5 Rumors of Samsung Galaxy S8 We know so far

5 Rumors of Samsung Galaxy S8 We know so far

Samsung Galaxy S7 has managed to bag the hue success that it gained in the market along will getting a large number of fans who expect a lot from this Korean Smartphone manufacturing company Samsung. Apparently, the customers wanted to know about the next flagship of Samsung which is the Samsung Galaxy S8. Even though the Samsung galaxy S7 had several attractive features and specifications there was the need of more improvements for the next Samsung Galaxy S8. Now coming to the rumors that are coming to us one thing for sure is that there are many and in case you have lost track of these rumors we are here to provide the chosen five that apparently raised a storm in the market. Have a look at the 5 rumors that we know of so far when it comes to the next flagship of Samsung, the Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Features and Rumours

galaxy s8

  • Two models with different sizes

Rumors about the screen size of the new and upcoming Galaxy smartphones from Samsung s8 is that there is going to be two different models where one is going to be the smaller one that will be having a 5.1-inch screen while the other larger model will have a 5.5-inch screen. But after the recent news we get to know that the smaller Galaxy S8 model would come with a large 5.7-inch screen. The larger Galaxy S8 “Plus,” is going to have a 6.2-inch screen.

  • Dual lens camera

There is a chance that the Galaxy S8 is going to have two lens camera where one is going to be of the 13 megapixel and the other is going to be of 12 megapixel. Even though it is not clear as to what would be the function of the dual-lens camera offered by the Galaxy S8, as dual-lens cameras on other smartphones do perform other things. Probably the dual-lens camera, would help to create background of blur effects, as well as zooming into subjects that we see.

  • Front facing Camera would be the best

According to the latest news Samsung will be adding the Galaxy S7’s interestingly fast auto-focus feature to the front camera of the Galaxy S8. So it is clear that one does not have to tap on the screen to make sure that the focus of the camera is made correctly. Therefore, we can get faster and better selfies.

  • A powerful processor

According to the latest news, the Galaxy S8 models is going to have a rather powerful processor as there will be the use of a new chip from Qualcomm called the Snapdragon 830. Other international models of the same Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to use Exynos chip.

  • Voice assistant Bixby

Coming to the voice assistant we get to hear about ‘Bixby that will help to analyze the image, and will be able to identify several objects and texts. It will even be useful for the users as it will help the user search for that object which the user is going to point with their phone to. Bixby is the outcome of the Viv Labs- a company that was behind the creation of Siri. Coming to the text recognition Bixby would be able to be make itself very useful by providing help to the users by being able to translate unknown languages when the owner is travelling.

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Thus, there you have it, these the five biggest rumors that we provided to you about the latest flagship of Samsung the Galaxy S8. So we do hope all these features are included.

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