation with founding member Eric Bergman. Strictly limited to 1000 copies."

PAZOP - (S/T) After the recording of their aborted first album, these ex-members of famous Belgian bands s.a. Wallace Collection and Waterloo recorded new songs in the summer of 1973 at Start Studios. Widely influenced by King Crimson and Weather Report

PELOMA BOKIU- (S/T) Very rare by now, originally released in 1972 on LYRA records, excellent Greek heavy psychedelic album. The band's name Peloma Bokiu came from band mates' surnames.  Formed in 70's one of the best rock bands in Greece ever. Their first single 'Garyfale, Garyfale' is a classic one until today and had really great lyrics and feeling. The band was playing heavy progressive rock music with strong influences from Santana. It was one of the most capable greek rock bands. 

PELL MELL - From the New World This is the 2nd album of one of the best German Krautrock.symphonic group, Pell Mell (1st album 'Marburg', 1972 also on Long Hair, LHC 104), originally released in 1973 on Philips. 'From The New World', similar to 'Marburg', was a combination of psychedelic and progressive sounds.   Pell Mells sound was characterized by colorful, swirling Hammond organ, a violin played with great virtuosity, mellotron, recorder and some guitar. Album comes with an exact reproduction of the original cover and with insert including band story and never seen before photos. The music was mastered from the original master tapes. A must have!

PENTHOUSE 5 - It's All My Own Bizarre Dream The Penthouse 5 were one of thousands of Texas bands influenced by the mid ‘60s British Invasion sound. Hailing from Dallas suburb Oak Cliff, the group had its heyday from 1966-67, when they recorded a number of group originals and released two 45’s. The band is best remembered for their 1966 garage killer 'Bad Girl', the Beatleesque 'You’re Gonna Make Me' and more Byrds like folk-rocking recordings such as 'In The Shadow' or 'Don’t Mess Around With My Dream'. Several more psychedelic influenced tracks recorded in 1967 remained unreleased, but demonstrate the musical versatility of the band.  Additionally an until now completely unknown five-track acetate recorded in 1965 rounds up this collection of rare and lost recordings by one of the greatest local sixties bands from the Lone Star State. Bonus 7" feat a tough early alternate "Bad Girl" version and the By Fives Garage Killer "I Saw You Walking"; remastered to best ever sound at Pauler Acoustics; full glossy LP sized Insert w/pics and history. First  500 copies with 7" Single.  

PENTWATER - (S/T) "To talk about PENTWATER is paradoxically easy and difficult; easy to enumerate their influences (Yes,Gentle Giant, EL&P,Genesis,Kansas etc...),and exactly for this varied influences is very hard to define the band style !!! However, this task became more easy if you know another north american bands of the same period like HANDS & YEZDA URFA. Pentwater bring to us a very elaborete mix of styles of prog music with a nervous changes of rhythmic and background sounds "landscapes". Highlights to " Living Room Displays", "War", "Gwen's Madrigal", "Radioactive" In my opinion this cd is obligatory in any prog collection and I recommend of the same band your subsequent release "Out of the Abyss" of 1978. My rate is 4 stars ! !

LINDA PERHACS - PARALLELOGRAMS (RI) (GUERSSEN) Remastered vinyl edition of this amazing 1970 album originally released on Kapp by this cult American hippy lady. Beautiful psychedelic folk music, the album is structured around Linda's amazing voice and features an assortment of electric and acoustic instruments and various studio effects. Beautifully sung, played and arranged songs with a mystical otherworldly atmosphere. The tripped out "Parallelograms" is worth the price of entry alone.plus 2 bonus tracks, a poster and an insert.   

PIEL DE PUEBLO - Rock De La Heridas Awesome heavy acid rock from an early '70s Argentinian band featuring future members of Vox Dei. Mind melting lead guitar breaks all over the place on a drugged out slugfest into acid rock heaven..... Raved about in the psych guides...

PLANET OF MAN - Code III The project of Berlin sound engineer Manfred Schunke, a pioneer of the "artificial head" recording system. Code II featured "two American hippies" living in Berlin: Ed and Mary Key, according to Klaus Schulze. They only existed as a band for this album and a track on a compilation, with Klaus Schulze joining-in on one session, as he was there working on his Blackdance album at the time.

PLASTIC CLOUD - (S/T) US import. In 1968, the plastic cloud recorded, quite simply, one of the greatest psychedelic albums ever made. This is one hip album, full of catchy melodies and hippie harmonies, as well as some of the most superb (and trippiest) fuzz guitar ever recorded. There is no point singling out a specific track, they are all excellent-one is equally as good as the next. Essential psychedelia! Now, on to the presentation... Highest quality mastering and pressing (done at Acoustech Mastering/RTI in California); the resulting LP is housed in a poly-lined sleeve, which is inside an ultra-heavy 1960's Project label style gatefold jacket, which is in a loose-fitting plastic sleeve. Top of the line pressing all the way. Limited.

POLYPHONY - Without Introduction Jaw-dropping 1972 album by one of the earliest progressive-rock bands from the U.S. Long, complex tracks full of Hendrix-like acid guitar leads, heavy Hammond organ, Moog, surrealistic lyrics and off-center vocals. A masterpiece of hard progressive and psychedelic stylings. Features remastered sound and original artwork, including an insert with photos and liner notes.

POPOL VUH - Seligpreisung

POPOL VUH - Affenstunde

POPOL VUH - Aguirre

POPOL VUH - Coeur De Verre

POPOL VUH - Herz Aus Glass

POPOL VUH - Das Hohelied Salomos

POPOL VUH - Letzte Tage, Letzte Nachte

POPOL VUH - Die Nacht Der Seele

PRIMEVIL - Smokin' Bats At Campton'sA milestone example of solid garage hard-rock music crafting with unleashed guitars on the straight way to proto-stoner and proto-metal frontiers...

PRINTS of DARKNESS - Zindabad 'Raw, exciting and really quite excellent... fans of fuzz will find a feast of it on this set. The Prints turn in enjoyable readings of 'Summertime,' 'Morning Dew,' and Country Joe & the Fish's 'Rock and Soul Music,' but it's their original numbers that really stand out. The band's bottled-up creative energy comes bursting to a head on the culminating number, 'Oh Color the Shadowy Distance' which starts out as an uber-dramatic Doors-in-the-garage exercise atop a 'Tobacco Road'-type stomp riff, before levitating into a psychedelic instrumental section that sounds a bit like Jorma Kaukonen jamming with the Velvet Underground. Thrilling stuff." -- Mike Stax (Ugly Things)

PROBE 10 - There Is A Universe "Rare private press jazz/space rock album, on reissue wish lists for years. Limited edition of 500 copies. "Unique jazz-rock album with major space-rock vibes. You have to love the way the bass counters the effects-laden guitar solos and heavy fuzz. Considering how many loner folk and hard rock private press albums came from the same time period, discovering something this ambitious and unusual is a real kick. Most of the time, it sounds like the world's best exploito-jazz record, Herb Alpert filtered through Pink Floyd and Quiet Sun" --Acid Archives

PROYECTO A + PROYECTO B (2 LP's) Double LP version. Cosmic acid-psych-soul-funk-prog extravaganza from Spain, 1971. Proyecto A was the brainchild of the great Frank Dubé from Barcelona. What can one say about him? A truly fascinating character -- a pioneer of rock and roll and twist in Spain during the late '50s and early '60s, an accomplished accordion player, a showman, comedian, a psycho-aesthetics master -- but he should also be considered one of the first psychedelic pioneers in Spain due to his groundbreaking work on the Proyecto A album.

PSYCHEDELIC DANCE PARTY - The Vampires" Sound Incorporation A great vinyl reissue of this 1969 exploito psych album courtesy of Siegfried Schwab (Embryo, Et Cetera) and Manfred Hübler, originally released in Germany by Mercury Records. Musically we're talking fuzzy guitars, trippy sitar-laden atmospheres, loungy moments, exotic sections and sexy moves. Many of these tracks were used for Jess Franco's motion pictures 'Las Vampiras' a.k.a. 'Vampiros Lesbos', 'The Devil Came From Akasava' and 'She Killed In Ecstasy'! This wonderful reissue (edition of 1.000 copies) comes with remastered sound, reproduced artwork, and a lavish 8-page full-colour booklet with background liners and photos.

PTARMIGAN - (S/T) An album overflowing with brooding, mystical, Eastern-influenced hippie psychedelia dominated by long and largely instrumental tracks -- all based on a complex interplay of recorder, hand drums and acoustic guitar. The music of Ptarmigan is deep and authentic, and sounds best when meditating on a landscape, an emotion, or a bottle of wine. Sometimes it is free-flowing and jazz-oriented; at other times it has the mystical feel of a shamanistic ceremony, with its oriental or South American harmonies. Rated by many as the best 'folk/progressive' and/or 'folk/psych' album ever made.

PUGSLEY MUNION - Just Like You Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock

PUISSANCE 13 + 12 Rare French Prog-Jazz album from 1971 gets the full gatefold reissue treatment.


PUZZLE - Himalaya Obscure French Band Second Lp Released in Micropress (100 Copies) On Kiosque d'Orphée label , same Label as Others Great Album like Dandelion ,Inscir Transit Express ,Warlus , Mar-Vista , Orval , Emeraude ...and Others.. The Sound is progressive with Dreamy Voice, Guitar, Hammond , good underground sound in '70s style . Is very strange this title is not mentioned on Pokora's Books. Limited Edition With Original Homemade Insert.

PYTHAGORON - (S/T) 1977's Pythagoron TM is an electronic oddity originally marketed as some sort of musical narcotic ('a new invention that gets you high with sound' original ads read) sold via magazines like High Times.   Shrouded by it's corporate-like design are two enigmatic side long suites of droning electronics which evoke similar autistic synth experiences like early Conrad Schnitzler, Lorq Damon, Udder Milk Decay or the whole Pascal / Narco Records output whilst recalling also more articulate efforts such as Steve Reich's early opus, Charlemagne Palestine's sinewave experiments or Eliane Radigue's synthetic bliss.

Q65 - Afghanistan "Finally comes this long-awaited vinyl reissue, a classic never reish'd on vinyl before. 1971 album by Dutch legends delivering a powerful set of bluesy proto-hardrock somehow meant to be psychedelic, too, with the whole B-side being a live medley of classic rock n' roll. Reissued in a limited run of 400 copies, in gorgeous gatefold cover."

Q65 - Revival Perhaps the most psychedelic album by Dutch band Q65, released in 1969 after they temporarily broke up in 1967. It's made up of singles and the last material recorded by the then band. At times revival sounds like Group 1850, as on "Voluntary Peacemaker" and the trippy mellotron and languid guitar based "Fairy Tales Of Truth". Excellent '60's Dutch psychedelia.

Q65 - Revolution One of the best R'n'B Freakbeat albums ever made. Rivalling the Stones and the Pretty things, Q65 made a wild long haired album filled with young energy and invention. Original tracks like Summerthoughts In A Field Of Weed and I Got Nightmares are mixed with cover versions such as I'm A Man and Get Out My Life Woman. Top notch fuzzed up '60's rock and roll!

Q65 - WE'RE GONNA MAKE IT Limited to 500 copies. Includes 1 non-album track taken from single! REMASTERED IN THE 24-BIT DOMAIN FROM THE ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES . Q65 was revived in 1970 with the original line-up apart from Jay Baar (replaced by Beer Klaasse of Group 1850). 'We're Gonna Make It' (1971) was their Swan song and final album before the band broke up.

QUATRAIN - (S/T) Los Angeles group Quatrain issued an obscure album in 1969 mixing period Southern Californian folk-rock, psychedelic, and hard rock influences, produced and engineered by David Briggs (most famed for his work as producer with Neil Young). Quatrain grew out of the group the Human Jungle, who issued a couple obscure singles while signed to the Double Shot label, though they usually went under the name the Berries.

THE RFD - Lead Me Home - "USA 1971 obscure Christian folk-rock album with an appealing, understated feel. Close male/female vocal harmonies and ringing guitars create a secular late '60s California sound, with strong songwriting that reaches back to a Byrds / Simon & Garfunkel hook sensibility. Fully licensed, first ever vinyl reissue. Monster rarity going for $700+ when showing up. Limited reissue of 500 copies, printed in HQ 350g carton and 180g vinyl. Unbeatable 24bit remastered sound quality. Including an insert with liner notes by Patrick Lundborg."

RAIN - (S/T) Out-Sider present a reissue of Rain's self-titled album, originally released in 1972 on the Project 3 label (home also of The Free Design). Rain's self-titled album is a cult item among lovers of progressive pop, psych, and proto power-pop. Fantastic songs, superb musicianship, dreamy vocals, hard guitar, and Hammond -- Echoes of late '60s Beatles, Colin Blunstone, Zombies, Caravan, Argent, and Parlour Band. Includes the bonus track "Springtime"; Includes an insert with liner notes by band member Cobb Bussinger and photos; Remastered sound.

RAIN - Make the Day Break Very much like Frank Zappa and The Mothers, Rain's complex compositions are based on the skills of modern classic composers such as Varèse and Strawinsky. As a strong influence they've mentioned Vanilla Fudge. This album Make the Day Break was recorded live in a studio in 1974. After Norsk Suite, the music of this album takes you a step further. Four more years developing musical skills, great composition sense, and strong instrumental abilities. The title song of the album is just superb, the whole album simply stunning. We wish we had more recordings of this great band. But that is all there is. A big surprise they have never been released before. We love it and the music scene in Norway can be proud of this recording."

RAINMAN - S/T Q65 became the solo artist Rainman The title track Rainman - sung as listlessly as the Dutch weather - provided the stage name, for a great part they took their inspiration from the music of Neil Young, John Lennon, James Taylor, the underground group Moby Grape and last but not least the compositional giant Tim Hardin. The only cover tune on the album was Hardin's brilliant Don't Make Promises. Anyone who listens to the reissue of Rainman (in the original artwork with insert, but with two previously unreleased bonus tracks), will recognize a typical 1971 production therein and understand at the same time why the reactions at the first release were so laudatory.

THE RATIONALS - Fan Club Album The Rationals' Fan Club Album is legendary in collector circles as one of the rarest '60s garage artifacts known to man, only two test pressing copies are confirmed to exist. Consisting of unreleased outtakes from the bands earliest sessions in 1965 and 1966, the long player was intended as a farewell "thank you" to the group's loyal fans by the band's producer and mentor Jeep Holland, when he parted with the Rationals in late 1968.

RAVEN - Who Do You See

RAUNCH - Total Raunch Mid-'60s garage-punk from Ossining, NY! In the short time of the band's existence, The Raunch released one scorching 7-inch, contributed a cool Paul Revere cover to the collectable local 'Battle Of The Bands' compilation and recorded notable covers of 'Hey Joe' and John D. Loudermilk's 'Tobacco Road'. This one-sided LP collects all those five tracks and adds a 4-page info sheet, including rare pix. The two songs from the single, originally issued by Bazaar Records, are the crude garage track 'A Little While Back' b/w the more moody 'I Say You're Wrong'. Though we only get five tracks, there's enough energy, sharpness and garage-punk excitmenet to fill a complete album.

THE RAVERS - Bad, Bad World The hardest beat/psych rock sounds of the era (the LP was originally released in 1969) and the rhythms that move a dancefloor, they produced this superb collection of groovy Hammond/fuzz/wah-wah driven freak rockers. More than one song here should be on any genre DJ's bag, the most direct one being 'What You Can Do For Your Country,' but with the whole LP packed with cool songs moving from the Kinks inspired 'We've Got Too Much' to early Deep Purple Hammond versus lead guitar duels."

RED SQUARE - Rare and Lost 70's Recordings Ultra-rare recordings by '70s UK avant-rockers Red Square, the missing link between original free-noise practitioners like AMM, Nihilist Spasm Band, and Peter Brotzmann and post-no wavers à la The Blue Humans, Borbetomagus, Fushitsusha, and The Dead C. Named after the early Soviet Constructivists, Red Square is a pioneering free-improvising, avant-rock band. They bridged the worlds of psychedelic rock, noise, and avant-jazz, and many of the techniques and approaches to music that they helped to pioneer have become common practice today. Predating Sonic Youth by seven years, Last Exit by a decade, and Mats Gustafsson's The Thing by 25, their railing aural assaults were once considered too extreme for commercial release. Rare and Lost 70s Recordings includes a complete never-before-heard heavy studio session from 1978 plus a thunderous live set opening for fellow "rock in opposition" mavens Henry Cow, recorded in perfect sound quality in 1976. Remastered by original member Jon Seagroatt (who is playing/touring with '70s pagan-folk gods Comus and Current 93 at the time of this release). Includes insert with liner notes and photos. Released in collaboration with Steve Krakow of Chicago's Galactic Zoo magazine and Galactic Archive imprint.

REDONDOS - Full Circle With Limited 300 copies vinyl only. 10 track collection by pre-United Travel Service Band. "Full Circle With The Redondos" is a limited, vinyl-only release for collectors and connoisseurs of vintage garage music and offers a valuable insight into the history of one of the most exciting Pacific Northwest psychedelic Bands - The United Travel Service.  Like their successors, the band left a large number of unreleased recordings dating from 1965. Influenced by early sixties Surf and inspired by the British Invasion, the Redondos created a unique sound belting out an amazing mix of storming Surf tunes, Rock n Roll standards, and moody originals, written by lead guitarist Ben Hoff. The innocent charm of their Beau Brummels type edgy folkbeat already reflects the magic and authenticity of the later United Travel Service material and sets The Redondos apart from the typical mid-sixties regional Northwest Sound of the time.

REIGN GHOST - Featuring Lynda Squires This is a fine example of West Coast-styled psych-rock with reverberating/fuzz-wah guitar and male/female vocal harmonies, including absolute psych classics like the monster 9-minute long "Enola Gay." One of the rarest and most expensive Canadian psych albums ever, officially reissued on vinyl for the first time. Newly remastered sound from the original tapes. Includes a fold-out insert with rare photos, memorabilia and detailed liner notes by band member Bob Bryden.

REIGN GHOST - (S/T) Propulsed by Bob Bryden's fuzzed-out guitar and Lynda Squires' powerful vocals, Reign Ghost were the leading '60s underground psychedelic band from Canada. This is their rare and sought-after debut album from 1969, originally released on the collectable Allied label (Plastic Cloud, Folklords). An absolute psych classic with all the right ingredients: fuzz guitar, swirling organ, male-female vocals, studio effects, weird lyrics, etc. Tracks like "Travels of Blue Paradox" or "Reaching" are a must for any psychedelic rock fan. First-ever legit vinyl reissue. Remastered from the original master tapes. Includes a fold-out insert with rare photos, memorabilia and detailed liner notes by band member Bob Bryden.

RHESUS THE REMAINS -(S/T) (Sundazed) If Paul McCartney had ever died, as the legend goes, the Beatles would have found an able replacement in Barry Tashian. This New England musician and his band actually opened for the Fab Four and the resemblance is remarkable in this set of 1965/6 songs. Tight vocal arrangements and the same economical chord changes make this a superb collection and a fine example of how the Beatles were able to influence and Anglify the American sound.

REQUIEM - For A World After Dark, progressive, synth ambient meets Berlin-School sounds on this obscure kraut album, which "tells the story of a world annihilation through nuclear war." For A World After is full of delayed psychedelic electric guitar, effects, cold drum machines, waves of analog keyboards (Korg MS20, Casiotone 201, Crumar DS-2, Jupiter-4), and cosmic atmosphere. For A World After was released in a privately-pressed edition of 1000 on the small, Daviton label. RIYL: Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Conrad Schnitzler, Moebius, Popol Vuh, Metronic Underground, Rüdiger Lorenz, Michael Bundt, Wolfgang Bock, Michael Hoenig, Rolf Trostel, Pina. Master tape sound; Insert with liner notes and photos.

RHESUS O - (S/T) Recorded in 1971 by future MAGMA keyboardist Jean-Pol Asseline with musicians from the jazz and jazz-rock fields, this unique LP from Rhesus O will probably find a place between the SOFT MACHINE albums in your record collection! - See more at: https://www.lpcdreissues.com/item/rhesus-0#sthash.70MQ8iZ7.dpuf

RISING SONS - (S/T) "Featuring Taj Mahal, Ry Cooder, Jesse Lee Kincaid, Kevin Kelley, and Gary Marker, the Rising Sons added an earthy dose of rural country blues to the fast-evolving rock scene of the mid-'60s. Now, at long last, they make their LP debut with one of the great unissued albums of the '60s."

THE ROAD RUNNERS - (S/T) After the Kings Verses album (also available from Sundazed) flips your wig and sends you stumbling out of the garage, the haunted fuzz and ghostly Farfisa of the Road Runners — the second half of Fresno’s devastating one-two punch — will turn what’s left of your brains to Malt-O-Meal. Results of secret marketing surveys assure us that this unreleased gem is running neck-and-neck with the Watchband, the Standells and the Music Machine in the ’66 Punk Hall of Fame Marathon.

GEORGE ROMANOS - Two Small Blue Horses "First emerging on the Greek scene around 1967, singer songwriter George Romanos released a few LP's in the folk tradition plus In Concert And In The Studio (with backing by members of Aphrodite's Child) before diving headlong into lysergic realms for 1970's Mikra Galazia Aloga(aka Two Little Blue Horses). Jangly acid-rock with fuzz and wah-wah leads, lyrics in the non-obtrusive native tongue and plenty of Mediterranean touches make it rightly deserving of shelf space next to other area delights such as Erkin Koray and Churchill's. Things eventually got 'heavy' in Greece, George followed Vangelis and cohorts to friendlier locales and has recorded sporadically ever since."

THE ROOSTERS - All of Our Days The Roosters have been known among fans and followers of the Californian mid 60s folk rock scene for a long time. Their “One Of These Days” b/w “You Gotta Run” 45 has been included on early garage compilations and is a huge favourite among collectors. Less well known is their second and at least as brillant 45 “Rosebush” / “Ain’t Gonna Cry Anymore”. Additionally there´s a rare 1965 surf/mersey punk single released under the name “Five More”, an early 1965 acetate put down as the Avengers and most of all, three 1966 stunning unreleased folk/garage janglers recorded at Gold Star Studio. This collection finally puts all these gems in one place and unravels the enigmas behind the band on a LP sized full glossy insert with a detailed history of the band emerging from the memoirs of guitarist and songwriter Timothy Ward and the band’s vocalist Ray Mangigian. This is embellished with a load of stunning never-before-seen photos. Finally here´s the legacy of an underrated, but excellent band direct from Los Angeles, the mid-Sixties epicenter of jangle – The ROOSTER

ROBBIE the WEREWOLF - At the Waleback Robbie The Werewolf - a folksinger of the frantic variety with a fetish for monsters - was a striking performer with a manic stage presence, acting out his songs as much as singing them. His set consisted of his original songs and uniquely reworked versions of folk standards, played on a beat-up twelve-string guitar. This inspired some of the most bizarre songs ever committed to vinyl. This incredibly strange music is championed by lovers of the wonderful & weird such as Jello Biafra. At The Waleback is a time capsule to the post-beatnik, pre-psychedelic/hippie scene from L.A. Includes insert with detailed liner notes by Gray Newell (Ugly Things) and Alan Brackett (Peanut Butter Conspiracy). "This obscenely rare disc stars Robbie Robison plucking an acoustic guitar and singing kooky tunes about Halloween characters, sex, drinking and drugs that were quite radical for its day." -- Beverly Paterson (It's Psychedelic Baby). LP housed in an old-school style tip-on sleeve.

ROYAL SERVANTS - We The excellent 1970 psych/prog/kraut album by the pre-Eulenspygel band, originally out on Elite Special, gets reissued on vinyl. This wonderful edition contains an LP-sized 12-page insert.

RUPTURE - Israel Suite / Domin Ante Bleu An incredible mix of vocal/spiritual jazz, funk, progressive, jazz-pop, psych -- An impossible to find rarity from France. RIYL: Cortex, Les Masques, George Arvanitas, Herbie Hancock, Full Moon Ensemble. Original artwork.

SABATTIS - Warning In the Sky Sabattis were an underground hard rock band from New York formed in 1968. Influenced by bands like Deep Purple, Mountain, and Grand Funk, they gigged around town playing lots of psychedelic clubs and venues. In 1970, they recorded a demo with the intention of securing a record deal, but the deal never came. Remastered from the original tapes, featuring a new cover design, and including an insert with rare photos and liner notes by Klemen Breznikar (It's Psychedelic Baby!). Sabbatis's sound is powerful heavy-psych with swirling Hammond organ and hard guitar, bringing to mind other obscure acts like Jungle.

THE SACRED MUSHROOM - (S/T) "Shake It is proud to reissue the sole release from The Sacred Mushroom on glorious black polyvinyl chloride. The record, over time, has achieved legendary stature among 60's blues rock / psych listeners & collectors with a mix of electric blues drenched originals & a couple of choice covers from The Kinks & Little Walter / Otis Rush. The Shake It reissue is a spot-on repro (with a couple typo corrections) of the Parallax Records release and has been tweaked for vinyl using the band's re-masters from their self-released reissue a few years back on CD. This will be an LP edition of 500 copies and is Volume Two in our ongoing Music From Ohio Series." - Shake It

SAGITTARIUS - The Blue Marble LP version, featuring two bonus mono tracks. "Will have fans of grandiose baroque-pop positively floating on air!"

SAINT ANTHONY'S FYRE - (S/T) Reissue of this ultra-rare underground, wasted, hard rock, classic, private press record from 1970. Acid Archives, says this about it: 'This legendary private press is rated as one of the ultimate local basement hard rock blowouts by many connoisseurs. Released as early as 1970, the end result has some similarities to MC5's hallowed Kick out the Jams, but I find this a superior and more powerful album.

SALEM MASS - Witch Burning Ultimate U.S. hard-psychedelic/proto-prog burner from 1971. Obscure Sabbath-esque hard-rock band Salem Mass self-released their only album in 1971. Full of ripping guitar, brutal Moog attacks, heavy keyboards, demented vocals, and Satanic/occult related lyrics, especially in the mind-blowing 10-minute-long title-track. First-ever vinyl reissue featuring the original artwork. Newly remastered sound, insert with liner notes and rare photos/memorabilia.

SALTY DOG - (S/T) (LP + 7") Salty Dog was a three man band modeled after the Jimi Hendrix Experience. The self-titled release is a combination of psychedelic rock, blues, and folk, with all English songs. Really good from start to end, essential for collectors of African rock and insanely rare as an original. Comes with a 7" of the non-LP single that was released before the album titled Sunday Morning Sunshine."

SANDROSE - (S/T) Sandrose's only album, released in 1972, is without doubt one of the crown jewels from the European progressive/psychedelic scene. This French band evolved from legendary psychedelic group Eden Rose, featuring the legendary guitar player Jean-Pierre Alarcen. Long tracks full of mind-blowing guitar, powerful femme vocals, mellotron, and keyboards. File next to Julian's Treatment, Earth & Fire, and Affinity. Remastered sound, original artwork in a gatefold sleeve just like the original, and an insert with liner notes and pictures. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl.

SANDSTONE - Can You Mend A Silver Thread? "Sandstone's sole 1971 privately pressed album is one of the best and rarest early 70s US psychedelic folk rock records. Although only recently rediscovered, it is very sought after from worldwide collectors both for its rarity and musical quality. Great male female vocals in an early 70s UK psychedelic acid folk rock sound similar to Tudor Lodge, Jade etc. It contains 2 previously unreleased bonus tracks, not included in the original album. Highly recommended! Limited edition, deluxe 180g vinyl, from the original analogue master tapes, exact reproduction of the original first pressing."

RICK SAUCEDO - Heaven Was Blue (2 LP's) First ever legit vinyl reissue of Rick Saucedo's mind-expanding, one-man, multi-tracked private press miracle in sound from 1978. Master tape sound; original artwork; includes insert with interview with Saucedo and detailed liner notes by Jeremy Cargill (Got Kinda Lost/Ugly Things). Heaven Was Blue drifts in the same sonic milieu as fellow travelers in '60s square peg joy Darius, Marcus, D.R. Hooker (without the lounge allusions), or late period psych adventurers Michael Angelo and Bobb Trimble -- and his concentration and vision equals or exceeds these international underground heroes.

THE SAVAGE - Resurrection The Savage Resurrection was an American psychedelic rock band from the San Francisco Bay area, and were active in between 1967 and 1968. The band were known as one of the youngest psychedelic rock bands in the area, with their 16-year-old lead guitarist, Randy Hammon, who is the cousin of Blue Cheer drummer Paul Whaley

SEA-DERS - (S/T) (Complete) The Sea-Ders, from Beirut, Lebanon, added a distinct Western rock'n'roll feel to their own cultural richness. Ultimately signed to Decca in 1967, the group changed their name to The Cedars, eventually moving to London but never finding the stardom they sought. This eight-track LP compiles songs from their singles and EPs, mixing strong guitar freakbeat/pop with bouzouki mysticism and exotica.

THE SEARCH PARTY - Montgomery Chapel 'A primitive Christian folk-rock LP which hits some truly unique moods and sounds on about 2/3rds of the tracks. Obviously inspired by the West Coast 'psychedelic' sounds of the era, The Search Party take compositions by their spiritual mentor, a Catholic middle-aged priest, and turn them into primitive California garage folk rock and psych with fuzz leads and raw vocals! Most Christian 'folk-rock' LPs suffer from still having one foot left in Sunday School, but these young seminarians have definitely broken through to the other side. Side 1 ends with an unparalleled 9-minute downer folk-rock excursion with heavy soul-searching lyrics that alone makes Montgomery Chapel worth checking out, but beware -- it's crude, even the female vocalist has a strange edge. Unrehearsed confessions from a basement Music Emporium.'" --Acid Archives

THE SEEDS - FALLIN'' OFF THE EDGE The 1977 Seeds rarities compilation Fallin’ Off The Edge was a great addition to the original band’s catalog, as it collected some non-LP singles, outtakes, and alternate versions/mixes of songs.

THE SEEDS & SKY SAXON - Bad Part of Town

SEXEDELIC - (S/T) A great vinyl reissue of this 1971 exploito psych album courtesy of Siegfried Schwab (Et Cetera, Embryo) and Manfred Hübler, originally released in Germany by Metronome. Musically we're talking fuzzy guitars, trippy sitar-laden atmospheres, loungy moments, exotic sections and sexy moves. Many of these tracks were used for Jess Franco's motion pictures 'Las Vampiras' a.k.a. 'Vampiros Lesbos', 'The Devil Came From Akasava' and 'She Killed In Ecstasy'! This wonderful reissue (edition of 1.000 copies) comes with remastered sound, reproduced artwork, and a lavish 8-page full-colour booklet with background liners and photos.

SHADOWS of KNIGHT - Back Door Men Second 1966 album by these Chicago garage punks, with a US take on the then current UK freakbeat scene. Plenty of fuzz guitar and brattish vocals on tracks that include their own versions of "Hey Joe" and "Spoonful" plus killer originals.

SHADOWS of KNIGHT - Raw 'n Alive At The Cellar, Chicago 1966! Awesome release of Chicago's finest garage act, caught live in '66. With superb sound quality and stunning energetic performance, this is an absolute must for garage fans. A time-tunnel rave-up!!

SHADRACK CHAMELEON - (S/T) Out-Sider present a reissue of Shadrack Chameleon's self-titled album, originally released in 1973. Reissue with newly remastered sound of this teen basement psych-rock private pressing from the Midwest. Great distorted guitars, organ, melancholic vocals, raw homemade vibe, inventive songs, and some cool Neil Young/Crazy Horse influences. File next to Rayne. Includes an insert with liner notes.

SHAG - 1969 In 1969, the band recorded a demo at Pacific High Recordings in San Francisco, at the same time as the Grateful Dead were recording their classic Working Man's Dead album there. The demo was in fact a fully-finished album of bombastic psychedelia, acid-rock and proto-prog with loud fuzz-wah guitars, long tracks, crazy percussion and killer flute. Here's the first-ever vinyl reissue of these lost recordings. Master tape sound, including an insert with liner notes and photos.

THE SHAGGS - Philosophy of the World Limited repress; LP version. "In 1968, three sisters from Fremont, New Hampshire strapped on their instruments and declared themselves The Shaggs. A collection of garage rock tunes that balanced charm and discordance in equal measure. Liner notes by legendary musician, writer and compiler, Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith, Nuggets). Book features unseen photos and ephemera. Artwork restored and expanded to a gatefold jacket. Newly remastered."

SHAHRAM - (S/T) Shahram Shabpareh is the real thing. Colorful arrangements of blurting horns, evil bass grooves, cheesy organs, and thick strata of overlapping percussion instruments going off like microwave popcorn. As the leader of an Iranian '60s garage band, The Rebels, and later a '70s solo singer,

EL SHALOM - Frost An LP-reissue of the only album by this excellent German group. Originally released privately in 1976, it's a multi layered psychedelic progressive work with lyrics both in German and English. This edition contains two bonus tracks, previously unreleased on vinyl. Deluxe edition on 180 gram vinyl, with sound from the original master tapes. Labels and artwork are reproduced from the original first pressing. Limited to 500 copies with original insert.

GUNTER SCHICKERT - Samtvogel Repress of 500 copies! Günther Schickert recorded his amazing self-released LP 'Samtvogel' in 1974. Despite the limited availability of equipment, the music he recorded touches the human heart and soul. 'Samtvogel' will appeal to fans of kraut innovators such as Ash Ra Tempel, Manuel Göttsching or A.R. Machines. Some of the vocal passages may remind one of Damo Suzuki during Can's 'Tago-Mago'-era. The LP is housed in a quality sleeve with reproduced artwork and includes a 4-page insert with liner notes and photos.

SHIN JOONG HYUN & YUP JUNS - (S/T) This version of this quintessence of psychedelia features Korean/English lyric translations, rare photos, re-mastered audio, and color insert with fabulous archival photos of Mr. Shin plus comprehensive liner notes by Kevin “Sipreano” Howes, all housed in a tip-on sleeve, with OBI and mylar outer bag.

SHIVA'S HEADBAND - The Singles Collection (Picture Disc) "Flash back (literally) to 1966 when Austin was first feeling its oats as musical hotbed. The 13th Floor Elevators were the headliners and Conqueroo the in-crowd favorites; the third member of the Unholy Three was Shiva's HeadBand. Spencer Perskin was their flamboyant frontman, wailing away on electric violin and leading all God's children to the promised land of psychotropic drug-induced bliss. He had a wonderful partner in pianist Shawn Siegel, and a rhythm section second to none. They may have never gotten the absolute adulation of the Elevators, but in many ways Shiva's was the true hometown hero." "Shiva’s Headband are routinely ranked alongside Texan contemporaries 13th Floor Elevators and The Moving Sidewalks. Their raw-boned, sinuous and superb 1968 debut single, 'Kaleidoscoptic/Song For Peace,' fair reeks of head shop joss sticks, but the following year’s 'Take Me To The Mountains' is rather more representative: a country-rock scuffle, topped with Perskin’s scratchy fiddle, in which one can almost discern the approving clang of spittoons." —Record Collector magazine  " To this day, the extravagantly-bearded Shiva’s Headband violinist/vocalist Spencer Perskin resides in Austin, Texas and still fronts a version of the band he formed in 1967. The Singles Collection compiles the four 45s they released between 1968 and 1975, appending three live tracks, and comes to you in the form of an agreeably lurid vinyl picture disc in a limited run of 1,000 copies.

THE SHIVER - WALPURGIS "Psychedelia and blues-rock from Switzerland. With colour four-page large-format insert. Gatefold cover with great artwork by H. R. Giger. Strictly limited to 1000 hand-numbered LPs."

SHORT CROSS - Arising Reissue taken from the original mastertapes of this rare U.S. 1972 hard-rock/heavy blues private pressing. Short Cross features a powerful jamming sound influenced by Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk Railroad, early Blood, Sweat & Tears, etc., with tasty guitar leads/organ and occasional horns. Includes an insert with pictures and liner notes.

SHYLOCK - Gialorgues Named after the lake area in the Southern French Alps, where the band hails from, 1976's 'Gialorgues' was SHYLOCK's first self-produced album. This unique album of progressive instrumental rock, with Frippian guitars and symphonic moods reminding of GOBLIN, now sees a welcome reissue on vinyl.


SILBERBART - 4 Times Sound Razing First official reissue of this legendary collector`s item by this underground heavy progressive power trio from Hamburg.   This is an extreme album in many ways: the raw power, the cranky vocals, the restless arrangements, not forgetting the ugly silver gnome on the front sleeve. For the first time the history of Silberbart is told by band leader Hajo Teschner and there are many rare photos of the group. As Dag Erik Asbjornsen says: A loveable artifact of the early seventies German rock scene! A must have!

SILOAH - (S/T) This is drug influenced psych-Kraut of the highest level. Private press debut from 1970 from mostly acoustic trippy hippie ethnic LSD-dropping folks from a Munich commune; some Hapshash & the Coloured Coat, Amon Duul I, and Incredible String Band action, which puts them in excellent company, although the music of Siloah is more coherent; tracks like ‘Yellow Puppets Hanging in the Sky’, and ‘Krishna’s Golden Dope Shop’ (featuring Ali on guitar) certainly stake their claim to your attention if you like ethno folk psychedelic head trips. Includes a generous 16-page LP-sized booklet. Limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies.

SILOAH - Sukram Gruk "The second and last one by the Munich underground band, this time with keyboards and more professional. From the master tapes." New reissue of the 2nd and final Siloah album, originally released in 1972. As with the debut album, this was previously reissued by the now defunct Lost Pipe Dreams label, now in more superior form -- from master tapes with 1 bonus track. Very loose, tripped-out feel with Can-like atmospheres at times. The absolute finest in early 70s flowing psychedelics and an essential document of the era.

SILVER APPLES - (Same) (180 gram) This is the first vinyl reissue of the self-titled first album by '60s electronic legends Silver Apples, originally released by Kapp Records in 1968. Fresh off their stint as The Overland Stage Electric Band, Simeon and Dan Taylor formed their own extravagant, two-man electronic space-odyssey, Silver Apples, to remarkable critical acclaim. "What's so amazing is that they make absolutely mind-shattering music with all this junky equipment," commented one reviewer, astounded over the then-mindbending concept of build-it-yourself electronics combined with rock drums. The debut album features lyrics by poet Stanley Warren and is an absolutely essential piece of musical history from electronic/psychedelic/rock music's ground-breaking legends.

SILVER APPLES - Contact (180 gram) This is a reissue of the second album Contact by '60s electronic legends Silver Apples, originally released by Kapp Records in 1969. This enigmatic duo, armed only with percussion, vocals and an early, specialized synthesizer, is often credited with giving the musical world its first electronic album, as well as having a significant influence on bands which followed in their wake; bands such as Ultravox and Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark. Silver Apples, named after a W.B. Yeats poem, consisted of electronics wiz Simeon Coxe and percussionist Danny Taylor. Simeon built an impressive collection of electronic paraphernalia (dubbed the "Simeon") which ultimately included a dozen oscillators, six of them tuned to bass notes which he played with his feet, an assortment of sound filters, telegraph keys, radio parts, lab gear and a variety of second-hand electronic junk. Contact ushered in the band's recorded popularity and a national tour was quickly organized. Several tracks on Contact feature bass lines provided by Simeon's banjo playing, but it is the clever use of the lead oscillator and new-found intensity of the lyrics that sets Contact apart from its predecessor. Such was the level of Simeon's growing electronic proficiency that the intro to the album's opening track, "You And I" more than successfully recreates the sound of an airplane taking off. Silver Apples all but disappeared from the musical firmament when Kapp folded in 1970, only to re-emerge in January 1997 to perform before a celeb-packed audience at the Knitting Factory. Again, the critics were unanimous. As the MC waxed poetic during an introduction to the Silver Apples concert in San Francisco, 1968: "You are about to have probably the most unusual musical experience of your life. The music will enter areas of your mind never before opened until now. At times it may be hard to understand, but if you let the music penetrate, you'll dig it."

SITTING BULL - Trip Away Originally released on CBS in 1971, and now for the first time on vinyl reissue. These 4 guys from Bremen (Nothern Germany) played with US Westcoast feel in some ways comparable to Quicksilver, but with the unique Kraut flavour. Electric and accoustic guitars with occasional keyboards dominate the jamming sound. Outstanding is the title track Trip Away - really a good commitment,that will be hold within the 11 mins! From the masterstape and remastered - with informative insert.

SKY SUNLIGHT SAXON / FIRE WALL - World Fantastic Legendary Seeds frontman steps out in the 80’s with a collection of bubbly pop songs featuring a ong list of guest musicians from bands like DREAM SYNDICATE, CHURCH, DROOGS, FUZZTONES, THREE O’CLOCK, MIRACLE WORKERS etc Uneven results yet nice for fans!

SKY SAXON - In Praise of Our Father A collection of the rarest recordings of The Seeds' legendary frontman Sky Saxon, a.k.a. Arelich Sunlight Aquarian. 'In Praise Of Our Father' (a.k..a 'Yod Ship #3') is a free-form psychedelic jam featuring Sky fronting the Spirit Of 76 band.

SLEEPY JOHN - (S/T) Monster psychedelic hard-rock and proto-prog sounds from the Northwest, 1970 -- never released at the time. Ultra-raw basement sound with devastating guitars and fantastic Hammond organ all around, sometimes sounding like a heavier version of Hunger. First unearthed by the great Rockadelic label in the '90s, Guerssen Records presents a new edition of this killer album. Remastered sound with a new cover design and an insert with photos and liner notes.

SNAKEGRINDER - ..And The Shredded Field Mice Every burgh in the '70s that had a steady supply of weed and electricity provided a birthing ground for bands influenced by the likes of Jerry Garcia and Lowell George, and the Delaware area was no different. What was different was that in 1977 Snakegrinder made a record of their finest 'homegrown' attempts, for the local admirers, and then quietly slithered away. Worldwide recognition would take another generation or so. Since then, the album has garnered accolades from the Acid Archives crowd and so we felt the time was right to give the group's efforts a proper (and properly licensed from the band) presentation, with an 'old-style' heavy gatefold sleeve containing pics, gig posters, song lyrics and liner notes by producer and long-time fan Gregor Alligator." 100% licensed mastertape reissue. 180 gram vinyl in a tip-on gatefold jacket, featuring gig posters and full lyrics.

THE SOUND OF FEELING - Spleen (RI/180 Gram/Sealed) Interesting and weird early '70s US album from a group who were not afraid to experiment with sound. Assorted male/female vocal harmony techniques are employed to stunning effect, while instruments include saxes, cellos and Moog synthesizers. Covers of songs by Paul Simon and Donovan as well as some intriguing originals all go to make this an eclectic and exceptional experience. Same label as 50 Foot Hose.....   

RICHARD SOUTAR - Episodes Now here's a very rare album from '78-'79. It's an amazing accomplishment of electric folk-rock, harmony and beauty, as only Richard could do it. 'Episodes' is much rarer and better than his earlier album 'Lavender Daydreams'. 'Episodes' was manufactured in an edition of only 100 copies back in the day. Now this legit Void pressing of 700 copies, including the lyrics, should make many lovers of obscure '70s underground folk happy. 'Love's Fool' and 'Breaking Away' are the highlights on this long overdue reissue.

SOURDELINE - Jeanne D'Ayme Gatefold LP version. This is the second and last album by French folk-prog band Sourdeline from 1977. And, though Jeanne d'Aymé is the lesser-known of both of their albums, it is for those at Guerssen their definitive work, a truly major discovery waiting for you who are not yet in the know. This is the first-ever deluxe reissue of this record with remastered sound. Includes a fantastic insert with unseen photos and liner notes by Gerald Van Waes, as well as Sourdeline's story written by the band's leader Jean-Pierre Danielsen. Far-out French psych/prog/trad folk heavily in the Pentangle vein, with male/female vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, sitar, tabla, flute, mandolin, violin, etc.

SOURDELINE - La Reine Blanche Gatefold LP version. Formed in 1972 in Northern France, Sourdeline has remained a hidden treasure for decades. With a strong Pentangle influence in their works, they released a couple of astounding albums during the next few years, acquiring a wonderful baroque folk sound based on some traditional French folk songs in addition to many originals, with the use of a large number of traditional instruments. Their first disc La Reine Blanche is from 1976 and is considered a classic of continental European '70s folk -- certainly an album that will please anyone into folk-prog. This is the first-ever, deluxe reissue of this record and it has been completely remastered. Includes a fantastic 4-page insert with unseen photos and liners.

SOUTHWEST F.O.B. Smell of Incense- "Southwest F.O.B. was a groovy, harmony-laced Dallas, Texas combo that owed as much to the Association as it did to the trippy new sounds of the Strawberry Alarm Clock and the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. Shining a multi-hued spotlight on the heavenly harmonies of Dan Seals and John Colley (soon to become the chart-topping duo of England Dan & John Ford Coley), Southwest F.O.B.'s only album, Smell of Incense, also laid on plenty of Country Joe-like Farfisa. This hefty exact replica of the original 1968 Hip Records LP will immediately transport you to a ballroom full of sweet smoke with kaleidoscopic patterns flashing on the wall, free apples at the door and people swaying everywhere to totally irresistible rock 'n' roll. Next stop, Nirvana!"

THE SPEAKERS - En El Maravilloso Mundo De Ingeson Limited edition of 500; 180 gram vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve with 12-page insert. What they have produced in 1968 was a musical statement and a piece of art...going in the same direction as early Mothers Of Invention but with a sweeter musical touch of band like Kissing Spell / Embrujo to it. This masterpiece is loaded with psychedelic ideas, stoned effects, backwards loops, fuzz guitar, Latin beat's, great vocals and amazing lyrics. A psychedelic masterpiece and one of the best albums from Latin Americana.

SPECTRUM - Geracao Bendita "If you like Modulo 1000 you'll love this one. Maybe the best Psych album ever released in Brazil with heavy guitar sounds, beautiful vocals and well-crafted songs. A hippy soundtrack starring the band itself. The album assembles twelve songs with lyrics in Portuguese and some in English, most of them speaking about peace, love, freedom, nature and other themes and meaningful values of that time. Accentuated with plenty of fuzz guitars and vocals in a 'Beatles-style', the record was hailed as a world-class production and the talents of the group above the national standard of that time."

SPEED, GLUE & SHINKI - Eve This is a bluesy, psychedelic album, with Chen's Hendrix-style guitar playing firmly underpinned by Smith's insistent percussion style modeled on the style and technique of his idol, Ginger Baker. Speed, Glue & Shinki were important first and foremost as pioneers of the Japanese psychedelic rock scene.

ALEXANDER SPENCE - Oar "The haunted genius of Alexander 'Skip' Spence's Oar returns at long last to its original format: the LP. Sundazed is ecstatic to be able to reissue Spence's cult classic on 180 gram vinyl -- with original track listing, liner notes, and photos intact. Spence -- a founding member of seminal San Fran skullbenders Moby Grape -- cut his only solo work in Nashville immediately after being released from New York's Bellevue Hospital late in 1968. Unavailable on the collector's market these days at any price, Oar vanished without a trace when first released in 1969. Frequently compared to the likes of Syd Barrett and Nick Drake, Spence's visionary work walks the tightrope between reality and delusion, and remains a national treasure."

PIPPO SPERA - A Buen Puerto "A summertime record, if ever there was one! Lilting melodies, including a shimmering cover of Eduardo Mateo's 'Mejor me voy,' infused with an undercurrent of bossa nova and the drowsy, faded memory of sun-drenched islands. All of this melodic loveliness is made ever-so-groovy in an Afro-Cuban sort of way thanks to a mighty contribution from world famous percussionist Jorge Trasante, Totem drummer Roberto Galletti, and Limonada drummer José Luis Sosa.

STACK - Above All Definitive reissue of this wild and heavy psychedelic hard-rock album from California, 1969, released in tiny quantities at the time. Ultra-loud guitars (think Blue Cheer or late '60s Who), melodic vocals and a thundering rhythm section. Features newly-remastered sound and features the original artwork and an insert with extensive liner notes by genre expert Clark Faville and lots of rare pictures/memorabilia. Includes a bonus track taken from a previously-unreleased acetate.

STONE CIRCUS - (ST) Exact repro 180 gram virgin vinyl pressing; originally released in 1969. "This superb blend of psych-pop and experimental acid rock originally appeared on the legendary Mainstream label in 1969. Recorded by a bunch of Canadian musicians who had just moved to New York City, it received no airplay or promotional support and was soon deleted, but has gone on to become one of the most sought-after major label LPs of the period. Enjoyable from start to finish, it's a treat for all fans of melodic psychedelia."

THE STANDELLS - Dirty Water The snarling vocals fronting the fuzz ‘n’ Farfisa-laced sound of 1966 charttoppers the Standells epitomized the wild in the streets teenage spirit of Sunset Strip-era Los Angeles as much as anyone! Led by the snotty, post-pubescent voice of drummer Dick Dodd, the entrancing keyboards of Larry Tamblyn and the searing guitar of Tony Valentino, the Standells cut “Dirty Water,” then followed it up with a laundry list of mighty, quintessentially American, garagerock anthems that would one day fuel the eager young minds (and’sticky fingers) of the Stooges, Ramones and Green Day, as well as legions of adenoidal punkrockers yet to come!

THE STANDELLS - TRY IT Originally dating back to May 1966, now reissued on vinyl, this is an excellent album by LA's garage/'60s punk legends The Standells. Prepare yourself for a veritable feast of three chord, fuzz-drenched, Vox organ-driven garagerock delight!

STEVE ELLIS & THE STARFIRES - Songbook A reissue of the impossibly rare legendary posthumous LP from 1967. This reissue is produced from the original tapes and includes 4 previously unreleased (non-CD!) tracks. A must-have for fans of the Byrds and the 12-string folk rock aesthetic. Includes a four page booklet with rare photos and liner notes!

STEPSON - The Lost Tapes 1972 - 1974 "Long sought after and unreleased recordings from this raunchy '70s hard rock band whose 1974 debut album on ABC is highly sought after. A smashing collection of memorable tracks featuring hot growling guitar from Joey Newman and the awesome vocals of Jeff Hawks. Also with Bruce Hauser (bass) and Len Fagan (drums), ex-members of the group Touch, whose 1969 album is another hot commodity."

STONED AGE MAN - Joseph Brandishing his guitar like a Cro-Magnons club, Joseph mixes his fuzzy licks with meat-grinder vocals as he loudly ruminates of fattened snakes, fish heads, mountains, cavemen and gumbo in the maddest peyote hallucination Alley Oop never had. Long revered among collectors, this fine slab of rock gets its first-ever reissue from the original masters. This one will rip your turntable from its hinges!

SUB - Sub In Concert "Underground at its very best, recorded in the summer of 1970, and released in 1971 as a small edition (Help ZSLH 55023), so that the original LP is today traded at approximately 1,000 euros. The tapes were recorded very accurately in the well-known Munich Union-Studios by five top musicians and have been preserved undamaged to this day. Why the title Sub in Concert for a studio LP? The reason is quite simple: applause was added to the first track in order to create a live atmosphere. Highlight of the record is probably the rather intoxicating 'Match I.' The other songs, however, are convincing as well, e. g. the long 'Sub Theme I (Sub in Concert),' and the tranquil 'Sub Theme II (Money Maker).' It's one of the best LPs of this series. The new vinyl edition is limited to 1,000 copies, has been numbered individually, and contains two bonus tracks as well as a four-page color insert in LP size."

SUGAR CREEK - Please Tell A Friend This superb blend of psychedelia, rural rock and acid-tinged folk was recorded in New York in 1969. Creek contained two future solo hit-makers, Jonathan Edwards and Joe Dolce, but their album failed to connect with the public, despite containing blistering cuts such as "A Million Years," "Memory Tree" and "Night Flash." Nonetheless, it has gone on to develop a significant cult reputation and sells for ever-growing sums on the collectors' market.

SUN DIAL - Reflecter "First time vinyl reissue from the masters of this classic 1992 psych album, now long out of print. This was the band's second album release, but was in fact their third album after Return Journey (which wasn't issued until 1994) that went top five in the UK Indie charts at the time. Comes complete with a poster insert."

SUNDENFALL II - (S/T) A mixture of folk and jazz, influenced by Jethro Tull. While their predecessors, Sündenfall, exclusively dedicated themselves to jazz, the group included folk after a change in line-up and band name (following the example of Amon Duul II). The LP re-issue is a limited edition of 1000 numbered copies and comes with a four-page color insert in LP size, including a detailed band history in German and in English language, many band photographs, and information about the Trefiton label etc."

SWEET MARIE - 1 Sweet Marie was formed in late 1969 amidst the turmoil of the Vietnam War and the wild music scene of Hollywood. Prince Teddy, a producer at Capital Records and a songwriter/musician, had a vision for a rock and roll trio with rich harmonies and psychedelic undertones.br />

SWEET MARIE - Stuck In Paradise Reissue of the extremely rare and wild 1971 sophomore album by this Honolulu-based band. The music features outrageously screaming guitars and an overall sound that at times reminds of Santana and Steely Dan. The band had a lot of artistic freedom and fun while making this album. This reissue is manufactured in a limited edition of only 500 copies with remastered sound, original gatefold artwork and a full-colour insert.

SWEETWATER - (S/T)    (RI/Sealed)    Their great 1968 debut introduced Sweetwater's unusual blend of jazz, folk, rock, blues and classical influences, with an atypical, guitar-free line-up of keyboards, bass, cello, flute and percussion backing Nancy Nevins soaring vocals. The bands signature adaptation of 'Motherless Child' leads off, followed by 'Here We Go Again; For Petes Sake; Come Take a Walk; Whats Wrong; In a Rainbow; My Crystal Spider; Rondeau; Two Worlds; Through an Old Storybook', and 'Why Oh Why'. Highlights include the awesome mind bending fuzz of "My Crystal Spider" and the dreamy baroque psych of "In a Rainbow" which both feature the bands trademark male/female vocal harmonies as well as strings, flute, electric guitar etc. .A West Coast psychedelic essential, produced (some would say over-produced) by the legendary Dave Hassinger!

T KAIL - (S/T) First-ever vinyl reissue of this lost-in-time U.S. private press album from 1980. Male-female vocals, fuzz guitar, and synths. Echoes of the '60s San Francisco sound (Tripsichord, Airplane, or Quicksilver) mix with FM pop-rock and even jazz-funk. Considered by many collectors the best USA '80s psych LP along with Bobb Trimble. Unbeatable 24-bit remastered sound, insert with detailed liner notes by Aaron Milenski and unseen pictures. "There aren't very many private press records that show off so much legitimate vocal and instrumental talent, not to mention such lyrical intelligence, and this fine album should be celebrated for everything it is." --Aaron Milenski (Acid Archives); "They sound like a cross between Anonymous and Titus Oates" --Patrick Lundborg (Lysergia.com)

TANGERINE - The Peeling of The great long-lost album from U.S. hard psychedelic '60s band Tangerine, released in 1971. Musically in the style of Iron Butterfly or Banchee, with great fuzzed-out guitars, booming bass and screaming vocals, including "My Main Woman," a 14-minute long spaced-out track. Remastered sound from the original tapes.

TANGERINE ZOO - Outside Looking In   (RI/180 Gram/Sealed)    excellent sophomore album by this fuzz drenched, organ driven psych band from Rhode Island, originally released by Mainstream Records in 1968. Both albums by Tangerine Zoo (this one and the s/t debut, also from 1968) are highly regarded by fans of serious psychedelic rock.

TEE-SET - EMOTION In the mid sixties beat groups got quite popular in the Netherlands. The Motions, Golden Earrings, Outsiders and Q65 manifested themselves in the footsteps of The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Pretty Things. In 1966 a new top band entered the scene, this time from Delft. After the hit singles Early In The Morning and Believe What You Say, songs written by Shocking Blue-guitarist Robbie van Leeuwen, in November 1968 the Tee-Set went into the GTB studio to record an album with all new songs. Stimulated by Harry Knipschild, manager Theo Kuppens and singer Peter Tetteroo, with a voice reminiscent of Stevie Winwood, decided to build Dave Van Ronks Don't Leave Me Here into the party song Don't You Leave. The reactions to the album were phenomenal. The trendy Hitweek wrote: "The Tee-Set album is, in one word, fantastic. With a sound that is solid like a brick house. This is the Nederlanger [Dutch LP] of the year! We do not get enthusiastic very fast, but this album is incredibly good. The Dutch Beat is on a roll." Don't You Leave became the Tee-Set's first top 10 hit. The album was also a great success. "We are currently selling around 500 units per day and we predict that many more will follow", the editor of Hitweek stated shortly after the release. Later, in December 1967, the magazine wrote that 40,000 copies had been sold. Total sales ended well above 50,000. Unique in that time: Emotion was also released in Italy. Tee-Set continued. Ma Belle Amie became a worldwide hit, and even landed in the U.S. Top 5. She Likes Weeds was a number one in the Netherlands. The fantastic first album Emotion has now been remastered from the original master tapes for the first time. It sounds better than ever and is available with the original artwork. Enjoy the breakthrough of the Tee-Set.

TEMPLE - (S/T) Reissue on vinyl! An obscure album, recorded in the mid-'70s at the renowned Dierks studios in Cologne, by a project including Toby Robinson and Zeus B. Held (Birth Control). The music is a kind of heavy, dark psychedelic krautrock with ahead of its time proto-Goth vibes, loud guitars, Hammond, Mini-Moog, mellotron, distorted and echoing vocals, and many other effects.

LES TEMPS HEUREUX - (ST) (Shadoks/Import) Numbered edition of 450 copies, heavy sleeve with textured & engraved artwork, 180 gram pressing. "Les Temps Heureux (The Happy Times) made only a tiny demo pressing in 1972, France, under the title En Ces Jours (In Those Days). Acid folk with poetry lyrics, loner vibes, psychedelic guitars, well-crafted songs, six of them in English, two in French. Four guys hanging out night after night to create their first album in a basement studio following their one and only ambition. This album is very special and became instantly one of the real musical surprises for us. It beats most UK albums of the same style. They must have had really happy times in those days, very creative times full of aspiration."

THEM - Time Out! Time In For Them Exact repro of the second post-Van Morrison album from Them, originally released in 1968. Sitar-soaked Eastern psych-pop with heavier R&B numbers and a couple of trippy ballads.

THINK - Variety Founded 1971 by 3 Germans, 2 Hungarians and 1 Czech the group fused together their different cultures into a complex progressive rock featuring flute, violin and guitars in a richly folky and classical intoned style, reminding bands like It's a beautiful day, Pell Mell, but also Bacillus groups like Omega, Nektar or Epsilon.

THE THIRD BARDOO - (S/T) (10") They may have been Five Years Ahead Of Their Time, but honestly, did anyone sound like this in 1972! We've corralled all extant Third Bardo tracks recorded one fine day in '67, including a never-before-heard alternate take of "Rainbow Life", and set them free to roam ... somewhere in a new dimension!

THIRD EYE - "Awakening" Numbered edition of 500 copies on 180 gram vinyl; glossy gatefold sleeve with insert. Perhaps Third Eye is the best band from S.A. with the most innovative and complex music. Most music lovers would vote Freedoms Children as the biggest influence in S.A,. rock, but Third Eye will share at least half of that cake. In cooperation with Dawn Selby (Hammond organ) and her brother Ron (guitar), this project came to life again. They where based in Durban, a coastal city several hundred miles away from the recording and musical hub of Johannesburg and started playing in 1968. The first album Awakening came out in 1969 when the female organ player Dawn Selby was only 14 years old. Just imagine her age when you listen to the amazing organ and piano tracks. Awakening was released in 1969 followed by 2 more albums Searching and Brother just one year later in 1970. What a musical output in such a short time. The band and composer must have sat on a volcano where they just waited to burst their music out onto the rock universe. Awakening is the most complex album of the three, with great brass arrangements, piano, Hammond organ, fuzz-guitar and vocals full of soul. Musically going in the direction of bands such as Electric Flag, The Flock's Dinosaur Swamps, Chicago, The Nice and Al Cooper. Pure electric underground of the best sort."

THIRD EYE - "Brother" Numbered edition of 500 copies on 180 gram vinyl; glossy sleeve with insert. "The album Brother followed the same year in 1970 after Searching. The music is closer to the album Awakening without the brass arrangements. More organ based compositions with beautiful vocals and guitars. We must mention here the amazing drumming and bass which holds the complete tracks together and drives them forwards. As a musical comparison we would mention again the bands from the US and UK underground, such as Electric Flag, Chicago and Keef Hartley Band. But we must say, if bands from South Africa were not banned in Europe and the USA at the time the albums by The Third Eye came out, they would have become as popular and even more as the mentioned bands from USA and UK. All three albums are killer albums and we would not want to miss one of them."

THIRD EYE - "Searching" Numbered edition of 500 copies on 180 gram vinyl; glossy sleeve with insert. "The album Searching followed a year later after Awakening. Today originals of this album are rare as gold dust and, among two or three others, the most valuable collectors item from South Africa. Many collectors who have basically everything in their collection are missing this one. The music is heavier, the lyrics full of political statements, more psychedelic and a bigger step down into the musical underground. The 14-minute track 'Awakening' is really amazing, with tons of great organ parts and extra heavy fuzz-guitar."

THE THIRD POWER - Believe This hard-hitting Michigan three-piece emerged from the same fertile scene that spawned the MC5, The Stooges and SRC, and have been described as "Detroit's answer to Cream." Their sole album briefly appeared in 1970, and has gone on to be acclaimed as one of the finest psychedelic hard rock albums of its era. It's presented here, gloriously remastered and complete with biographical notes and both sides of their ultra-rare debut 45 as bonus tracks, making the set a must for all fans of hard psychedelia.

THIRD RAIL- ID Music    (RI/Sealed)    Recorded in 1969, this excellent US '60s pop psych album features the 'Nuggets' featured "Run Run Run" and other songs by the song-writing skills of the Resnick brothers, later part of the Kasenatz Katz empire. Also includes a rather nifty version of the 'Wild In The Streets soundtrack classic' "Shape Of Things To Come" (also covered by Slade and Ramones) and the eerie pop psych of "No Return".    $10.99

13th FLOOR ELEVATORS - (S/T) The legendary Texas-based garage-psych band's über-classic debut album, originally issued in November 1966!

13th FLOOR ELEVATORS - Easter Everywhere "Easter Everywhere" was their second album and widely regarded as the band's peak.

13th FLOOR ELEVATORS - Bull of the Woods

13th FLOOR Elevators - Demos Everywhere

THE 31 FLAVORS - Hair In the late '60s, a bunch of mysterious psychedelic exploitation albums were released by the budget Crown label in the U.S. Issued under different band names (The Firebirds, Underground Electrics, 31 Flavors, etc.), they were recorded by an anonymous group of studio musicians. Hair by 31 Flavors is the counterpart to Light My Fire by The Firebirds. Along with demented raw garage covers of "Hair" and "Aquarius," it contains some of the heaviest, fuzzed-out exploitation sounds ever committed to vinyl. You can hear echoes of Blue Cheer, Hendrix and Sabbath, featuring proto-doom, heavy-psych bombs like "Distortions of Darkness."

THOMUAS EDISUN'S ELECTRIC LIGHT BULB BAND - The Red Day Album (LP & 7")" One of the most exciting finds in recent years is the previously-unreleased album from 1967 by this obscure U.S. psychedelic band, recorded around the same time of their ultra-rare Common Attitude 45, (famous for appearing on the Alien, Psychos & Wild Things comp). Led by the great Richard Orange, Thomas Edisun played Beatlesque, psychedelic pop/proto power-pop of the highest order with amazing songs and incredible harmony vocals. In 1967, just after Sgt. Pepper had come out, the band decided to register their own psychedelic masterpiece, so they entered a rudimentary studio and recorded a whole album during a weekend, under the influence of "smoking" and "mind-altering" substances . The album was never released, the tapes were stored in attics and basements, and the band broke up with some of their members forming cult power-pop band Zuider Zee. The Red Day Album ranges from pure Emitt Rhodes-Macca pop to Forever Amber/Lazy Smoke-styled lo-fi pop-sike and almost early Caravan keyboard freak-outs. Remastered sound from the original tapes. Includes an insert with photos and detailed liner notes by Jeremy Cargill (Ugly Things/Got Kinda Lost). Includes a 7" repro of their rare Common Attitude/No One's Been Here for Weeks 45.

THORS HAMMER - (S/T) "Thors Hammer came from Copenhagen, the Danish capital. Their music was a jazzy progressive rock with English lyrics. Their one and only LP was released in 1971. The now first legal vinyl re-issue is accompanied by a four-page insert in LP size, containing a detailed band history in German, English and Danish language, a comprehensive discography including side and solo projects, cover and label reproductions, and band photographs. It is pressed on 180g vinyl and limited to 1000 numbered copies. It is the very first LP release of Garden of Delights' sublabel Thors Hammer which, to honour this great band, was named after it. This label is destined for bands coming from outside the German-speaking countries."

3 HUR-EL (S/T) This is the 1972 debut album by Turkish ethno psych-rockers. Feridun created the double-neck saz-guitar -- a combination of electric saz and electric guitar in the same body -- and Haldun's drum set was an assemblage of darbukas (a Turkish percussive instrument which is also used in North Africa & the Arabian Peninsula) in different sizes, which were made by the copper masters of the Beyazit Bazaar in Istanbul. Their self-titled debut is comprised of a brilliant set of Turkish ethno-influenced folk-rock with a psychedelic/progressive feel, some great electric guitar and fantastic Eastern percussion. This very rare album is now available again, with remastered sound from the original mastertapes. Includes an insert with detailed liner notes and photos.

3 HUR-EL - Hurel Arsivi This is the second album by Turkish ethno psych-rockers 3 Hür-El, originally released in 1976 on the Diskötur label. Hürel Arsivi is an absolute killer of an album and easily one of the top Turkish psych records ever released. It has a more Western feel, with brother Feridun here infected by a fuzz-virus and his own two-arm guitar (one for guitar, one for saz). Also there's much more heavy drums than percussion, in an astounding blend of psychedelic rock and traditional Turkish instrumentation, and of course, plenty of distorted fuzz guitar and electric saz. Includes an insert with detailed liner notes and photos.

THUNDER TREE - (S/T) In 1970 they released their sole album for the Roulette label: a perfect example of the transition from psychedelia to hard-rock and early progressive sounds. Killer fuzzed-out guitar, organ, and powerful vocals. Including hard-psych classics

TICKET - Awake Here’s a hard dose of amazing guitar driven heavy psych from New Zealand’s pride Ticket! Having served in several NZ 1960s bands like The Challenge, The Blues Revival or The Jamestown Union, members Paul Woolright (bass guitar, vocals), Eddie Hansen (lead guitar, vocals), Trevor Tombleson (lead vocals, percussion) and Ricky Ball (drums and percussion) got together as Ticket to perform an explosive electric mixture of bluesy psychedelic sounds under the influence of Hendrix, Cream, Traffic or Sly & The Family Stone, plus adding their very own touch and some funky rhythms in the same vein Atomic Rooster did in the era. Awake was the first of their two LPs, and it collected several songs that had been released as 45s during 1971, plus some extra material recorded specifically for the LP in 1972.

TICKET - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Ticket - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie LP. During the period of 1972, Ticket were New Zealand's ultimate acid band. While in Australia, a single was released there, "Awake"/"Country Radio", on Atlantic. Also while in Melbourne, the group recorded their second album, "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie". This was self-produced and recorded at Channel Nine's 16-track studio. The album was released in late 1972. They maintained the same sound as Awake and an interesting vocal performance on Remember To Undestand is also nice.

TIFFANY SHADE - (S/T)    (RI/180 Gram/Sealed) Reissue of rare harmonious popsike from 1968 by this band from Cleveland USA. Melodious in a similar vein to Yellow Balloon or Millenium, but with occasional trippy guitar touches the album comes in a classic period psych sleeve.Tracks include "Would You Take My Mind Out For A Walk", "An Older Man", "Sam", "Jaguar City Blues", "A Very Grand Love", "Come Softly To Me", "A Quiet Revolution" and more.   

TITUS OATES - Jungle Lady Progressive hard-rock private pressing from Texas, 1974. Excellent dual guitars, keyboards, melodic vocals, West Coast touches - think Allman Brothers, early ZZ Top, Wishbone Ash, Homer. Top notch pro-sounding recording and superb musicianship. This Out-sider reissue is taken from the remix version, as it was always believed to be "hotter" than the original pressing. One of the classics since the early days or rare psych records lists. . Master tape sound. Includes insert with detailed liner notes and photos

TOAD - Dreams Originally released in 1975. Inspired hard rock in the vein of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. This was their third and last album.

TOMORROW'S GIFT - (S/T) Originally issued in 1970, the first album by German band Tomorrow's Gift is a true Krautrock classic. It contains long, powerful tracks with plenty of guitar, organ, flute and drum solos. And of course there are Ellen Meyer's strong vocals which bring to mind Frumpy's Inga Rumpf, or Janis Joplin. Indeed, Tomorrow's Gift and Frumpy had a lot in common musically, and both are highly appreciated by genre lovers. For this reissue the recordings were newly remastered and you also get a 4-sided insert featuring a comprehensive band history by founder Manfred Rürop, generously spiced with unseen photos.

TRIPSICHORD - Tripsichord Music Box This Californian quintet had been known as The Ban and The Now, but changed their name in 1967 when they started to be managed by the controversial psychedelic entrepreneur Matthew Katz. They shared stages with all the major San Francisco acts of the era and recorded some of the best music to emerge from the city, but large-scale success eluded them and their sole album didn't appear until June 1971, well after it was recorded. A must for all fans of true U.S. acid rock!!

TRIGAL - Baila Mi Rumba Baila Mi Rumba compiles gypsy rumba-funk & flamenco pop courtesy of Trigal, the grooviest and funkiest band from the Spanish '70s rumba scene. 13 tracks taken from their sought after LPs and 45s, originally released on the legendary Belter label from 1976-77. Heavy drums, percussion, deep bass, wah-wah, electric guitar, horns, funk/Blaxploitation touches, and gypsy female vocals. Master tape sound; Includes insert with photos and liner notes by Txarly Brown (Achilifunk).

THE TROPICS - As Times Gone Hailing from Florida, The Tropics were one of the finest 60s garage bands. Their memorable concerts are still remembered today by the lucky ones who saw them at the time. Between 1965 and 1969, they recorded some explosive and now legendary 45s which are prime examples of garage-rock, teen-beat, folk-rock and proto-psych sounds. Here you'll find most of those 45 sides along with some rare, previously unreleased on vinyl tracks. Including the classic 'As time's gone' (covered by The Fuzztones) and many more.

TRUTH “Of THEM and Other Tales” (MV001): One of the best examples of late 60s US psychedelia, in almost every collector’s top-twenty list. Truth was a post-Them (as in Van Morrison & Them) Irish-American outfit consisting of three members of the version of Them which had recorded the band’s two terrific Tower label LPs ("Now and Them" and "Time Out, Time In For Them"): Jim Armstrong, who according to Wikipedia was once voted third best guitarist in the world, Kenny McDowell and Ray Elliot, plus two Americans, Curtis Bachman (ex-Buckinghams) and Reno Smith (ex-Baby Huey). Truth's adventurous late sixties' sound is a bit hard to categorize, but it's all here: sitar, flute, exotic studio effects and (most important) great songwriting. As Patrick “the Lama” Lundborg has said: “ If this sounds a bit like vintage Grateful Dead then all the better, because there is a distinct similarity between the Dead of, say, ‘China cat sunflower,’ and the airy, good-natured guitar psych of Truth. Not much is said about the band's influences in the liner notes but if I were to define them in terms of a pin placed on a wall-map of the USA, the spot would be Highway 1 halfway between LA and the Bay Area. There is already a pin there, marked Stalk-Forrest Group, and apart from the Dead that's one band that Truth remind me of. Impressive credentials for sure, but Truth needn't be embarrassed in this company, because their music is faultless and at its best outright stunning.” These tracks from 1969-70 (14 tracks, 68 minutes in total) were unearthed in the early 1990s and were released on CD in 1995; eleven come from master tapes, while the other three come from the acetate from a studio session for a prospective Epic label deal that never came to fruition. The packaging is lavish, with in depth liner notes, including many photos and archival images, which tell the Them/Truth story as never before. Limited edition, deluxe 180g vinyl double-LP package, heavy gatefold cover, extensive group history and photos. Previously unreleased on vinyl.

TRUTH AND JANEY - No Rest for the Wicked "High quality vinyl reissue of this underground hard rock monster from 1976 by Iowa's legendary power trio led by guitarist BillyLee Janey. It has often been lauded as perhaps the best independent U.S. heavy rock release of the entire 1970s." .

TRUTH AND JANEY - Erupts! "Raw crushing live recordings from 1976 by one of the Midwest's heaviest power trios of all time!!! Now you can once again drop the needle and hear Billylee Janey plug in his '64 Gibson Firebird, power up his Marshall stacks, flip on his Echoplex and Univibe and take you on a journey back to 70s heavy rock nirvana.

TRUTH & JANEY - Topeka Jam: Live 1974 2 LP's Excavated from the archives of a long-time roadie comes this double album collection of live recordings made over several nights in Topeka, Kansas in 1974. Celebrated Iowa hard rock trio Truth & Janey are captured here doing what they did best, stretching out into raw, extended jams featuring heavy guitar action from Billylee Janey, booming fuzz bass from Steve Bock, with Denis Bunce locked in the zone behind his drum kit. ‘Midnight Horsemen,’ originally released as as 3-minute single in 1972, is featured here as a side-long 22-minute jam—a prime example of vintage Truth and Janey. Included are several songs previously unreleased in any way (live or studio), as well as early versions of ‘Down the Road’ and ‘My Mind,’ from their 1976 underground hard rock classic debut album, “No Rest for the Wicked.”

TSEE MUD - (S/T) "For any fan of good Venezuelan hard psych rock of the 60s and 70´s, Bacro, Tsee Mud, and LSD are really special bands and well known. Beside the other great album from Venezuela, Ladies WC, this release is as good and as important. All tracks presented on this album are extra strong and heavy psychedelic with amazing fuzz guitar and vocals and lots of acid moves. A really wild album all the way."

TWENTIETH CENTURY ZOO - Thunder On A Clear Day    (picture disc). Classic late '60s US psych rarity reissued at last again by Radioactive.Great heavy acid psych with fuzz guitars and spaced effects all over the place. Tracks such as "Rainbow" and "It's All In My Head" are essential U.S. psych.

TWENTY SIXTY SIX and THEN - (S/T) (2 LP'S) So how about some hyper-rare German progressive rock, then? 2066 & Then were only around for just over a year, but in that short time managed to make a heavy, organ-saturated prog masterpiece in Reflections on the Future (1972), which somehow manages to combine Deep Purple, Vanilla Fudge, Iron Butterfly, The Nice and Jethro Tull into a heavy, occasionally funky stew of post-psychedelic energy.

THE 21st CENTURY SOUND MOVEMENT - (S/T) "After years of searching, we have finally discovered a copy of this mega-rare garage LP from an unknown group from Missouri. From 1968, these guys did cover versions of the songs of their day even better than the original artists with a great fuzz garage sound! It is a true shame we do not know the names of these musicians, as the album provides us with no credits whatsoever to these truly talented guys."

TYBURN TALL - (S/T) A rather organ-oriented record - the keyboarder being a real achiever. The work is characterised by its long instrumental passages.  The new edition has been limited to 1,000 LPs. It is numbered individually, has been released in the original gatefold cover and contains a four-page insert in LP size.

THE UGLY DUCKLINGS - Somewhere Outside Exact repro edition; no longer available on the Beatrocket label. "The Ugly Ducklings were probably the best known Canadian garage rock group of the mid-'60s. Formed in famed Toronto's Yorkville area in 1965, the band flourished in the many coffeehouses around the Yorkville district as a Rolling Stones cover band before becoming the Ugly Ducklings and attracting the attention of the local Yorkville Records label. The band recorded a single, 'Nothin',' that became a Canadian hit and opened for the Rolling Stones in 1966 when the band played Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens. The band members were quickly becoming local heroes and in 1967 the album Somewhere Outside was released on the small independent Yorkville label. The album contained nine original compositions as well as two cover songs. The band drew heavily from the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, and the Pretty Things style with a raunchy R&B/rock sound." -- All Music Guide

ULTIMATE SPINACH - Behold and See CANNABIS COLOURED VINYL in its rare, superior mono mix, this is the second album by Bosstown legends Ultimate Spinach, originally dating back to 1968. Although the group's self-titled debut is considered a psychedelic classic by many, this follow-up may very well be the band's strongest achievement. Featuring the cynical world view of Ian Bruce-Douglas (guitar, keyboards, vocals) and the enchanting voice of Barbara Jean Hudson, the music is surreal, trippy, mind expanding, full of mystique and extremely intense!

THE UNDERGROUND - Psychedelic Visions Reissued on vinyl, here's a classic '67 US exploitation garage-psych album that will blow your mind! Get ready for some acid-drenched, fuzzed-out renditions of a.o. The Blues Magoos' '(We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet', The Isley Brothers' 'Shout', John D. Loudermilk's 'Tobacco Road' and Bobby Bland's 'Turn Of Your Love Light', plus five original tracks in the same style. 'Psychedelic Visions' is an essential title for anyone who enjoys the far-out exploito LP's by a.o. T. Swift & Electric Bag, The Deep and Firebirds, or Germans à la Hell Preachers Inc. and Bokaj Retsiem! Limited to 500 copies in reproduced sleeves.

UNDERTAKERS CIRCUS - Ragnarock Here is the first ever vinyl reissue of this legendary album, remastered from the original master tapes and featuring restored artwork and extensive liner notes. This must hear-album, originally released in 1973, is one of the true gems from the political counter-culture music underground as it existed in Norway during the era. Polydor probably signed the horn-heavy 11-piece band to compete with a.o. Blood Swet & tears and Chicago, but Undertakers Circus had a far more psychedelic and progressive style and attitude, and even added elements of Afro-beat and funk. Unique stuff!

THE UNIQUES - Uniquely Yours Finally reissued (and in fabulous mono, to boot), this is southern rock 'n' soul at its finest; a real mélange of styles that swings wildly from deep-fried garage rock, frenzied frat-beat, infectious Stampley-penned pop, and gorgeously soulful ballads. From Presley and Gene Vincent to any Justice label '60s garage band worth mentioning, southerners have always littered their LPs with this latter fare. But when it comes to delivering a soulful ballad, Joe Stampley is up there with the very best of 'em. Uniquely Yours includes the group's all-time biggest regional hit, a cover of Art Neville's "All These Things" (in its original mix, unadorned by string overdubs) and a "Georgia (On My Mind)" that simply blows away all other white boy soul renditions. But make no mistake, this is a largely uptempo set marked by the ferocious punk pace of "You Ain't Tuff," updated rockabilly funkiness of "Fast Way of Living," blistering guitar workouts like "Strange," plus some of the best damned covers ever waxed. For a positively unique album experience, Sundazed includes the classy period sleeve design from the original Paula release.

THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA - (S/T) Led by respected modern classical avant garde musician Joseph Byrd, cut a wide swath through the 1968 world of ock, just then comfortably settling into its backwoods dreams of country-rock to find the debut U.S.A. album howling like an infant terrible on its front doorstep. At the center of the U.S.A.'s fiercely experimental universe were the icy-cool vocals of the beautiful Dorothy Moskowitz, keeping this tumultuous sound from spinning out of control in every direction. Almost predictably, the U.S.A. disbanded before it could record a second album, but its brilliant, self-titled effort was certainly one for the ages." Housed in a manilla envelope-style outer jacket.

THE UNRELATED SEGMENTS - The Story of My Life Double LP of '60s punk, garage, moody sounds and proto-hard-rock of the highest order. Complete recordings (1966-1975) of this legendary band from Michigan, including their three killer 45s plus unreleased recordings and alternate takes. Includes master tape sound and an insert with photos and liner notes. Unrelated Segments created some of the most celebrated garage-punk anthems of all time. Sadly, the band never got the chance to record a full album. Soon after, the band split up and some of their members formed psych-rock band Lost Nation. On this collection, along with their official 45s and alternate takes/rehearsals, you'll find the unreleased 45 from 1969 plus some demos recorded by an unnamed post-Unrelated Segments/Lost Nation band in 1972. An amazing find which shows the band playing pure Detroit high-energy hard rock.

UNSETTLED SOCIETY - 17 Diamond Studdded Cadillacs Complete recordings (1969-1974) of legendary U.S. acid-punk band. The band came from the New York suburbs and were famous locally for their powerful stage shows, full of strobe and psychedelic flashing lights.

UTOPIA - (S/T) Utopia was a project featuring Amon Düül II's producer/musician Olaf Kübler (saxophone, Moog) and the same band's bass player Lothar Meid. Utopia's s/t album was recorded in 1972, at the same time and space as 'Wolf City' by Amon Düül. Taking full advantage of those circumstances, the Utopia recordings also incorporate Düül-members Renate Knaup (vocals), Weinzierl (guitar) and Karrer (violin). This reissue comes with remastered sound, taken from the master tapes.

THE VAMPIRES - Vampires Underground Where does a band of Indian guys in East South Africa back in 1971 even play, and how on earth would they end up with fuzzy guitar riffs, wah-wah and funky drums? The mostly instrumental band covers everything from a soundtrack that prefigures the drama of Ennio Morricone fuzz, to middle-of-the-road Nashville country, to Zeppelin, with flute, organ and fuzz guitar high in the mix. One of the most obscure psychedelic funk exploitation albums ever, reissued for the first time. Remastered sound, insert/booklet with liner notes by Angela Sawyer (Weirdo Records).

LAURENCE VANAY - Galaxies "Laurence Vanay is the pseudonym for Jacqueline Thibault, wife of producer and musician Laurent Thibault (Magma). Her debut album Galaxies (1974) is pure genius: almost all instrumental, with gorgeous keyboards of many types, acoustic/electric guitar, even a little Zeuhl bass. There are wordless vocals on many of the tracks, although she occasionally sings in a soft, seductive manner. Incredible, spacey 'avant-garde progressive chanson,' a holy grail for most collectors of '70s underground French music. Rivaled only by the early work of Brigitte Fontaine for pure inventiveness. An album of inconspicuous, sincere beauty and a masterwork of the French progressive folk scene. Sublime compositions: unique, melancholic, and very powerful."

LAURENCE VANAY - Les Soleils de la Vie A vinyl issue of the follow-up to Jacqueline Thibault's (Laurence Vanay) 1976 album 'Evening Colours'. 'Les Soleils De La Vie' (or 'The Suns Of Life') was recorded with the help of her perpetual musical accomplices Serge Derrien (guitar, flute, wordless vocals) and John Chevalier (a.k.a. Popov) on drums and percussion. In spite interest from Decca Records this album remained unreleased at the time. Now these shimmering, mysterious, sometimes funky, deeply emotional examples of musical beguilement are available for the world. Limited to 500 copies, housed in deluxe tip-on jackets.

VANGELIS - Sex Power Bande sonore originale du film de Henry Chapier 2014 repress. Limited 180 gram vinyl reissue of the soundtrack for Henry Chapier's film Sex Power, starring Jane Birkin. Originally released in 1970 by Philips, this electronic/prog classic is essentially Vangelis' first full-length solo effort, as around this time his band Aphrodite's Child released their last album, 666. The soundtrack consists of 11 tracks and all the future Vangelis trademarks are already there in rudimentary form.


DOLORES VARGAS - La Terremoto LP version. Pharaway Sounds present Anana Funk Hip, 1970-1975, a compilation of recordings by Dolores Vargas "La Terremoto". Anana Funk Hip is dedicated to the '70s period of Dolores Vargas, known as "The Earthquake" due to her wild and frenzied dancing style. In these songs, released 1970-1975, you'll hear killer sound and production mixing funk, rock, and pop with the powerful vocal style of "The Earthquake". Including real gipsy-funk bombs like "A La Pelota", "Anana Hip", or "La Hawaiana" along with her bizarre cover version of "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep" and much more. If you're looking from flamenco funk and groovy rumba pop, look no further. Master tape sound. Includes insert with liner notes by Txarly Brown (Achilifunk) and photos.

THE VELVET ILLUSIONS - (S/T) LP with silk-screened cover and a 2-page insert. Having unfortunately fallen into the pits of oblivion, The Velvet Illusions were never given the honour of releasing a full LP. Hailing from the American north-west, the young fellows (aged 14-17 at the time) soon moved to Hollywood in the hope of finding glory and success, but unfortunately the big break through never happened. Between 1967 and 1968, three A-sides and respective B-sides gave the band a legendary aura, with their angelic faces, their Vox amplifiers and their weird double-necked guitars. Now their ten rare gems are finally available on LP format! Featuring organ, saxophone and an unbridled fury, it's a bizarre trip through garage music, ranging from acid beats to anti-pot ballads (!!!). Limited to 1.000 copies.

TONI VESCOLI - Information In 1970, when Swiss garage-beat band Les Sauterelles split, their leader, Toni Vescoli, decided to start a solo career. In 1971, Toni released his debut solo album, Information, a folk-rock/psychedelic gem which reflected his influences at the time: folk, rock, psychedelia, and progressive-rock. From fragile acoustic numbers to dark, wigged-out psychedelic tracks, this is highly recommended to anyone into C.Q.-era Outsiders or Frank Nuyen's Rainman album. Stunning mastertape sound, original gatefold sleeve, repro of the rare poster and insert with detailed liner-notes by Mike Stax.

VIRUS - Revelation Virus, from the Bielefeld area in Westphalia, were the best and most popular local progressive group in the early seventies. In 1970 they won the well-known band contest that took place in the Recklinghausen Vestlandhalle, at that time still under their old name of Mans World. The first prize consisted of recordings for their first own LP, under the direction of sound magician Conny Plank. That LP, 'Revelation', was released in 1971 and is partly reminiscent of the early Pink Floyd, e.g. during the final part of 'Endless Game'. This is a welcome reissue on vinyl!

VIRUS - Thoughts Originally released in 1971 on famous German Pilz Label "Thoughts" was the second and last album of a band which is often regarded as one of the most legendary krautrock bands. While 1st album Revelation was full of inventions and surprises within long tracks with extensive guitar workout, swirling organ and lots of improvisations, "Thoughts" showed a different style to the debut. With two different lead vocalist (Jurgen Schafer and Werner Vogt) Virusmusic was now more song oriented, more hard-rock and blues focused. That meant a step towards more song oriented Frumpy, but with a wild psychedelic edge and lyrics about drugs and paranoia, close to Pilz label-mates Dies Irae. Album comes with detailed liner notes by Virus-Singer (also bass and guitar) Werner Vogt. For the first time officially released on vinyl. Limited edition.

VITA NOVA - (S/T) Very exceptional artrock/underground, featuring a Hohner clavinet and Latin lyrics. Played by real talents and professionals and neatly recorded at the well-known Munich Union-Studio. Eddy Marron had been a professional musician since 1958, had performed in Innsbruck on the occasion of the 1964 Winter Olympics, and later made a name for himself with Dzyan and Missus Beastly. He died on February 6th, 2013. Keyboarder Sylvester Levay had a musical degree and was a professional musician as well. He would later write some highly successful musicals. He and the third man, drummer Christian von Hoffmann, were members of the same orchestra. Besides their professional duties, the three of them wanted to realize their dream and recorded this one LP in 1971, calling themselves Vita Nova and never having had any live gigs at all. It was an edition of only 500 copies, which is today traded at about 1,000 in mint condition. The new edition contains two bonus tracks which were then planned to form a single that wasn't, however, released. Just listening to the smashing "Whirl wind" makes the LP worth its money.

VIZION - Rock For Your Love (original press)

WAKEFIELD - The Lost Warthog Tapes First-ever vinyl release of 1970-1971 recordings by Colorado's Wakefield. A blend of hard-rock, psychedelia, and acid-rock with a powerful, jamming sound, long tracks, stunning lead guitar, organ, Latin percussion, and dreamy/bluesy vocals. Fans of Leslie's Motel, don't miss this one. Remastered sound from the original tapes, including insert with liner-notes and rare pictures.

IGOR WAKHEVITCH - Hathor Wakhevitch's most esoteric and occult-influenced work. Some sort of dark ritual for synthesizer and orchestra inspired by Kabbalistic writings where Igor's trademark bottom heavy electronics pulse, wizz and sweep to a backdrop of heavy tribal drumming. Elsewhere, menacing and majestic spoken word passages open us the doors to the netherworld, leading you into an esoteric sound ritual that sounds spooky, virulent, powerful, droning, entrancing and mystical at the same time. Again Wakhevitch brings together disparate elements, bridging apparently unrelated musical forms and integrate them in order to deliver another unique work that sounds strangely prescient and recalling at the same time works from Mort Garson (Black Mass), Ruth White (Flowers Of Evil), Terry Riley (Surgery Persian Dervishes), Stockhausen (Stimmung), Tangerine Dream (Zeit) or early Klaus Schulze (Irrlicht).

HOWARD WALES - Rendezvous With the Sun A remastered reissue of Howard Wales' excellent psychedelic jazz-funk fusion LP from 1976. Wales is known for his work with a.o. Jerry Garcia and as a member of the bands Ab Shky and Shades Of Joy. As a session musician he backed a.o. James Brown and The Four Tops. The bonus 7-inch contains four tracks, two of which previously unissued and two (un)known from his rare single on Costal Records. An insert with liner notes is also included. Limited edition of 500 units!

WALLENSTEIN - Blitzkrieg One of Germany's longer lasting bands had first started as Blitzkrieg (until they found out a British band used the name as well) and changed their name to Wallenstein and kept their former name for the album, gracing it with a war-themed gatefold cover. Produced by the unavoidable Dieter Dierks and released on the ultra collectible Pilz label in early 72, this debut album is stunning effort that transformed the 200 MPH speed notion into music. Keyboardist Jurgen Dollasse's very international group comprised of a Dutch bassist Berkers, an American guitarist Barone and fellow German drummer Grosskopf (big head), but clearly jurgen is the star of the show with his battery of keys, mainly piano, but harpsichord and mellotron, but surprisingly no organ.

WALPURGIS - Queen of Saba Obviously inspired by the US West Coast sound but also echoing the more cosmic tendencies of the berlin scene, Walpurgis played a dreamy yet solid space-rock style which recall some of their contemporanies like Wallenstein, Ash Ra Tempel or Agitation Free whilst paying tribute to their american inspirations (Quicksilver Messenger Band, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane) at the same time. Actually, Walpurgis just made those influences more evident as the West Coast sound had a huge impact in shaping the Berlin bands sound, with many a citys guitar player in debt with John Cippollina's guitar techniques (from Ash Ra Tempel's Manuel Gotsching to Curly Curve's Alex Conti). Strictly limited to 500 copies - Gatefold cover.

WAPASSOU - (S/T) "With their first album, legendary French art-rock band Wapassou found a distinctive musical voice: well-developed melodies, rhythmic organ, prominent droning violin, and guitar doubling-up as a rhythm instrument. They often conjure up what it might have sounded like had John Cale and Stereolab formed a band in 1974, the year this album was released. The five tracks are highly original, varied and inventive, steeped in post-psychedelic rock. Slight nods to groups like Amon Düul, Popol Vuh, Czar, and Ash Ra Tempel. A colorful insert has the detailed history of the making of the album, plus photos and other marvels. Remastered and sounding better than it ever has."

WARPIG - Warpig Super rare 1970 album by this Canadian band heavily influenced by Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. Diverse psychedelic proto rock with ripping guitar and keyboard jams, long tracks spacey effects etc. Great album and very rare. If you love early '70's UK heavy rock this one's a must.

WATERLOO - First Battle Regarded as one of the best European progressive rock albums from the 70's, the sole release by Belgian group Waterloo was originally released on the Vogue label and is a highly collectable item being paid obscene sums in the collector's market. Released in 1970 and entirely sung in English, this brilliant album is a blend of progressive rock and heavy prog, with obvious Jethro Tull influence but with something else really of their own, making of it a very special album.

WE THE PEOPLE - Too Much Noise (Sundazed) LP "Garage fans agree: We The People's ragin', tough-as-nails punk tracks 'Mirror of Your Mind' and 'You Burn Me Up and Down' rate among the era's best. But believe it or not, this band was capable of even more. Along with the above two hammer-down classics, Too Much Noise collates everything, the seminal -- and surprisingly diverse -- Central Florida outfit cut for the Challenge label during the band's mid-'60s heyday, including the raga-rock fave 'In The Past' (covered by the Chocolate Watchband) and the tender folk-rock ballad '(You Are) The Color of Love.' Sourced from the original analog masters, here are We the People's three scarce and essential Challenge single sides plus material recorded for the label but unreleased at the time -- all of it in raw, skull-crushing fidelity on high-definition vinyl."

WE THE PEOPLE /AMERICAN ZOO - Visions of Time A '60s teen band from LA (not to be confused with the Florida band of the same name) that created an amazing blend of garage, folk rock, and psychedelic sounds. Between 1967 and 1968. This collection includes all the We the People/American Zoo 45 sides plus two previously unreleased tracks from 1967, taken from the only surviving copy of the band's 10" demo acetate. Carefully remastered sound.

WEED - (S/T) Weed was German/British project/band which was created by Virus krautrock band + Ken Hensley (from Uriah Heep). They recorded one self-titled album in 1971 with music very similar to Uriah Heep (lots of roaring Hensley's organ and guitar pyrotechnics). superrare heavy guitar/organ dominated progressive album. One of the rarest european albums in this field compareable to the top italians.

WENDY & BONNIE - Genesis Now reissued on 180-gram vinyl! One of the most remarkable hippie-esque albums of 1969, this sole release of sisters Wendy & Bonnie Flower has emerged as an acclaimed pop-psych touchstone, with glimpses of acidy folk and sunshine flavours .Brimming with melodic confections and laced with radiant, sisterly harmonies, the set's breezy Brazilian splashes and soft-rock strains convey a sophistication that belies the artists' tender ages.

WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND - Part One    (RI/180 Gram/Sealed)    Official reissue of the classic debut album. One of the Summer of Love's standout artefacts.This magnificent 1967 album mixes Eastern ragas with West Coast psychedelia to stunning effect. Includes "Shifting Sands", "Help I'm A Rock" and "Transparent Day" amongst others. Groovy to the max and back again.   

WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND - Vol. 2    (RI/180 Gram/Sealed) Reissue of the second official WCPAEB album, originally released in 1967. This includes the epic "Smell of Incense," "Suppose They Gave A War And No One Comes," and "Tracy Had A Hard Day Sunday." One of the psychedelic classics of the Summer of Love!

WHISTLER, CHAUCER, DETROIT AND GREENHILL - Unwritten Works Of Geoffrey, Et. 180 gram exact repro of 1968 US psych album from Texas (you would believe West Coast) mixing some superb psychedelic compositions (Day Of Childhood, House Of Collection) with good folk/rock songs with solid fuzz guitar lines and West Coast inspired vocals. Each song has such an individual style and such unique songwriting is so hard to find these days. Impossible to find now as an original, so this is a very welcome and timely reissue.The band became Space Opera after they split.

WHITE SUMMER - (S/T) A private pressing from 1976, reissued with original artwork for the first time. Progressive hard rock with psychedelic touches, melodic vocals, top-level musicianship, and stunning lead guitar. Originally from Benton Harbor, Michigan, White Summer was formed in 1973 by a trio of 18-year-olds who shared a mutual love for Hendrix, Cream, and Grand Funk, among others. Sought-after by collectors worldwide, this is the first-ever reissue to feature original artwork. 24-bit domain professional remaster from a mint original vinyl copy (master tapes were lost). Includes insert with liner notes by original member James Watkins and a previously unseen photo. "This is the best band I have ever seen in a bar!" --Eric Clapton. "This is the longest I ever sat and listened to a band." --Neil Young

WILD HAVANA - (S/T) Obscure Dutch private pressing from 1977. Laid-back instrumental psychedelic / progressive sounds with jazz-funk-groove and abstract / experimental / Latin-indigenous touches. Stoned homemade atmosphere with treated / distorted electric & acoustic guitars, flute, electric piano, primitive drum machines / homemade electronics...Much in the vein of the experimental-underground scene of France & Germany during the early 70s but actually recorded and released in Holland.

WILDWOOD - Plastic People Raw, in-your-face hard psychedelia with plenty of Vox and Hammond organ, hard guitar, and powerful vocals courtesy of Wildwood. Formed in the late '60s in Stockton, California, this powerful outfit rubbed shoulders with groups like Country Weather, Steve Miller Band, or Grateful Dead. RIYL: Public Nuisance, The Doors, Music Machine, Steppenwolf, Hunger, Jungle. Includes insert with rare photos and liner notes by Alec Palao; Includes download card. "This is Wildwood, it's black, it's dark, whatever it is, it's us." -- Frank Colli (Wildwood) "... dark and vaguely sinister in both look and sound, Wildwood melded the fuck-you attitude of the garage era with a soulful R&B streak and some enviable hard rock chops." --Alec Palao

WILKINSON TRI-CYCLE This obscure power trio is thought to have come from Boston, where they supported The Velvet Underground in 1969, the same year their sole LP appeared. An inspired blend of tough electric blues ("Leavin' Trunk," "Antique Locomotives"), commercial songs with distinctive hooks ("What Of I?," "Pourscha Poe") and more overtly acid-influenced material ("David's Rush," "Yellow Wall"), it's an overlooked psychedelic gem that deserves far wider recognition.

WILSON MCKINLEY - Heaven's Gonna Be A Blast A first ever, 100% legitimate high-quality vinyl reissue of this classic Jesus Rock LP, using exclusive transfers from the original analogue reels, with all lacquer cutting and plating done under one roof for the most accurate sound. The bands' longtime associate Timothy Smith has written detailed liner notes for a new insert, featuring vintage photos and press clippings. The original jacket artwork and label art are faithfully reproduced. "The third Wilson McKinley album is much less known than 'Spirit Of Elijah', but is arguably as good... it has a similar sound and feel. Heartfelt and warm singing style, and the band gets a groove going on every single song." ~Acid Archives. Limited edition of 500 copies.

WILSON MCKINLEY - Spirit of Elijah A legit vinyl reissue of this classic Jesus Rock album from the early seventies, with the power of the message and the playing shining through! This edition has way better sound than the original copies. The bands' longtime associate Timothy Smith has written detailed liner notes for a new insert, featuring vintage photos and press clippings. The original jacket artwork and label art are faithfully reproduced. "This isn't just the best Christian album I've heard. It may possibly be the best album in the laid back, West Coast late 1960's-early 70's style that I've heard, period." ~Acid Archives. Limited edition of 500 copies.

WIND - Seasons The famous German band Wind's legendary first album 'Seasons', originally released in 1971. This is a really classic German Krautrock album. The poetic and complexly crafted songs of the album were filled with extensive instrumentals and unusual diversions. The band had a previous release (on the Europa label) under the moniker of Corporal Gander's Fire Dog Brigade.

WIND - Morning Following their superb first album 'Seasons' on the budget label "+plus+", German band Wind released 'Morning' on CBS. 'Morning' had a different folky and lyrical fairytale atmosphere. Opening track 'Morning Song' sounds like a mixture of Procol Harum and Genesis in their early days. 'The Princess And The Minstrel' is one of those songs you do once in your musical life, a lyrical epic piece of music with a chorus you will never forget. 'Dragon Mind', 'Carnival', 'Schlittenfahrt' and 'Tommy's Song' could also be compared to early Genesis or British group Spring, with their soft mellotron textures. Bonus track is the 1973 single 'Josephine'. The album comes with renewed band history by singer Steve Leistner and a lot of yet unseen photos. Remastered from the original tapes. Wonderful!

WINDFLOWER - Dreams Rare 1976 pressing of lost in time primitive underground psych rock with fuzzy leads and unique vocals

WINTERHAWK - Revival (green vinyl ltd.) Highly anticipated 35th anniversary and first ever vinyl reissue of this all-time classic hard rock guitar private press record from 1982. 'Revival' overflows with a powerful classic hard rock sound featuring the unmatched soaring vocals of bassist Doug Brown, tight, powerful hard hitting drumming from Scott Benes and the incomparable guitar wizardry of Jordan Macarus, who will leave you wondering why he isn't featured in every guitar magazine around. The reissue comes with full size booklet with lyrics, liner notes, interview and vintage photos plus an 11x17" poster featuring Doug Brown and Jordan Macarus. Limited to 300 copies on seafoam green vinyl.

WIZARDS FROM KANSAS - (S/T)    (RI/Sealed) Stunning West Coast sytled US '60s album from Kansas, which contains complex melodic vocal harmonies, soaring trippy guitar work and wonderful original songs. A dreamy, melodic sparkling gem of an album from start to finish. Along with Kak, HP Lovecraft and Tripsichord Music Box, this album is one of THE essential artifacts of the era!

WOLFGANG - Eliminate Hate Previously unreleased album from one of the most enigmatic bands from the Texas psychedelic scene, Wolfgang. An unusual blend of '60s garage-punk, Texas psychedelia (think 13th Floor Elevators or Golden Dawn), The Seeds, The Misunderstood, late era Velvet Underground, '70s era Rolling Stones and '70s pre-punk swagger. Awesome distorted steel guitar with super snotty vocals. Wolfgang were a young band from Pasadena, Texas, discovered by legendary Texas mogul C.L. Millburn. The complete recordings have remained unreleased until now. Master tape sound; Insert with liner notes by Jeremy Cargill (Ugly Things, Got Kinda Lost)

YAYS & NAYS - (S/T) Limited to 500 copies. Monster rare USA private pressing from 1968, rated with 6 stars in the Hans Pokora 3001 Record Collector's Dreams book. The Yays & Nays were a groovy, hip group (says so on the original LP jacket!) comprised of three guys and three girls. Theirs is a truly unique sounding album, full of creative songwriting and vocal arrangements and a style that defies categorization. There's garage folk-rock-the opening track 'Gotta Keep Traveling' is really astounding!, tracks with vocals in a kind of 'Kicking Against the Pricks"-era Nick Cave-channelling-Tony-Joe-White-meets-Johnny Cash vein, a little country flair, and some cuts of an ''Incredible Strange Music'' type. Weird and wonderful, in it's own peculiar way. Reissued for the first time, in collaboration with band members, and with original artwork.

YESTERDAY'S CHILDREN - (S/T) Consistely a really superb heavy psych with some hard rock, garage and boogie moves, fuzzy guitars, great vocal work and a raunchy, potential and powerful sound. Is a perfect amalgam between the late-60's garage psych with the early-70's hard rock, in the same level of Sir Lord Baltimore, Banchee, Pulse, Odyssey.

TOM ZACHARIAS - Belinda / The Daughters Of Belinda (2 LPs) >Deluxe limited edition of 500 copies 2LP in a gatefold sleeve. This is the ultimate Swedish early '70s underground psych-funk erotica groove record! These two masterpieces, with their XXX-rated lyrics, were recorded with both Swedish and English lyrics but only the Swedish language versions were ever released. Even though ads were released in both Screw magazine and Mayfair, the English language versions were kept in the can. Here are both versions plus some real sleazy bonus tracks that were not on the CD edition plus extended liner notes re-telling the previously-untold story of how this recording came to be. Great, groovy, funky acid erotica with loads of gurgling fuzz/wah-wah guitars, booming bass, wicked drum beats and over-the-top XXX erotic lyrics.

AHMAD ZAHIR - Hip 70's Afghan Beats! A major star in Afghanistan in the '70s until his death, and a legend today, Ahmad Zahir has something impressive to offer to all Western ears open to exotic rock and pop sounds. Compiled from his vast discography, here's a selection with some of his best tracks, an astounding set showing his unique, distinct psychedelic sound. All centered around his deep voice, and with the use of electric guitar (including some wah-wah), stunning, reverb-heavy drums, some sitar and tabla, organ, flutes and bass, these are incredible folk-pop tunes from another world. Remastered from the original master tapes and including extensive liner notes.

ZAKARY THAKS - Form the Habit Form the Habit features each of the Zakary Thaks' frenzifying singles -- spanning the Texas crude of their stomping "Bad Girl" to the elevated psychedelia of "Green Crystal Ties" -- plus outtakes/backing tracks, a meaty interview with lead singer Chris Gerniottis and previously unpublished photos!


ZIPPER - (S/T) "ZIPPER" was a HEAVY PSYCHEDELIC ROCK formation from the late 70's which featured FRED COLE of 'DEAD MOON" in optima forma screaming his brains out and licking his ACID-DRENCHED GUITAR! A LOST TREASURE NOW REISSUED AND A MUST-HAVE FOR ALL "DEAD MOON" FREAKS! Original released in 1975 on the Whizeagle label.

ZWEISTEIN - Flip + Trip Out + Meditation (3 LP's) EDITION OF 500. DELUXE TRIPLE-LP with remastered sound and including a BONUS 7-INCH. Like the original copies, this reissue comes in a metallic silver and gold embossed cardboard gatefold gimmick sleeve, which even has a little mirror in it. The insert features liners and rare pix. Originally released on Philips in 1970 (but soon after withdrawn!), Zweistein's trippy kraut/psych/experimental masterpiece, which sounds more experimental than Faust, Kraftwerk or Cluster, gets its first vinyl reissue ever. Though presented as a band, Zweistein basically was the project of Suzanne Doucet, a successful German pop singer and TV personality then, and now a famous voice in New Age music. She recorded her avant-garde master piece with her sister Diane and sound engineer Peter Kramper, who's also been involved in recordings of The Rattles, Blizzards, Hawkwind, Amon Düül and Utopia. This is an amazing reissue!

ZIPPS - Kicks and Chicks Ever Stoned Finally, after years of waiting, one of the most important Dutch '60s psych bands get all of their singles compiled onto one disc! The zipps made some incredible 7" records and they are all here including, "Marie Juana" (the best dope song ever written), "Lotus Love", "Kicks And Chicks" and the bizarre "The Struggle For Ice-Cold Milk Of Benzi The Bassplayer Or How To Promote Original Dutch Milk". A unique style that mixed beat with all the bands own unique take on psychedelia.

BRITISH 60s/70s


AMBROSE SLADE - Beginnings UK limited edition 12-track vinyl LP, the debut longplayer from Noddy, Dave, Jim and Don, better known as Slade - this recording dates from their pre-success period when they were a dynamite band struggling in Midlands clubs, delivering powerhouse versions of contemporary classics, including 'Knockin Nails Into My House' [Idle Race], 'Martha My Dear' (Beatles) and 'Journey To The Centre Of The Mind' (Amboy Dukes).

ACTION - Rolled Gold

ANDROMEDA - Seven Lonely Street Previously unreleased 1969 recordings and just as good as their lone album issued on RCA in 1969. Andromeda straddled the terrain of early metal mixed with progressive and psychedelic edges. Featuring killer leads from John DuCann and a great hard edged basement sound that has seldom been bettered in '60s music. Comes with rare insert. All copies have been shrink-wrapped.

ARCADIUM - Breathe Awhile A London-based quintet with a uniquely intense sound, Arcadium gigged widely without achieving commercial success, and split not long after the release of this lost classic in November 1969. It has gone on to become one of the most sought-after albums of its time, making it truly essential for fans of psychedelia and progressive hard rock. 

ART - Supernatural Fairy Tales A 'progressive' outfit Art later evolved into Spooky Tooth in October 1967 with the addition of Gary Wright. Their finest moment was What's That Sound, which was a rehash of Buffalo Springfield's superb For What It's Worth. It's now quite hard to obtain but was included on Island's You Can All Join In compilation. Their album is adventurous and quite unique British psychedelic rock. It's quite primitive in places, but utilises a wide range of instruments with plenty of sound effects and variety. Guy Stevens handled the production duties. It's well worth a spin.


BARE SOLE - Flash Previously unreleased UK demo album from 1969. The loudest band from Hull in the '60s, Bare Soleplayed raw, in-your-face psychedelic hard rock and heavy blues. Bare Sole's brief existence at the tail-end of the 1960s reflected the realistic trappings of their geographical situation. Musical icons such as Mick Ronson and Robert Palmer would eventually rise to fame outside of their native Hull, but Bare Sole sadly only managed a handful of out-of-town gigs and a tour of US air bases in Germany. Bare Sole captured their primitive garage mannerisms in one fiery recording session. Aside from Decca's rejection of their demo tape, Bare Sole continued playing alongside acts such as Family, Status Quo, The Move, and Small Faces, but the inevitable decision to quit came in 1970 and their story came to an end. Flash represents Bare Sole's entire recorded history, taken from the master tapes of their 1969 recording session. Their seductive garage romp boasts explosive doses of fuzz, wah-wah, and Farfisa organ, a sound that recalls an earlier and more primitive sound, but a sound that also may have unwittingly sealed their fate. Master tape sound. Detailed liner notes. Recommended for fans of Blue Cheer, Iron Claw, Stack Waddy.

BEAU - Creation Originally released in 1971 on John Peel's Dandelion Records, Creation is the second album by underground folk troubadour Trevor "Beau" Midgley. Influenced by Tom Paxton, Lead Belly, and Dylan, Beau started to write his own songs in the late '60s. For his second effort, Beau decided to experiment with a more folk-rock sound and add to the mix some avant-garde influences. Jim Milne (lead guitar and bass) and Steve Clayton (drums) from Dandelion stablemates The Way We Live/Tractor were the perfect backing band for him. Creation is a brilliant psych/acid folk offering with superb 12-string guitars, heartfelt vocals, studio effects, and occasional acid-fuzz guitar. Beau's avant-garde influences come to the fore on the title-track, which verges into White Noise territory. The album closes with "Silence Returns," featuring one of the most ear-splitting fuzz assaults ever committed to wax, courtesy of Jim Milne. This first vinyl reissue includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks from 1972 (featuring Tractor as backing band), recorded for aborted third album High Mass. Also includes four-page insert featuring the first cover design (which was never used), plus detailed liner notes by Beau himself and lyrics. Master tape sound.

THE BIRDS - (S/T) Nice compilation of all the 7" tracks by this legendary UK Freakbeat band, including the rare French-only 7" EP from 1966. A couple of unreleased studio tracks and alternate versions have been thrown in as a bonus! Featuring a very young Ronnie Wood this is classic UK psycht '60's Freakbeat !Housed in a killer period sleeve.

BLONDE ON BLONDE - Reflections On A Life A vinyl reissue of the third album (1971) by this highly rated Welsh band that craftfully blended psychedelia with prog. On this LP the band's sound at times takes slightly experimental and surreal turns. This remastered edition comes with reproduced gatefold artwork and is limited to 500 copies.

BLOSSOM TOES - Love Bomb - Live 1967-69 now available as a numbered limited edition of 1,000 3LP vinyl version. Blossom Toes are well established as one of the UK's best-loved '60s psych bands, and this 3LP set captures them at the height of their powers. Sides A, B, and C were recorded live in Stockholm's Filip Club on August 26th 1967, just after they'd completed their classic debut, We Are Ever So Clean. It finds the band poised between that album's cheery pop-psych and the dense, progressive psychedelia of its follow-up, 1969's If Only For A Moment. Previously available only as an incomplete bootleg, it is mastered from original tapes supplied by the engineer who recorded it, Anders Lind. The D-side kicks off with two rare tracks from 1967 radio sessions and the remaining two sides boast rare recordings made at 1969's Amougies and Bilzen festivals -- the latter boasting a guest appearance from none other than Frank Zappa. The 3LP set is housed in a deluxe triple gatefold sleeve with rare photos and an introduction from the band's leader, Brian Godding, making it essential for all fans of British psychedelia. 180 gram virgin vinyl in an all-analog audiophile pressing.

BLUE PHANTOM - Distortions This legendary 1971 album was recorded by unknown musicians in Milan, for use as incidental music in films, television and radio. An astounding blend of creepy grooves and distorted guitar, it was released in tiny numbers in Italy, France and the UK, and is highly sought-after by collectors today.

BODAST - Spectral Nether Street Bodast was formed by the legendary Steve Howe (guitar), Dave Curtiss (bass, vocals) and Bobby Clark (drums). The name took the first two letters of their names. Curtiss and Clark were veterans of the early UK scene, having been members of Screaming Lord Sutch's Savages and Vince Taylor's Playboys, and they had also worked in France backing Françoise Hardy. Back in the day Bodast recorded an album, produced by Keith West, which remained shelved til' 1981, when Cherry Red issued 8 of the recorded songs as 'The Bodast Tapes'. Now the original 1968 mixes, which are rawer than the Cherry Red versions, appear on vinyl for the first time. This edition is limited to 500 LP's, packaged in old fashioned backflap sleeves.

BODKIN - Three Days After Death "We are proud to announce the release of this legendary underground UK album from 1972. This was a private pressing that rarely turns up. It's a beautiful example of UK music from those days when people were dreaming of a much better place to live. A heavy and hard prog trip of magnificence with burning hammond organ and killer fuzz lead guitars throughout..... Well everybody knows this! Goes along with Raw Material, Spring, Cressida and Steel Mill. This issue comes with the original label artwork. Remastered 180 gm vinyl."

ANNE BRIGGS - (S/T) Reissue of the first Anne Briggs album, originally issued on Topic. "The first full-length album from the legendary folk singer, originally released in 1971. Anne Briggs was a huge influence on the entire British folk-rock movement, especially other female singers such as Sandy Denny, Jacqui McShee, and Maddy Prior. Anne Briggs is a strong collection of traditional folk songs and original material and one of the most important releases of the British folk revival. Despite the fact that Briggs had been on the folk scene since the early '60s this was her first full-length effort, delayed by erratic behavior and studio fears, and she would record only two more records before dropping off the scene entirely. Thankfully we have this, her first and strongest record, reissued for the first time with the original cover."

BULLDOG BREED - Made In England Repress! Originally released in 1969 on Deram. This is one of the best late '60s UK psych/freakbeat albums. Featuring members of PLEASE, NEON PEARL and the FLIES, their songs are powerful, with strong vocal melodies and catchy guitar riffs. Bringing to mind UK bands s.a. The Attack and Fleur de Lys, this is an essential title for fans of psychedelic pop, freakbeat, mod sounds and garagerock alike. A superb album that really deserves to be a classic. Taken from the original stereo master tapes. Comes with a bonus 7" single of their non-LP tracks 'Portcullis Gate' b/w 'Halo In My Hair'.

CWT - The Hundredweight "This is the only album of this English hard progressive rock band. It was released in 1973 only in Germany by the legendary Kuckuck label and produced by Rolling Stones manager Andrew Oldham. A must have for all early '70s heavy progressive fans. Limited edition, deluxe 180 gram vinyl, exact reproduction of the original first pressing."

CAIR PARAVEL - Some Other Morning Related to Paradise Square, who cut an equally rare and sought after LP, Cair Paravel was the second project featuring singer/songwriter Pete Ryder. 'Some Other Morning' was recorded at a real studio and was released in 1976 on the Koala label, as a tiny edition of 250 copies (four stars rating in the Pokora book). Expect gorgeous, atmospheric folk with ethereal male and female vocals and a magical atmosphere. This is the first ever reissue of this top X-ian rarity. It comes with remastered sound, a reproduction of the original lyrics insert, and new liner notes by Richard Allen (Shindig!).

CALLINAN-FLYNN - Feeedom's Lament A vinyl-reissue of this 1972 album by two British singer-songwriters, recorded with Kieran O'Connor (Second Hand, Moving Finger) on drums and Romey Young on Jew's Harp. The original edition on the collectable Mushroom label is much sought after and quite expensive. This edition, including two bonus tracks, is limited to 500 copies.

CENTIPEDE - Septober Energy "An ambitious, four-movement suite, led by Keith Tippett and produced by Robert Fripp in 1971. This 50-piece orchestra brought together the best British musicians of the day, including members of Soft Machine, King Crimson, and Nucleus, as well as jazz musicians Gary Windo, Mark Charig, Elton Dean, Karl Jenkins, Nick Evans, and Ian Carr. Despite having been released over 30 years ago, Septober Energy remains a force to be reckoned with, and while the 85-minutes of music often resembles that of KC or SM, it also brings in elements of free jazz and contemporary classical music. Finally reissued on double gatefold vinyl and featuring the original artwork."

MICHAEL CHAPMAN - Fully Qualified Survivor Although not as well known as his peers (Roy Harper, John Marytn, and Bert Jansch), the name Michael Chapman is an important one in the linage of English folk rock guitarists and singer/songwriters of the late 60's/early '70s. For those unfamiliar with Chapman's work, Roy Harper might be his closest musical cousin (and both artists were signed to EMI's seminal stoner record label Harvest -- also home to Kevin Ayers and Syd Barrett). Like other Harvest artists, Chapman's music contains a slightly drugged out feel, sublime guitar playing and intense lyrics.  What makes Fully Qualified Survivor such a special album (besides being a vehicle for a young Mick Ronson's mind-blowing guitar heroics) are the layers of beautiful acoustic guitars, deranged vocals, floating conga drums, and the cello of one Paul Buckmaster -- the same man who provided the intense strings on Elton John's dark masterpiece 'Mad Man Across The Water.' Fully Qualified Survivor is very much an 'album' more than a collection of songs as they seem to link together seamlessly.  The perfect album for a blissful day and a joint." Includes a 28-page booklet of historic photos and liner notes, plus a new interview with Michael Chapman.

MICHAEL CHAPMAN - Rainmaker Rainmaker is a psychedelic-guitar-folk delight. The album kicks off with one of Chapman's best known songs 'It Didn't Work Out' -- which features a stellar cast of legendary English musicians of the era; Guitarist 'Clem' Clempson was in the prog-band Bakerloo (soon after playing with Chapman he'd join jazz-rockers Colosseum and then Humble Pie) Drummer Aynsley Dunbar (his resume includes John Mayall, Eric Burdon, David Bowie, Frank Zappa and Lou Reed), bassist Alex Dmochowski (long time Dunbar comrade) were both in Dunbar's Retaliation. Organ player Norman Haines was in Locomotive (another obscure, but legendary progressive English band of the day)." Includes 6 bonus tracks, plus a 28-page booklet with liner notes by Byron Coley.

CIRKUS - One (w/45) Despite being self-recorded, the 1973 debut by this British progressive quintet is one of the most accomplished albums in its genre, recalling the work of Yes, King Crimson, and The Moody Blues, with plenty of imaginative keyboard and guitar work. It's sure to delight all fans of early '70s underground music.

COMPLEX - (S/T) Musically the album is notable for its homemade, organ driven, US Garage type sound. “Witch’s Spell” for instance has a very fuzzed-up, psychedelic appeal with guitars upfront. “Self Declaration” opens the second side with lengthy, almost Iron Butterfly-like excursions, with the whole album ultimately staying within the confines of its small-town, teenage dreams, headset. This one is sure to please collectors of true underground British psychedelia of the late sixties, early seventies.

COMPLEX - The Way We Feel Second Complex album released in 1971 in an edition of 99 copies, one of the rarest private pressings from the UK along with their debut album. Another set of swingin,' London-styled psychedelic pop and underground psychedelia, featuring some of the best tracks the band ever recorded, like the Zombies-sounding "Hey Girl, You've Got Style" and the killer psych number "We Don't Exist." Carefully remastered sound, pressed on 180 gram vinyl including an insert with rare pictures and extensive liner notes by David Wells.

THE MIKE COTTON SOUND - (S/T) The classic 1964 r&b/mod-album by British jazz player Mike Cotton gets its first official vinyl reissue! This steaming set includes cover versions of well known songs s.a. 'Water Melon Man', 'Love Potion No.9', 'Night Train' and many others. Once you hear this album you won't be surprised that the Mike Cotton Sound was asked to contribute to sessions of a.o. The Kinks, Solomon Burke, Stevie Wonder and The Four Tops. This edition comes with five bonus tracks, a great original style laminated sleeve with reproduced artwork and three backflaps, and an insert with photos and liner notes. Nice!

THE CREATION - We Are Paintermen Vinyl reissue of the debut 1967 album with full colour jacket from this UK mod/freakbeat band. Tracks include "Cool Jerk", "Making Time", "Through My Eyes", "Biff Bang Pow", "Painter Man" and more. Limited

THE CREATION - The Best of the Creation

JASON CREST - Collected Works Of.... LP. (Acme - ADLP1027) Official reissue of virtually all of the singles and all the lost album by this classic late '60s UK psych band who made the chilling "Black Mass" and dreamy "Turquoise Tandem Cycle" singles. Possibly the last remaining classic UK '60s psych album to be unearthed, full of Mellotrons, phasing, backwards guitar etc. With insert!

CROMWELL - At the Gallop Self-released in 1975 by the Drumcondra, Dublin-based Cromwell, At The Gallop is a blistering, heavy, loud n' lascivious ten-track offering (thirteen in this expanded edition) of proto-metal infused street rock n' roll from a time when Ireland was still under the sway of conservative showbands, quasi-religious, sentimental pop pap and traditional Irish music. Despite their cultural struggles, Cromwell crafted a creative and compact catalog - five fuzzed n' ferocious 45s and this foot-long - led by co-vocalist/bassist Michael Kiely's come-hither coo and fey Jagger pose n' preen, the in-the-pocket drumming of Derek Dawson and minor-guitar hero moves of Patrick Brady, exercising taste, talent and towering mountains of fuzz n' fury as comfortably as greasy '70s raunch and rural modes. At The Gallop is a rare, little-heard classic in the pub/fried rock n' roll/proto-punk terrain. RIYL: Teenage Head, Flamingo-era Flamin' Groovies, Mott The Hoople, '70s Rolling Stones, pre-punk American street rock, and the Bonehead Crunchers series. Includes three bonus tracks from the group's rare singles; Includes an insert featuring rare photos and in-depth liner notes by Jeremy Cargill (Got Kinda Lost Records, Ugly Things Magazine).

DANDO SHAFT - (S/T) "High quality all acoustic folk is what we find on Dando Shaft's 1971 release. The complicated rhythmic fabrics -- woven together by intricate guitar, mandolin and violin, and joined by the expressive vocals of Polly Bolton -- create unique progressive folk atmospheres that are definitely some of the best of the period".

DANDO SHAFT - An Evening With... 1970 debut album by legendary British group Dando Shaft. An essential, all acoustic folk-rock disc that stands up there with the top classics of the genre. 500 copies only, pressed on 180 gram vinyl including an insert with liners by Andy Morten.

DANDO SHAFT - Lantaloon Third and last album by UK folk-rock outfit Dando Shaft, from 1972. Another brilliant set of acoustic folk-rock and traditional folk. 500 copies only, pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Includes a reproduction of the original big poster and an insert with liners by Andy Morten.

DANTALIAN'S CHARIOT - CHARIOT RISING Zoot Money's Big Roll Band was one of the biggest live acts in Swingin' London. They where among the top stage bands playing their mixture of mod jazz/soul/R&B in the most popular clubs and released a bunch of excellent 45's and two fantastic LPs. But by 1967 a new breeze was blowing and bringing winds of change into the music scene. Bands like The Pink Floyd, Tomorrow or The Soft Machine had ignited a revolution in sound, and Money saw it was the time for a new move. Along with guitarist Andy Somers (a.k.a. Summers, later of The Police) and drummer Collin Alen from the Big Roll Band, plus bassist Pat Donaldson, he formed Dantalian's Chariot and hit London's psychedelic underground clubs with a new sound and looks by these legendary 1967 Brittish ACID-ROCKERS Now at last again available in vinyl format through Wah Wah Records, issued under license from Zoot Money and featuring a cool period-style colour sleeve, front laminated and with backflaps , plus an insert with info and photos. Ultra limited edition of ONLY 500 copies on a nicely front laminated cover with backflaps.

DARK - Anonymous Days 500 press on black vinyl with insert. For the first time on vinyl legends of the early 70's UK psych monsters Dark return with a killer second offering. Many of the songs were written in the way back, some of them more recent but all Dark!"

THE DAVE DAVANI FOUR - Fused! LP (Import) "Wah Wah is proud to announce the vinyl reissue of one of the best Hammond organ fueled LPs from the Swingin' London years! The talented organist Dave Davani and his group were a regular act at top clubs like the Flamingo or the Ricky Tick, sharing the spotlight with other top British names such as Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated, Zoot Money's Big Roll Band, Graham Bond Organization, Artwoods, Georgie Fame or even U.S. heavyweights as Jimmy McGriff. The superb Fused! LP, originally released by Parlophone in 1965, is a killer sample of what Davani and company delivered in the sweaty smokey nightclubs of London that year. First class Hammond-powered mod jazz and R&B, deeply rooted in the sounds of the fab Jimmy McGriff, 'Big' John Patton, Brother Jack McDuff, and Jimmy Smith soul jazz albums imported from the U.S. at the time. From the top opening track, an organ-ized version of the classic Miles Davis 'Milestones,' to the last groove of the record, this one will please everybody into swingin' soul jazz sounds. Reissued on vinyl format for the first time, you have a chance to grab yourself a copy of this goodie at a reasonable price -- but only for a while, since it has been licensed for a 1000 copies run and albums as good as this one do not last long on the shop's shelves. Get it now before it's too late! An exact repro of the original Parlophone LP upgraded with cool liner notes written for the occasion by today's Hammond maestro, Nick Rossi."

PETE DELLO AND FRIENDS - Into Your Ears Into Your Ears is the sole full-length offering from Honeybus founder member Pete Dello (assisted by a coterie of close friends). The album is a wonderful, timeless work of incisive, plaintive folk-pop balladry and buoyant, idiosyncratic creations, led along by Dello's honeyed voice, which eases effortlessly into falsetto, and expertly executed arrangements featuring minor orchestrations.  There's something present, timeless and at times nearly indescribable about this very special set of songs that can't be pinpointed by simple equation. Widely regarded by Honeybus fans, '60s-'70s collectors and anyone who's happened into its beatific orbit, Into Your Ears is a lost classic deserving of further exposure. Includes liner notes culled from interviews with Jeremy Cargill (Ugly Things/Got Kinda Lost), presenting the most thorough examination of Dello's career to date; Original gatefold LP artwork restored, illustrated by Roger Dean. RIYL: Ray Brooks, Duncan Browne, John Cale's Paris 1919 (1973), Ray Davies (The Kinks), Bill Fay, Nick Garrie, the early careers of Ralph McTell and Clifford T. Ward.


DHARMA BLUES - (S/T) Formed by guitarist Dave Brock, pianist Mike King, and harmonica player Luke Francis in 1964, the British blues trio gigged heavily around London, eventually recording versions of Sonny Boy Williamson II's 'Dealing with the Devil' and Pete Johnson's 'Roll 'Em Pete' for a British blues compilation. The band also backed Memphis Slim on tour in the UK, but before the band could record a full-length LP, Luke Francis and Dave Brock quit the band, with the latter going on to form Hawkwind shortly thereafter. Mike King, however, decided to continue on his own, recruiting Gary Compton on harmonica, and John Hillary on guitar and vocals, to record this convincing British blues LP in 1967."

DR Z - Three Parts To My Soul Vertigo release classic power trio with this English bluesy progressive band with dominating keyboards, that belongs up there on the top-10 list.

DOGFEET - (S/T) The highly-collectable Dogfeet album originally released on the CBS subsidiary in 1970. Moody twin guitar blues-y psychedelic rock.

NICK DRAKE - Bryter Layter From 1970 comes the troubled troubadour's second album that's much more upbeat than his debut. Beautiful, pastoral bed-sit melodies borrowing from traditional folk and augmented by John Cale, Richard Thompson and Dave Pegg amongst others. Fully packaged in original sleeve with plastic cover and on 180 gram virgin vinyl pressing.

NICK DRAKE - Five Leaves Left LP. (Simply Vinyl - SVLP 163) Simply Vinyl reissue of nick drake's 1969 debut album, from one of the UK's most loved and missed singer songwriter. Exquisite orchestrated songs filled with lyrical whimsy and a overlying sense of sadness. With support from Richard Thompson amongst others, this reissue comes fully remastered and with extended packaging.

DULCIMER - Room For Thought Largely known for their fantastic album And I Turned As I Had Turned As A Boy from 1971, a true folk-rock delight, British group Dulcimer had also recorded a second album to be released that same year, but for some reason it went unreleased. So here, finally, is the first-ever vinyl release of this lost UK folk-rock album, and it's taken from the original mastertapes. Limited to 500 copies in nice artwork and backflapped old-style covers. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl.

JUDY DYBLE - Anthology Part One Early 2015, Judy Dyble (Fairport Convention, Trader Horne, Giles, Giles & Fripp) issued her 'Gathering The Threads', a triple-CD anthology of all the fragments that make up her - frankly extraordinary - career. Here, the first disc of the triptych is released as a deluxe vinyl compilation of her earlier work, as 'Anthology Part One'. Comprising rare, unreleased and hard-to-find tracks - many of which have never before been issued on wax - these 15 songs represent Judy's most prolific period as a musician.

ELIAS HULK - Unchained A classic in the collecting circuit since ages, the sole release by UK group Elias Hulk was out in 1970 on the Youngblood label. Raw hard-rock, adding some Eastern and blues-rock elements as well. First-ever licensed vinyl reissue, pressed on 180 gram vinyl in a one-off 500 copies pressing. Insert with photos and extensive liners by Andy Morten.


EVERYONE INVOLVED - Either / Or Needless to say, the original album has been a highly sought-after artifact since the early days of obscure psych-prog record-collecting. This reissue reproduces the original embossed cover and includes repros of the two rare inserts, including the giant fold-out poster with new liner notes and info printed in the reverse. Also included is a repro of the Save Piccadilly 7" single released in 1972, featuring a non-album track: "The Circus Keeps on Turning."

THE EYES - ARRIVAL OF THE EYES (Import) "Brand new killer re-mastered edition of this legendary '60s UK freakbeat/mod band album. Featuring all their rare as hell singles complete with b-sides plus many demos, alternative versions and several tracks previously unissued on vinyl before now! Comes with insert booklet featuring rare photos and new sleeve notes by EYES leader and founder Barry Allchin. Limited edition of 500 copies pressed on 180 gram vinyl."

EYES of BLUE - Crossroads of Time A great vinyl reissue of the highly regarded debut-LP by Welsh heavy psych/prog unit Eyes Of Blue, originally issued in 1968 by Mercury. Most of the album consists of self-written tunes, dominated by intense guitar work, expressive vocals and swirling Hammond parts. But the LP also includes notable covers of the Love-classic '7 And 7 Is' and The Beatles' 'Yesterday'. This edition comes with remastered sound, reproduced artwork and an insert with info and photos.

FAIRFIELD - Ski Birmingham's Fairfield Ski are one of the greatest lost UK psych/prog bands, ever. With a line-up which included ex-Terry Reid's band Bill Bonham (cousin of Led Zep John Bonham) on keyboards, their only recorded legacy is one of the rarest artifacts from the first UK psych-prog era: only three copies are known to exist of the Fairfield Ski acetate album, recorded in 1973 at top London studios such as Trident, Abbey Road and Apple. A perfectly played and professionally produced record which ranges from full-blown psychedelia to glam, hard rock, progressive pop, and dreamy psych. Echoes of Forever Amber, Five Day Rain, Octopus, Deep Purple, Procol Harum, Abbey Road-era Beatles and Appletree Theatre can be heard on the grooves of this lost classic. Fantastic remastered sound restored from the original acetate using state-of-the-art equipment. Insert with rare pictures and detailed liner notes by Andy Morten (Shindig!) revealing the Fairfield Ski story for the first time.

FAIRPORT CONVENTION - Unhalfbricking Deluxe 180 gram reissue. "Unhalfbricking, originally released in 1969, was a transitional album for Fairport Convention, as vocalist (and American folk-rock enthusiast) Ian Matthews left midway through the recording. As a result, the band looked further into their own country's folk traditions for influence, as their decidedly British style was cemented by the addition of Dave Swarbrick's fiddle. This is not to say that Unhalfbricking is a weak album. On the contrary, it is a stone cold classic and includes some of the band's finest material including their take on Dylan's 'Percy's Song,' the traditional 'A Sailor's Life,' and one of Sandy Denny's finest compositions in 'Who Knows Where The Time Goes?'"

THE FLIES - Complete Collection 1965 - 1968 The complete recordings of the legendary British '60s freakbeat outfit (related to a.o. Bulldog Breed, Please and Neon Pearl) on a full-length vinyl LP. This release contains all their hard-to-find singles with their B-sides, plus demos, other unreleased stuff and a stunning alternate take of 'I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone', blowing away the original version. The LP comes with a band history and unseen pictures. Edition of 1.000 copies.

FOREST - BBC Concert "Recorded in May and October 1972 for BBC Radio 1 by DJ Bob Harris, these sessions may be all that remain of this seminal acid folk band's elusive third album! Featuring songs not heard on either one of their LPs--1969's self-titled debut and 1970's Full Circle, both on Harvest--it is speculated that many of these songs would have appeared on their imminent third album had they not been suddenly dropped from their label (due to low sales and rapidly changing musical tastes). By 1972 Dez Allenby had left the band, leaving brothers Adrian & Martin Welham as the only remaining members, although Dave Panton (viola, sax) and Dave Stubbs (bass) were brought in for their live performances. By this time, particularly on tracks like 'Everyday Laugh', the Welham brothers were moving more into avant-rock territory and one can only speculate on where they could have gone from here. All songs by Welham & Welham except a version of Ray Charles' 1958 hit 'Leave My Woman Alone'."

FREEDOM - Through the Years Founded by ex-members of Procol Harum, Freedom were a legendary British psychedelic hard-rock band. This is their fourth album, originally released for the collectable Vertigo label in 1971. Powerful hard-rock/bluesy sound with loud, wah-distorted guitars, long tracks, and wasted vocals. Recommended to fans of Clear Blue Sky, Budgie, and Jodo. Remastered sound, featuring an insert with detailed liner notes and photos.

THE GHOST - When You're Dead - One Second "The Ghost LP is one of the most fabulous UK psych/prog albums. This Birmingham band featured guitarist Paul Eastment, previously in The Velvett Fogg. The album, originally released back in 1970 on the Gemini label in the UK and in 1971 on Exit/Ekipo records in Spain, is one step ahead psychedelia entering the realm of prog music, yet retaining an atmospheric mind expanding feel through it all. Loads of Hammond organ swirls, pyrotechnical guitar licks, beautiful acoustic guitar parts, and above it all, killer vocal arrangements, with the special attraction of Shirley Kent's beautiful tone (Shirley would later move on to record the Fresh Out LP as Virginia Tree). Top quality remastered sound, an impressing addition to your psych prog collection! Vinyl reissue, limited to 700 copies."

GIGYMEN - (S/T) Guerssen presents the first-ever reissue of this lost treasure, originally an obscure private pressing of just 100 copies. Gigymen were a college circuit band from Cambridge who in 1974 recorded their only album at Spaceward Studios. Stunning folk-rock/folk-pop with pro-recorded sound, superb musicianship and strong songwriting. With influences ranging from Fairport Convention to The Beatles, here you'll find some superb folk-rock adaptations of traditional songs such as "As I Roved Out," "Gypsy Laddie" and "Rocky Road to Dublin" along with fab folk-pop with Beatlesque vocals on tracks like "Plain Jane" or "Gone Are The Days." The album was originally released with only a blank paper sheet with the credits on the cover, so Guerssen has designed a new front sleeve for their reissue. Insert with rare pictures and detailed liner notes also included. Remastered in 24-bit domain from the original master tapes.

GNIDROLOG - In Spite of Harry's Toenail Reissued on 180-gram vinyl and housed in a gatefold sleeve, this definitely is one of the best UK progressive records. The music is made with plenty of instruments ranging from keyboards and oboe to cello and guitar. This LP has all the elements that makes a band a classic in the genre.

DAVY GRAHAM & HOLLY - Godington Boundry In keeping with those he made for Decca, it's an unashamedly esoteric blend of the influences dear to his heart. As well as takes on jazz standards such as 'Round Midnight' and the perennial 'Worksong,' then-contemporary covers of the Beatles' 'Mother Nature's Son' and the Incredible String Band's 'Everything's Fine Right Now' also featured. Tabla player Kesh Sathe contributes his mastery to 'Afta,' one of the original compositions to debut on this album and Holly Gwyn lends her stunning vocals to 'On Green Dolphin Street' and the rousing 'A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.' It would be some years before Davy ventured into a studio again; Godington Boundry draws a decade of pioneering recordings to a close in suitably eclectic style.

GROUNDHOGS - BLUES OBITUARY "Originally released in 1969 on Imperial, Blues Obituary is a landmark of Britain's blues-rock movement. Blues Obituary finds the Groundhogs beginning to stretch beyond traditional blues forms, as demonstrated on the seven-minute epic 'Light Was The Day.' Beyond its memorable cover art, Blues Obituary marks the Groundhogs' first effort as a power trio, the format in which the band would do its most acclaimed and popular work. Led by master guitarist/singer/songwriter Tony McPhee, the Groundhogs formed in the mid-'60s, borrowing their name from a John Lee Hooker song. Prior to launching their recording career, the Groundhogs developed a reputation as a powerful live act, and backed such visiting American blues greats as Champion Jack Dupree and Hooker himself."

GROUNDHOGS - Scratching the Surface "The raw, rootsy Scratching The Surface ranks among the finest albums to emerge from the British blues-rock boom, matching Tony McPhee's memorable original tunes with a blistering reworking of the Muddy Waters classic 'Still A Fool.' The album features the Groundhogs' original recording lineup of McPhee, bassist Peter Cruickshank, drummer Ken Pustelnik and harp player Steve Rye. Out of print for decades and never before reissued domestically, this cult classic has been meticulously restored, using Sundazed's usual exacting standards; pressed on high-quality audiophile vinyl, and features original cover art." Originally released on World Pacific in 1968.

PETER MICHAEL HAMEL - The Voice of Silence Here is a very welcome reissue of the sought after second LP by Peter Michael Hamel, originally released on the collectable Vertigo label in 1973. Hamel's experimentation with meditative and minimalist sounds is a further field of exploration for those into the likes of Terry Riley, LaMonte Young, Popol Vuh, Taj Mahal Travellers or Deuter, and will also appeal to those into ambient and meditation music. This excellent reissue has remastered sound and is housed in a textured sleeve reproducing the original artwork. Also featured is an insert with photos and liner notes. Limited edition of only 500 copies.

HAPSHASH and the COLOURED COAT - (S/T) This highly collectable album was the brainchild of psychedelic graphic designers and darlings of London's underground scene Michael English and Nigel Waymouth. Being responsible for a series of legendary posters for artists such as the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Traffic, Tomorrow, Soft Machine, Pink Floyd, The Who et al, Waymouth and English were put into the studio by friend, DJ and manager Guy Stevens. The resulting album, "Featuring Human Host and the Heavy Metal Kids" featured the musicians from the band Art, later to become Spooky Tooth, and appeared on the Liberty's Minit label in 1967 and was a combination of electronic madness and improvised psychedelic freeform freak-out.

HAWKWIND - Best ot the United Artists Years 1971-1974 (RSD ltd)

HEAD MACHINE - Orgasm Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Taped by psychedelic rockers the Gods (as Head Machine) at the tail-end of 1969, shortly before they morphed into Toe Fat and then Uriah Heep, this British underground rock classic features plenty of wailing guitar from Ken Hensley, and powerful drumming from Lee Kerslake. Extremely rare in its original form, it makes a welcome return to LP here, complete with background notes.

HIGH SPEED & THE AFFLICTED MAN - Get Stoned Ezy In 1982, the mysterious Steve Hall, a self-proclaimed "hippie-punk" who had previously released a couple of D.I.Y basement-punk albums with his band Afflicted Man, recorded one of the most obscure, underrated and KILLER heavy-psych albums of all time. Credited to High Speed & Afflicted Man, "Get Stoned Ezy" consists of three long tracks of late 60s/early 70s influenced psychedelic hard-rock. A fuzz-wah assault of epic proportions in the style of other guitar-damage Gods like Human Instinct, Wicked Lady, Hendrix, High Rise, Sabbath, Stooges, etc, all played with a real acid-punk attitude. We present the first ever legit reissue of this lost masterpiece, licensed by Steve Hall. Remastered sound, insert with detailed liner notes by Chris Stigliano (Black To Comm) and rare pictures.

LINDA HOYLE - Pieces of Me Linda Hoyle (ex-AFFINITY) is one of the brilliant folk singer songwriters in THE UK. This RARE album is her one and only masterpiece, originally released in 1971 on Vertigo.

HUNTER MUSKETT - Every Time You Move One of the rarest British underground folk releases of the early 1970s, the Hunter Muskett debut album Every Time You Move is also widely regarded as one of the best: a fragile, autumnal, quintessentially English beauty full of melancholy harmonies, layers of acoustic guitars, complementary bass (uncredited, but from Pentangles Danny Thompson) sympathetic baroque arrangements and, most of all, some lovely, highly poetic songs. An essential album for aficionados of vintage underground UK folk-rock.

CLARK-HUTCHINSON - A=MH2 ...Expanded the debut album by ANDY CLARK on keyboards and percussion and Mick Hutchinson (ex-SAM GOPAL) on GUITARS. One of the alltime classic experimentation albums in rock music. originally on Deram series NOVA from 1969. Including superb opening track 'improvasations on a modal scale' with some real Eastern style guitar blistering.

INCREDIBLE STRING BAND - Incredible String Band Amazing debut 1966 album (in the US cover) from the original ISB trio (Williamson, Heron and Palmer). All the usual harmonies, exotic instrumentation and proto-psychedelic flashes are in evidence although with a more minimalist feel than in later releases. Classic early beat-folk from a band that did much to pave way for the UK late 60s/early 70s folk-rock scene. Includes the magical 'October Song' and the surreal 'Smoke Shovelling Song'.

INCREDIBLE STRING BAND - 5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion. Second album from British psych-folk outfit (now just the duo of Mike Heron and Robin Williamson) dating from 1967. Altogether more trippy than the debut, this album explores mind expanding and surreal Eastern and Arabic influences and features one of the classic psychedelic sleeves of all time! (by The Fool) One of the essential acid albums of the '60's including "Chinese White",the epic acid parable "The Mad Hatters' Song" the dark "My Name Is Death" and ten other gems. Essential for fans of UK psych and folk alike!

INCREDIBLE STRING BAND - Hangman's Beautiful Daughter Indispensable third ISB album dating from 1968 with an enormous wealth of instruments and ideas on offer. With the addition of several new members and Joe Boyd at the production helm, this album defined the INCREDIBLE STRING BAND as one of the most important psych-folk acts of the 60s. Includes ""Witches Hat", "The Water Song" and eight more. Surreal, whimsical, bewitching, magical and mythic. Put this on your turntable and jump in.

BERT JANSCH - Live In Australia Live recordings from a 1998 gig at the Continental Cafe in Melbourne, Australia. Bert is backed by bass player Pete Howell and Ian Clark on percussion. This vinyl edition includes a download.

JASON CREST - Collected Works ofCollected Works Of Jason Crest collects the A and B sides of all five late 1960s singles by British psychedelic pop cults Jason Crest and adds six extraordinary demos that failed to see the light of day at the time. Tracks of the caliber of 'Turquoise Tandem Cycle' and the legendary 'Black Mass,' Collected Works Of Jason Crest is the definitive anthology of one of the most highly regarded British psych-pop bands of the era."

JERUSALEM - (S/T) 2014 repress. "Gatefold cover vinyl reissue of stunning 1972 UK heavy rock monster produced by Ian Gillan, originally released on the Deram/Decca label. Requests have been pouring in for a vinyl version of this classic and now it has finally arrived! High quality gatefold cover near-exact reissue, right down to the labels, of this illustrious collector favorite and downright savage early 70s proto-metal hard rock beast of an album. Remastered for vinyl direct from the original master tapes. Includes insert with liner notes and photos. Lyrics are inside gatefold cover. File this under 'must-have' reissue right alongside Truth and Janey's No Rest for the Wicked LP!"

JULIAN'S TREATMENT - A Time Before This "A Time Before This is a lost classic of the progressive era. Released on the short lived Youngblood label in 1970, the double album was the first vinyl outing for Science Fiction author Julian Jay Savarin, who assembled a group of musicians to record this conceptual work.

KATCH 22 - It's Soft Rock and All Sorts Unearthing another hidden gem from the Saga catalogue. Katch 22 were a bunch of young boys that produced the UK answer to the US soft rock scene. It is ironic that a UK band can be so influenced by those US bands that were most highly under the influence of British popsike! Think of Harper's Bizarre, The Association, The Millennium or Eternity's Children even higher on tea! A surprisingly good production for a Saga pop/psych LP. It is certainly an underrated period piece that deserves a wider recognition, a great sounding album of orchestrated (and non orchestrated) pop sounds. The album was originally issued on Saga / Eros subsidiary in 1968, and the Wah Wah reissue respects the colourful sleeve and reprints the original insert, with sound remastered from the original tapes by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering. Offered in a limited 500 copies only edition!"    

KILLING FLOOR - Out of Uranus The second and best of the albums released by this British group, originally on Larry Page’s Penny Farthing label in 1970. The impressive opening track “Out of Uranus” kicks off this great album, filled with acid- rock and blues- rock with an aggressive production and in- your- face guitar riffs all over. Also features a couple tracks more into psych- pop, all pretty well executed.

LADY JUNE'S - Linguistic Leprosy Mental Experience present the first vinyl reissue of Lady June's Linguistic Leprosy, originally released in 1974. The legendary debut album by Canterbury scene pivotal figure, performance poet, painter, and experimental musician June Campbell Cramer, better known as Lady June. Produced by Kevin Ayers, who also plays on the album along with Brian Eno, Pip Pyle (Gong, Hatfield And The North), and David Vorhaus (White Noise). Originally released by Virgin's budget imprint Caroline (home also of artist like Faust With Tony Conrad, Gong, Lol Coxhill, etc.), Lady June's Linguistic Leprosy is a surreal, eccentric, psychedelic oddity of interest to fans of the Soft Machine-Gong-Canterbury family as well experimental/sound poetry/art-rock explorers. This cult album was included on the legendary Nurse With Wound list. Remastered sound; Insert with photos and liner notes by Ayers archivist Martin Wakeling. RIYL: Gong, Catherine Ribeiro, Laurie Anderson, Boards Of Canada, Mopsie Beans.


LIGHTDREAMS - Islands In Space '70s, LightDreams leader Paul Marcano took one step beyond his intimate colleagues and chose to spread his ideals concerning peaceful outer-space colonization to all with open ears. Islands in Space, dotted with acoustic jams, backward guitars, lyrics alluding to the British progressive era, smoking-hot electric leads, synths galore, and the dreamiest of melodies, is both Marcano's love letter to the work of science-fiction author Gerard K. O'Neill and the psych-tinged folk explorers who came before him such as McDonald and Giles. Originally privately issued in 1981 in an edition of 1,000 copies, Islands in Space explores space travel and cosmic ideology in a sci-fi psych odyssey and is filled with atmospheric, lysergic creations atop a hybrid of sounds from the cosmic psych/progressive folk/new age spectrum. Home-recorded (yet hi-fi), Islands in Space carries a singular quality, defies easy categorization, and has long been savored by collectors of otherworldly joys. This singular, beatific work now has another chance to shine from Earth's surface to the outer reaches of the galaxy. RIYL: Dreamies; Donovan; Pete Fine; Robert Lester Folsom's hazy, synth-led moments; McDonald and Giles; Ramases; Simones; the out-of-time bliss of Bobb Trimble; et al.

LITTLE FREE ROCK - Nirvanating Nervesounds Psychedelic hard rock featuring the explosive fuzz-wah guitar of Peter Illingworth (ex-David John & The Mood). Little Free Rock were an underground British power trio that evolved from heavy-mod-psych band Purple Haze. Nirvanating Nervesounds collects sessions for an aborted second album from 1971, produced by Robert Stigwood, plus tracks from their early incarnation as Purple Haze, taken from an ultra-rare demo acetate from 1969. The '71 tracks were recorded just after the band incorporated an African percussionist, "Lord" Eric Carboo, into their line-up, and following the replacement of original member Frank Newbold with ex-Killing Floor bass player John Taylor. This new line-up shines on tracks like the terrific psych-funk cut "Money On Your Mind," full of drum breaks and frenzied wah-wah guitar. The '69 recordings are taken from the only known copy of a demo acetate recorded in 1969, when the band had just changed their name from Purple Haze to Little Free Rock. Featuring some songs that were later re-recorded and included on the Transatlantic album, appearing here in a superior, raw form. This is a killer find for anyone into late '60s British mod-psych. A fuzzed-out power trio that will surprise anyone into obscure psych/freakbeat acts like Adam's Recital, Five Day Rain, The Attack...

MADDEN AND HARRIS - Fools Paradise Dave Madden and Peter Harris were a teacher/pupil folk duo from Sidney who in 1975 recorded and self-released this progressive/psychedelic folk-rock masterpiece. British-influenced sound with lots of mellotron, vintage keyboards, strings, drums, fuzz bursts, dreamy vocals, etc., containing an impressive 20-minute long suite which has to be heard to be believed. Think Subway, Mellow Candle, Magna Carta, Ithaca. First-ever legit vinyl reissue. Master tape sound. Housed in a gatefold cover with corrected color as originally intended by the artists. Includes a reproduction of the original lyrics booklet and a new insert with detailed liner-notes.

THE MAGIC MIXTURE - This Is Recorded swiftly and issued briefly on the Saga label in September 1968, the sole album by this mysterious London quartet has become one of the most cherished artifacts of British psychedelia.  An essential purchase for all fans of UK psych.

MARSUPILAMI - (S/T) "One of the all time favorite UK progressive albums from 1970. This killer album has all the ingredients that make one of the best progressive albums with flutes, organ, scorching guitar and beautiful harmonies. Along with the second Marsupilami album Arena they rate in the top 50 best UK progressive albums from the late '60s and early '70s. Remastered on 180 gram vinyl with textured cover as the original."

MEGATON - (S/T) Originally released in 1970 killer driving UK progressive with keyboards, superb guitars, and original UK copies goes for stupid money! Underrated cool album with lengthy tracks and well-crafted songs. Groovy psychedelic DJ's must look at this album! Remastered 180 gram vinyl shrink wrapped.

MIKE STUART SPAN - (S/T) A compilation of the British psychedelic legends, known for their often compiled 'Children Of Tomorrow'/'Concerto Of Thoughts' single from 1967. This album contains all the band's unreleased recordings from 1967-1968, plus the above mentioned single, plus two early songs (previously unreleased on vinyl) from 1966, when the band consisted of six members. Later the band transformed to the Leviathan, who recorded an unreleased LP. Some of those Leviathan tracks also appear here. This release comes with remastered sound, taken from the original acetates and tapes. Included is a 16-page booklet with lots of information, and loads of photos and memorabilia. Limited to 200 copies on 180-gram black vinyl!

THE MISSING LINKS - Unchained! An instant garage punk classic, The Missing Links took the UK R&B combo model and drenched it in attitude and feedback, making contemporaries like the Troggs and the Who appear tame by comparison. The sonic guitar meltdown at the end of "Youre Drivin Me Insane" presages Jimmy Pages Zeppelin liftoff by a full three years while "Wild About You" defies description, except to say it still sounds shocking nearly 50 years on. This slice of vigorous vinyl became one of the most prized acquisitions for garage punk fans the world over, with each successive wave of Down Under musical malcontents spreading its legend.

MONUMENT - The First Monument Though it described itself as "haunting, eerie, mystical, even at times a little frightening to those outside the shadowy half-world of the occult," this was, in fact, the product of a drunken overnight jam in London by cult underground hard rockers Zior, held in the summer of 1971. A tough collection of organ and guitar-fuelled rockers, it's sure to appeal to fans of other early '70s British proto-metallers such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, High Tide, Leaf Hound and others.

MOTHS - (S/T) UK underground hippie acid-folk from 1970, originally released as a micro-pressing of less than 30 copies on the collectable Deroy custom label. Mellow atmosphere with acoustic guitars, flute, bongos, bass and refreshing, sincere vocals. A few self-penned tracks plus some amazing & haunting covers of artist such as The Incredible String Band, David Ackles, Dylan, Tim Buckley, and Bert Jansch. Rated with the maximum rarity in Hans Pokora's 3001 Record Collecting Dreams. Remastered sound, including an insert with liner notes and photos. New cover design (the original album came in a plain white sleeve).

MOUSE - Lady Killer Led by legendary prog-fusion/session guitarist Ray Russell (John Barry Seven, Graham Bond, Georgie Fame, Running Man) and bass player Jeff Watts (Steel Mill), Mouse released their only album in 1973 for the short-lived Sovereign label. An eclectic mix of progressive sounds, hard-rock, psych, blues, and glam with stunning acid lead guitar. Includes their celebrated cover of Medicine Head's "All the Fallen Teen-Angels." Here's the first-ever legit vinyl reissue of this sought-after album. Remastered sound, original artwork in a gatefold sleeve, just like the original, insert with liner notes and pictures, pressed on 180 gram vinyl.



NEON PEARL - (S/T) Active during 1967 and 1968, and featuring Peter Dunton, Bernie Jinks and Rod Harrison, Neon Pearl was one of the best, yet most obscure, bands from the psychedelic family tree that also included Bulldog Breed, The Flies, Gun, Please and T2. This collection, containing studio recordings (from '67 and '68) found on surviving tapes and acetates, is a hidden treasure from the UK's psychedelic era, full of mellow, dreamy and very stoned atmospheres. A delightful release and essential for any fan of UK psychedelia, 'Neon Pearl' deserves to be filed right next to July, Tomorrow, Forever Amber, The End and The Zombies' 'Odessey & Oracle'. Limited repress of 500 copies.

9:30 FLY - (S/T) Pressed in an edition of 500 copies, this is a remastered vinyl reissue of a highly rated album from the British early '70s scene. The music is a wonderful blend of psych, prog and folk. The LP is presented in a textured gatefold sleeve that looks exactly like the original thing.

NITE PEOPLE - P.M. First-ever vinyl reissue of the sole album by this UK band, originally issued in 1970 on the collectable Page One label and one of their rarest releases. Progressive/psychedelic sound dominated by Hammond organ/guitar with cool jazz-funk and rare-groove touches, including the mod-club classic "P.M.," the superb instrumentals "Funky Hoe" and a top cover of Frank Zappa's "Peaches en Regalia," among others. This 500 copy limited reissue includes one bonus track, "Love Love Love Love Love," a terrific mod-psych number taken from a non-album 45. Housed in a high-quality carton sleeve and pressed on 180 gram vinyl with the original first-pressing UK artwork.

OBERON - A Midsummer's Night Dream Sommor presents the first ever legitimate reissue of Oberon's A Midsummer's Night Dream, one of the rarest psych-folk albums from the UK, originally released in 1971 in a private edition of 99 copies. Oberon consisted of seven young musicians who met while studying at Radley College in Oxford. Drawing upon such influences as Fairport Convention, The Pentangle, King Crimson, The Incredible String Band, and Sandy Denny, the group created a stunning piece of progressive folk. Fantastic sound and recording quality, killer flute, guitar, violin, haunting vocals, and medieval atmosphere. Now digitally remastered by band member and sound engineer Jeremy Birchall, the record sounds better than ever. Includes fold-out insert with extensive liner notes and rare pictures.

OCTOPUS - Restless Night(br /> 180-gram LP. Gatefold sleeve. Limited edition of 500. Originating in Hatfield, UK, in 1967, Octopus released their lone LP, Restless Night, in 1971 on the Penny Farthing label. Produced by Tony Murray of The Troggs, the album bridges the gap between '60s psychedelia and a harder-edged '70s sound, drawing on the obvious touchstones of the time including Lennon/McCartney, Argent/Blunstone, and the brothers Davies and Gibb. But Octopus had the songwriting and playing chops to make this album much more than an also-ran; with hooks galore, swirling organ, and fuzz-tone guitars, Restless Nights is a prime piece of early-'70s UK psychedelia that's rare as hen's teeth in its original form.

ONE WAY TICKET - Time Is Right LP (Import/ltd. 500) "Behind this obscure and mysterious British late-'60s psych record we find the team of producers Brian Carroll and Damon Lyon-Shaw, famous for their involvement with mod-psych bands like Factory and Five Day Rain. During the late '60s, they also recorded some tracks of their own at the legendary IBC studios and produced a bunch of underground groups for their Homegrown company. Basically, instead of a real group, One Way Ticket was in fact a mixture of various recordings from bands that Carroll and Lyon-Shaw had been involved with producing through Homegrown during 1968, along with some recordings of their own. For some strange reason, all of these recordings surfaced many years later, when they were gathered and released as a budget pressing album, featuring a mysterious cover art and made-up liner notes & credits, under the One Way Ticket name on the President label in 1978. Musically, it's an odd album which ranges from late-'60s underground psych in the Chocolate Soup vein to freaky blues-psych not unlike Oliver's 'Standing Stone' with some glam-mod-psych and rockin' tunes. It even features three tracks also covered by the legendary Five Day Rain on their rare album." Reissued with original artwork and remastered sound, insert with lyrics and 500 copies only.

THE OPEN MIND (S/T) One of the best-loved British psychedelic albums of all time, The Open Mind is a hard-rocking collection that sold in minute numbers on its original release on Philips in 1969. The four musicians from Putney, South London would later disband in 1973 to explore more jazz-influenced sounds This self-titled LP has since become a highly sought-after collectible. Produced with the band's full cooperation, this first legitimate vinyl reissue comes complete with a lavish gatefold sleeve incorporating rare photographs and detailed liner notes, making it a must-have for all psych collectors.

PARADISE SQUARE - Never Thought I'd See the Day Singer/songwriter Pete Ryder was a key player on two of the most rare and sought-after private folk albums from the UK: Paradise Square's Never Thought I'd See the Day and Cair Paravel's Some Other Morning (SOMM 019LP). Paradise Square was his first project, a group formed at Sheffield University's Christian Union in the early '70s. In 1974, the band released their only album as a private pressing of 100 copies, later rated at five stars by Hans Pokora. Fragile, homemade, lo-fi psychedelic folk with acoustic guitars, violin, delicate male-female vocals, Christian overtones, and hints of The Incredible String Band or Dando Shaft. This reissue features remastered sound, a reproduction of the original lyrics insert, and new liner notes by Richard Allen (Shindig!).

PIG RIDER - Bloody Turkey Sandwiches Bloody Turkey Sandwiches is another ultra-rarity by British psychedelic folk band Pig Rider; only six copies were originally privately pressed by custom label Deroy Sound Service in 1974. The music here is much in the same vein as their famous Heterophonies album (SOMM 024LP), but even more crazed. Some of the tracks bring to mind the more experimental side of The Olivia Tremor Control/Black Swan Network or even They Might Be Giants -- but 20 years before those bands existed. Electric acid folk with stoned homemade atmosphere, lo-fi sound, bizarre and funny lyrics, effects, backward bits, surreal humor, psychedelic skiffle, old-timey music hall parodies, brilliant folk-rock-pop, and titles like "Interdrive Overstella," "Be Glad for the Song Has an Ending," "Pus In Our Time," and "Have You Seen Your Neighbour in the Bath?" Recommended if you like The Incredible String Band, The Bonzo Dog Band, Syd Barrett, R. Stevie Moore... First ever reissue. Includes insert with photos and lyrics. Master tape sound. Limited to 300 copies.

PIG RIDER - Heterophonies Pig Rider's music has been described as "joke folk/mock rock," and although they claim that their minds were only altered by beer, there's a real psychedelic element to it, not to mention their pioneering DIY spirit. They recorded at home with rudimentary equipment, used handmade modified instruments, and self-released a series of acetate-only albums housed in primitive, handmade sleeves. The music is an amazing mix of psychedelic electric folk, acid folk, and twisted pop with funny and bizarre lyrics, tape experimentation, effects, and a homemade, stoned atmosphere. Think The Incredible String Band, The Bonzo Dog Band, Syd Barrett, R. Stevie Moore...

PINK FAIRIES - What A Bunch of Sweeties Gatefold 180 gram reissue of Pink Fairies' second album, originally released in 1972. "Sweeties is a mystifying jumble of tracks as exuberant as they are shambolic, though resonating for most of the time with a simple clarity of feeling and passion. ...for all its inconsistencies, Sweeties just might be a more punk statement than one may have initially guessed... And at top volume it's damn near undeniable." -- The Seth Man


PLASTIC PENNY - Two Sides of A Penny First-ever vinyl reissue of the debut album by this UK psych-pop group, combining soft-pop with heavier mod-psych-pop tracks. Originally released in 1968 on Page One, now available again in a limited vinyl pressing, with a high-quality carton cover. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Includes an insert with extensive liner-notes by British pop connoisseur Andy Morten.

PLEASE 1968/69 Superb and historic collection of 1968-1969 UK psych, featuring members of BULLDOG BREED, who later went on to making the 'Made In England' psych album in 1969, and members of T2 who went on to making the 'It'll All Work Out In Boomland' LP in 1970. Includes the original killer demo version of 'No More White Horses'. 180 gram vinyl, shrink wrapped.

PRETTY THINGS - S.F. Sorrow    (RI/Sealed) Classic psychedelic rock opera which tells the sad tale of Mr. Sorrow from birth to death combining trippy lyrical imagery with trippy sounds and imagination. Mind frying acid guitar work, superb songs loaded with harmony, sitars, exotic tripped-out mind excursions and everything 1967 could offer of this classic album .

PUSSY - Invasion UK group who grew out of the ashes of the earlier Jerusalem project and took over their recording contract for Deram – even though the label only issued a single 45 by Pussy at the time! This package brings together all the lost work by the quartet, and the sounds here are truly tremendous – certainly in the hard rock side of the spectrum, but also with a sneering quality that might almost make them punk precursors, at least in attitude – because these guys are maybe a lot more proficient on their instrument than groups from that scene. Songs are mostly short and super tight – and the vocals have this wonderful production – kind of flanged-out, but also never glammy either.

RED DIRT - (S/T) The one and only album by this HARSH, RAW HEAVY BLUESY PSYCH BAND from UK early 70's. Their trademark heavy guitars and gasping lead vocals.

RED SQUARE - Rare and Lost 70s Recordings  Ultra-rare recordings by '70s UK avant-rockers Red Square, the missing link between original free-noise practitioners like AMM, Nihilist Spasm Band, and Peter Brotzmann and post-no wavers à la The Blue Humans, Borbetomagus, Fushitsusha, and The Dead C. Named after the early Soviet Constructivists, Red Square is a pioneering free-improvising, avant-rock band. They bridged the worlds of psychedelic rock, noise, and avant-jazz, and many of the techniques and approaches to music that they helped to pioneer have become common practice today. Rare and Lost 70s Recordings includes a complete never-before-heard heavy studio session from 1978 plus a thunderous live set opening for fellow "rock in opposition" mavens Henry Cow, recorded in perfect sound quality in 1976. Remastered by original member Jon Seagroatt (who is playing/touring with '70s pagan-folk gods Comus and Current 93 at the time of this release). Includes insert with liner notes and photos. 

TERRY REID - The Other Side of the River Double LP version housed in a Stoughton gatefold 'tip-on' jacket. "Remastered from the original analog tapes. Track notes by Terry Reid. 6 never before heard Reid compositions, plus 5 very different alternate takes -- all previously unreleased British musician Terry Reid is a relatively unsung legend. With his incredible voice (that earned him the nickname 'Superlungs'), spot-on songwriting, and underrated guitar skills, Reid invented new sounds and others followed suit. His 1973 LP, River, is an under-theradar but deeply loved album. Our special new release, The Other Side Of The River, features all previously unreleased material from the River sessions, including six never-before-heard Reid compositions and five very different alternate takes of tracks from River.  The Other Side Of The River stands alone as a fresh and utterly groundbreaking Terry Reid gem."

JOHN RENBOURN - The Attic Tapes (2 LP's) Lovingly mastered from old tapes found in a friend’s attic, this is a vintage collection of previously unreleased rarities and early works by one of the guitar's truly great innovators

RUPERT'S PEOPLE - Hold On Rupert's People were the quintessential UK '60s mod-psych band. They had the look, they had many famous friends (Paul McCartney was one of their biggest fans) and a set of terrific tunes. But somehow, they never made it big-time. On this vinyl compilation (1966-1969), you'll find most of their legendary 45 sides, from freakbeat/mod-psych anthems - "Hold On" and "Dream in My Mind" -- to amazing psych-pop numbers plus delicious flower-power/baroque psychedelia: "Prologue to a Magic World" and "Reflections of Charles Brown." Some rare recordings have also been included: "Flying High" is a previously-unreleased instrumental taken from a demo acetate that makes it here on vinyl for the first time. "Reflecting" and "You Can't Always Get What You Want" are live tracks recorded in 1969 and show the most progressive sound of the band with long guitar/organ passages. The confusing Rupert's People story (with links to bands like Les Fleur De Lys and The Iveys/Badfinger) is set straight on the extensive liner notes by band member Rod Lynton, included on a four-page insert along with many unseen pictures. Remastered sound, old-styled backflap sleeve. 180 gram vinyl.

SALAMANDER - The Ten Commandments Salamander - The Ten Commandments LP. Vinyl reissue of 1971 UK progressive rock album centered around the Ten Commandments featuring a Moody Blues/Deep Purple influenced sound and housed in a folder out poster cover. From the original masters and pressed on 180 gram vinyl!

THE SALLYANGIE - Children of the Sun Sally & Mike Oldfields debut album, a cult classic of contemporary British folk, was originally released in 1968 (when Mike Oldfield was just 16) on Transatlantic, thanks in no small part to Pentangle guitarist John Renbourn who got them the deal and lent them his producer Shel Talmy. On 180-gram vinyl.

SECOND HAND - Death May Be Your Santa Claus 2013 repress. Gatefold vinyl version, pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl. Second Hand's debut album, Reality, is widely acclaimed as one of the best psychedelic albums to have emerged from the UK in the late 1960s. The follow-up, Death May Be Your Santa Claus, originally issued in April 1971, is a similar milestone in the progressive genre. Originally recorded as the soundtrack to an obscure underground movie, it's a dark, dense and challenging masterwork combining uniquely experimental compositions with wild organ playing and complex rhythms. This is its definitive edition, remastered from original tapes and complete with a booklet offering rare photographs, detailed liner notes and an introduction from its producer, the legendary Vic Keary.

SINDELFINGEN - Odgipig Super rare British progressive offering from 1973. This album managed to mix classical, folk, progressive and mainstream rock influences to create an avant garde classic that is now thankfully available again at a fraction of the price you'd have to pay for an original.

SKIP BIFFERTY - (S/T) "UK 60's cheerful psychedelia with a hard edge and some great virtuoso playing, pleasingly heavy guitar, soaring choruses, and eerie psych-pop lyrics evoking variant states of mind, somewhat akin to Pink Floyd's early singles laced with the kind of heavy edge that the Creation brought to the genre.

SLADE - Play It Loud Including The Shape Of Things To Come & One Way Hotel, this album saw Slade start to develop the sound & style which would bring them great success.

SOFT MACHINE - The Soft Machine - Live At the Paradiso "Soft Machine was one of the first prog-rock bands, but if your vision of prog-rock consists of musicians wreathed in pot smoke airily singing of fairies and wizards, it will be summarily dispelled by this fantastic 'authorized bootleg,' which captures the band in March 1969 at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, playing material that was to be released six months later on Soft Machine: Volume Two. The trio of Robert Wyatt on drums and vocals, Mike Ratledge on organ, and Hugh Hopper on bass launch what can only be called a high-decibel, jazz-rock sonic assault; 'Like vindaloo for the ears' is how Hopper puts it on the accompanying notes on the inner sleeve. Some of the frenzied instrumental passages might recall Miles Davis' Agharta-era band, but remember, this is a trio making all this racket (in 1969, no less); Soft Machine at this point in time were on a journey all their own. This is the first-ever vinyl release of this notorious concert, and it comes on 'soft' purple vinyl limited to 1000 copies. Anybody interested in just how far out rock got in the late '60s will want to give this repeated listens."

SOFT MACHINE - Volume 2 Vinyl pressing of the 2nd Soft's album. During the time between their first and second albums, soft machine toured with The Jimi Hendrix Experience and even briefly employed future Police guitarist Andy Summers as a replacement for Daevid Allen. Bassist and songwriter Kevin Ayers left the band and was replaced by Hugh Hopper, a move that put to rest the psychedelic pop era of Soft Machine: from here on out, the band would be heavily influenced by jazz. Volume Two is as much a transitional release for Soft Machine as their debut album, as it represents the band at a period just before they developed their mature style.

SORROWS - TAKE A HEART (PRT/IMPORT) (SEALED) Beautiful vinyl copy of this UK 60's beat album w/bonus tracks....   

LEIGH STEPHENS - Red Weather After leaving Blue Cheer in 1969, guitarist Leigh Stephens, whose pulverizing roar was an essential element of the bands original sound, made his solo debut with Red Weather. In contrast to his former bands stripped-down metallic blast, Stephens spread his musical wings to explore new musical territory. Although Stephens trademark guitar sound is still prominent, its featured in a more eclectic context that encompasses elements of avant-psychedelia and electric blues. Also featured is stellar piano work by legendary English pianist Nicky Hopkins.

STONE ANGEL - (S/T) "How much? £622?" Yes, the privately-pressed 1975 album by Norfolk acid-folkies Stone Angel is a popular draw on the psych-folk marketplace."We were going to chuck them away," the group's Joan Bartle told The Guardian in 2013. "We had no idea what acid folk even was until we read about it in Record Collector magazine," adds Ken Saul, another bewildered member. "We were just writing folk songs and reacting to our environment. We didn't do drugs." "I've never even been drunk," added Joan.

LORD SUTCH - LORD SUTCH & HIS HEAVY FRIENDS Originally released on Cotillion in 1970. "Screaming Lord Sutch stalked the mid-'60s London club scene with the fervor of a New Testament prophet and the urgency of Jack the Ripper. Tracking this album's savage material with heroes like Jimmy Page, John Bonham, Jeff Beck, bassist Noel Redding, and keyboard session-ace Nicky Hopkins, His Lordship's debut disc is mightily presented here in all of its pounding glory from the absolute original analog masters."

SWEET SLAG - Tracking With Close-Ups Formed in 1969, this 4-piece UK outfit went on to record one ultra collectable album in 1971 for President Records. Over the years this album has built a cult reputation with collectors. It is certainly different to many other albums released at that time and it has a unique heavy dark psychedelic aspect running through the album, which almost borders on proto-metal on several tracks, as well as some darker progressive elements and Beefheart and Zappa moments. For the first official reissue of this superb album the original analogue master tapes were used. It comes with printed insert containing archive band photos, many previously unseen, from the bands' own archives.

SWORDEDGE - (S/T) First-ever vinyl reissue of this mysterious and haunting UK folk album, originally released as a private pressing in 1980. Totally '70s sound with nice male/female vocals, acoustic guitars, flute, and percussion. Compared to Spriguns, Tickawinda, and Gallery. 24-bit remastering and new, improved artwork with liner notes by band member Dave Smith. "...a delicate acoustic LP in the manner of Tickawinda." --Richard Falk (Galactic Ramble); "Ignore the year on this, it's massively rare and one of the best UK folk LPs you'll ever hear. Two accomplished acoustic guitarists, one of whom also sings, and a great female lead vocalist. Fantastic sound on this LP, it feels like they're right in the room with you. They perform a mix of traditional British folk songs and engaging original material; really a great band and they would surely have been signed to Decca or CBS a decade earlier." --Clark Faville

T2 - It'll All Work Out In Boomland 180 gram vinyl pressing on clear vinyl. Sealed. Brand new officially licensed from universal 40th anniversary edition remastered with inner 4 page booklet and pressing on coloured vinyl. Although they only made one album T2 created this genuine masterpiece before they split up shortly after the albums release. Led by gifted teenage guitarist Keith Cross and featuring drummer Peter Dunton (ex Gun) and Bernard Jinks (ex Bulldog Breed) this great record is up there with Caravan's 3rd album, King Crimson's 1st and Fantasy's 2nd as a UK '70's progressive psych monster. Based around the killer guitar work of Cross, the album features tight vocal harmonies, sweeping orchestration, and powerful complex arrangements. The epic "No More White Horses" is certainly the pinnacle of the record but there is not really a duff track on it. An album to explore over and over again and original vinyl copies of this are worth a fortune.

T2 - 1970 Reissue of the follow-up to their It'll All Work Out In Boomland LP. "Featuring the original line-up of Dunton/Cross and Jinks with blistering lead guitar, mellotrons, flutes, lengthy heavy/melodic tracks. For fans of classic well crafted UK progressive music we think this must rank as one of the most important archival releases in this genre."

T2 - 1971 - 72 2013 repress. "Unreleased studio recordings from 1971 and 1972 which were originally planned as an album release. If this had been released at the time, T2 would have certainly gone on to the big leagues of rock, joining Free, Deep Purple, Atomic Rooster, etc. Sadly, this was never released and so we are happy to present this previously unheard underground masterpiece. Comes on 180 gram vinyl."

THEM - Angry Young Them

THEM - Them Again

THEM - Belfast Gypsies "With Them meeting maverick producer Kim Fowley in Denmark Street’s legendary Giaconda coffee bar, the band decided to take their sound forward in a series of blistering recordings…which developed the beat sound like psychedelia never happened!..the crude guitars, the swirling farfisa…much like The Monks!….Combined with the semi-rap lyrical sensibilities Fowley had used in “The Trip”, it was an awesome sound….but one out of time….this album, put together for the Swedish market where The Gypsies were a legendary live attraction.."

THIN LIZZY - Vagabonds of the Western World  Vagabonds presented a swaggering confidence, a band buoyed by the success of semi-accidental smash hit 'Whisky in the Jar,' and carved out a moody, dark sound by borrowing bits from the blues, folk, psych, and Celtic music. Check out 'Slow Blues' for proof, and decide whether Lynott or the guitars win the wail-off that begins the track. 'Whisky in the Jar' had been a bone of contention for the band who felt it didn't represent them. Pushed out due to their presence on package tours with rockers Slade and Suzi Quatro, it seemed to seal their fate, and their Vagabonds single, 'The Rocker,' set out their stall for good. The weirdness and idiosyncrasies of Phil Lynott's early songwriting hadn't been ironed out completely: 'The Hero and the Madman' saw them try their hand at acid-fried cowboy rock -- if such a thing ever existed.

THREE MAN ARMY - 3    The third album from three man army, the band based around the riffmongous talents of Paul and Adrian Gurvitz, also of Baker Gurvitz Army and the original Gun, and one of whom had a particularly dodgy Top 10 hit in the 80s, but let's gloss over that bit!! This album is cited as an influence by Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu and Julian Cope among others, and it's not hard to see why- a mixture of differing moods of rock, but always powered by the swirling, heavy riff. Sensational remastered sound quality!

TIME WASTERS - (S/T) Canterbury style UK fragile folk with psych leanings. UK album recorded by a group of students at the Ingestre Hall Residential Arts Centre. Musically ranging from fragile and melodic folk with Bluesy moments and even soul-jazz vibes, encompased in a psych-folk-rock with Canterbury signature. A lost album in the brink of a new era, echoing sounds of British progressive and psych-folk. Fully licensed reissue limited to 500 copies only.

TRADER HORNE - Morning Way (Ltd. ed. red vinyl) British folk duo Trader Horne released their only album, the timeless psychedelic folk classic Morning Way, in 1970

UGLY CUSTARD - (S/T)(RSD LTD) This studio session group -- also known as The Mohawks -- formed by Clem Clattini (drums), Roger Coulham (keyboards), Herbie Flowers (bass) and library maestro and Alan Parker on killer guitar released this obscure album on Kaleidoscope records in 1971, not unsimilar to some other gems of the era like Blue Phantom, Psycheground, The Underground Set, Traffic Pop on Studio G's Beat Group... classic psych-sploitation sounds with a nod to prog and, of course, the funky side of things: 'Custards Last Stand' and 'Feel This' are pure mod Hammond-funk in the best Mohawks tradition."

THE WHEELS - Road Block If you are seeking high energy, mid-1960s, maximum R&B /rock ”n" roll action, look no further than ‘Road Block’ by The Wheels, a great LP of the band’s complete recordings, covering the years 1965-1966,.  The Wheels no holds bard sonic attack, featuring two lead singers; the searing harmonica, guitar and crazed, soulful vocals of Rod Demick and the impassioned vocals and wailing keyboards of shaven headed Brian Rossi (the man looks uncannily like the late High Priest of The Church of Satan, Anton LaVey). Ace’s Big Beat label Wheels collection comprises the A and B-sides of their three singles, together with their equally abandoned remaining sessions that they cut at Regent Sound. The high quality, totally convincing period design of the Road Block album package makes up for the fact that the band did not release an LP at the time.

WHITE LIGHT - Parable First reissue; licensed from the original band members. Remastered sound. Includes liner notes and photos. Formed in Glasgow in the early '70s, White Light were not an ordinary Xian rock band; influenced by the explosive sound of The Who, the hard blues of John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, and even Black Sabbath, their live performances across the country featured heavy rock sounds, howling feedback, phased lighting effects, and commitment to the real enjoyment of rock music. They were formed not to play in churches, but to take the message to the rock generation in loud clubs, halls, and big rock venues. The ultra-obscure Parable was originally released as a private pressing in 1974 (it's featured in Hans Pokora's 7001 Record Collector Dreams book with the maximum rarity rating). Housed in a mysterious cover, the music is Xian hard psych straight from the garage with lots of raw fuzz guitar and Vox Continental organ. Combining hard rock with heavy blues and dreamy moments, it features the monster sidelong track "Prodigal," which has to be heard to be believed. 



ELECTRIC HOLYLAND (Various)" 12 cuts from some of the rarest and most fuzz-drenched Jesus Rock obscurities from the 1960s and '70s. Artists are: The New Folk, Barrie Hobbie, Johann Black & Sweet Destiny, First Revelation, Wild Olive Branch Band, Earthen Vessel, Shekina Glory, The Jesus Band, The Ark, Children Of The Lamb, Renacimiento, Paul Clark and The Four Corner Gospel Experience. It's a limited (500 copies) press, all hand-numbered, of some of the rarest, most obscure & most fuzz-drenched Jesus Rock from the 1960s & '70s. There's 12 cuts from 12 different bands, all authorized, restored & re-mastered. The cover is an eye-popping throwback to the best of the '60s Fillmore posters and leaves no doubt about the nature of the music."

V.A. / EL APAGON - Peruvian Chicha from the Horoscopo Vaults, 1978-1988 Pharaway Sounds present the first ever compilation dedicated to this groundbreaking Peruvian label, Discos Horóscopo. Founded by Juan Campos in 1977, the Discos Horóscopo label was the major outlet for the real Peruvian chicha sound: a surreal and irresistible blend of psychedelic fuzz-tone guitars, infectious echo-drenched vocals, electronic keyboards, and tropical/Andean rhythms. During its 15 years of existence, Discos Horóscopo was the home of the biggest names of the chicha sound, from the legendary Chacalón Y La Nueva Crema to Los Destellos, Los Ovnis, Grupo Alegría, all featured here. 11 tracks taken from rare 45s and LPs. Also features: Tongo Y Su Grupo Imaginación, Chacalón Y La Nueva Crema, La Mermelada, Grupo Maravilla, Pintura Roja, Los Shapis, Cuarteto Universal, Grupo Halley, and Grupo Celeste. Remastered sound; Color insert with detailed liner notes and photos.

V.A. / Ayahuasca: Psychedelic Cumbias, Vol. 1
VARIOUS "FORGE YOUR OWN CHAINS" Subtitled: Heavy Psychedelic Ballads And Dirges 1968-1974. 2LP version. "Deluxe gatefold jacket containing extensive and detailed liner notes and annotation by Egon, rare photos and other ephemera." Artists: Top Drawer, Sensational Saints, East Of Underground, D. R. Hooker, Shin Jung Hyun & The Men feat. Jang Hyun, T. Zchiew & The Johnny, The Strangers, Damon, Ellison, Morly Grey, Shadrack Chameleon, Ofege, Ana Y Jaime, Kourosh Yaghmaei, Baby Grandmothers.

EL SONIDO DE TUPAC AMARU - "With this compilation, El Sonido de Tupac Amaru, and accompanying bonus 7' E.P., Masstropicas presents the next installment in their quest to bring you the very finest in Peruvian cumbia. El Sonido de Tupac Amaru starts with the slow coastal pulse of Grupo Naranja, while the Amazonian sound of Iquitos Los Silvers' 'Sueno Amazonico' has a smooth and soothing groove that will aurally transport you down the Amazon River in a canoe. Seven out of the ten tracks here feature vocals, such as the legendary voices of Chacal, Pancho Lema, Martin Lopez, and Claudio Moran. The three instrumentals featured here are sure to please fans of previous guitar-driven compilations. First comes Pucallpa's Septima Region; their song 'De la Selva Con Furor' starts off with some nasty drumming before drawing you into a psychedelic guitar sprawl that makes you wonder, 'Why weren't these guys ever compiled before?' This compilation also includes a special four song E.P. with the voice of 'El patron de la cumbia,' Carlos Ramirez Centeno. The first, a Destellos song, was written by the great Tito Caycho and includes the guitar work of the late Enrique Delgado. Released for the first time on vinyl in the U.S., Carlos Ramirez's own group, Grupo Centeno, appears with his first 45 hit, 'Rico Vacilon.' Limited to a one-time pressing of 500 copies (hand-numbered), this release also comes with a full-color 11' x 22' fold-out with rare photos, scans, and other info taken from interviews with band members. It also comes with a full-color sleeve to accompany the Centeno E.P."

V/A ZONTONOI STO KYTTARO (LP + 7") A 180-gram vinyl reissue (with the 7-inch single included) of the legendary compilation 'Alive In Kyttaro Club - Pop In Athens', including the best Greek rock and psych groups of the years 1970-1971, recorded live at the Kyttaro Club. The LP was originally released on Zodiac in 1971.br />